Jim Couri

Jim Couri

As you all know, Jim Couri is the original Founder of Scams Inc an all of its affiliated Sites. All of these Domains are Internet News Sites that Investigate and Expose Corruption in America. Due to health constraints Jim resigned from active work with these Sites a number of years ago.

Jim has been engaged in learning, investigating, exposing and aiding law enforcement in connection with developing cases involving political and judicial corruption, tax evasion, fraud, extortion and much more. Jim was diagnosed with melanoma cancer about 9 years ago and was told in 2009 that that he had about a year to live. He was allowed to participate in a UCLA Trial of a drug that caused his Stage 4 Cancer to go into remission. Since that time he must continue on these treatments at Hospital every few weeks, along with his other medical conditions including COPD, intestinal and cardiac disorders, among others. All the while Jim has continued his investigations and uncovering America’s State Court Judicial chicanery, incompetence, chicanery, judicial extortion, racketeering and cheating victim citizen litigants as a result of bribery, fixes and collusion with depraved, perverted and rip-off lawyers who bribe these “bandits in black robes”.

Jim makes it very clear that when he speaks about the Judiciary in America, he is speaking about State Court Judges. These Judges in State Courts are not scrutinized, investigated and vetted as a Federal Judge is. The quality, competence, background and abilities of a Federal Judge is usually selected grounded on a much higher standard than a State Court Judge.

Please understand that Jim has also made it very clear the there are many State Judges that are highly qualified, intelligent and honest, but sadly they are outnumbered by the croneys who were appointed as a result of favoritism, by political hacks, back room politicians and by farcical and archaic methods to put a corrupt, malliable and warped swindler in a position of great power and who has no idea what “Public Trust”, Rules of Law or Due-Process is all about. It is these con-artists who have raped America and its Citizens and who have caused this great country to be confronted with the “Third-World” Courthouse flim-flams that rob and excoriate innocent Victim Litigants and by bribery and a judicila sting rob millions, property, businesses, custody, liberty and even lives. This is done often without a victim even knowing that he has been robed.

Lawyers wont usually expose a Judge for fear of being “Black-Listed” in a State Courthouse and as a result the runiation of the lawyers career. So the shut up as they to, if they play the “courthouse shell game”, will get their chance at being on the winning side of a Fixed Case.

Well Jim has been along with others, scrutinizing the corruption in the Political and State Judicial arenas for over 50 years. He was educated by the best in connection with Corruption, from the founder of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, to Walter Winchell, Roy M. Cohn, Carmine DeSapio, Jimmy LsRosa, Sydney Korshack, and many others. We believe that Jim is possibly the most well versed on detecting all forms of judicial trickery, fraud, Ghostwriting, judicial extortion, judicial racketeering, cover-ups, collusion, corrupt lawyers, and how these judges are bribed, the paper trail, survelance, money-laundering and much more.

Jim in this Interview will not name names, but he will show all of us how the pandemic of corruption in the courts and in the political arenas is impacting on America’s safety and security from Terrorism. This will not be Reported here as a Q & A but to follow are Jim’s views and disclosures not based on guess-work, but grounded on his work, investigations and communications worldwide. Here are Jim Couri’s views, opinions and more:

Terrorism and its attacks are triggered by hatred, anger and resentment. Corruption inside America is done for personal gain, greed, and violating the very fiber of the Founding Fathers hopes, plans and Declarations. Corruption violates the honor of every American who gave his ofr her life in battle for the honor of what we Americans are supposed to be all about.

Sadly, corruption in America today is a more common thing as that nothing “moves ahead” without greasing the hands of our “honorable state judges” and “honorable law-makers” or should we say “law-breakers”? Our great Nation is facing a scandal a day, scams, swindles, court and political fixes and judicial larceny, and everyone turns a blind eye.

Politics and state judgships today have become a underground system and means for earning big-bucks in undeclared income for fixes, access and bribes. In the name of public trust they forgot about the rules of law and their “oaths of office” and are stasshing their ilgotten gains of undeclared income.

Think about this, when external forces and terrorism attacks us as we have been hit since 9-11, we all jump into action, and want to war against these horrible and diabolic persons. When, on the other hand, internal corruption, bribery, fixes and deprivation of due process by a fixed judge or a corrupted public official, eats away at our Nation, the process of retribution is either sluggish or non existent. If a car has no wheels, it can not move. Similarly, if the elected or appointed politicians and/or the judiciary are corrupt, then our Great Nation can not progress.

From petty corruption of low ranking officials to bribery of leading politicians and State Court Judges in Supreme and Superior Courts, corruption not only weakens a state and likewise America, it also exposes us to terrorist activities by weakening the capacity to defend our national interests and our citizens. Don laugh, State institutions weakened by engrained corruption are not only less effective infighting terrorism, but are also mor vulnerable to exploitation by terrorist groups. The pillars of state security and rule of law rests with institutions such as judiciary, police and lawmakers. When this breaks down, America breaks down.

