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pavia200George Pavia Esq, Pavia Harcourt ate now trapped rats of their own making. For years George has been engaged in multiple acts of now confirmed acts of racketeering, perjury, forgery, collusion with criminals and extortion.

George has stolen from many including his own family. He converted the Deed of Mrs Pierce, his mothre in law’s home 15 E 77th Street  NYC in a scheme of “peeling-off” in a secretive manner small % of the Deed to himself, his wife and 2 Kids (adult). Then George filed False Tax Returns, cheating the Government out of Millions, as the House was sold for $17Million.

Scams Inc caught this tax evasion robbery and Reported Pavia’s Larceny to the Criminal Tax Div. of the IRS. Pavias were caught and confessed to tax evasion. ADMITTED CRIMINALS.

The Pavias attempted to cheat Rent Stabilized Tenants in yet another home they stole from Ms Pierce, 18 E 73rd Street, NYC. In this scam the Pavias engaged in bribery, forgery, extortion, filing phony Documents and other criminal acts. All of these criminal acts are presented in detail in many exposes, undenied and verified by evidence.

Rather than the Pavia Racketeering Group simply DENYING these charges if they believe they are false (which they can not deny as the charges are 100% true and documented), these criminals have again retained a known and undenied perjurer, pedophile, MULE for paying bribes, extortonist and Pavia Pimp Kenneth V Gomez. This huckster thinks that his Blog of smear, fantasy, unsuported charges will somehow insulate Pavia Pavia Harcourt and these Racketeers from disgorgement and prosecutions.

It is revealing that George Pavia is such a distorted criminal as hie mental dr Arnold Hutchneicker reported, he can not fathom at his age of about 89 he has been finally caught and his entire front has now unraveled. For years, this Mafia Front has defrauded the public fronting as a supposed Italian Elite, just like the many Counts of no Account that peppered New York in the 1950’s before Google. Now it is easy to find out who the phomeys are .

The Internet has dozens of exposes about Pavia his Front Firm and his criminal Acts all undenied. George Pavia, a drowning Rat has Gomez. George has retained Gomez in the past as has convicted Sex Offender Dr John Siebert. Evidence, Reports, Affidavits published by Dozens of Victims confirm Gomez threatening women who reported Siebert’s sex abuses resulting in Siebert’s Convictions as a sex offender. Siebert was removed as a Dr in NY State by Order of the NY State Dept of Health. Gomez extorted many of Siebert victims. He has been reported by a MS Rachel as a sex pervert, and she has photos of Gomez and Siebert engaging in depraved sex acts.

Gomez has been this form of thug and criminal for a long time. He has recently been admonished by a NY Federal Judge for engaging in corrupt activities while Gomez was representing his brother who also has a unsavory background, and multiple litigations against him.

Gomes is a pennyless cheat. he has no office, alber “desk-Space” with Burke. They were recently evicted out of 600 Third Avenue, Nyc.

George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt were asked to Vacate 590 Madison Nve the IBM Building for questionable conduct. Now they are in the very same building as Gomez Desk and Burke Desk.

Meanwhile Pavia is now more desperate than ever, as he has defrauded 580 Park Ave, Board, he has been exposed engaging in looting along with Pavia Harcourt at the IBM Building the Rogers Estate and Pryor Cashman has filed Suit for $30plus Million. Pavias are subject to Racketeering Charges, a $40Million Default Judgment and exposure as Tax evaders yet again this time for Filing Fraudulent tax returns fot the Rogers Estate, charged in the Complaint.

Meanwhile Gomez continues hie self-serving extortion, by rambeling minutia on behalf of Pavia in a scheme to try and compromise anothe Judge. except this time the world is watching, the Criminal Prosecutors have the Road map, the IRS has the Road Map and they all are “DEAD MEN WALKING’.

We at Scams inc are amazed that these Pavia crooks can not see the forest for the trees. Had they paid their rightful obligations, did not engage in extortion, bribery, embezzlement, perjury, fraud and worse, they would not have been exposed, proved criminals, tax evaders ans now about to be disgorged from all of their unjust gains.

The Pavia Family are all involved thanks to this perverted crook George, Pavia Harcourt are Disgra=ced as corrupt Law Office, looting Clients, represenying Criminals, stealing, and subject to criminal investigations.

George Pavia, a supposed Italian Elitest ha at the age of about 88 has stooped to a unholy alliance with a “Desk-Spaced” known cheat, Mole, extortonist and thief, to do his transparent dirty work rather than act like a responsible person and cease these crimina acts of Wire Fraud.

Gomez is and has been a pimp for Pavia,Siebert and Others for years and that is where he makes his survival money, and it is to late to try amd cover the facts.

Scams Inc’s business is and has been exposing criminals reporting in News Articles the results of our Investigations and then turning over to Prosecutors and the IRS our Findings. Ofthe the Government uses our Sites for data.

Thus Pavia is on his last gasp with Gomez Extortion. We have delivered Gomez wire frauds and fabrications, harassment, emails which we have blocked to Authorities. Gomez continues his frauds, extorttion and larceny it is at his and Pavia and Pavia Harcourt’s Peril.


George Pavia

George Pavia

Scams Inc Investigations has for over 10 years been exposing the rampant criminal acts of George Pavia, his wife Antonia, and his family, Pavia Harcourt and the racketeering enterprise George has created.

You see, George is a born criminal. As a youth George weas a Natzi and a kid who Ratted on Jews which George is one.

This little runt bribed, stole and we hear murdered his way to America. George as a youth became affilliated with organized crime in Italy, and by Ratting on Jews, they were all sent to Camps where they were Gassed to death. George also engaged in arson, theft, extortion and worse.

In America, George learned early that because of his contorted appearance he had to compensate, so he decided to concoct a scheme that although his father was a Scillian Gangster, George would fashion himself as a Italian elite.

