jsConfessed sex-offender and convicted sex pervert Dr John Siebert is back at his medical scams and depraved con-games.

Siebert, using his self-styled “midwestern charm, that got him kicked out of 5 NYC Hospitals for malpractice, narcotic abuse, sexual abuses of patients and other perverted acts, is again conning and cheating the family of Hank Gibbs to raise money for Hank’s about 8thSiebert reckless surgeries on this now 13year old Sacramento Kid.

Siebert began is warped and perverted con on Terri A. Gibbs when hank was about 5 or 6 years old, defrauding the Gibbs family into believing that Siebert, the only surgeon in the world, to be able to cure Parry Romberg Syndrome by surgery.

Siebert is and was a Charlatan, a fraud, a cheat and a Huckster. Siebert has been proved to be a sex pervert, suspend from NY State for sex abuses by NY State Dept of Health, Fired by 5 Hospitals, evicted from 5 Medical Offices, Investigated and admitted Pedophile,Healthcare Insurance Thief and a Medicare and Medicaid Thief. Siebert has stolen Millions, he has been caught in a major tax evasion scheme and caught engaging in bribery, perjury and fraud in various Courts. He has ben caught engaging in threats of murder and extortion by emails, and is now restrained by Nationwide Restraining Order against him issued in a California Superior Court in 2015 and Renewed for cause in 2016 for 3 years until 2019.

Siebert is a sociopath. He has robbed and molested many. Now he again has bamboozled Hank Gibbs and his Family into anther wasted, expansive and useless surgery so that UW Hospital and Siebert can be unjustly enriched by a futile surgery.

Scams Inc Investigations has contacted many Associations, surgeons, Organizations and Insurere and Medicare regarding the prospects of surgical intervention involving persons with this Disease. The overwhelming responses reveal that Surgery is futile untill the disease has “run-its-course” which may be Never. It requires that the Victim undergo MRI Scans to follow the Progression.

Parry Syndrome progressively detoriates the Tissue and skin of the Patients affected areas. This is usually the face, eye sockets, jaw mouth, etc.Resulting in facial asymmetry.

The Medical Community’s opinion is that there is no treatment or surgery that can stop the progression og this Disease. It is defined for the most part as a neurological disorder.

Other than a charlatan thief such as Siebert, who has conned many for his own unjust enrichment engaging in medical malpractice, fraud and interstate fraud; no legitimate Hospital or Surgeon would participate in this surgical scam.

In fact, most all surgeons agree that “Intervention” is futile until the Disease has run its course. This abstention is to avoid unnecessary pain, suffering and further injury to the Patient, often Minors, unnecessary Hospital and Surgical expenses that will only result in a momentary visual “improvement” and soon afier, like oli and water the tissue and bone will continue to detoriate.

Many recommend immunosupressive drugs, medical managment and MRI’s to follow the progression and hopefully the conclusion, which may take years or never.

What Siebert has done with the Gibbs Family, Hank and many other of his Victims, is to lie, cheat and fleece these families for large fees and large Hospital bills to waste hopes, cause pain and more injury.

UW Hospotal have been caught filing phony al false Press Releases about Siebert while knowing that Siebert is a sex Offender, a cheat a tax swindler and a confessed Morally Unfit Doctor. But UW and Ron Slwinski.President are also money grubbing cheats, otherwise why would they employ such a pervert Dr John Siebert?

Well this time, Scams Inc has the Proof of Siebert’s Racketeering by Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud.

He has lied to Terri Gibbs, Hank Gibbs by Phone and email. He has Filed a Stack of false anf fraudulent Documents with the Gibbs Medical Insurere, provided by Terri’s Employer in Sacramento California. This Fraud on a Healthcare Insurer by Siebert is a crime, scheming to collect Insurance Funding by fraud, perjury and larceny, in concert with UW Hospital and Gibbs.

THe supposed Hank surgery is to take place in July 2016, with stolen Insurance Money and also as in the past the Giggs begging people at “garden-fund-raisers” so that Siebert can loot them as well.

If Siebert were a legit. Surgeon he would provide his surgery for free. But Siebert is a criminal, a cheat, a fraud and a self confessed sex pervert and morally unfit doctor.

We believe that the Gibbs family are also remiss, gullable and stupid, putting their son Hank through eight medically contraindicated surgeries that are being performed by the RASPUTIN OF THE OPERATING ROOM.