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Philippa Pavia

Philippa Pavia

George Pavia Esq and wife Antonia are perverted, evil crooks. They have been cheating people for years under the guise of acting like Italian elite but in reality they are unethical perverted and found in NYCourts to be perjurers, forgers, and rapists of Rent Stabilization from their Tenants.

In fact the Pavias are so perverted, greedy and criminals, they were ordered by the NY Dept of Buildings (DOB) and after 5 Inspections of 18 E 73 St NYC was found to be Hazardous to Tenants, these warped Pavias filed a forged Sworn Statement to the DOB that they had cured the Hazardous conditions.

After it was uncovered that these cheats engaged in fraud the ECB Court had a  trial where the Pavias lied under Oath. They were Cited at ECB Court and at the DOB to be perjurere, Forgers and impereling Tenants. Rather than make Repairs, the Pavias bribed a NY Judge to allow the Pavias to engage in fraud, perjury, filing false evidence causing witnesses to perjur themselves and file forged plans, records and engage in rampant deception, George engaged in threats of murder, caused the Judge to preclude material proofs fabricate others and cheat and steal rent stabilization from the Pavia tenants so that they could rob the Property without paying Tenants their Rights.

The Pavias paid off the Judge, engaged in blatant perjury and while this was ongoing these criminals stole the home of Antonia’s senile Mother on 15 E 77th St giving small pieces each month to the Pavia cadult children Philippa and Julian themselves and a crook Ehinkeberg.

The Pavias sold that stolen home for about $18Million and money laundered those sums using Philippa and Julian as “Mules”. You see George is also a Mafia Front engaged in extortion, gambeling Racketeering and embezzlement. George hen after robing rent stabilization at 18E 73St, sokd that for $20Million and again used a phony loan transaction for $5Million to usee to buy a Apartment at 580 Park 2C , con the Board appearing to be a proper person while he in fact is a cheat, tax evader, perjurer and forger.

Pavia then engaged in a massive Tax Evasion Scam, lootion fortunse using Philippa as a stooge. In Fact Philippa a now Veterenian at Blue Pearl Vet Partners in Brooklyn but Blue Pearl is in Florida with Clinics in many States. Except Blue Pearl does not know that Philippa is a Front for George and Antonia Pavia’s Criminal Enterpriese of Tax Evasion, bribery, Orchestrating Courthouse Racketeering and looting and stealing Millions by Mafia Tactice, Judicial embezzlement, Thefts of Medicare Money by using Kenneth Gomez as a front in concert with Leona Helmsley, “The Queen of Mean”and using others to try and scam the IRS for millions.

Recently George and Antonia and philippa ware exposed in a large Tax Evasion Scam. They were Caught evading Tax on the house at 15E 77th St NYC that the Pavias and Philippa and Julian stole fom Mrs Pierce, a senile old woman.

THe Pavias wew Reported and caught. They confessed to their crimes and are now paying swindled Tax, fines etc. Now we have exposed these charlatans in another tax scam to loot the Government out of $125Million in a phoney claim secured as a result of George Pavia’s Courthouse bribry and racketeering.

The Pavias have no morals, they will lie, steal, use theit relatives to steal for them or steal from them. The Pavias have stolen much, threatened, used Mob figures to commit perjury for them, use lawyers to extort, form extortion Blogs to rob people, file forged Records, engage in perjury, karceny and other warped acts involving interstate commerce to rob others and engage in threats of murder.

WQe have proof of George Pavia threatening a person that he was going to murder or cause a hit on this person. George Pavia and his family are criminals with a false front of pure Bull. They have fooled the Board of 580  Park until the Board gets the Full Pavia sordid story from Georges days of Ratting on Jews in Italy for Hitler and Mussollini (that George Confessed to).For Favors and escape to America. up to his admission and conviction for tax evasion, these Pavias are unprincipled socipoath and in fact George was called a unstable, perverted narcissit by a prominent mental Doctor.

We have evidence of all of these charges and that Philippa Pavia was used as a “mule” Front for her parents aiding in looting the IRS, Tenants and others for over $40Million in Pavia embezzled Funds belonging to others. Soon the Pavias will be paying the price for Grand larceny, fraud, extortion and other crimes. Sadly, Phiolippa and Julian, who are liars as well as George used Julian to engage in fraud at the Courthouse to cover-up George and Antonia’s thefts of Millions, perjury forgery and other illegal acts. They say” the apple does not fall far from the tree”. and the Pavias have trained these Stage 2 Pavias —-Philippa and Julian—well to continue George and Antonia’s legacy of cheating, looting and Mafia conduct.