George did some robberies, extortion and shakedowns for the then Black-Hand (aka Mafia), got some cash together and conned his first wife Elena into marrying George. Then George fleeced her, Conned  and bribed a Law School to grant him a Degree, and after cheating elena out of her rent controlled Apartment she walked out on this Psyco, George.

George learned well as a cheat, tax evader and thief. he began representing Mafia persons in Italy, NY, Chicago and California. George became a front for Mob Figures in NY doing work fo Salvatore Maranzanno, the Gambinos, the Anastasia Brothers and Columbo from Brooklyn.

George met Antonia whose Parents the Pierce Family had money and two Brownstone Homes in NYC. One at 15 East 77 St NYC and the other 18 E. 73 St Nyc, which had renters. When contorted lecher George conned Antonia, The Pierce family gave Antonia 18 E 73 St NYC.

George learned a thing or two from his Gangster Pals—-


George had been “successful” in using his Law Office Pavia Harcourt as a front for his Racketeering activities and for Money Laundering the extortion, gambling, narcotics, embezzling and other illicit activities.

all the while George and Antonia had the front of a fine Brownstone and a large unit in it while gouging tenants with excessive rents. A sharp tenant came into the 18E building renting the 3rd Floor unit which had a large atriom. This guy figured out the Pavia’s criminality and frauds quickly.

He got the Building Rent Stabilized over the Pavias perjury, extortion, using Mob persons to submit purjured Affidavits and bribery.

The Pavias were cited as perjurers, forgers, imperiling Tenants by the various NY Courts and the Dept of Buildings. Then the Pavias began a campaign of skulduggery, larceny, racketeering, bribery and extortion. They stole Rent Stabilization by collusion, hiring a pimp desperate thief con man lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez, who George Pavia funded to use a Google Blog to extort, Smear, malign this Tenant who was ill.

Pavia, engaged in a criminal series of acts, threats, harassment and larceny. concocting leaks, and other frauds. Gomez had been used to extort Pavia and his ally sex Pervert John Siebert. Gomez the thug intimidated many Victims. Gomez was almost Jailed but Pavia Bought him out as he needed this thug.

Well as they say, what goes around, comes around.

The Pavias stole the Pierce Home at 15 E 77th St NYC. They engaged in tax evasion fraud ald robbery, they were caught by the Criminal Div of the IRS. They Confessed to tax evasion.

Next George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt have bee caught embezzling a lady’s Estate named Rogers for over $29million. George filed bogus and fraudulent tax returns for this estate, looted the money, hid it in off-shore Banks, and other criminal acts to secrete this money as a criminal that George Pavia is.

The Thefts have been now the subject of a Complaint Filed by a large NY Law Firm Pryor Cashman, and now these crimes engaged in by Pavia Harcourt, its Partners, George Pavia and Gomez have been turned over to Federal Law enforcement and to the CID of the Dept of Treasury.

George and Antonia Pavia also Defaulted on a Case brought against them involving RICO, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distrss, etc. The Default is for $40Million. George has tried to compromise that Court as well but the Plot was foiled, reported to the US Attorney and State Judicial Agencies.

THe Pavias are now more desperate and dangerous. George has threatened murder, he and Antonia used stolen Funde to buy Apt 2C at 580 Park Ave, NYC and the Board of Directors are being informed as to the Pavia criminal enterprise, Mafia involvement and tax evasions. The Pavias are undesirables, who use thugs, intimidation to threaten and extort to get the Heat off them, as the best defense is a best offense.

The Pavias will lie, cheat, steal, bribe, forge, imperil tenants and any thing else to not be exposed as criminals. They have beeN found at these Courts and cited in Orders and Decisions al perjurers, forgers, cheats and embezzlers.

They fixed Judges in NY Supreme and have been caught, they had Gonez as te “bag-man” and who Ghostwrote fraudulent Decisions for Disgraced Judge Joan Madden, forger and kicked out Judge Paul Wooten and Peter Moulton. Scams Inc has proof of the Corruption, larceny and racketeering engaged in by Paviak, Gomez, Burke Siebert these judges, Referee Jack Suter, Ira Gammerman and others.

The sanatizing of these Courts are underway and Gomez will soon be behind bars for his extortion, false Blog scheming to whitewash Pavia, but this time it is “No Soap”.

Gomez is a known trickster, flim flam and Carnival Huckster. Gomez is a rung below a mob Hit-Man, who has threatened, and abused many for his Mafia front Pavia.

Not once have Pavia, Gomez, Siebert Burke of any one at Pavia Harcourt denied these Crimes.

To be sure the all will be exterminated as will the corrupt and bribed Judges who have taken to bribes from Pavia Rackets Enterprise.

We have Georges Banking scams, Gomez banking scams Siebert Banking scams, Fixed Judges referres and JHO Gammerman. we at Scams inc have Reported all of these crooks to federal and State Tax Depts and Prosecutors, it is only a short time before these specious Pavia–Siebert Minions are dealt with.


smearScams Inc and Affiliated News Organizations have carefully put together and assembled evidence of the Racketeering Enterprises of the George Pavia, Pavia Harcourt and the Pavia Family racketeering enterprise of extortion, money laundering, looting of stolen millions, bribery, perjury, forgery, tax evasion and offshore secreted bank accounts and racketeering.

Scams Inc Investigators hav the proof of these criminal activities that the Pavia’s racketeers have been active in for dozens of years. We have the proof of the Tax Evasion and our reporting to the Criminal Division of the Dept. of Treasury of massive Tax swindles these criminals have engaged in. They were caught, confessed recently and Fined, and these crimes have been Referred to the Prosecutors.

