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judge-cartoon-graphicScams inc and Affiliates are a 10 year old Media News Organization. Scams Inc reports only “Facts and only Facts”, that we investigate carefully before publishing any Expose. We also provide, pursuant to our Terms of Use, the method for any Target of a Expose to provide evidence that Scams Inc Articles contain wrong data. I on Scams Inc review, the objector is correct, such portions of the Report will be immediately deleted. In the 10 years of our Operations, this has never occurred. We are proud to reveal that Scams Inc’s Exposes have resulted in educating our readers, causing many of the Targets to be exopsed and brought to justice. We focus on political, judicial,  lawyers,banking, securities, tax, medical-hospital and many other “white-collar” chicanery and larceny.

Scams Inc has for many years investigated and exposed many corrupt and racketeering judges, lawyers and politicians ensconced in and around the NY State Unified State Court System.  Focused on NY County, Kings County (Brooklyn), Nassau County, Westchester County and Albany, NY. We have been successful in exposing the rampant racketeering and collusion engaged in between and among judges, lawyers, politicians and the resultant bribery, fixes, courthouse fraud, obstructing justice, deprivation of due process and courthouse embezzlement, fraud and forgery. 10 years of evidence of NY judicial racketeering delivered to Federal Prosecutors should be sufficient to impanel a Grand Jury and proceed to sanitize the NY State Courthouses.

Scams Inc Investigations over the past few years has also focused on other State Courts that are likewise polluted with Judicial fraud and racketeering. We have watched, listened, interviewed and reviewed many Cases where clear and convincing evidence established Judicial trickery, fraud and dishonesty. Scams Inc has observed the vicious and adulterated acts of California judges in the Family Courts, which as a result of judicial racketeering, incompetence and underhanded self dealing, ruined the lives of children, homes, mothers, fathers and their finances. Many of these persons have no money, no idea what to do or that they have been “raped” by a corrupted judge.


This is not the American Way. Scams Inc then began to review the activities of a number of Superior Court Judges, many who we have learned are and have been corrupted. Scams Inc Focused on Palm Springs Riverside Superior Court and Judge David M. Chapman.

Scams Inc had learned that Chapman had a “Close-alliance” with the law firm of Romer Harnik, and in particular Brian Harnik and Mary Gilstrap. We knew that Harnik was from Brooklyn and had boasted about how he used corrupt the Brooklyn State Court Judges were when Harnik was a ADA in Kings County for a short while many years ago.

Scams Inc began to investigate the Cases that were presided over by PS2 Judge Chapman. Our Investigators quickly observed a pattern of “you win–and you loose” in his Ruling. We also noted that many of the supposed Cases in support of Chapman Rulings were either wrong, innocious, or improper. Chapman also engaged in patterns of manipulating, bending and disobeying the CCP, and Constitutional Laws to serve his own self Interests and that of Chapman’s favored Litigants before him in PS2 Courtroom.

Mr Jim Couri, is not Scams Inc. He was a Founder, and due to cancer and other medical problems resigned in 2009 and disposed of his interests soon after. Most all of Scams Inc Targets have engaged in fraud, lying and convolution of Jim Couri and Scams Inc. This is a scheme to undermine and malign and fuel smoke-screens. Jim Couri is Our Founder and now our friend. Scams Inc is Scams Inc and all Affiliates, and not Jim Couri.

Now that said, Jim Couri decided in Feb. 2016, to file a RICO and other Claims against certain Defendants in the Palm Springs Riverside Superior Courthouse. Jim was residing in the Riverside County of California. The Summons and Complaint was Filed on 2-2-16 in that Courthouse and it was assigned to Chapman at PS2. It was confirmed by the Clerks office that the Case would be Assigned to PS2 as at the time Chapman was the only Palm Springs judge available to hear a over $200Million RICO Case, according to the Court Clerk.

Being aware of Scams Inc’s findings and the Harnik-Gilstrap “association” with Chapman (Jim kows Harnik and did business with Roemer, who died in 2002), the assignment to Chapman of this Case was a interesting quagmire. Jim chose to find out first-hand if Chapman was a dishonest and corruptible Judge, so Jim proceeded.

 Remember Jim Couri was trained by J. Edgar Hoover in the early 1960’s as to judicial and political corruption, what to look for and how to nab the crooks. Jim also was tought by Roy m Cohn Esq. Sydney Korshack, and many others in the Government. Trying to trick and rob Jim Couri in a Courthouse is like trying to fool David Copperfield with a Magic trick. You cant do it.

Jim first in March 2016 made a ex-parte Motion to seek that all Hearings before Chapman in Jim’s Case be Audio Recorded along with the Court Steno. Transcript. This was at Jims expense and under the Court’s aegis. Chapman refused Twice, extolling the Court Steno. Terri Dinckneider, and her qualifications, whic is irrelevant to Jim’s Request. We have now learned that Dinkneider’s License to function as a Licensed Court Stenographer in California had expired on 2-29-16. As such Terri was unable to legally work in any Court of California with a Expired License to do so. Further to that Dinckneider abruptly quit when Mr Couri Moved to Disqualify Chapman for Cause.

