maxresdefaultGeorge and Antonia Pavia have been carefully investigated by Scams Inc Investigations for about 10 years. Others associated with us have investigated George Pavia since the 1960’s and early 1970’s and after.

George was closely associated with a psychiatrist Arnold Hutchneicker, a former Natzi sympathizer who escaped Germany and turned up in NYC. Similarly, George Pavia, a Jew and Natzi Rat, fingered many Jews in Italy for the Natzis, and was allowed to “escape” Mussollini and made his way to NYC as well. George found a job and money with Organized Crime, the Anastasias, Gambinos, and Colombos, to name some.

By the 1950’s George became a lawyer and using his “practice” to aid mob associates. Money laundering, racketeering, bribery, extortion, Shell Corporations for money laundering mob illicit gains from prostitution, gambling, shylocking, extortion, narcotics and bribery of judges.

Pavia Harcourt was formed (Harcourt as disappeared or never existed), but George never won a honest Court Case.

George has embezzled millions including from his own Mother in law Janna Pierce. George stole 18 E 73 St NYC, and 15 E 77 Street NYC. By then George had looted his first wife and was on #2 Antonia, a crook as bad a George.

During the 1960’s one of our Associates, aiding the FBI, was recruited to Investigate Hutchneicker, as this psychiatrist was the mental doctor for Richard Nixon and J Edcar Hoover wanted his Files on Nixon. Also Hoover wanted to learn the associates and  the activities of Hutchneicker.

George Pavia was found to be a patient of Hutchneicker and eventually his File was copied. The findings revealed that George Pavia was and still is a front for the Mob engaged in larceny, embezzling, extortion and money laundering.

When the Pavias were found to have circumvented Rent Stabilization, rather than simply abide by the Laws of America, NY State and NY City, George Pavia, a mafia thief, cheat and sociopath began a campaign of bribery, forgery, perjury, cheating and criminality, aided by Antonia.

They further organized a RICO Group of persons in the enterprise and they in or about 2003 until the present and ongoing, engaging in mail and wire fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, case fixing, judicial racketeering ,extortion, transportation of stolen property.

George Pavia recruited judges, referees, engaged in fraud, filing false documents by mail, fax and internet to loot and rob millions. While Couri and others were trying to litigate hoping for honest Justice, Pavia and his RICO Actors were involved in a racketeering scheme of collusion, Ghostwritiong, bribery of Judges Madden, Wooten, Moulton and Gammerman and others thwarting access to the Courts, thwarting securing due process and in the process cheating, obstructing justice and damaging and embezzling over $100Million. They in concert racketeering judges Moulton, Gammerman, Madden and others closed off all avenues of access to the courts.

Pavia and Joseph Burke schemed with Harold Beeler to invoke a RICO-Scam Injunction” the Order”: any motion needed must pass approval by Beeler for ALL.  A conference call with all on the line was required, except Beeler left the Courts and Wooten and Moulton have used this as a weapon refusing a conference call, allowing others to do as they pleased and as to Couri deprive him access to prove these RICO and fraudulent thefts of his money and rights. A great scheme if not for Couri’s ability to uncover these conspiracies involving Millions in Judicial Racketeering orchistrated by Pavia, Joseph M Burke, Kenneth V Gomez, Jay Itkowitz and these corrupted Judges. They have tried it all Stupid and bogus claims that Jim Couri is a “vexatious litigant” another way to deprive access to the courts. forgery by Wooten, fraud by Wooten, Gammerman, Moulton and Madden, wire fraud, mail fraud, threats, forgery, forgery of the docket, purging court files, and judicial larceny. The ignoring of the US Constitution, Due Process Clause and mandate to disqualify and judicial extortion

Couri Filed a RICO Case and other Claims in Superior Court California, and Pavia started again with Burke and Sex deviant and convicted pervert Dr John Siebert. Again they and the Judge was caught along with their Lawyers David Richardson and Sulmeyer Kupetz. California State judicial corruption and racketeering is about as pervasive as NY State Courts. The Judge was reported to the Federal Law Enforcement and to the California State Judicial Performance Board.

Couri has proof of mail fraud, wire fraud, forgery, collusion and other violations of law by the Judge, the Racketeers and by Richardson.