Now, in addition, Scams Inc has assembled proof of George, Antonia, Jullian, Philippa Pavia and Pavia Harcourt engaging in bribery, fraud upon the court, theft of Rent Stabilization, larceny, thefts of trust Funds, extortion, filing false Documents with the NY Department of Buildings, with various Courts, converting Millions by collision with corrupted judges in Supreme Court NY County such as Judges Joan Madden, the NYCAL crook, Paul Wooten the terminated corrupt judge who has been engaged in forgery, falsification of evidence judicial larceny and fraud in concert with corrupt lawyers including George Pavia, Kenneth Gomez, sex pervert and tax evader John Siebert, and confirmed perjurer and thief Joseph m. Burke.

George Pavia has been involved in criminal activities for years. He is and has been a front for organized crime persons and tax swindlers such as Ted Kohl, the Albert Anastasia Families in Brooklyn, and has money laundered millions in off-shore Banks, according to evidence.

George pavia and his family are consumate perjurers. We have proofs on audio recordings of the Pavia’s engaging in perjury at court proceedings while stealing rent stabilized rights from tenants.George Pavia has been engaged in tax evasion for years,and he has stolen his mother-in-laws home at 15 East 77th Street, by a slick scheme of deed-peeling to himself and his corrupt children and wife. Then they engage in a systematic scheme of tax evasion.

Scams Inc figured the scam out and now the Pavias are convicted undenied Tax cheats and convicts. A new tax swindle engaged in by the Pavia criminal enterprise orchestrated by the Pavia Harcourt corrupt Racketeers.

They have looted and stolen Millions from the Rogers Estate, secreted the stolen money in off-shore hidden accounts and extorted the Estate. Scams Inc has again Reported this new about $30Million Swindle to the Criminal Division of the IRS as well.

Pavia has also orchestrated a tax swindle in concert with Pedophile Dr John Siebert in concert with Gomez, Burke Judges Wooten, Madden, Moulton and Gammerman of NY Supreme Courts.

Siebert was granted a phony groundless judgment for $15Million. The Scam? These Crooks were planning to have Siebert File Carry-Back fraudulent losses, evidenced by Wooten’s Forged and fabricated $15Million Judgment and Siebert would get back from the IRS Millions in bogus and fraudulent Tax recoveries. This was the brain-child of the fertile criminal mind of Pavia who caused the thefts of over $80 Million from Mr Jim Couri by Courthouse bribery, racketeering and extortion.

These are not just allegations, Scams Inc has the Proof of all of these crimes Pavias have been orchestrating for years. These Cio=]oimes have been Reported to the US Attorney SDNY, and to the CID of the IRS. Pavias and Sieberts new tax swindles have been Reported, and the Courthouse bribery, larceny, collusion with Madden, theft of rent stabilization, theft from Nr Couri, Rogers and many other victims caused by the Pavia racketeering enterprises of dishonesty has been part of the largest fraud upon the public in years. The polluted NY State Courts that to find a honest judge is as hard as finding a snowflake in Hell.

Now the Pavia rRacketeering Machine is on its ass. It is caught, George is in a vice of exposure. He and his underhanded Family and Pavia Harcourt will be soon forced again to Disgorge all of their Stolen and illgotten Moneys. The Tax-Boys this time will put these tax cheats in Prison.

George has now again hired, along with his thieving Pavia Harcourt, known Thug, extortonist and thief Kenneth V Gomez who was recruted by Pavias in 2010 to Character Assassinate Mr Jim Couri, harass him, his family, doctors and many others by a extortion Blog that for years was religated to extorting Mr Couri. Gomez has been engaged in these crimes for years. He was Evicted by 600 Third Avenue recently and from the Suite of William Russo.

Now he has a “desk-Space” with Joe Burke and Abrams Deemer who have been engaged along with Pavia in this now well proved and documented Racketeering enterprise, embezzlement, bribery and extortion of many. Siebert has been run-out of NY as a sex pervert  and thief, disgraced by 5-6 Hospitals and terminated as a Doctor by NY State.

So now Gomez is at it again, bothering Mr Couri and extorting him and his family making it appear that the Uncovering of the Pavia Crimes were done by Mr Couri.

Gomes is such a pathetic Moron and cheat, yet he knows that Scams Inc a now large Internet News Organization is who has exposed and Reported the Pavia and Pavia Harcourt Criminal Enterprises.Not Mr Jim Couri.

Pavia, Burke, Gomez and trheir RICO operation are now s]o desperate they will and have tried anything to Smear Mr Couri and Scams Inc so that their moral turpitude and criminal acts ma be shrouded for a while longer.

Gomez has now posted moronic implausible false statements supported by Decisions Generated by the very Judges that Pavia, Gomez,Siebert and Burke have Corrupted, bribed and own.

All of these Sociopath debased racketeers have been turned over to Federal Law Enforcement. Gomez does not deny that he and his racketeers are not subject to criminal charges, found guilty of Tax evasion and other crimes. Rather Gomez makes up smears against Mr Couri who has wone dozens of accolades and Awards such as:
US Senate Medal of Freedom
US Congress Medal of Distinction
On the Presidential Business Council
On the Congressional Business Council
Senate Comte. for Tax Reformation
Protege of J. Edgar Hoover founder of the FBI
CASA Adviocate for Children in Riverside
Businessman of the Year twice
D& B Honoree
Honorary Special Treasury CID Agent
and more.

Thus, these Gomez 2016 Smear Campaigns are a transparent scams because the Proof of the Pavia, et-al Criminal enterprise are now exposed, confirmed and the wheels of Justice, albet some times slowly will Steam-Roll Gomez Mail and Wire Fraud, criminal extortion, threats and Violations of Restraining Orders Issued in Mr Couri’s Favor against Siebert ans all in concert with him.

George Pavia has been exposed but we have much more to reveal and will as we intend being sure that Pavia is Disgorged by US , the Irs and the US Attorney as a tax cheat, embezzler, perjurer, imperiling tenants Safety while bribeing Joan Madden, cheating the Dept of Buildings, the ECB Court and tem finding that the pavias are criminals, fraudsters, perjurers and forgers, all in the Record of these Courts and Agencies.

