pavia200George Pavia Esq, Pavia Harcourt ate now trapped rats of their own making. For years George has been engaged in multiple acts of now confirmed acts of racketeering, perjury, forgery, collusion with criminals and extortion.

George has stolen from many including his own family. He converted the Deed of Mrs Pierce, his mothre in law’s home 15 E 77th Street  NYC in a scheme of “peeling-off” in a secretive manner small % of the Deed to himself, his wife and 2 Kids (adult). Then George filed False Tax Returns, cheating the Government out of Millions, as the House was sold for $17Million.

Scams Inc caught this tax evasion robbery and Reported Pavia’s Larceny to the Criminal Tax Div. of the IRS. Pavias were caught and confessed to tax evasion. ADMITTED CRIMINALS.

The Pavias attempted to cheat Rent Stabilized Tenants in yet another home they stole from Ms Pierce, 18 E 73rd Street, NYC. In this scam the Pavias engaged in bribery, forgery, extortion, filing phony Documents and other criminal acts. All of these criminal acts are presented in detail in many exposes, undenied and verified by evidence.

Rather than the Pavia Racketeering Group simply DENYING these charges if they believe they are false (which they can not deny as the charges are 100% true and documented), these criminals have again retained a known and undenied perjurer, pedophile, MULE for paying bribes, extortonist and Pavia Pimp Kenneth V Gomez. This huckster thinks that his Blog of smear, fantasy, unsuported charges will somehow insulate Pavia Pavia Harcourt and these Racketeers from disgorgement and prosecutions.

It is revealing that George Pavia is such a distorted criminal as hie mental dr Arnold Hutchneicker reported, he can not fathom at his age of about 89 he has been finally caught and his entire front has now unraveled. For years, this Mafia Front has defrauded the public fronting as a supposed Italian Elite, just like the many Counts of no Account that peppered New York in the 1950’s before Google. Now it is easy to find out who the phomeys are .

The Internet has dozens of exposes about Pavia his Front Firm and his criminal Acts all undenied. George Pavia, a drowning Rat has Gomez. George has retained Gomez in the past as has convicted Sex Offender Dr John Siebert. Evidence, Reports, Affidavits published by Dozens of Victims confirm Gomez threatening women who reported Siebert’s sex abuses resulting in Siebert’s Convictions as a sex offender. Siebert was removed as a Dr in NY State by Order of the NY State Dept of Health. Gomez extorted many of Siebert victims. He has been reported by a MS Rachel as a sex pervert, and she has photos of Gomez and Siebert engaging in depraved sex acts.

Gomez has been this form of thug and criminal for a long time. He has recently been admonished by a NY Federal Judge for engaging in corrupt activities while Gomez was representing his brother who also has a unsavory background, and multiple litigations against him.

Gomes is a pennyless cheat. he has no office, alber “desk-Space” with Burke. They were recently evicted out of 600 Third Avenue, Nyc.

George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt were asked to Vacate 590 Madison Nve the IBM Building for questionable conduct. Now they are in the very same building as Gomez Desk and Burke Desk.

Meanwhile Pavia is now more desperate than ever, as he has defrauded 580 Park Ave, Board, he has been exposed engaging in looting along with Pavia Harcourt at the IBM Building the Rogers Estate and Pryor Cashman has filed Suit for $30plus Million. Pavias are subject to Racketeering Charges, a $40Million Default Judgment and exposure as Tax evaders yet again this time for Filing Fraudulent tax returns fot the Rogers Estate, charged in the Complaint.

Meanwhile Gomez continues hie self-serving extortion, by rambeling minutia on behalf of Pavia in a scheme to try and compromise anothe Judge. except this time the world is watching, the Criminal Prosecutors have the Road map, the IRS has the Road Map and they all are “DEAD MEN WALKING’.

We at Scams inc are amazed that these Pavia crooks can not see the forest for the trees. Had they paid their rightful obligations, did not engage in extortion, bribery, embezzlement, perjury, fraud and worse, they would not have been exposed, proved criminals, tax evaders ans now about to be disgorged from all of their unjust gains.

The Pavia Family are all involved thanks to this perverted crook George, Pavia Harcourt are Disgra=ced as corrupt Law Office, looting Clients, represenying Criminals, stealing, and subject to criminal investigations.

George Pavia, a supposed Italian Elitest ha at the age of about 88 has stooped to a unholy alliance with a “Desk-Spaced” known cheat, Mole, extortonist and thief, to do his transparent dirty work rather than act like a responsible person and cease these crimina acts of Wire Fraud.

Gomez is and has been a pimp for Pavia,Siebert and Others for years and that is where he makes his survival money, and it is to late to try amd cover the facts.

Scams Inc’s business is and has been exposing criminals reporting in News Articles the results of our Investigations and then turning over to Prosecutors and the IRS our Findings. Ofthe the Government uses our Sites for data.

Thus Pavia is on his last gasp with Gomez Extortion. We have delivered Gomez wire frauds and fabrications, harassment, emails which we have blocked to Authorities. Gomez continues his frauds, extorttion and larceny it is at his and Pavia and Pavia Harcourt’s Peril.