This was the beginning of the opening of the Chapman “Can of Worms” in the Palm Springs Superior Courthouse and Chapman’s PS2. Much of the details of the Chapman polluted acts are revealed within many Exposes on Scams Inc. in a nutshell we have evidence in the Jim Couri Case alone of Chapman’s following illegal, unethical, dishonest, and underhanded acts, all of which Jim Couri has reported and submitted evidence to the California Commission on Judicial Performance, and to Federal Law Enforcement, and to the Criminal Division of the Internal Revenue Service Department of Treasury, as bribery income evades taxes, and constitutes Money Laundering, Racketeering and extortion, mail and wire fraud, etc. Here are som of Chapman’s corruption aided by lawyers and defendants in the Jim Couri Case:
1) depriving recorded evidence
2) tampering with and altering Court Minutes
3) condoning fraud upon the court by lawyers for defendants Sulmeyer Kupetz-Richardson
4) Ignoring facts and accepting falsified Hearsay as evidence
5) condoning Falsified proposed Orders
6) deprivation of Due Process
7) Obstructing Justice
8) illegal snooping by Chapman
9) violations of Judicial Canons
10) refusal to Disqualify himself as mandated by the Due-Process Clause of the US Constitution
11) Refusal to abide by Disqualification Mandates of CCP, and referring the Disqualification Proceeding to a Impartial Judge. Chapman Ruled on the Disqualification himself and Denied it.
12) Chapman illegally Dismissed Couri’s Case grounded on fraud upon the court, perjury, hearsay, and violations of California and Constitutional Law.
13) as part of the collusion Chapman, to further Insulate and protect Defendants and Sulmeyer Kupetz, fabricated the Law and liiegally decided that Jim Couri is a “Vexatious Litigant”.
14) a corrupt judge finding a Patriot Vexatious for exposing a Racket Enterprise and a corrupted Court. Jim Couri has been awarded dozens of accolades from US Presidents, the Senate Medal of Freedom and the Congress medal of Distinction.
15) the only judges who have used this scheme of Vexatious are the 2 judges in NY that Jim has exposed and Reported as criminals. One has already been, Removed
16) Chapman did not reveal that his Court Stenographer was without License and denied a simple request to have Hearings Recorded. Soom after Chapman Forged the Minutes and conspired with Richardson to File a False and forged Supposed Order Dismissing Couri’s Case, Complaint”with-prejudice”. Fortunatly, Jim Caught this Judicial scheme and stopped it.
17) Chapman ignored that Defendants Siebert and Burke had submitted to California and this Palm Springs Court having been bound by a Couri securedin 2014 and 2015-2019, Restraming Order. Chapman ignored this as well and still Dismissed based on “lack of personal jurisdiction”. If a Restraning Order is not Personal Jurisdiction upon a person, what is?
18) Chapman condoned outright Perjury by a Officer of the Court, Sulmeyer Kupetz and Richardson who lied and in contravention to Evidence and Federal Court Records that Richardson and Defendant Siebert Files and litigated in 2014 a Adversary Proceeding the brought against Jim Couri. in Riverside Federal Bankruptcy Court. This again Confirms Jurisdiction and that Chapman nis a fraud, a judicial cheat and Racketeer.
19) Chapman as refused to remove himself from the Couri Case, and is now violationg a directive to do so, we have been advised by the CJP. Rather as retaliation, Chapman is now impeding the Filing of a Default against George and Antonia Pavia who Defaulted in the Jin Couri Case and are subject to $40Million.
20) Chapman’s documented meddling, collusion, ignoring evidence, filing false Rulings, covering up facts, condoning perjury, fraud, trickery and embezzling confirms the Findings of Scams Inc Investigations.
21) Chapman has tampered with the Clerks (L. Reyna and others), Court Stenographer Terri Dickneider, deprived Couri Due-Process, has engaged in mail and wire fraud, obstructing justice and other vicious acts.This performed to aid in the deprivation of money due to Couri by confirmed judicial racketeering posting fraudulent Rulings and turning a “blind-Eye” to larceny.
22) Chapman also had the temerity and or stupidity to Stare in a fraudulent Ruling that a Jurat was wrong and illegal on a Court Sworn-to Affidavit. Couri secured a Verified Affidavit from the California Notary Department at the Dept of State in Sacramento stating that the very Jurat Chapman called Illegal, was in fact the Correct Jurat Form, the Only California Jurat Form and 100% Legal.

As any one can see by the forgoing partial list of Chapman’s corruption, racketeering, incompetence and retaliation, that Chapman is a corrtupy, dishonest and unethical judge. He has bullied many self repredented litigants, he has cheated many, he has engaged in a scheme and pattern of bias, favoritism and bogus Chapman Rulings to favor his “pals”. Scams Inc knows to names of many but will not reveal them here.Chapmai has mutilated the Law the CCP, the Rights of Litigants and has again attempted to “Set-up” Jim Couri in Collusion with Sulmeyer, Richardson and George Pavia.

A scheme that only a idiot would succumb to. George Pavia is so rabid that Jim Couri uncovered his racketeering enterprise, uncovered his bribery, perjury, forgery and courthouse thefts; Rabis as to Jim Couri and Scams Inc Reporting The Pavias to the Fraud Dept of the IRS re Pavias Tax evasion scams that the Pavia’s confessed to and are now paying up millions in evasion and pe=nalties; and now again mor tax evasion re the Rogers $30Million Pavia thefts and tax frauds reported by us again.

The exposing that Pavia looted and cheated 580 Park Avenue NYC,  used racketeering funds to buy unit 2C in the Building: and Couri and Scams Inc exposing that George Pavia is a part of the Mafia and has been for over 50 years.

With all of that a rational person can only conclude the real basis is a scam Prove-up-Hearing , a scam OSC before Chapman, no less in Jan. 2017 for some specious concocted claim. Mr Couri is evaluating these underhanded flim-flams, and discussing them with appropriate persons. We do know that Chapman was not to be deciding the Default or any thing else in this Case as confirmed by Sr Clerk Letty Reyna 4 times.

