smearScams Inc and Affiliated News Organizations have carefully put together and assembled evidence of the Racketeering Enterprises of the George Pavia, Pavia Harcourt and the Pavia Family racketeering enterprise of extortion, money laundering, looting of stolen millions, bribery, perjury, forgery, tax evasion and offshore secreted bank accounts and racketeering.

Scams Inc Investigators hav the proof of these criminal activities that the Pavia’s racketeers have been active in for dozens of years. We have the proof of the Tax Evasion and our reporting to the Criminal Division of the Dept. of Treasury of massive Tax swindles these criminals have engaged in. They were caught, confessed recently and Fined, and these crimes have been Referred to the Prosecutors.

Now, in addition, Scams Inc has assembled proof of George, Antonia, Jullian, Philippa Pavia and Pavia Harcourt engaging in bribery, fraud upon the court, theft of Rent Stabilization, larceny, thefts of trust Funds, extortion, filing false Documents with the NY Department of Buildings, with various Courts, converting Millions by collision with corrupted judges in Supreme Court NY County such as Judges Joan Madden, the NYCAL crook, Paul Wooten the terminated corrupt judge who has been engaged in forgery, falsification of evidence judicial larceny and fraud in concert with corrupt lawyers including George Pavia, Kenneth Gomez, sex pervert and tax evader John Siebert, and confirmed perjurer and thief Joseph m. Burke.

George Pavia has been involved in criminal activities for years. He is and has been a front for organized crime persons and tax swindlers such as Ted Kohl, the Albert Anastasia Families in Brooklyn, and has money laundered millions in off-shore Banks, according to evidence.

George pavia and his family are consumate perjurers. We have proofs on audio recordings of the Pavia’s engaging in perjury at court proceedings while stealing rent stabilized rights from tenants.George Pavia has been engaged in tax evasion for years,and he has stolen his mother-in-laws home at 15 East 77th Street, by a slick scheme of deed-peeling to himself and his corrupt children and wife. Then they engage in a systematic scheme of tax evasion.

Scams Inc figured the scam out and now the Pavias are convicted undenied Tax cheats and convicts. A new tax swindle engaged in by the Pavia criminal enterprise orchestrated by the Pavia Harcourt corrupt Racketeers.

They have looted and stolen Millions from the Rogers Estate, secreted the stolen money in off-shore hidden accounts and extorted the Estate. Scams Inc has again Reported this new about $30Million Swindle to the Criminal Division of the IRS as well.

Pavia has also orchestrated a tax swindle in concert with Pedophile Dr John Siebert in concert with Gomez, Burke Judges Wooten, Madden, Moulton and Gammerman of NY Supreme Courts.

Siebert was granted a phony groundless judgment for $15Million. The Scam? These Crooks were planning to have Siebert File Carry-Back fraudulent losses, evidenced by Wooten’s Forged and fabricated $15Million Judgment and Siebert would get back from the IRS Millions in bogus and fraudulent Tax recoveries. This was the brain-child of the fertile criminal mind of Pavia who caused the thefts of over $80 Million from Mr Jim Couri by Courthouse bribery, racketeering and extortion.

These are not just allegations, Scams Inc has the Proof of all of these crimes Pavias have been orchestrating for years. These Cio=]oimes have been Reported to the US Attorney SDNY, and to the CID of the IRS. Pavias and Sieberts new tax swindles have been Reported, and the Courthouse bribery, larceny, collusion with Madden, theft of rent stabilization, theft from Nr Couri, Rogers and many other victims caused by the Pavia racketeering enterprises of dishonesty has been part of the largest fraud upon the public in years. The polluted NY State Courts that to find a honest judge is as hard as finding a snowflake in Hell.

Now the Pavia rRacketeering Machine is on its ass. It is caught, George is in a vice of exposure. He and his underhanded Family and Pavia Harcourt will be soon forced again to Disgorge all of their Stolen and illgotten Moneys. The Tax-Boys this time will put these tax cheats in Prison.

George has now again hired, along with his thieving Pavia Harcourt, known Thug, extortonist and thief Kenneth V Gomez who was recruted by Pavias in 2010 to Character Assassinate Mr Jim Couri, harass him, his family, doctors and many others by a extortion Blog that for years was religated to extorting Mr Couri. Gomez has been engaged in these crimes for years. He was Evicted by 600 Third Avenue recently and from the Suite of William Russo.

Now he has a “desk-Space” with Joe Burke and Abrams Deemer who have been engaged along with Pavia in this now well proved and documented Racketeering enterprise, embezzlement, bribery and extortion of many. Siebert has been run-out of NY as a sex pervertĀ  and thief, disgraced by 5-6 Hospitals and terminated as a Doctor by NY State.

So now Gomez is at it again, bothering Mr Couri and extorting him and his family making it appear that the Uncovering of the Pavia Crimes were done by Mr Couri.

Gomes is such a pathetic Moron and cheat, yet he knows that Scams Inc a now large Internet News Organization is who has exposed and Reported the Pavia and Pavia Harcourt Criminal Enterprises.Not Mr Jim Couri.

Pavia, Burke, Gomez and trheir RICO operation are now s]o desperate they will and have tried anything to Smear Mr Couri and Scams Inc so that their moral turpitude and criminal acts ma be shrouded for a while longer.

Gomez has now posted moronic implausible false statements supported by Decisions Generated by the very Judges that Pavia, Gomez,Siebert and Burke have Corrupted, bribed and own.

All of these Sociopath debased racketeers have been turned over to Federal Law Enforcement. Gomez does not deny that he and his racketeers are not subject to criminal charges, found guilty of Tax evasion and other crimes. Rather Gomez makes up smears against Mr Couri who has wone dozens of accolades and Awards such as:
US Senate Medal of Freedom
US Congress Medal of Distinction
On the Presidential Business Council
On the Congressional Business Council
Senate Comte. for Tax Reformation
Protege of J. Edgar Hoover founder of the FBI
CASA Adviocate for Children in Riverside
Businessman of the Year twice
D& B Honoree
Honorary Special Treasury CID Agent
and more.

Thus, these Gomez 2016 Smear Campaigns are a transparent scams because the Proof of the Pavia, et-al Criminal enterprise are now exposed, confirmed and the wheels of Justice, albet some times slowly will Steam-Roll Gomez Mail and Wire Fraud, criminal extortion, threats and Violations of Restraining Orders Issued in Mr Couri’s Favor against Siebert ans all in concert with him.

George Pavia has been exposed but we have much more to reveal and will as we intend being sure that Pavia is Disgorged by US , the Irs and the US Attorney as a tax cheat, embezzler, perjurer, imperiling tenants Safety while bribeing Joan Madden, cheating the Dept of Buildings, the ECB Court and tem finding that the pavias are criminals, fraudsters, perjurers and forgers, all in the Record of these Courts and Agencies.

Gomez days of his Smear Campaigns are over.