benjamins-and-handcuffs-crop-600x338-crop-600x338George M.Pavia Esq has been engaged in Racketeering Activities for many years. When George was permitted to get out of Facist Italy in the early 1940’s (a reward for George “rating” on Jews) causing these persons to be sent to Camps and death, George got to NYC, and found “work” with the NY Mafia. George learned about extortion, embezzlement, bribery, obstruction of justice and threats from the Mob.

George has been cheating, engaged in mail and wire fraud, extortion and racketeering for well over 70 years. George is about 91 years old, Antonia, his wife about 72, and Son Julian about 30 and Philippa about 26. All are part of the Pavia RICO Enterprise.

After George looted and robbed many, he became a lawyer, and a front for many mob figures, using his law firm as a front. Pavia Harcourt sounds good but it was and is a cesspool of Italian supposed lawyers who have been recently charged with racketeering, embezzlement, obstruction of justice, money laundering and off-shore looting by the Yvonne Rodgers Estate. This is the tip of the Pavia Racketeering Enterprises. Harcourt seems never existed but sounds good to cover-up George Pavia’s Rackets-Enterprise.Now Exposed.

George Pavia could not win a Court Case without cheating, bribery, fraud upon the Court and extortion. George and his Family are inveterate thieves. What persons would steal from a mother-in-law? George Pavia concocted a scheme to convert a multi-million dollar home of George Pavia’s Mother in law for himself and the Pavia Racketeers without a cent in consideration. George pulled it off and sold the home (15 East 77 St NYC), for $17Million, keeping all the money.

Scams Inc learned of this swindle and money laundering and reported it to the Criminal Div. of IRS. The Pavias were caught, confessed and are paying up now.

The Pavia Racketeering Enterprise have been engaged in stealing from Rent Stabilized Tenant in 18 E. 73 St NYC. The Tenant filed for Stabilization at the DHCR. Pavia’s recruited Mob contractor and others to file forged, fabricated Documents. Pavias hired a corrupt group of lawyers after the Stabilization was granted.¬† Rather than deal with the matter in a legal manner, these Racketeers used their corrupt lawyers Jay Itkowitz and Kenneth V Gomez, to falsify documents, concoct imaginary leaks, steer the Case to a Itkowitz “stooge” Judge Joan Madden, who from the outset butchered Due-Process, lied, cheated, precluded evidence and permitted Pavia to engage in rampant perjury, fraud upon the court and extortion.

Pavia launched hie RICO Enterprise of mail and wire fraud, bribery, obstruction of justice, fraud on the Dept of Buildings, fraud at ECB Court, all finding that Pavias engaged in fraud forgery and perjury. Pavias filed forged Certificate of Corrections, imperriled the lives of Tenant, and engaged in threats of Murder, witnessed by 5 persons.

Thereafter Pavias used Madden to compromise Judges Wooten, Gammerman, Gonzalez, Heitler, Beeler, Stallman and various Referees to extort and embezzle over $50 Million, and loot Medical Settlements by money laundering, bribery and collusion. Then rob over $230,000.00 in Medical claims by bribery, embezzlement, fraud and money laundering by Gomez, Pavia, Burke and Siebert.

Kingpin George Pavia, further formed an alliance in 2003 with convicted sex-offender and NY Sthate suspended Dr John Siebert, his lawyers Joseph M Burke Esq, Wm Russo and Kenneth V. Gomez, to loot extort and embezzle over $50Million by bribery, interstate commerce, mail and wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy of bribes, fraud upon the court, forgery, threats, extortion, violations of Restraining Orders, threats of murder by email, phones and in-person.

THe Pavia racketeers Siebert and Pavia have recruted corrupt lawyers and judges to try and collect unlawful debts and bogus obligations formulated by the bribery and ghostwriting, etc. of Judge Paul Wooten, his forgery, fabricated materials and judicial fraud and racketeering, obstructing justice, after and before Wooten was fired fro the NY County Supreme Court Bench.

Then the Pavis Racketeers, Gomez, Pavia and Burke, have manipulated and compromised Judge Peter Moulton to aid in obstruction of justice, mail and wire fraud and thefts of over $50 Million.

George Pavia has further directed Gomez and extortonist, thief and Mule, to extort Siebert and Pavia’s Victims and use Gomez interstate Fraudulent Blog to malign, extort and harass these persons for the purpose of trying to “white-wash” Pavia’s RICO Enterprises.

Pavias have money-laundered the proceeds of sale of 18 E 73 St NYC of over $20 Million (in addition to all of the above suns), that the Pavias stole from the Rent Stabilized Tenants  and embezzled for themselves and bribe money. George Pavia filed false criminal charges, stole Tenants homes and used extortion, threats and mwre fraud to accomplish these acts of Racketeering.

The Predicate Acts of all Racketeers, with George Pavia the “Kingpin”, have the same and similar purposes, participants, results and victims, as well as methods of commission. These acts include predicate acts in NY, Wisconsin, California, and Nevada (where some of the embezzled money is located, that has been stashed that was obtained by theft, bribery, extortion, embezzlement, and money laundering).

Pavia and Siebert, Gomez and Burke in concert with Wooten, a corrupt Judge also orchestrated a Wooten Ordser of a phony $15Million Judgment against a Victim litigant in favor of racketeer-perjurer Siebert. Burke Filed it. THe Scam? Siebert was to File with the IRS “Fraudulent Carry-Back Losses, using the forged-falsified $15Million Judgment. Then Siebert wouls get “bogus Refunds” of Millions from the IRS and “cut-it-up” with the RICO Actors, thus money laundering fraudulently obtained millions by Federal Tax Frauds, using a innocent litigant Victim and the IRS as targets for the RICO Scheme. Scams Inc learned about this and the IRC and the US Attorney are alerted by Scams Inc and Siebert, Pavia, Gomez, Burke and others of the RICO Group have now been “Red-Flagged”. these Racketeers have been trapped just like rats on a sunken boat.

Recently, the Pavia racketeers have been further exposed as criminals by their conviction as tax evaders as a result of a pre-plotted Scheme to loot and Rob the Department of Treasury (IRS) for millions, and Mrs Pierce George Pavia’s Mother-in-Law.Pavia Racketeers are under further Investigation as a result of a Litigation Filed in April 2016 charging George and Pavia Harcourt with tax evasion again, money laundering and theft of $29Million from the Rogers Estate.George Pavia has embezzled, by our count over $100Million from just one Victim, Mr Jim Couri as a result of racketeering, mail and wire fraud, bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice in concert with corrupted courts in NY State, California Riverside Federal Bankruptcy Court, California Superior Court, Riverside, forgery, fraud upon the courts. George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt have been apparently looting millions for many years and evading taxes in the process. The Pavia “enterprise” has now been denuded and exposed for the crooks and embezzlers that they are. George Pavia, Antonia, Pavia Harcourt have not denied any of the charges against them as Reported by News Reports of RICO, extortion, threats and embezzlementand tax evasion, wherein they Comfessed after being caught “Red-Handed”.

Further, Mule-thief and extortonist Kenneth V Gomez Esq has been seemingly caught extorting and defrauding a Federal Court and extorting others by his Direct Orders from KINGPIN GEORGE PAVIA, ANTONIA AND PAVIA RICO FRONT PAVIA HARCOURT.