Based on the proofs, documents, court minutes, pleadings, Chapman Rulings and Transcripts ther can be no doubt that Chapman to and has been a violator of the Public Trust, a dishonest, unethical, racketeering and cheating judge. He is a confirmed disgrace to what is now a debased and adulterated System of Racketeering engaged in by Officers of the Courts in order to embezzle and extort from innocent litigants to unjustly enrich corrupted judges, lawyers, clerks and referees (all of these persons are defined as ‘officers of the court”).

Once these acts of Fraud upon the Court occurs by Officers of the Court, ALL Orders and Decisions and Rulings by that Court are Void as a matter of Law. Once a Judge refuses to Disqualify himself for cause, all Rulings, Orders and Decisions issued by that Judge are Void as well.

We at Scams Inc hopes that this Expose confirmed by Evidence will be helpful to all of Scvams Inc’s dedicated Readers.


theconlogoScams Inc has watched, listened and carefully investigated years of Kenneth V. Gomez Esq (Gomez), underhanded, perverted, warped and invidious acts. We make the following representation before proceeding with the Expose herein about Gomez and others who are part of his diabolic conduct.

Scams Inc Terms of Use allows any Target to a Expose to object in writing by email, with refuting proofs, to any charges levied by Scams Inc against a target. We take pride in the fact that all of Scams Inc Exposes are investigated, and verified by documentary Evidence before the Expose is published, and after almost 10 years, no target has come forward with a objection or a litigation against Scams Inc or any of our affiliates.

We have exposed Gomez and his racketeering, fraud, extortion perjury, embezzlement, stalking, money laundering, forgery, stalking and worse. Never has Gomez or any of his fellow racketeers such as George Pavia, Antonia Pavia, John Siebert, Joseph M Burke, multiple corrupt judges made any objection to Scams Inc Exposes. Why? It is simple, we have the evidence documented as to all of our charges. The truth is the best defense.

We again welcome that Gomez comes forward with any objections, with evidence that what Scams Inc Reports about Gomez (crimes, fraud on the court, larceny, thefts from Gomez victims, bogus Gomez defendants who have been embezzled buy Gomez, Pavia Siebert and others) are wrong and untrue. Gomez is a despicable cheat, liar and rip-off schemer.

The fact is that all Gomez has done is engage in smear campaigns of fraud, forged documents and fabrications to try and cover up the truth about Gomez, Pavia and his Racketeers. The Pavias and Pavia Harcourt have been paying pimp-perjurer Gomez for over 7 years to harass, cheat and extort Scams Inc and Jim Couri who has exposed the Pavia Criminal Enterprise of RICO which includes bribery of judges, extortion, robbery, larceny,Ghostwriting, forgery, obstruction of justice, money laundering, off-shore bank accounts, shell corporations, dispensing narcotics through Siebert’s Medical Office, a Convicted sex-pervert doctor sexually abusing victim patients and suspended by NY State..

Gomez states on one of his Blogs recently that “to George Pavia’s credit, he stood up to Mr Couri regarding the Pavia Family looting and stealing Rent Stabilization at 18 East 73 St. NYC.

In reality, what did occur and evidence confirms, The Pavias recruted Mob Contractor Ted Kohl from Herbert Construction who was in prison for graft, tax evasion, perjury and mafia associations, and got falsified Records, perjured Affidavits that Kohl conducted Renovations that were non existent. The Pavia quest to derali the DHCR Finding 18 E 73 rent stabilized we futile, even with the Pavia’s Kohel and others fraud, perjury and cheating.

then Pavias went wild. They hired a corrupt lawyer Lay Itkowitz and Kenneth Gomez, and they lied, bribed, cheated, supressed findings by other Courts and the Dept. of Buildings (DOB) that Pavias and Gomez were perjurers, forgers, filed falsified Documents with the DOB imperiling Couri and other tenanTs, they bribed Judge Madden to preclude facts, 10 Violations, 8 Inspectors Testimony that Pavia was a fraud, cheat and imperiled Tenants and Gomez engaged in ghostwriting, forgery, embezzling over $230,000.00 from Mr Couri and recruting other Judges to engage in thefts of over $50Million orchestrated by Pavia, Siebert, Burke and Others. The Pavias finally by courthouse racketeering stole over $20,000,000.00 from Rent Stabilized Tenants by Gomez and Pavia’s dishonesty, fraud and chicanery.

All of  this is undenied and carefully detailed in Court Pleadings, and in Scams Inc Exposes Scams Inc Exposes.

We have now uncovered a more despicable Gomez subterfuge of ganging up on his nephiews, who are minors along with their grandfather, Kenneth Gomez Esq’s brother to loot embezzle and cheat these kids out of over $300,000.00 in Life Insurance proceeds left to them by Gomez brother’s wife who has passed away. The Scheme, Gomez usual MO, is to file a dishonest litigation, lie, cheat, falsify, and extort so that the persons “Cave” and pay Gomez extortion. Gomez is a slick writer and he then usually compromises a State Court Judge under the aegis of Mafia Consiglerie-fixer George Pavia. The did thnis in NY Supreme Courts, and proved. One Judge was removed from NY County, Paul Wooten a documented thief.

Gomez does not realize that Writing is as telling as a signature, a painting, music and other intellectual properties. We have evidence of Gomez surface-slick “ghostwritings” for Wooten, Madden and  Suter in NY Supreme, and we have the emails, the admissions and recordings of Suter admitting that the “Couri Case is Fixed against Couri”.

Here in the Gomez Case involving his minor Relatives, he has a fine USDC Judge D’Agostino, who figured out the Gomez fraud upon the court, chicanery, perjury and attempted embezzling by Kenneth and his Brother of over $300,000.00 in Insurance money due to kids.