Gomez days of his Smear Campaigns are over.


money-laundering-cartoon-illustration-humor-concept-saying-proverb-40430075George Pavia, Pavia Harcourt, Kenneth Gomez, all “holding-up” in the 230 Park Avenue Helmesley Building and engaging in a RICO Criminal enterprise of embezzlement, judicial bribery, fraud upon the court, convicted perjury, forgery, filing falsified documents in various NY Courts and extortion.

Gomez, a admitted perjurer on audio tape recordings taken at the NY ECB Court, with Pavia, bothe engaging in fraud, perjurt and filing fabricated Certificates that impacted the Safety of Tenants. Pavias George and Antonia has no morals and Gomez is a desperate Thug, who has threatened many of Racketeer John Siebert’s Victims that he raped of miney, sex, and fed Narcotics to.

Siebert has bee kicked out of NY with his Medical License Revoked. Gomez is a criminal who has engaged in rampant wire fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, narcotics mule for Siebert and Pavia and who will say and do anything for a few bucks and or a Fix of Drugs.

Now Pavia, his Wife and Pavia Harcourt have been sued yet again for larceny, money laundering tax evasion and worse. The Suit is Filed by a Major Law Firm, Pryor Cashman, in NYC, for the Rogers Estate. Mr Couri has nothing to do with this litigation and never Reported on it as Gomez lies about to try and discredit Mr Couri, and cover-up the Pavia’s Larceny, mail and wire fraud, tax evasion money laundering and thefts of $29Million regarding the Rogers Estate.

Gomez is such a Moron, he is Answering these serious RICO Charges filed against the Pavia Enterprise on hie polluted Blog. A meaningless excersise. Gomez has been proved to have looted Mr Cour’s Med Mal $23,000.00 in concert with Pavias, Judges that Pavia Bribed, and Helmsely Enterprise Harold Miriam.


Gomez is so desperate that he lies about Siebert’s lii-concieved Judgment secured by a bribed corrupt Judge Wooten, kicked out of NY County Supreme Court, accused of incompetence, larceny, forgery, falsification of evidence and who is a target of a criminal probe involving judicial corruption in Supreme Court NY.

This also involves Gomez, the Pavia enterprise, Siebert, Joseph M. Burke Esq and a medley of corrupt Judges.

Gomez allied with Pavai aided in Pavias Tax evasion, uncovered, and Confessed to for looting the Pierce $17Million Property, looting Mr Couri’s Home, $40Million due from Siebert and extortion and money laundering. This is the very same MO that the Rogers Estate has fallen victiom to. The Pavias Gomez are pleased to take credit for the Decisions generated by the very Judges that they have Bribed and colluded with to embezzle Mr Couri, Rogers, and many others including George Pavia’s In-Laws, First wife and others he has been involved and cheated.

Scams Inc also has been told that the Pavia embezzlement enterprise was evicted from the IBM Building 590 Madison Avenue as someone learned of the Pavia embezzlement , money laundering and tax evasions ongoing. A first class IBM wants nothing to do with the Pavia RICO enterprise allied with criminals and extortonists.

Scams Inc has a truck-load of evidence of the Pavia thefts, larceny, mail and wire fraud, Gomez falsified extortion Blog and scheme to try and cover-up the Pavia crimes.

It wont work. Gomez has been at this and exposed since 2009. He is a tax cheat, a thief, a pathetic desperate pimp and has been warned by Google to cease his misuse of Blogs to harass, cheat, extort, lie and falsify the true larceny of the Pavia Family and Pavia Harcourt.

Mr Couri made no comments about the Pavia charges against him an the Firm. Law360 Reported on th Rogers Complaint and revealed that Pavia breached the Fiduciary Duty, stole and wasted the Rogers estate’s money, self dealing, stealing, money laundering unjust enrichment, tax evasion and More. Not Mr Couri as dumb-ass gomez claims.

Who is going to pay any attention to a dead-Beat Gomez with Desk-Space in 230 Park pimping for the Pavia RICO enterprise.


Goerge Pavia is now a desperate and trapped rat. He has been exposed as the thief he has been since he could walk and has trained his wife Antonia and adult kids to be embezzlers, perjurers and cheats as well.

The Pavias will be exposed for cheating the Board of 580 Parke Ave where they occupy apartment 2C, bought by the Pavia’s  in 2015, with looted and stolen money. The Pavias and Pavia Harcourt have been engaged in stealing, cheating, bribery and embezzlement for many years unde toe orchestration by SOCIOPATH RUNT GEORGE PAVIA.

SCAMS INC has filed with the CID of the IRS thee evidence of the new tax scam engaged in by George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt outlined in the Complaint lootion the Rogers Money and evading Federal Taxes. Since the Pavias were found Guilty of a massive tax scam only a few months ago in their theft of $17Million Pierce Property., it is highly likely that this new Pavia evasion scam and embezzlement of th Rogers estate will land George and the Partners of Pavia Harcourt in Prison.

This is not to mention the turnover to Preet Bharara of about 1000 Documents proving the Pavia, Siebert, Burke, Gomez, Abrams Deemer, Russo Burke and many JHOs Referees, Judges, and other lawyers and over $100Million RICO Enterprise thefts recently and orchestrated by Pavia and Pavia Harcourt.  Over 20 plus years,  Pavias have looted hundreds of millions while embezzleing, cheating bribery and extorting many.Pavias have been proved by Court Orders to be perjurers, fraudsters and forgers, and we have the Recordings and Documents to support these Federal Crimes, and so does the US Government.


We have requested a denial from the Racketeers and Gomez but no Denials have been made. No wonder, as Scams Inc always has evidence to support all charges.


Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker

Diane Handricks, worth over $3Billion, thanks to the tragic death of her husband, seems to be a victim of a charlatan sex pervert and thief, Dr John Siebert.

Ms Hendricks, we have learned that Siebert a suspended NY Doctor as a result of NY State’s Termination of Siebert as a result of his sex abuses of Patients, confession and termination from 5 NY Hospitas as a result.

Siebert has been charged by 5 or more women Victims for sex abuses, theft, narcotics abuse, pedophile acts and more.

We at Scams Inc have written dozens of Exposes about Siebert and his perverted acts.Siebert is also a perjurer, subject to a National Restraining Order, a tax swindler, caught and confessed, a Racketeer, embezzler and extortonist, all undenied.

Siebert has conned Hendricks, filed perjured Press Releases with UW Hospital knowing Siebert is a sex Offender and can not practice Medicine in NY. Yet UW, as part of the Hendricks Scam, issues a bogus Release stating that Siebert is a Researcher and a Fine Doctor.

Siebert is a convicted sex pervert by NYU Langone Hospital and a sociopath. His only “Research” has been who he can fleece, cheat and sexually abuse.

See Scams Inc and Scribed as to the many Victims robbed, sexually abused and cheated as a Doctor.

Siebert is now scamming Victims about Parry Romberg Syndrome. Siebert is a cheat and con-man. he is looting innocent patients with Hocus-Pocus Fraud, which is criminal.

We will be allerting Scott Walker who Siebert is boasting that he is a pal of the Gov. and thay Ms Hendricks has employed Siebert as a “researcher”



jsConfessed sex-offender and convicted sex pervert Dr John Siebert is back at his medical scams and depraved con-games.

Siebert, using his self-styled “midwestern charm, that got him kicked out of 5 NYC Hospitals for malpractice, narcotic abuse, sexual abuses of patients and other perverted acts, is again conning and cheating the family of Hank Gibbs to raise money for Hank’s about 8thSiebert reckless surgeries on this now 13year old Sacramento Kid.

Siebert began is warped and perverted con on Terri A. Gibbs when hank was about 5 or 6 years old, defrauding the Gibbs family into believing that Siebert, the only surgeon in the world, to be able to cure Parry Romberg Syndrome by surgery.

Siebert is and was a Charlatan, a fraud, a cheat and a Huckster. Siebert has been proved to be a sex pervert, suspend from NY State for sex abuses by NY State Dept of Health, Fired by 5 Hospitals, evicted from 5 Medical Offices, Investigated and admitted Pedophile,Healthcare Insurance Thief and a Medicare and Medicaid Thief. Siebert has stolen Millions, he has been caught in a major tax evasion scheme and caught engaging in bribery, perjury and fraud in various Courts. He has ben caught engaging in threats of murder and extortion by emails, and is now restrained by Nationwide Restraining Order against him issued in a California Superior Court in 2015 and Renewed for cause in 2016 for 3 years until 2019.

Siebert is a sociopath. He has robbed and molested many. Now he again has bamboozled Hank Gibbs and his Family into anther wasted, expansive and useless surgery so that UW Hospital and Siebert can be unjustly enriched by a futile surgery.

Scams Inc Investigations has contacted many Associations, surgeons, Organizations and Insurere and Medicare regarding the prospects of surgical intervention involving persons with this Disease. The overwhelming responses reveal that Surgery is futile untill the disease has “run-its-course” which may be Never. It requires that the Victim undergo MRI Scans to follow the Progression.

Parry Syndrome progressively detoriates the Tissue and skin of the Patients affected areas. This is usually the face, eye sockets, jaw mouth, etc.Resulting in facial asymmetry.

The Medical Community’s opinion is that there is no treatment or surgery that can stop the progression og this Disease. It is defined for the most part as a neurological disorder.

Other than a charlatan thief such as Siebert, who has conned many for his own unjust enrichment engaging in medical malpractice, fraud and interstate fraud; no legitimate Hospital or Surgeon would participate in this surgical scam.

In fact, most all surgeons agree that “Intervention” is futile until the Disease has run its course. This abstention is to avoid unnecessary pain, suffering and further injury to the Patient, often Minors, unnecessary Hospital and Surgical expenses that will only result in a momentary visual “improvement” and soon afier, like oli and water the tissue and bone will continue to detoriate.

Many recommend immunosupressive drugs, medical managment and MRI’s to follow the progression and hopefully the conclusion, which may take years or never.

What Siebert has done with the Gibbs Family, Hank and many other of his Victims, is to lie, cheat and fleece these families for large fees and large Hospital bills to waste hopes, cause pain and more injury.

UW Hospotal have been caught filing phony al false Press Releases about Siebert while knowing that Siebert is a sex Offender, a cheat a tax swindler and a confessed Morally Unfit Doctor. But UW and Ron Slwinski.President are also money grubbing cheats, otherwise why would they employ such a pervert Dr John Siebert?

Well this time, Scams Inc has the Proof of Siebert’s Racketeering by Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud.

He has lied to Terri Gibbs, Hank Gibbs by Phone and email. He has Filed a Stack of false anf fraudulent Documents with the Gibbs Medical Insurere, provided by Terri’s Employer in Sacramento California. This Fraud on a Healthcare Insurer by Siebert is a crime, scheming to collect Insurance Funding by fraud, perjury and larceny, in concert with UW Hospital and Gibbs.

THe supposed Hank surgery is to take place in July 2016, with stolen Insurance Money and also as in the past the Giggs begging people at “garden-fund-raisers” so that Siebert can loot them as well.

If Siebert were a legit. Surgeon he would provide his surgery for free. But Siebert is a criminal, a cheat, a fraud and a self confessed sex pervert and morally unfit doctor.

