Michelle Maratto Itkowitz

Michelle Maratto Itkowitz

Scams Inc has written a number of Exposes regarding the invidious, adulterated methods of Jay Itkowitz Esq and Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Esq, the “BONNIE AND CLYDE of the Eviction racket at the Courthouse.

The diabolic methods these Itkowitz cheaters implement in “emptying a Building od a group of apartments is parallel to “Frontier Justice. The Exposes Scams Inc have published expose much of the skulduggery of the Itkowitz “Gamesmanship” as Jay referres to his and Michelles acts of perjury, suborning perjury, filing bogus documents to the DHCR, the Dept of Buildings, the ECB Court, falsifying damage and blaming the Rent Stabilized Tenats and bribery. Filing illegal and bogus Nussuance Charges and falsifying evidence, bribery of a MY Supreme Court Judge and worse

None of our charges have been objected to by Itkowitzes, as permitted in Scams Inc’s Terms Of Use published on all of our Sites.

Scams inc have assembled evidence of Jay Itkowitz acting for a corrupt lawyer and brownstone owner, engaging in a 3 year scam of stealing Rent Stabilized Rights by suborning perjury, allowing  hazardous conditions to remain in disrepair. Condoning the Owners to ignore 8 DOB Violations, condoning and participating in Filing Forged and False Certificates of Correction with the DOB, Falsified by the Owners under the Aegis of Michelle and Jay Itkowitz. These Certificates falsely Swear that all Hazardous Conditions confirmed by Inspectors of the DOB had been corrected. In fact nothing we corrected and the Rent Stabilized Tenants remained under Hazardous conditions and were constructivly evicted.

No matter to Itkowitz, who lied and cheated in the Courthouse Hearings, engaged in ex-parte phone conversations with the Judge, refused to allow his phone records to be produced, and fixed the judge to preclude all material proof of the Violations, the ECB Court findings of fraud, perjury and forgery, engaged in by Itkowitz client owners.

At  ECB Hearings where Itkowitz sent a attorney as Itkowitz knew that the tenants were on to them, and the ECB and the DOB caused large fines and still Itkowitz continued the legal Gamesmanship of perjury, Fraud upon the Court, a charade In-Limini Hearing where Jay and Michelle had the Judge in their pocket, brought in 2 persons from the DOB who were never at the Building, presented forged and falsified plans, suborned this perjury so that the Rent Stabilized tenants would be robbed from theit rights and homes.

Rather than negotiate legitimate purchace of these Rent Stabilized Rights, Itkowitz and the lecherous owners chose to engage in Courthouse racketeering, extortion, embezzlement and perjury to steal these rights.

Then Jay Itkowitz and Michelle fabricated a Nussuance charge for a tenant writing letters to the Owner at his Office. Then the Owner filed bogus criminal nussuance claims against tenant with the advice and recommendations of Michelle and Jay. The Criminal charges were dismissed by the DA Office and after that occured and after These Itkowitz lawyers violated the laws of Rent Stabilization, ignored DHCR Orders, Ignored ECB Court findings of Itkowitz and his Owner’s forgery, perjury and harassment of tenants chose to bring in a Associate who continued the Itkowitz larceny, bribery and cheating.

The end result was as a result of a Fixed Judge the Owner cheated the tenants out of their rights thanks to Itkowitz “Gamesmanship”, larceny, thefts an the Owner sold the Brownstone for $20Million and the tenants were, up to now, robbed.

The light at the end of the Tunnel is the fact that The Owner has confessed to tax evasion, and Jay Itkowitz, Michelle Mararro and others have been reported to Preet Bharara and the Public Corruptions Unit ath the SDNY US Attorney’s Office in NYC, with a car-load of evidence.

The Itkowitz Firm are adulterated, unethical and cheating lawyers who have no morals at all. They will intimidate, abuse and cheat the “small-guy” for a pay-day.

We have seen how these cheaters work. they attack their opponents by lies, false claims, misuse of the Rules of the Court, Bullyism, chicanery, trickery and fraud upon the court. They will use every gimmick they can to loot a rent stabilized tenant out of their home.

The Itkowitz Firm used forged Documents in Court to steal a tenants home for a greedy cheating Owner who was later convicted of Tax evasion arising out of the advice-gone-wrong to a owner from Michelle and Jay.

Scams Inc have listened to recordings of Itkowitd intimidasting a tenant and we have seen emails from Michelle to a rent stabilized tenant implementing modes of extortion regarding Itkowitz posting of Lies on the Itkowitz Blogs and what they demanded to remove this fraud causing injury tonthe tenant.

So, anyone who fools for the Itkowitz Family’s “Gamesmanship” will only be another victim of the Itkowitz swindles, trivckery and cheating.

Scams Inc has all of the evidence of all of these charges, and Michelle and Jay know this and that is why the made no objection to the number of Exposed on Scams inc and Scamraiders Archives.

The Truth is the best defense, and the First Ammendment to the US Constitution.

In a nutshell Michelle and Jay are unethical liars and depraved supposed lawyers who practice “LYING” not “LAWYERING”.