The scam was the same when Kenneth Gomez, George Pavia and others stole Jim Couri’s $230,000.00 med mal recovery for cancer malpractice. Gomez claimed that he purchaced a Judgment for $6000.00 secreted by Leona Helmsley against Jim with a FORGED VALUE of $220,000.00. Within 3 weeks, Gomez, by bribery, forgery and embezzling, converted his $6,000.00 “investment” INTO $230,000.00 of Jim Couri’s Blood Money. This was done by bribery, collusion and cutting up the $230,000.00 with his racketeers, and corrupted Judges. Jim was ill and in California and the victim of Gomez-Pavia Courthouse theft.

Scams Inc has the proof of these shenanigans in the NY County Supreme Court and evidence that Secured Creditors with proper UCC Filings were also robbed by Go9mez a inveterate thief and cheat.

The current scheme of Kenneth Gomez Esq and his brother, two desperate adulterated perverts to cheat a Insurance Company, Banks, a Federal District Court and a Fine Judge by fraud, perjury, falsfying records and other gimmicks should result in criminal prosecution for grand larceny, perjury, money laundering and mail and wire fraud.

So mif any target wishes to produce proof that any of the charges here are wrong, please do so, but Scams Inc and Mr Jim Couri are not interested in more of these racketeers fabricated character assassinations. This BULL will not work. AS THEY SAY MR PIMP KENNETH V GOMEZ ESQ, “PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

This is a small portion of the expose of the real Kenneth V Gomez and the Pavia Racketeering Enterprises.


maxresdefaultGeorge and Antonia Pavia have been carefully investigated by Scams Inc Investigations for about 10 years. Others associated with us have investigated George Pavia since the 1960’s and early 1970’s and after.

George was closely associated with a psychiatrist Arnold Hutchneicker, a former Natzi sympathizer who escaped Germany and turned up in NYC. Similarly, George Pavia, a Jew and Natzi Rat, fingered many Jews in Italy for the Natzis, and was allowed to “escape” Mussollini and made his way to NYC as well. George found a job and money with Organized Crime, the Anastasias, Gambinos, and Colombos, to name some.

By the 1950’s George became a lawyer and using his “practice” to aid mob associates. Money laundering, racketeering, bribery, extortion, Shell Corporations for money laundering mob illicit gains from prostitution, gambling, shylocking, extortion, narcotics and bribery of judges.

Pavia Harcourt was formed (Harcourt as disappeared or never existed), but George never won a honest Court Case.

George has embezzled millions including from his own Mother in law Janna Pierce. George stole 18 E 73 St NYC, and 15 E 77 Street NYC. By then George had looted his first wife and was on #2 Antonia, a crook as bad a George.

During the 1960’s one of our Associates, aiding the FBI, was recruited to Investigate Hutchneicker, as this psychiatrist was the mental doctor for Richard Nixon and J Edcar Hoover wanted his Files on Nixon. Also Hoover wanted to learn the associates and  the activities of Hutchneicker.

George Pavia was found to be a patient of Hutchneicker and eventually his File was copied. The findings revealed that George Pavia was and still is a front for the Mob engaged in larceny, embezzling, extortion and money laundering.

When the Pavias were found to have circumvented Rent Stabilization, rather than simply abide by the Laws of America, NY State and NY City, George Pavia, a mafia thief, cheat and sociopath began a campaign of bribery, forgery, perjury, cheating and criminality, aided by Antonia.

They further organized a RICO Group of persons in the enterprise and they in or about 2003 until the present and ongoing, engaging in mail and wire fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, case fixing, judicial racketeering ,extortion, transportation of stolen property.

George Pavia recruited judges, referees, engaged in fraud, filing false documents by mail, fax and internet to loot and rob millions. While Couri and others were trying to litigate hoping for honest Justice, Pavia and his RICO Actors were involved in a racketeering scheme of collusion, Ghostwritiong, bribery of Judges Madden, Wooten, Moulton and Gammerman and others thwarting access to the Courts, thwarting securing due process and in the process cheating, obstructing justice and damaging and embezzling over $100Million. They in concert racketeering judges Moulton, Gammerman, Madden and others closed off all avenues of access to the courts.

Pavia and Joseph Burke schemed with Harold Beeler to invoke a RICO-Scam Injunction” the Order”: any motion needed must pass approval by Beeler for ALL.  A conference call with all on the line was required, except Beeler left the Courts and Wooten and Moulton have used this as a weapon refusing a conference call, allowing others to do as they pleased and as to Couri deprive him access to prove these RICO and fraudulent thefts of his money and rights. A great scheme if not for Couri’s ability to uncover these conspiracies involving Millions in Judicial Racketeering orchistrated by Pavia, Joseph M Burke, Kenneth V Gomez, Jay Itkowitz and these corrupted Judges. They have tried it all Stupid and bogus claims that Jim Couri is a “vexatious litigant” another way to deprive access to the courts. forgery by Wooten, fraud by Wooten, Gammerman, Moulton and Madden, wire fraud, mail fraud, threats, forgery, forgery of the docket, purging court files, and judicial larceny. The ignoring of the US Constitution, Due Process Clause and mandate to disqualify and judicial extortion

Couri Filed a RICO Case and other Claims in Superior Court California, and Pavia started again with Burke and Sex deviant and convicted pervert Dr John Siebert. Again they and the Judge was caught along with their Lawyers David Richardson and Sulmeyer Kupetz. California State judicial corruption and racketeering is about as pervasive as NY State Courts. The Judge was reported to the Federal Law Enforcement and to the California State Judicial Performance Board.