We believe that the Gibbs family are also remiss, gullable and stupid, putting their son Hank through eight medically contraindicated surgeries that are being performed by the RASPUTIN OF THE OPERATING ROOM.


fred_gingerGeorge Pavia Esq and his unprincipled wife Antonia have been living the “Hi-Life” and spending other peoples money that they have swindled for years, while extorting threatening and engaging in bribery and worse to embezzle multi millions by racketeering..

If anyone has seen the CNBC Show, American Greed, we see the same diabolical conduct of swindlers fleecing, cheating, lying, and extorting so that these swindlers can use embezzled funds to put on a false front of respectability. Sooner than later these fraudster and thieves run out of time and money, and they get caught at their own con-games.

George Pavia began his larceny at a young age in Italy during WW-2. George was a member of the Nazi-Mussoloni Parties and a Jew. Rather than help the Underground George took a different road. The road of a “Squeler”, and “Ratted” on other Jews. No matter to George that the people hi turned-in would be on the road to Concentration Camps and the Gas Chambers, all George wanted was money, and a road map out of Italy. He got it and made his way to America.

Soon after he married a woman who had a few bucks. George used her money to pay for his education and law school. He fleeced her and then met Antonia who had Parents Mr & Mrs Pierce who were wealthy, but Antionia was a cheat just like George.

When these two evil persons were bonded by the Devil, they conned the Pierces to give them 18 E. &#rd Street NYC, a brownstone off 5thAve, in NYC. They had Renters who should have been Rent Controlled as the building was built in 1860, but George, a true thief, failed to properly Register the Building.

Thereafter George became a Front for Mafia and Organized Crime persons in NY and Italy. He began a law office that “Made-its-Bones”on conning, cheating, casinos, illicit enterprises, construction fraud, fixing judges in NY State Courts, aracketeering, embezzlement, extortion and other methods of larceny.

THe Pavias have abused and cheated Tenants, stolen Rent Stabilization by fraud, bribery, proven perjury, filing forged documents with Courts and NY C Agencies and threats of murder.

George Pavia and his entire family have been engaged in money laundering, thefts, criminal Tax Evasion, perjury and thefts of Millions of Dollars as a Ring Leader of a RICO racketeering Enterprise involving NY County Judges, other lawyers, a sex-pervert and tax evader Doctor John Siebert, who has been convicted as a sex pervert and fired from 5 NY C Hospitals and suspended from the practice of Medicine in NY State. Siebert’s partner in crime is a group of perverted, extortonist lawyers Joseph M Burke Esq, Kenneth V Gomez, Abrams Deemer Lawyers, and others.

George fixed and Bribed his way to cheat his tenants out of Stabilization Rights by using Judge Joan Madden to preclude Evidence and lie and cheat the tenant, allow Hazardous conditions, ignore Pavia’s forgery, perjury. cheating and falsification of Evidence. Some hell of a Court.

THen Pavia, as part of Racketeering, engaged in rampant Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Extortion Threats, embezzlement, Bribing other Judges to get Siebert off the Hook for money that he Swore to owing, $40Million, bribed and induced Judge Paul Wooten to forge the Court Docket, purge Court Files, use the Phones to concoct a scam of HIPAA Forms, place forged Court Filings in the Record Room of the Courthouse, Fabricate pleadings, condone obvious and proved Burke and Siebert’s Perjury, trickery, fraud on the Court and collusion with JHO Gammerman.

Pavia orchestrated the illegal Steering to Gammerman, the Fraudulent Inquest, Wooten Judicial Larceny and forgery and the fraudulent Pleadings, Decisions and Orders of Wooten after he was Fired from NY COunty Supreme Court for acts of Proven Corruption, fraud and incompetence. Many Law Firms complained as to Wooten and his fraudulent conduct.

All the while Pavia was center Stage in the scam. Pavia also orchestrated with Madden, Gomez, Siebert and Burke the Theft of over $230,000.00 in a Med-Mal Case by fraud upon the Court, by a series of acts of perjury, fraud and chicanery by Gomez, Marion Polovey Esq and Leona Hemlsley Enterprise. Gomez is Pavia’s Pimp-Lawyer along with Jay Itkowitz and wife Michelle.

The Pavias as a result of their Racketeering, mail and wire fraud, collusion, money laundering of Millions, extortion in concert with RICO Enterprise as per 18 USC 1962, have unjustly enriched themselves by these Racketeering activities.

The Pavias also stole and converted the Pierce NYC Brownstone at 15 E. 77th Street, NYC as well. By a fraudulent scheme of peeling-off small percents of the Deed to themselves and adult children, after about 6-8Months, the swindle of the Property wa accomplished without a penny in consideration. Then The Racketeers sold the Building for Millions stolen by the Pavias money Laundering. One of their tenants  they embezzled figured the Tax Scam out, Reported it to the Criminal Division of the IRS and THe Pavias were Caught, Confessed and are paying the Fines, Tax and other consequences now.

The Pavia became Defendants in a Racketeering Case filed earlier in 2016 alond with others. They were properly Served. They failed to Appear, Answer or Move. When the Default time had been reached, the pavias were given timely and proper Notice.

They failed and refused to respond and the Plaintiff has Filed a Default Judgment against the Pavia’s for Over $40Million, plus Interest.George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt, his law office also has just been Sued in a unrelated Case charging that George and Pavia Harcourt embezzled over $29Million fom a Woman’s Estate, money laundered it in Off-shore Banks, evaded taxes and cheated this woman and her Administrator by false promises, fraud, breaching of fiduciary duty etc.

Ti is now clear that the Pavia’s are worse than Bernie Madoff. They have lied, cheated, recruted Gomez to launch Extortive Blogs, mailgning anyone who Pavias rob and loot as their beliefe that a best defevse is the best offense, They have harasses, interfered with their victims homes, stole them by fraud larceny and bribert-forgery and perjury. Pavias have along with their Racketeering Enterprise used Siebert to engage in tax evasion, perjury, falsifying Records to get Bogus Judgments against victims and then have Siebert File perjured amended tax returns to nsecure million in Bogus Refunds. Wooten engaged in this scam by misuse of his illegal and ill-gotten Judicial power to engage in Judicial racketeering, forgery and fabrications. All of this is well documented. And all of this orchestrated by Ring-leader George Pavia and his corrupt wife and Family, all the beneferies of the Tax Scams and other RICO thefts also documented by the IRS and others.

