George Pavia

George Pavia

Scams Inc Investigations has for over 10 years been exposing the rampant criminal acts of George Pavia, his wife Antonia, and his family, Pavia Harcourt and the racketeering enterprise George has created.

You see, George is a born criminal. As a youth George weas a Natzi and a kid who Ratted on Jews which George is one.

This little runt bribed, stole and we hear murdered his way to America. George as a youth became affilliated with organized crime in Italy, and by Ratting on Jews, they were all sent to Camps where they were Gassed to death. George also engaged in arson, theft, extortion and worse.

In America, George learned early that because of his contorted appearance he had to compensate, so he decided to concoct a scheme that although his father was a Scillian Gangster, George would fashion himself as a Italian elite.

George did some robberies, extortion and shakedowns for the then Black-Hand (aka Mafia), got some cash together and conned his first wife Elena into marrying George. Then George fleeced her, Conned  and bribed a Law School to grant him a Degree, and after cheating elena out of her rent controlled Apartment she walked out on this Psyco, George.

George learned well as a cheat, tax evader and thief. he began representing Mafia persons in Italy, NY, Chicago and California. George became a front for Mob Figures in NY doing work fo Salvatore Maranzanno, the Gambinos, the Anastasia Brothers and Columbo from Brooklyn.

George met Antonia whose Parents the Pierce Family had money and two Brownstone Homes in NYC. One at 15 East 77 St NYC and the other 18 E. 73 St Nyc, which had renters. When contorted lecher George conned Antonia, The Pierce family gave Antonia 18 E 73 St NYC.

George learned a thing or two from his Gangster Pals—-


George had been “successful” in using his Law Office Pavia Harcourt as a front for his Racketeering activities and for Money Laundering the extortion, gambling, narcotics, embezzling and other illicit activities.

all the while George and Antonia had the front of a fine Brownstone and a large unit in it while gouging tenants with excessive rents. A sharp tenant came into the 18E building renting the 3rd Floor unit which had a large atriom. This guy figured out the Pavia’s criminality and frauds quickly.

He got the Building Rent Stabilized over the Pavias perjury, extortion, using Mob persons to submit purjured Affidavits and bribery.

The Pavias were cited as perjurers, forgers, imperiling Tenants by the various NY Courts and the Dept of Buildings. Then the Pavias began a campaign of skulduggery, larceny, racketeering, bribery and extortion. They stole Rent Stabilization by collusion, hiring a pimp desperate thief con man lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez, who George Pavia funded to use a Google Blog to extort, Smear, malign this Tenant who was ill.

Pavia, engaged in a criminal series of acts, threats, harassment and larceny. concocting leaks, and other frauds. Gomez had been used to extort Pavia and his ally sex Pervert John Siebert. Gomez the thug intimidated many Victims. Gomez was almost Jailed but Pavia Bought him out as he needed this thug.

Well as they say, what goes around, comes around.

The Pavias stole the Pierce Home at 15 E 77th St NYC. They engaged in tax evasion fraud ald robbery, they were caught by the Criminal Div of the IRS. They Confessed to tax evasion.

Next George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt have bee caught embezzling a lady’s Estate named Rogers for over $29million. George filed bogus and fraudulent tax returns for this estate, looted the money, hid it in off-shore Banks, and other criminal acts to secrete this money as a criminal that George Pavia is.

The Thefts have been now the subject of a Complaint Filed by a large NY Law Firm Pryor Cashman, and now these crimes engaged in by Pavia Harcourt, its Partners, George Pavia and Gomez have been turned over to Federal Law enforcement and to the CID of the Dept of Treasury.

George and Antonia Pavia also Defaulted on a Case brought against them involving RICO, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distrss, etc. The Default is for $40Million. George has tried to compromise that Court as well but the Plot was foiled, reported to the US Attorney and State Judicial Agencies.

THe Pavias are now more desperate and dangerous. George has threatened murder, he and Antonia used stolen Funde to buy Apt 2C at 580 Park Ave, NYC and the Board of Directors are being informed as to the Pavia criminal enterprise, Mafia involvement and tax evasions. The Pavias are undesirables, who use thugs, intimidation to threaten and extort to get the Heat off them, as the best defense is a best offense.

The Pavias will lie, cheat, steal, bribe, forge, imperil tenants and any thing else to not be exposed as criminals. They have beeN found at these Courts and cited in Orders and Decisions al perjurers, forgers, cheats and embezzlers.

They fixed Judges in NY Supreme and have been caught, they had Gonez as te “bag-man” and who Ghostwrote fraudulent Decisions for Disgraced Judge Joan Madden, forger and kicked out Judge Paul Wooten and Peter Moulton. Scams Inc has proof of the Corruption, larceny and racketeering engaged in by Paviak, Gomez, Burke Siebert these judges, Referee Jack Suter, Ira Gammerman and others.

The sanatizing of these Courts are underway and Gomez will soon be behind bars for his extortion, false Blog scheming to whitewash Pavia, but this time it is “No Soap”.

Gomez is a known trickster, flim flam and Carnival Huckster. Gomez is a rung below a mob Hit-Man, who has threatened, and abused many for his Mafia front Pavia.

Not once have Pavia, Gomez, Siebert Burke of any one at Pavia Harcourt denied these Crimes.

To be sure the all will be exterminated as will the corrupt and bribed Judges who have taken to bribes from Pavia Rackets Enterprise.

We have Georges Banking scams, Gomez banking scams Siebert Banking scams, Fixed Judges referres and JHO Gammerman. we at Scams inc have Reported all of these crooks to federal and State Tax Depts and Prosecutors, it is only a short time before these specious Pavia–Siebert Minions are dealt with.