Couri has proof of mail fraud, wire fraud, forgery, collusion and other violations of law by the Judge, the Racketeers and by Richardson.

The Pavias were Served, and they Defaulted, by not Answering, Moving or otherwise. Jim Couri Moved to secure a Entry of Default against George and Antonia Pavia. After some aggravation, and demanding the Removal of the Judge involved, the Default  ehtry was reviewed and Filed. The Sum Pled and unopposed is $40Million including defaulted claims of RICO, unjust enrichment, fraud upon the court, negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Also Pavia Gomez and racketeers stole Jim Couri’s Med-Mal settlement of over $230,000.00 by a courthouse charade, forgery, circumventing secured creditors and judicial racketeering by Gomez and Pavia.

The Pavias will be pursued from California to New Yourk, but to their surprise the Judgment will be Filed in NY as a “sister-state judgment” via the Federal Court SDNY, as the NY County Supreme Court has been documented as a polluted Racketeering enterprise of corrupt judges bribed by a confirmed mob front George Pavia.

Further to this Scams Inc and Mr Couri have uncovered the Pavias tax evasions, Reported them a few years ago, and the IRS proceeded against the Pavias. They confessed to tax fraud and are paying the consequences now.  and have retaliated against Mr Couri by recruting thug Kenneth Gomez to have started a Blog over 6 years ago to extort Couri and Scams Inc for the Pavias and to try and cover up their looting and crimes. Gomez has been caught defrauding the ECB Court the Dept of Buildings and Noy the USDC in Ny trying to embezzle money belonging to a Insurance Company and Minors. Gomez has been accused as a sex pervert and a pedophile along with Dr John Siebert who confessed to being Morally Unfit to NY State Dept. of Health and now terminated from NY State as a Doctor.

Siebert has been caught in a Tax evasion scheme, and has been a part of the Pavia RICO Enterprise. Siebert Swore to owing Mr Couri $19Million by Notarized Agreement in 2003. Swore later that he did not sign it then the Notary signed a Sworn Affidavit that She wittnessed Siebert Sign the Agreement and that she notarized his signature. THereafter Wooten was compromised by Pavia, Siebert and Burke, filed fabricated decisions and Orders and was removed from NY County permanently and for Cause on 1-24-16. Wooten Forged and Falsified Decisions looting and embezzling over $60 Million of Mr Couri’s Money due from Siebert as part of the Pavia orchestrated larceny.

All of these acts are evidenced and delivered to Preet Bharara iun NY SDNY US Attorney and to California Law Enforcement as well.

When the new Administration is sworn-in these Pavia Mafia cheating and thefts will be sanitized and Oversight will be put into place after the depraved and corrupt Judges are removed and indicted.

Meanwhile, the Pavias have used their stolen funds to cheat 580 Park Ave, its Board and Brown Harris Stevens. George Pavia lied on his Application, did not disclose his Mafia affiliations and just as usual attacked any one who exposes his larceny with Ken Gomez his prime “cheer-leader”. Except Gomez is a cheat a gangster with a pen, a low-life pimp and a extortonist who has not denied any of Scams Inc’s Charges against him in dozens of proved Claim in the Exposes. Likewise Pavias, Burke, Siebert and others have not denied any Expose as ther know Scams inc Has the Facts.

The pavisa will eventually be subject to more Criminal Tax charges stemming from his thefts of $30Million from the Rogers Estate as charged by Pryor Cashman Esqs, and by Mr Couri and others. They will be evicted as their 580 Park Ave Apartment 2C was purchaced with stolen and embezzled moneys, and they have a really good chance to be indicted for their crimes. Meanwhile Mr Couri and his NY Lawyers will Pursue the Pavias for every sum, plus interest Pavias will owe. Their Hampton home, 580 Park Ave, 2C, Furniture, bric-a-brac, art, if any, Stocks, bunds and all other assets will be obtained by the Sheriff and others. The Pavias belong in the street or jail for their years of scheming, cheating, looting Rent Stabilized Tenants, Forging Certificates of Corrections lying that Corrections of Hazardous conditions, imperiling the safety of Mr. Jim Couri and his family and other tenants, when No Corrections were made at all. These fraudulent Records were signed by Antonia and George, and exposed by the ECB Court, and the Dept of Buildings in Ny. Pavias and Gomez in Decisions at at Recorded Hearings confirm that the Pavias are cheats, perjurers and filed fraudulent and false Records, all imperiling tenants.

Then Pavia and Gomez and Itkowitz caused Madden to preclude this evidencve and allow Pavia to steal every Stabilized apartment at 18 E. 73 St and walk off with over $20Million as part ofv the Pavia racketeering scheme and bribery.

We have tha pavias now “Hands-Down” and Scams Inc will see to it that these Racketeers are exposed and hand-cuffed so as to not extort, embezzle and rob anyone else.


benjamins-and-handcuffs-crop-600x338-crop-600x338George M.Pavia Esq has been engaged in Racketeering Activities for many years. When George was permitted to get out of Facist Italy in the early 1940’s (a reward for George “rating” on Jews) causing these persons to be sent to Camps and death, George got to NYC, and found “work” with the NY Mafia. George learned about extortion, embezzlement, bribery, obstruction of justice and threats from the Mob.

George has been cheating, engaged in mail and wire fraud, extortion and racketeering for well over 70 years. George is about 91 years old, Antonia, his wife about 72, and Son Julian about 30 and Philippa about 26. All are part of the Pavia RICO Enterprise.

