fred_gingerGeorge Pavia Esq and his unprincipled wife Antonia have been living the “Hi-Life” and spending other peoples money that they have swindled for years, while extorting threatening and engaging in bribery and worse to embezzle multi millions by racketeering..

If anyone has seen the CNBC Show, American Greed, we see the same diabolical conduct of swindlers fleecing, cheating, lying, and extorting so that these swindlers can use embezzled funds to put on a false front of respectability. Sooner than later these fraudster and thieves run out of time and money, and they get caught at their own con-games.

George Pavia began his larceny at a young age in Italy during WW-2. George was a member of the Nazi-Mussoloni Parties and a Jew. Rather than help the Underground George took a different road. The road of a “Squeler”, and “Ratted” on other Jews. No matter to George that the people hi turned-in would be on the road to Concentration Camps and the Gas Chambers, all George wanted was money, and a road map out of Italy. He got it and made his way to America.

Soon after he married a woman who had a few bucks. George used her money to pay for his education and law school. He fleeced her and then met Antonia who had Parents Mr & Mrs Pierce who were wealthy, but Antionia was a cheat just like George.

When these two evil persons were bonded by the Devil, they conned the Pierces to give them 18 E. &#rd Street NYC, a brownstone off 5thAve, in NYC. They had Renters who should have been Rent Controlled as the building was built in 1860, but George, a true thief, failed to properly Register the Building.

Thereafter George became a Front for Mafia and Organized Crime persons in NY and Italy. He began a law office that “Made-its-Bones”on conning, cheating, casinos, illicit enterprises, construction fraud, fixing judges in NY State Courts, aracketeering, embezzlement, extortion and other methods of larceny.

THe Pavias have abused and cheated Tenants, stolen Rent Stabilization by fraud, bribery, proven perjury, filing forged documents with Courts and NY C Agencies and threats of murder.

George Pavia and his entire family have been engaged in money laundering, thefts, criminal Tax Evasion, perjury and thefts of Millions of Dollars as a Ring Leader of a RICO racketeering Enterprise involving NY County Judges, other lawyers, a sex-pervert and tax evader Doctor John Siebert, who has been convicted as a sex pervert and fired from 5 NY C Hospitals and suspended from the practice of Medicine in NY State. Siebert’s partner in crime is a group of perverted, extortonist lawyers Joseph M Burke Esq, Kenneth V Gomez, Abrams Deemer Lawyers, and others.

George fixed and Bribed his way to cheat his tenants out of Stabilization Rights by using Judge Joan Madden to preclude Evidence and lie and cheat the tenant, allow Hazardous conditions, ignore Pavia’s forgery, perjury. cheating and falsification of Evidence. Some hell of a Court.

THen Pavia, as part of Racketeering, engaged in rampant Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Extortion Threats, embezzlement, Bribing other Judges to get Siebert off the Hook for money that he Swore to owing, $40Million, bribed and induced Judge Paul Wooten to forge the Court Docket, purge Court Files, use the Phones to concoct a scam of HIPAA Forms, place forged Court Filings in the Record Room of the Courthouse, Fabricate pleadings, condone obvious and proved Burke and Siebert’s Perjury, trickery, fraud on the Court and collusion with JHO Gammerman.

Pavia orchestrated the illegal Steering to Gammerman, the Fraudulent Inquest, Wooten Judicial Larceny and forgery and the fraudulent Pleadings, Decisions and Orders of Wooten after he was Fired from NY COunty Supreme Court for acts of Proven Corruption, fraud and incompetence. Many Law Firms complained as to Wooten and his fraudulent conduct.

All the while Pavia was center Stage in the scam. Pavia also orchestrated with Madden, Gomez, Siebert and Burke the Theft of over $230,000.00 in a Med-Mal Case by fraud upon the Court, by a series of acts of perjury, fraud and chicanery by Gomez, Marion Polovey Esq and Leona Hemlsley Enterprise. Gomez is Pavia’s Pimp-Lawyer along with Jay Itkowitz and wife Michelle.

The Pavias as a result of their Racketeering, mail and wire fraud, collusion, money laundering of Millions, extortion in concert with RICO Enterprise as per 18 USC 1962, have unjustly enriched themselves by these Racketeering activities.

The Pavias also stole and converted the Pierce NYC Brownstone at 15 E. 77th Street, NYC as well. By a fraudulent scheme of peeling-off small percents of the Deed to themselves and adult children, after about 6-8Months, the swindle of the Property wa accomplished without a penny in consideration. Then The Racketeers sold the Building for Millions stolen by the Pavias money Laundering. One of their tenantsĀ  they embezzled figured the Tax Scam out, Reported it to the Criminal Division of the IRS and THe Pavias were Caught, Confessed and are paying the Fines, Tax and other consequences now.

The Pavia became Defendants in a Racketeering Case filed earlier in 2016 alond with others. They were properly Served. They failed to Appear, Answer or Move. When the Default time had been reached, the pavias were given timely and proper Notice.

They failed and refused to respond and the Plaintiff has Filed a Default Judgment against the Pavia’s for Over $40Million, plus Interest.George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt, his law office also has just been Sued in a unrelated Case charging that George and Pavia Harcourt embezzled over $29Million fom a Woman’s Estate, money laundered it in Off-shore Banks, evaded taxes and cheated this woman and her Administrator by false promises, fraud, breaching of fiduciary duty etc.

Ti is now clear that the Pavia’s are worse than Bernie Madoff. They have lied, cheated, recruted Gomez to launch Extortive Blogs, mailgning anyone who Pavias rob and loot as their beliefe that a best defevse is the best offense, They have harasses, interfered with their victims homes, stole them by fraud larceny and bribert-forgery and perjury. Pavias have along with their Racketeering Enterprise used Siebert to engage in tax evasion, perjury, falsifying Records to get Bogus Judgments against victims and then have Siebert File perjured amended tax returns to nsecure million in Bogus Refunds. Wooten engaged in this scam by misuse of his illegal and ill-gotten Judicial power to engage in Judicial racketeering, forgery and fabrications. All of this is well documented. And all of this orchestrated by Ring-leader George Pavia and his corrupt wife and Family, all the beneferies of the Tax Scams and other RICO thefts also documented by the IRS and others.

Thus, another swindler is about to be fully exposed, Bank acconnts Frozen, Judgments, more Tax evasion Charges, Indictments are sure to be on the Horizon and Convictions. The Pavia’s used stolen money to buy their present “abode” at 580 Park Avenue Apartment 2C, their home in West-Hampton, Stocks, bonds, antiques, jewelry and other looted assets from all of their victims. This involves a fortune in thefts and damages. In fact re RICO all damages are Trebled.

In Som, the pavias are pure sociopaths. They have financially ruined many and stolen their homes and money, then dress-up in stolen emoluments, socalize as if they were Italian Elite, not give a damn who they raped, looted and extorted, and start again in the morrow, They are now going to get “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”, and many will watch and relish that these criminals have been exposed, Disgorged of their stolen ill gotten gains of Millions and jailed.

These Pavias have conned, cheated lied, extorted, embezzled, bribed and swindled for over 50 plus years, and they will “Rot in Hell”.