judge_moneyScams Inc has  been Investigating Judge Parer Moulton for well over 18 months. Moulton was “hand-picked” to replace “old-war-horse” Judge Sherry Klein Heitler, whos activities regarding NYCAL,—- ( NY Asbestos Lit.), and Sheldon Silver’s Law Offices became suspect. So in comes Moulton.

Moulton comes from a decent family, although the “black-sheep”. Peter wanted the good life without working to hard for it. He fashioned himself as a “ladys-man”. His father a executive in a then large corporation sent Peter to law school, but Peter could not get a job with a Firm. So Peter was placed in the Unified Court System.

Peter thinks that he can make the laws not follow them. He was rated a poor judge from the outset, but the Unified Court System do not care about “competence” they care if the person is a ‘company-man” who will do as they say and share in the ill-gotten gains as a result in the menu of shady dealings, fixes, judicial racketeering, fraud and protecting the back-room corruption enterprises. Not unlike the MO of the Mafia.

Peter Moulton is basically a semi-articulate moron, who thinks that he is cleaver and smart ( about as smart as Fredo in the Godfather, and a worse rat). We have evidence by documents, recordings and other proofs that Moulton is a thief, corrupt, cheating judge who has engaged in mail fraud, wire fraud, obstructing of justice, extortion of litigants, perjury, suborning perjury. Inducing Clerks to engage in violations of the Uniform Rules of the Courts, Violations of CPLR, violations of the Due Process Clause of the US Constitution, the cover-up of the criminal embezzlement by Disgraced Judge Paul Wooten. The Steering to JHO Gammerman, Collusion with John Siebert and Joe. M Burke and Kenneth Gomez to falsify the Court Records and rob ane embezzle over $40Million doe to a litigant who has uncovered and launched a Investigation into the CRIMES AT 60 CENTER STREET COURTHOUSE.

Moulton is such a imperious Idiot that he believes as Wooten that they will get away with their documented GRAND LARCENY, judicial cheating and trickery. The Prisons are full of politicians who all thought that they were above the rules of law.

Moulton has engaged in repeated and flagrant violations of the NY Constitution, Due Process and embezzlement of millions, all with intent to unjustly enrich himself, and other corrupted judges.

Moulton has with impunity lied, cheated, and engaged in a criminal scheme to insulate the corrupt judges and himself from exposure by depriving a Litigant access to the Courts.

Moulton has been cheating, bullying and engaging in Judicial fraud, chicanery and crimes for a long while, and Scams Inc has the Evidence.

We now believe that the US Attorney Lynch and the Inspector General  might well be considering appointing a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to investigate the car-load of documentary Evidence delivered to the US Attorney SDNY, proving the rampant corruption, fixes, ghostwriting, unjust enrichments and judicial thefts instigated by corrupt lawyers, clients and others who bribe these judicial thieves (all documented).

When the Press spends so much time on Bill Clinton’s visit to Ms Lynch’s Plane and the issues about emails, while at the same time Courthouse FIXES that steal the very fiber away from honest citizens rights to honest justice, America has real problems.

We have proof of these Judicial State Court Bandits as a result of Fixes, taking away from the litigant victim, money, property, rights, custody, homes, liberty and eve a litigant’s life.

The State Courts and a disgrace to America and will be cleaned-up.

Examples of the corrupt such as Moulton, Gammerman, Wooten, Madden, Heitler, Hagler, Stallman, Beeler, a group of Referees, Lus Gonzalez, should be made.

Scams Inc has assembled evidence of the systemic acts of  the above and others misconduct, fraud upon the court, collusion, deprivation of due process, falsification of court files, purging court files and the docket, Steering in violation of SRP, phony Orders, ignoring evidence, obstructing justice,  and worse.

This supposed Administrative Judge Peter Moulton is a disgrace and condoned by the State who has a obligation to put a stop to the Constitutional violations of the State Courts.

If one carefully researches “IMMUNITY”, it does not embrace and insulate a Judge from engaging in repetative acts of criminality in order to protect a Criminal Enterprise and embezzling of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars from American and Foreign Citizens by judicial criminal collusion, mail and wire fraud and larceny. These acts are far outside the “day to day” legitimate functions by a legitimate judiciary.

Thus we believe that each judge involved in these crimes, the State have opened the door of claims against them for these acts of racketeering, thefts and extortion, all documented.

Peter Moulton, a corrupt Administrative Judge, has, lied, cheated, and worse and as a result violated the Judicial Canons, the Penal Code, Title 18 of the USC and RICO 18 USC 1962, et-seq.

Moulton’s larceny should result in his criminal prosecution, and will soon result in Litigation being brought in Federal Court SDNY against Wooten, Gammerman, Moulton, John Siebert, Joseph  M Burke, Kenneth V. Gomez and others arising out of Moulton’s attempted theft of over $40Million due to a litigant and embezzled by Wooten, Moulton, Gammerman and others.

Moulton by his illegal and proven larceny has, on his own, put a large fire-cracker up his rear-end and Siebert and Burke have lighted the fuse. No judge should be permitted the unfettered right of engaged now proved violations of the public trust by extorting, embezzling and Racketeering, thefts  of Millions and tax evasion by ill-gotten gains by a medley of Judicial Bandits.