After George looted and robbed many, he became a lawyer, and a front for many mob figures, using his law firm as a front. Pavia Harcourt sounds good but it was and is a cesspool of Italian supposed lawyers who have been recently charged with racketeering, embezzlement, obstruction of justice, money laundering and off-shore looting by the Yvonne Rodgers Estate. This is the tip of the Pavia Racketeering Enterprises. Harcourt seems never existed but sounds good to cover-up George Pavia’s Rackets-Enterprise.Now Exposed.

George Pavia could not win a Court Case without cheating, bribery, fraud upon the Court and extortion. George and his Family are inveterate thieves. What persons would steal from a mother-in-law? George Pavia concocted a scheme to convert a multi-million dollar home of George Pavia’s Mother in law for himself and the Pavia Racketeers without a cent in consideration. George pulled it off and sold the home (15 East 77 St NYC), for $17Million, keeping all the money.

Scams Inc learned of this swindle and money laundering and reported it to the Criminal Div. of IRS. The Pavias were caught, confessed and are paying up now.

The Pavia Racketeering Enterprise have been engaged in stealing from Rent Stabilized Tenant in 18 E. 73 St NYC. The Tenant filed for Stabilization at the DHCR. Pavia’s recruited Mob contractor and others to file forged, fabricated Documents. Pavias hired a corrupt group of lawyers after the Stabilization was granted.  Rather than deal with the matter in a legal manner, these Racketeers used their corrupt lawyers Jay Itkowitz and Kenneth V Gomez, to falsify documents, concoct imaginary leaks, steer the Case to a Itkowitz “stooge” Judge Joan Madden, who from the outset butchered Due-Process, lied, cheated, precluded evidence and permitted Pavia to engage in rampant perjury, fraud upon the court and extortion.

Pavia launched hie RICO Enterprise of mail and wire fraud, bribery, obstruction of justice, fraud on the Dept of Buildings, fraud at ECB Court, all finding that Pavias engaged in fraud forgery and perjury. Pavias filed forged Certificate of Corrections, imperriled the lives of Tenant, and engaged in threats of Murder, witnessed by 5 persons.

Thereafter Pavias used Madden to compromise Judges Wooten, Gammerman, Gonzalez, Heitler, Beeler, Stallman and various Referees to extort and embezzle over $50 Million, and loot Medical Settlements by money laundering, bribery and collusion. Then rob over $230,000.00 in Medical claims by bribery, embezzlement, fraud and money laundering by Gomez, Pavia, Burke and Siebert.

Kingpin George Pavia, further formed an alliance in 2003 with convicted sex-offender and NY Sthate suspended Dr John Siebert, his lawyers Joseph M Burke Esq, Wm Russo and Kenneth V. Gomez, to loot extort and embezzle over $50Million by bribery, interstate commerce, mail and wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy of bribes, fraud upon the court, forgery, threats, extortion, violations of Restraining Orders, threats of murder by email, phones and in-person.

THe Pavia racketeers Siebert and Pavia have recruted corrupt lawyers and judges to try and collect unlawful debts and bogus obligations formulated by the bribery and ghostwriting, etc. of Judge Paul Wooten, his forgery, fabricated materials and judicial fraud and racketeering, obstructing justice, after and before Wooten was fired fro the NY County Supreme Court Bench.

Then the Pavis Racketeers, Gomez, Pavia and Burke, have manipulated and compromised Judge Peter Moulton to aid in obstruction of justice, mail and wire fraud and thefts of over $50 Million.

George Pavia has further directed Gomez and extortonist, thief and Mule, to extort Siebert and Pavia’s Victims and use Gomez interstate Fraudulent Blog to malign, extort and harass these persons for the purpose of trying to “white-wash” Pavia’s RICO Enterprises.

Pavias have money-laundered the proceeds of sale of 18 E 73 St NYC of over $20 Million (in addition to all of the above suns), that the Pavias stole from the Rent Stabilized Tenants  and embezzled for themselves and bribe money. George Pavia filed false criminal charges, stole Tenants homes and used extortion, threats and mwre fraud to accomplish these acts of Racketeering.

The Predicate Acts of all Racketeers, with George Pavia the “Kingpin”, have the same and similar purposes, participants, results and victims, as well as methods of commission. These acts include predicate acts in NY, Wisconsin, California, and Nevada (where some of the embezzled money is located, that has been stashed that was obtained by theft, bribery, extortion, embezzlement, and money laundering).

Pavia and Siebert, Gomez and Burke in concert with Wooten, a corrupt Judge also orchestrated a Wooten Ordser of a phony $15Million Judgment against a Victim litigant in favor of racketeer-perjurer Siebert. Burke Filed it. THe Scam? Siebert was to File with the IRS “Fraudulent Carry-Back Losses, using the forged-falsified $15Million Judgment. Then Siebert wouls get “bogus Refunds” of Millions from the IRS and “cut-it-up” with the RICO Actors, thus money laundering fraudulently obtained millions by Federal Tax Frauds, using a innocent litigant Victim and the IRS as targets for the RICO Scheme. Scams Inc learned about this and the IRC and the US Attorney are alerted by Scams Inc and Siebert, Pavia, Gomez, Burke and others of the RICO Group have now been “Red-Flagged”. these Racketeers have been trapped just like rats on a sunken boat.