Corrupt influence scan be and are asserted in various levels of law enforcement to impede and derail ongoing judicial or investigative process.This alone can benefit terrorists and infiltration into our country. Therrorists know America’s weaknesses. They have the Cash and the motives. They finance all sorts of criminal activities and as they slowly but surely morph into America, they also will be using our politicians and state judges to use our greed against our citizens. Corruption is the “enabler” that makes many terrorist crimes possible. Much can be named but it is not for now.

Corruption has allowed our public officials to enable terroriststo travel in and out of America, with forged passports and gail access to targets and smuggle what ever thy want across our borders.

Meanwhile, our press is fixated on who Donald Trump had a affair with 25 years ago and spend hours on dissection of name calling among the politicians. They say that the “definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get a different result.” We in America must stop focusing on fluff and minutia and realize that this great Country is becoming a paradise for cheaters, liars and unethical persons entrusted with the power of public office they abuse for unjust enrichment. We must clean our house, otherwise we are ‘sitting-ducks.. Corruption is rampant, our infrastructure is a mess and our stature in the World has sadly been seriously injured. We need intelligent and honest leadership who have the courage to clean up the pollution and bring our great Nation back to where our Founding Fathers perceived it to be.

We can not always be “Mr. Nice Guy” to accomplish this and we can not turn our back on the larceny of public official and judicial corruption. We must be fair, dilligent and first clean out the cheating and thefts in our courts where our citizens are being hurt and robed each and every day by corrupted incompetent state court judges. A $20 set of black robes does not make a “silk purse out of a sows ear”. I the awful to see how State Court fixed judge will without any remorse, cheat, lie, fabricate decisions and ruin a victim litigant . The will do this with the same vicious and sociopathic diabolic conduct as ISIS decapitates a human. These despicable “hit-men” in Robes and corrupt lawyers who bribe these judicial rogues will cut you up just like a butcher slices pastrami.

In fact, many important Law Firms will not thake a Case if they must litigate it in a State Court. Why? As they know the corruption is pervasive and they simply do not want to be a part of it. This in and of itself is pretty sad.

The reality is that based on statistics, the 50 States as a whole comprise the worlds biggest corrupt legal system, and with over 2million citizens in prison. Who knows how many of them were the product of a fixed court? It has been revealed that 1 in every 50 working age males in the US are behind bars today.

Based on interviews and inquiry, sadly the United States have the most dishonest, dangerous and crooked legal system of any developed nation. Worse is the fact that corruption in the legal system in America is well known, but also well hideen, and the mainstream media are reluctant to expose judicial corruption.

Citizens are threatened with illegal jailing, subject to judicial extortion, bullyism, incompetence, collusion with corrupt lawyers all of whom have no scruples. You will be “sold-out” in a second by a judge who ha been bribed by your adversary. These judges do not giv a damn about the law, they will often make it up. The state appellate courts are likewise polluted, fixed and bribed, so you are stuck, raped and ripped-off.

Lawyers who you have paid a fortune to is first beholden to the judge, as if the lawyer stands up for you against a corrupt and/or incompeternt judge, he will be ostracized. So you come last, although you have paid these guys for their help. Often you will not know that you were intentionally Screwed.

Litigation fraud in America is a core of danger for every Citizen and visitor to the USA. The victim’s lawyer is given the job of “selling a deal” if that is what a judge wants to collect his pay-off-bribe.

Recourse, you really have none. The Appellate Courts in the States are corrupt and polluted, The oversight is virtually zero, The Judicial Conduct Boards are toothless tigers gong after small-fry to look like they are doing something. Lawyers who are allied with a corrupt judge and court rarely get even a reprimand.

If you have millions, you can pay large retainers to the big firms that have access, as they hire retired judges for those purposes.

Judges on the take will and have stolen evidence, forged dockets, forged evidence, falsified Decisions, lied, cheated extorted, embezzled and robed to fulfil a fix. They have engaged in wire and mail fraud, deception, violations of the US Constitution, the NY State Constitution, The California State Constifution and engaged in judicila racketeering RICO, larceny and even murder, yes murder. There is a Asian man, who uncovered a Judge’s illegal acts ( Sunny Shue), the man was murdered. He did a Video 3 weeks before his demise. Please see it on the Internet. You will get a real awakening of the State Courts in NY State on the Sheu case alone and how Judge Joseph Golia, Ny State Supreme Court Judge, now retired ripped of Mr Sheu and in Mr Sheu’s own words.

Complaints about Judges are either denied, ignored or thrown in a ‘dead-file”. This Nightmare can not go on much longer. The American Machine of judicial state court corruption has had a growing and now major economic and social cataclysmic negative. effect on our citizens rights, property and finances. The time has come for reform of the pollution and corruption that every day, 364 days a year (not counting Christmas), that American citizens are getting fleeced by the cheating, trickery and fallacious larceny of a bribed-fixed state judge. These gestapo-style activities have cost victim litigants billion of dollars, custody, prpoerty and even liberty by the despicable swindles of a corrupted judge.

I read recently a interesting comment by one of our founding Fathers who said:


Thank you Jim Couri for some of your insights.