Scams Inc is always pleased when we see the US Attorney’s Office and Preet Bharara announce the Indictments of Swindlers. Including political, insider trading, and corrupt persons who violate the Public Trust.

We have, along with others, spent years observing the systemic corruption ongoing in the NY State Supreme Courts, and many other State Courts throughout America. To say it in a nutshell, it is a disgrace. Many of the State Courts are polluted with judges who are persons of “1000 faces”, dispensing decisions and orders that have no basis in fact or law and geared to fulfill a fixed case. Many persons do not even know that they were robed . The lawyers that you pay will shut-up as they can not expose the MO of the court that is their “mother’s milk” of income.

It is you the Victim Litigant that gets screwed out of your Claims,money, home, kids, rights and even your liberty. From New York to California, it is the same in a corrupt courtroom. No one can beat a “stacked-deck.”

The mainstream press turns a blind eye to this until a judge is indicted, but they will usually never report evidence of the conduct of a polluted judge, no matter how many he excoriates by judicial racketeering.

Worse, these Judges protect each other and will cover-up the confirmed cheating, forgery, extortion and embezzlements of any one of them. The reality is not as how the usual Films portray these corrupt sociopath bandits. These judges misuse their Oath of Trust to loot and rob for self enrichment.

Is it not just what “INSIDER TRADES” are all about? The misuse of the Markets and non-public Information to obtain illegal and unjust monitory gains that the fixers are not entitled to. The bribery of a corrupt judge to fix a Case will also result in  illegal and unjust monitory gains that the fixers are also not entitled to. In a Fixed Court persons and companies, large and small are victims of judicial bribery, collusion and fixes.

This is the norm in many State Courts throughout America, and particularly flagrant in NY State, California, Chicago, and many of the Southern States and well. The “Old-Boys-Clubs” are alive and well. We have cases after case of absolute proof of Judicial, incompetence, lying, cheating, harassment, mail and wire fraud and fakery- corruption in NY Supreme Court and in California Superior CourtWe are not naming names here but we will state that The Judges that have been engaged in these schemes of Grand-Larceny, racketeering and bribery know who they are and threats, extortion and fraud will no longer work.

The cover-ups, lies, and bullying of Clerks has backfired as many have confessed to the larceny of many of these judges. It is the same in the Stock-Markets. The insider trades of stocks, options and other sophisticated maneuvers all leave a trail. The misuse of the mMarkets for unjust gain is in our view as bad a a Fixed Court. Both give the Crook-Fixer a unjust windfall at the expanse of others.

The insider-trader buys or sells short shares from a innocent Victim who has no idea what will be announced, so he gets screwed as the insider-fixer is stealing fom the sucker on the other side of the trades.

In a Fixed Court and Case the sucker Victim has no idea that he is “Dead-Meat” and has no chance. The Judge is bribed and the Victim is spending Money on a lawyer time and “IN GOD HE TRUSTS”.But the corrupted Judge and his Fixer have other plans.

This goes on each and every day in State Courts, Family Courts, Criminal Courts and other State arenas where fixes and bribery are prevalent.

So you decide, which is worse, Fixed State Courts or Fixed Stock markets?


We have the SEC, The NY Stock Exchange, NASDAQ  for the Watchdog oversights of our Stock Markets, but we have ZERO oversight for State Courts. The Result? Fraud, corruption, fixes, bribery, chicanery, and judicial racketeering in concert with corrupt  and depraved lawyers and clients who fuel this judicial cheating. This costs the American citizens billions of dollars a year in courthouse robbery and a fixed court. Most are not even aware that they have been scammed, and most do not even know that their own lawyer either is in on it or knows it is happening and afraid to speak up for fear of being ostracized by a unethical state court system, often without vetting, screening and judicial selections in back-room farcical and unprincipled means. The mainstream press turns its back on judicial corruption, as does all supposed judicial conduct agencies, particularly in NY State. In fact they cover-up judicial crimes, and we have many cases to prove this. It is a disgrace to America that our State courts are run like Third-World Nations are run. Rife with fraud, extortion, bribes and embezzlement.

Fortunes are looted and stolen from unsuspecting citizen-litigants as a result of State Court Judicial corruption, bribery and fixes. We estimate that $100’s of Millions of dollars and more a year of money, property, and other assets, claims etc are being looted by corrupt Courts and fixed State Judges in concert with corrupt lawyers who bribe them.  It’s a tax free business and better than the Mafia, as it is under the guise of Justice, Honor and “IN God We Trust”.The Bribe money paid for Fixes are hidden in off-shore accounts, gold coins, diamonds and other modes of bribes, all of which we know, and are Undeclared Income, so the Victims get robed, the government gets robed and the crook-fixer walks away with fortunes in unjust and illegal and “tax-free” gains and the victim has no recourse as he is incapable of proving that he was a victim of a slick scheme of Fraud Upon the Court by a corrupted judge and a unethical lawyer who bribes these State Judges to loot and embezzle money and unjust gains.

In the process, far more American Citizens are the targets of Judicial Grand Larceny, and these Crimes are ongoing each and every day without a shred of “Oversight” from a Federal Agency granted the right to Subpoena, examine, Depose and Refer to the US Attorney for prosecution. With a real Federal Department withe “Teeth” these debased State Courts and Politicians will soon be sanitized for once and for all.

It is about time that we all think about how many times we were in a Courtroom and were robed by corruption. Think about it.