Recently, the Pavia racketeers have been further exposed as criminals by their conviction as tax evaders as a result of a pre-plotted Scheme to loot and Rob the Department of Treasury (IRS) for millions, and Mrs Pierce George Pavia’s Mother-in-Law.Pavia Racketeers are under further Investigation as a result of a Litigation Filed in April 2016 charging George and Pavia Harcourt with tax evasion again, money laundering and theft of $29Million from the Rogers Estate.George Pavia has embezzled, by our count over $100Million from just one Victim, Mr Jim Couri as a result of racketeering, mail and wire fraud, bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice in concert with corrupted courts in NY State, California Riverside Federal Bankruptcy Court, California Superior Court, Riverside, forgery, fraud upon the courts. George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt have been apparently looting millions for many years and evading taxes in the process. The Pavia “enterprise” has now been denuded and exposed for the crooks and embezzlers that they are. George Pavia, Antonia, Pavia Harcourt have not denied any of the charges against them as Reported by News Reports of RICO, extortion, threats and embezzlementand tax evasion, wherein they Comfessed after being caught “Red-Handed”.

Further, Mule-thief and extortonist Kenneth V Gomez Esq has been seemingly caught extorting and defrauding a Federal Court and extorting others by his Direct Orders from KINGPIN GEORGE PAVIA, ANTONIA AND PAVIA RICO FRONT PAVIA HARCOURT.


Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.

Scams Inc has been Investigating the plethora of criminal acts engaged in by Kenneth V Gomez Esq (Gomez) for over 15 years. These acts involve (and have been confirmed by evidence, court orders, tape recordings, embezzlement, money laundering, extortion, mail and wire fraud, harassment, forgery and other crimes.

Gomez has engaged in these and other crimes involving G & A Pavia,  J Siebert, thefts of Med-Mal Settlements, tax evasion, and forgery. Gomez has engaged in harassment and extortion of many including Ms Rachel, Linda M, Barbara Polucci, Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karass and others. Gomez has extorted Mr Couri by mailgning him with the NY Times, the Desert Sun -Gannet various radio and Television stations and UCLA Hospital who cares for Mr Couri and his Stage 4 Cancer and treatment.

Gomez has been under investigation since he appeared for Pavias at the Dept of Buildings and the ECB Courts where Gomez and Pavia were cited as forgers and perjurers. Scams Inc has the Orders, Decisions and Recordings of Hearings where Gomez and Pavia engaged in rampant Fraud upon the Court.

Then Gomez was Pavia Bag Man Fixing the Madden Court. We have a carload of evidence of Gomez collusion, forgery, supression of evidence, tampering with public records, bribery, solicitation, and extortion.

Gomez Fixed the Wooten Court, Ghostwrote Orders, engaged in collusion, along with his Partner Joseph M Burke, racketeering, mail and wire fraud and thefts of over $50Million due to Mr Couri and evidenced by sworn statements by Siebert, and reaffirmed by the Independent Notary.

Gomez has engaged in a 6 year campaign of his Blog 100% devoted to fraud forgery, false records, ancient history, family matters and rampant slander to discredit Scams Inc and Mr Couri who is ill.

Gomez has been involved in being the MULE and BAG-MAN for Siebert and the Pavias,and their thefts by the Pavias as a result of forgery,m bribery, perjury and falsification of DOB Records; and as to Siebert Gomez extortion of Siebert Victim Patients who Reported Siebert and Gomez. Siebert was charged as a sex pervert and kicked out of NY as a Doctor for being “morally-unfit” and a sex abuser of patients. Gomez has been accused as a sex pervert and a pedophile by Siebert victims that Gomez tried to intimidate. Gomez is and has been a fraud and a cheat.

Scams Inc has now reviewed tha Case where Ken Gomez supposedly represents his brother Robert. in:


Gomez has engaged in his usual chicanery here as Gomez simply can not tell the truth.

Gomez and his brother are simply acting as “spoilers”, by using the Federal Court to try an Fleece the over $300,000.00 that Jane Gomez allocated for children. Kenneth Gomez is a cheat and a socipoath. He will do anything for money. He has robbed many by misuse of the Courts, perjury, bribery and forgery. he is a broke dead-beat. He has “desk-space with his corrupt racketeers Abrams Deemer and perjurer Joe Burke. We have the Proof of every charge we have made.

The rampant and slick deceptions proffered by Kenneth Gomez and his Brother before Judge D’Agostino in the Federal Court is yet another disgrace. Trying to cheat a dead ladys wishes cheat minors from their money and then write letters to the Judge stating thet Gomez has had a personal travesty and simply could not address his false Pleadings; while at the very same times Gomez was Posting shot-gun forged documents, fraudulent and doctored photos of Mr Couri, rampant character assassinations of Scams Inc and Mr Couri, his Family and others he is affilliated does not support Gomez Lies to Judge D’Agostino that he was tp gravely involved ion a Family Travesty.

Gomez is and has been involved in crime after crime of RICO along with the Pavia Crew, Siebert, Joe Burke, David Deemer, Mathiew Abrams, Joel Hecker, Harold Miriam and the Leona Helmsely Foundation, thefts of the Estate of Yvonne Rogers, Tax Swindles and evasion, caught by the IRS thanks to Scams Inc, with Siebert, Pavia and others confessing, Fined and charged as tax evaders.

Gomez was charged by some of Siebert Victims with threats, extortion, stalking and harassment.Gomez has intimidated these women, Ms Rachel, Kleiman and Karass. Scams Inc does not know if Gomez ws prosecuted by the NY DA. Siebert was found guilty of sexually abusing NYU-Langone Patients and Fired. Siebert was allied with Gomez at the time using Gomez to Mule  contra-indicatedNarcotics to these patients. The Diane Kleiman Affidavit on all of this is on the Internet, on Scribed and on Scams inc and Scamraiders as well.

It appears that USDJ D’Agostino is on to Gomez and his transparent chicanery, attempted Rip-Offs, and skulduggery is a scheme to embezzle over $300,000.00 in a dead lady’s “Blood-Money”.