Thus, another swindler is about to be fully exposed, Bank acconnts Frozen, Judgments, more Tax evasion Charges, Indictments are sure to be on the Horizon and Convictions. The Pavia’s used stolen money to buy their present “abode” at 580 Park Avenue Apartment 2C, their home in West-Hampton, Stocks, bonds, antiques, jewelry and other looted assets from all of their victims. This involves a fortune in thefts and damages. In fact re RICO all damages are Trebled.

In Som, the pavias are pure sociopaths. They have financially ruined many and stolen their homes and money, then dress-up in stolen emoluments, socalize as if they were Italian Elite, not give a damn who they raped, looted and extorted, and start again in the morrow, They are now going to get “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”, and many will watch and relish that these criminals have been exposed, Disgorged of their stolen ill gotten gains of Millions and jailed.

These Pavias have conned, cheated lied, extorted, embezzled, bribed and swindled for over 50 plus years, and they will “Rot in Hell”.


cartoon-thief-running-12229311Scams Inc has written many Verified Exposes abour the diabolical, depraved and racketeering activities of George Pavia Esq, Pavia Harcourt and Antonia Pavia.

We have proven that the Pavias are phoneys, cheats, perjurers, forgers, tax evaders, filers of forged Documents in Court proceedings, a State and NYC Agencies, Courts have confirmed the Pavia perjury and fraud. We have proven that the Pavias and their Family, by bribery, extortion, intimidation, creating phony Plans and submitting them to the Dept. of Buildings thus imperiling their tenants, the Pavias stole the Rent Stabilized Rights from Tenants and looted over $20Million by fraud, lying and bribery of a judge.

The Pavias have been cheating people for years. They stole Mr Pierces Home at 15 East 77th Street in nyc, robbed over $17Million on that by a Scam of filing a systematic conversion of Deed to themselves and their adult kids. The Pavias were Reported to the Criminal Div. of the IRS and were Caught. They Confessed. As yer the NY State Dept of Fimance and NYC Tax Dept are yet to come.

Meanwhile George Pavia has been engaged in fixing other judges at NY County Supreme in a embezzlement scheme of over $40Million in concert with others, He has been caught on this as well and reported to the US Attorney SDNY and the CID as well.

We have audio tape Recordings of George Pavia engaging in Perjury in a Court Setting to rob Millions. The Pavias and Pavia Harcourt are a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, under the RICO Statutes 18 USC 1962, and Mail and Wire Fraud with intent to steal others monet and Rights.

Only a few days ago we uncovered yet another Pavia and Pavia Harcourt uncontionable Scam, this time involving a Estate and the Pavia RICO Enterprise. According to Court Papers, George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt ESQS, looted and embezzled over $29Million from the Estate, Money Laundered it via”secret bank accounts” robbed the IRS and violated tax laws, and misused their law practice to cheat and conthe Administrator to the Estate by engaging im violations of 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343.

George Pavia his cheating ways and his Pavia Harcourt will be exposed and all of their stolen funds will be disgorged from all of them.



lawyer-cartoon2Americans Against Corruption Reports have been given  what appears to be black and white proof of David J Richardson Esq, and Sulmeyer Kupetz Esq’s (SK) Fraud upon the Court in litigations at the California Superior Court and Riverside Federal Court. Such of there acts involve rampant, systematic and repeated acts of falsifying declarations, suborning perjury of their clients, filing false Records with the Court, falsifying proposed Court Orders, falsifying evidence, filing reckless motions, replete with perjury, fraud, false hearsay, shrouding their clients crimes, and thereafter lying and cheating the Courts.

We have been provided Richardson and SK’s Pleadings and declarations and the declarations Richardson concocted for his clients. They are corroded with falsified and fabricated claims in direct contravention to the evidence. These corrupt lawyers simply make up false events, phony and irrelevant case law and Statutes, engage in secreting and surppresion of evidence and intentional fraud upon the court.

These corrupt lawyers have been engaged in misuse of the California Courts for many years. The Fixer Howard Ehrenberg, is a good “gland hander” a “political fixer” and has by his misuse of the Courts unjustly enriched himself, Sulmeyer and minion Richardson.

Richardson uses the Archives of Sulmeyer to extort, cheat, embezzle adversaries. Richardson has with a “straight-face”, fleeces the court, misuses and fabricates Court Minutes, falsifies required Court Notices, misuse the mails to engage in fraud, embezzlement and larceny, and then lies upon lies to try and cover his criminality. Richardson is incapable of Litigating with a honest “deck”. THe man and Sulmeyer are cheats, fixers, and have no conscience to engage in racketeering, larceny and tampering.

Richardson as been caught engaging in fraudulent Pleadings, rampant perjury, hearsay, fraud upon toe court, mail and wire fraud and defrauding “Court-Call”.

Richardson has by criminal intent, fraud upon the court, forgery, suborning perjury and worse, secured favorable Rulings by cheating fraud upon the court and polluting the judge.

These acts of fraud and chicanery have caused the Refferal to Federal Law Enforcement the Federal Criminal Acts engaged in by Richardson, Sulmeyer and his Clients.

The Judge has been reported with evidence to the California Commission on Judicial Performance and to Law Enforcement. In Fact the corruption engaged in as generally reported on hers has resulted in the deprivation as a result of fraud upon the court, mail and wire fraud and violations of 18 USC 1962, et-seq, the collection of RICO Damages that are confirmed by evidence, admissions and other Records. The sums embezzled by these corrupt lawyers SK and Richardson and their clients exceed $200Million per RICO.