The Pavias were Served, and they Defaulted, by not Answering, Moving or otherwise. Jim Couri Moved to secure a Entry of Default against George and Antonia Pavia. After some aggravation, and demanding the Removal of the Judge involved, the Default  ehtry was reviewed and Filed. The Sum Pled and unopposed is $40Million including defaulted claims of RICO, unjust enrichment, fraud upon the court, negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Also Pavia Gomez and racketeers stole Jim Couri’s Med-Mal settlement of over $230,000.00 by a courthouse charade, forgery, circumventing secured creditors and judicial racketeering by Gomez and Pavia.

The Pavias will be pursued from California to New Yourk, but to their surprise the Judgment will be Filed in NY as a “sister-state judgment” via the Federal Court SDNY, as the NY County Supreme Court has been documented as a polluted Racketeering enterprise of corrupt judges bribed by a confirmed mob front George Pavia.

Further to this Scams Inc and Mr Couri have uncovered the Pavias tax evasions, Reported them a few years ago, and the IRS proceeded against the Pavias. They confessed to tax fraud and are paying the consequences now.  and have retaliated against Mr Couri by recruting thug Kenneth Gomez to have started a Blog over 6 years ago to extort Couri and Scams Inc for the Pavias and to try and cover up their looting and crimes. Gomez has been caught defrauding the ECB Court the Dept of Buildings and Noy the USDC in Ny trying to embezzle money belonging to a Insurance Company and Minors. Gomez has been accused as a sex pervert and a pedophile along with Dr John Siebert who confessed to being Morally Unfit to NY State Dept. of Health and now terminated from NY State as a Doctor.

Siebert has been caught in a Tax evasion scheme, and has been a part of the Pavia RICO Enterprise. Siebert Swore to owing Mr Couri $19Million by Notarized Agreement in 2003. Swore later that he did not sign it then the Notary signed a Sworn Affidavit that She wittnessed Siebert Sign the Agreement and that she notarized his signature. THereafter Wooten was compromised by Pavia, Siebert and Burke, filed fabricated decisions and Orders and was removed from NY County permanently and for Cause on 1-24-16. Wooten Forged and Falsified Decisions looting and embezzling over $60 Million of Mr Couri’s Money due from Siebert as part of the Pavia orchestrated larceny.

All of these acts are evidenced and delivered to Preet Bharara iun NY SDNY US Attorney and to California Law Enforcement as well.

When the new Administration is sworn-in these Pavia Mafia cheating and thefts will be sanitized and Oversight will be put into place after the depraved and corrupt Judges are removed and indicted.

Meanwhile, the Pavias have used their stolen funds to cheat 580 Park Ave, its Board and Brown Harris Stevens. George Pavia lied on his Application, did not disclose his Mafia affiliations and just as usual attacked any one who exposes his larceny with Ken Gomez his prime “cheer-leader”. Except Gomez is a cheat a gangster with a pen, a low-life pimp and a extortonist who has not denied any of Scams Inc’s Charges against him in dozens of proved Claim in the Exposes. Likewise Pavias, Burke, Siebert and others have not denied any Expose as ther know Scams inc Has the Facts.

The pavisa will eventually be subject to more Criminal Tax charges stemming from his thefts of $30Million from the Rogers Estate as charged by Pryor Cashman Esqs, and by Mr Couri and others. They will be evicted as their 580 Park Ave Apartment 2C was purchaced with stolen and embezzled moneys, and they have a really good chance to be indicted for their crimes. Meanwhile Mr Couri and his NY Lawyers will Pursue the Pavias for every sum, plus interest Pavias will owe. Their Hampton home, 580 Park Ave, 2C, Furniture, bric-a-brac, art, if any, Stocks, bunds and all other assets will be obtained by the Sheriff and others. The Pavias belong in the street or jail for their years of scheming, cheating, looting Rent Stabilized Tenants, Forging Certificates of Corrections lying that Corrections of Hazardous conditions, imperiling the safety of Mr. Jim Couri and his family and other tenants, when No Corrections were made at all. These fraudulent Records were signed by Antonia and George, and exposed by the ECB Court, and the Dept of Buildings in Ny. Pavias and Gomez in Decisions at at Recorded Hearings confirm that the Pavias are cheats, perjurers and filed fraudulent and false Records, all imperiling tenants.

Then Pavia and Gomez and Itkowitz caused Madden to preclude this evidencve and allow Pavia to steal every Stabilized apartment at 18 E. 73 St and walk off with over $20Million as part ofv the Pavia racketeering scheme and bribery.

We have tha pavias now “Hands-Down” and Scams Inc will see to it that these Racketeers are exposed and hand-cuffed so as to not extort, embezzle and rob anyone else.