Gomez has been living on unjust emoluments for decades. He ia a warped, twisted and depraved swindler.

We at Scams Inc find that Gomez has injured many by his larceny, cheating and invidious tactics and we intend to put a stop to Gomez by exposing his crimes and cause his indictment, conviction and disbarment.


judge_moneyScams Inc has  been Investigating Judge Parer Moulton for well over 18 months. Moulton was “hand-picked” to replace “old-war-horse” Judge Sherry Klein Heitler, whos activities regarding NYCAL,—- ( NY Asbestos Lit.), and Sheldon Silver’s Law Offices became suspect. So in comes Moulton.

Moulton comes from a decent family, although the “black-sheep”. Peter wanted the good life without working to hard for it. He fashioned himself as a “ladys-man”. His father a executive in a then large corporation sent Peter to law school, but Peter could not get a job with a Firm. So Peter was placed in the Unified Court System.

Peter thinks that he can make the laws not follow them. He was rated a poor judge from the outset, but the Unified Court System do not care about “competence” they care if the person is a ‘company-man” who will do as they say and share in the ill-gotten gains as a result in the menu of shady dealings, fixes, judicial racketeering, fraud and protecting the back-room corruption enterprises. Not unlike the MO of the Mafia.

Peter Moulton is basically a semi-articulate moron, who thinks that he is cleaver and smart ( about as smart as Fredo in the Godfather, and a worse rat). We have evidence by documents, recordings and other proofs that Moulton is a thief, corrupt, cheating judge who has engaged in mail fraud, wire fraud, obstructing of justice, extortion of litigants, perjury, suborning perjury. Inducing Clerks to engage in violations of the Uniform Rules of the Courts, Violations of CPLR, violations of the Due Process Clause of the US Constitution, the cover-up of the criminal embezzlement by Disgraced Judge Paul Wooten. The Steering to JHO Gammerman, Collusion with John Siebert and Joe. M Burke and Kenneth Gomez to falsify the Court Records and rob ane embezzle over $40Million doe to a litigant who has uncovered and launched a Investigation into the CRIMES AT 60 CENTER STREET COURTHOUSE.

Moulton is such a imperious Idiot that he believes as Wooten that they will get away with their documented GRAND LARCENY, judicial cheating and trickery. The Prisons are full of politicians who all thought that they were above the rules of law.

Moulton has engaged in repeated and flagrant violations of the NY Constitution, Due Process and embezzlement of millions, all with intent to unjustly enrich himself, and other corrupted judges.

Moulton has with impunity lied, cheated, and engaged in a criminal scheme to insulate the corrupt judges and himself from exposure by depriving a Litigant access to the Courts.

Moulton has been cheating, bullying and engaging in Judicial fraud, chicanery and crimes for a long while, and Scams Inc has the Evidence.

We now believe that the US Attorney Lynch and the Inspector General  might well be considering appointing a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to investigate the car-load of documentary Evidence delivered to the US Attorney SDNY, proving the rampant corruption, fixes, ghostwriting, unjust enrichments and judicial thefts instigated by corrupt lawyers, clients and others who bribe these judicial thieves (all documented).

When the Press spends so much time on Bill Clinton’s visit to Ms Lynch’s Plane and the issues about emails, while at the same time Courthouse FIXES that steal the very fiber away from honest citizens rights to honest justice, America has real problems.

We have proof of these Judicial State Court Bandits as a result of Fixes, taking away from the litigant victim, money, property, rights, custody, homes, liberty and eve a litigant’s life.

The State Courts and a disgrace to America and will be cleaned-up.

Examples of the corrupt such as Moulton, Gammerman, Wooten, Madden, Heitler, Hagler, Stallman, Beeler, a group of Referees, Lus Gonzalez, should be made.

Scams Inc has assembled evidence of the systemic acts of  the above and others misconduct, fraud upon the court, collusion, deprivation of due process, falsification of court files, purging court files and the docket, Steering in violation of SRP, phony Orders, ignoring evidence, obstructing justice,  and worse.

This supposed Administrative Judge Peter Moulton is a disgrace and condoned by the State who has a obligation to put a stop to the Constitutional violations of the State Courts.

If one carefully researches “IMMUNITY”, it does not embrace and insulate a Judge from engaging in repetative acts of criminality in order to protect a Criminal Enterprise and embezzling of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars from American and Foreign Citizens by judicial criminal collusion, mail and wire fraud and larceny. These acts are far outside the “day to day” legitimate functions by a legitimate judiciary.

Thus we believe that each judge involved in these crimes, the State have opened the door of claims against them for these acts of racketeering, thefts and extortion, all documented.

Peter Moulton, a corrupt Administrative Judge, has, lied, cheated, and worse and as a result violated the Judicial Canons, the Penal Code, Title 18 of the USC and RICO 18 USC 1962, et-seq.

Moulton’s larceny should result in his criminal prosecution, and will soon result in Litigation being brought in Federal Court SDNY against Wooten, Gammerman, Moulton, John Siebert, Joseph  M Burke, Kenneth V. Gomez and others arising out of Moulton’s attempted theft of over $40Million due to a litigant and embezzled by Wooten, Moulton, Gammerman and others.

Moulton by his illegal and proven larceny has, on his own, put a large fire-cracker up his rear-end and Siebert and Burke have lighted the fuse. No judge should be permitted the unfettered right of engaged now proved violations of the public trust by extorting, embezzling and Racketeering, thefts  of Millions and tax evasion by ill-gotten gains by a medley of Judicial Bandits.