These flim-flam lawyers either “hypotnized” this Judge in superior Court or something else has gone on as the Rulings by this Judge exhibit partiality to be kind, but in reality, incompetence, judicial larceny, and a scheme to disenfranchise due process by obstruction of justice in concert with lawyers and clients who have a long paper trail of engaging in fraud, falsifying court pleadings, forgery, mail and wire fraud and racketeering.

Finally, if Richardson and SK wish to deny these documented claims, follow the Terms of Use and make yopur objection not by self serving lies but wit proof. It will be reviewed and we will provide our proof to establish that Richardson, SulmeyerKupetz ate Litigation Cheats, embezzlers and perjurers.


Michelle Maratto Itkowitz

Michelle Maratto Itkowitz

Scams Inc has written a number of Exposes regarding the invidious, adulterated methods of Jay Itkowitz Esq and Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Esq, the “BONNIE AND CLYDE of the Eviction racket at the Courthouse.

The diabolic methods these Itkowitz cheaters implement in “emptying a Building od a group of apartments is parallel to “Frontier Justice. The Exposes Scams Inc have published expose much of the skulduggery of the Itkowitz “Gamesmanship” as Jay referres to his and Michelles acts of perjury, suborning perjury, filing bogus documents to the DHCR, the Dept of Buildings, the ECB Court, falsifying damage and blaming the Rent Stabilized Tenats and bribery. Filing illegal and bogus Nussuance Charges and falsifying evidence, bribery of a MY Supreme Court Judge and worse

None of our charges have been objected to by Itkowitzes, as permitted in Scams Inc’s Terms Of Use published on all of our Sites.

Scams inc have assembled evidence of Jay Itkowitz acting for a corrupt lawyer and brownstone owner, engaging in a 3 year scam of stealing Rent Stabilized Rights by suborning perjury, allowing  hazardous conditions to remain in disrepair. Condoning the Owners to ignore 8 DOB Violations, condoning and participating in Filing Forged and False Certificates of Correction with the DOB, Falsified by the Owners under the Aegis of Michelle and Jay Itkowitz. These Certificates falsely Swear that all Hazardous Conditions confirmed by Inspectors of the DOB had been corrected. In fact nothing we corrected and the Rent Stabilized Tenants remained under Hazardous conditions and were constructivly evicted.

No matter to Itkowitz, who lied and cheated in the Courthouse Hearings, engaged in ex-parte phone conversations with the Judge, refused to allow his phone records to be produced, and fixed the judge to preclude all material proof of the Violations, the ECB Court findings of fraud, perjury and forgery, engaged in by Itkowitz client owners.

At  ECB Hearings where Itkowitz sent a attorney as Itkowitz knew that the tenants were on to them, and the ECB and the DOB caused large fines and still Itkowitz continued the legal Gamesmanship of perjury, Fraud upon the Court, a charade In-Limini Hearing where Jay and Michelle had the Judge in their pocket, brought in 2 persons from the DOB who were never at the Building, presented forged and falsified plans, suborned this perjury so that the Rent Stabilized tenants would be robbed from theit rights and homes.

Rather than negotiate legitimate purchace of these Rent Stabilized Rights, Itkowitz and the lecherous owners chose to engage in Courthouse racketeering, extortion, embezzlement and perjury to steal these rights.

Then Jay Itkowitz and Michelle fabricated a Nussuance charge for a tenant writing letters to the Owner at his Office. Then the Owner filed bogus criminal nussuance claims against tenant with the advice and recommendations of Michelle and Jay. The Criminal charges were dismissed by the DA Office and after that occured and after These Itkowitz lawyers violated the laws of Rent Stabilization, ignored DHCR Orders, Ignored ECB Court findings of Itkowitz and his Owner’s forgery, perjury and harassment of tenants chose to bring in a Associate who continued the Itkowitz larceny, bribery and cheating.

The end result was as a result of a Fixed Judge the Owner cheated the tenants out of their rights thanks to Itkowitz “Gamesmanship”, larceny, thefts an the Owner sold the Brownstone for $20Million and the tenants were, up to now, robbed.

The light at the end of the Tunnel is the fact that The Owner has confessed to tax evasion, and Jay Itkowitz, Michelle Mararro and others have been reported to Preet Bharara and the Public Corruptions Unit ath the SDNY US Attorney’s Office in NYC, with a car-load of evidence.

The Itkowitz Firm are adulterated, unethical and cheating lawyers who have no morals at all. They will intimidate, abuse and cheat the “small-guy” for a pay-day.

We have seen how these cheaters work. they attack their opponents by lies, false claims, misuse of the Rules of the Court, Bullyism, chicanery, trickery and fraud upon the court. They will use every gimmick they can to loot a rent stabilized tenant out of their home.

The Itkowitz Firm used forged Documents in Court to steal a tenants home for a greedy cheating Owner who was later convicted of Tax evasion arising out of the advice-gone-wrong to a owner from Michelle and Jay.

Scams Inc have listened to recordings of Itkowitd intimidasting a tenant and we have seen emails from Michelle to a rent stabilized tenant implementing modes of extortion regarding Itkowitz posting of Lies on the Itkowitz Blogs and what they demanded to remove this fraud causing injury tonthe tenant.

So, anyone who fools for the Itkowitz Family’s “Gamesmanship” will only be another victim of the Itkowitz swindles, trivckery and cheating.

Scams Inc has all of the evidence of all of these charges, and Michelle and Jay know this and that is why the made no objection to the number of Exposed on Scams inc and Scamraiders Archives.

The Truth is the best defense, and the First Ammendment to the US Constitution.

In a nutshell Michelle and Jay are unethical liars and depraved supposed lawyers who practice “LYING” not “LAWYERING”.