theconlogoScams Inc has watched, listened and carefully investigated years of Kenneth V. Gomez Esq (Gomez), underhanded, perverted, warped and invidious acts. We make the following representation before proceeding with the Expose herein about Gomez and others who are part of his diabolic conduct.

Scams Inc Terms of Use allows any Target to a Expose to object in writing by email, with refuting proofs, to any charges levied by Scams Inc against a target. We take pride in the fact that all of Scams Inc Exposes are investigated, and verified by documentary Evidence before the Expose is published, and after almost 10 years, no target has come forward with a objection or a litigation against Scams Inc or any of our affiliates.

We have exposed Gomez and his racketeering, fraud, extortion perjury, embezzlement, stalking, money laundering, forgery, stalking and worse. Never has Gomez or any of his fellow racketeers such as George Pavia, Antonia Pavia, John Siebert, Joseph M Burke, multiple corrupt judges made any objection to Scams Inc Exposes. Why? It is simple, we have the evidence documented as to all of our charges. The truth is the best defense.

We again welcome that Gomez comes forward with any objections, with evidence that what Scams Inc Reports about Gomez (crimes, fraud on the court, larceny, thefts from Gomez victims, bogus Gomez defendants who have been embezzled buy Gomez, Pavia Siebert and others) are wrong and untrue. Gomez is a despicable cheat, liar and rip-off schemer.

The fact is that all Gomez has done is engage in smear campaigns of fraud, forged documents and fabrications to try and cover up the truth about Gomez, Pavia and his Racketeers. The Pavias and Pavia Harcourt have been paying pimp-perjurer Gomez for over 7 years to harass, cheat and extort Scams Inc and Jim Couri who has exposed the Pavia Criminal Enterprise of RICO which includes bribery of judges, extortion, robbery, larceny,Ghostwriting, forgery, obstruction of justice, money laundering, off-shore bank accounts, shell corporations, dispensing narcotics through Siebert’s Medical Office, a Convicted sex-pervert doctor sexually abusing victim patients and suspended by NY State..

Gomez states on one of his Blogs recently that “to George Pavia’s credit, he stood up to Mr Couri regarding the Pavia Family looting and stealing Rent Stabilization at 18 East 73 St. NYC.

In reality, what did occur and evidence confirms, The Pavias recruted Mob Contractor Ted Kohl from Herbert Construction who was in prison for graft, tax evasion, perjury and mafia associations, and got falsified Records, perjured Affidavits that Kohl conducted Renovations that were non existent. The Pavia quest to derali the DHCR Finding 18 E 73 rent stabilized we futile, even with the Pavia’s Kohel and others fraud, perjury and cheating.

then Pavias went wild. They hired a corrupt lawyer Lay Itkowitz and Kenneth Gomez, and they lied, bribed, cheated, supressed findings by other Courts and the Dept. of Buildings (DOB) that Pavias and Gomez were perjurers, forgers, filed falsified Documents with the DOB imperiling Couri and other tenanTs, they bribed Judge Madden to preclude facts, 10 Violations, 8 Inspectors Testimony that Pavia was a fraud, cheat and imperiled Tenants and Gomez engaged in ghostwriting, forgery, embezzling over $230,000.00 from Mr Couri and recruting other Judges to engage in thefts of over $50Million orchestrated by Pavia, Siebert, Burke and Others. The Pavias finally by courthouse racketeering stole over $20,000,000.00 from Rent Stabilized Tenants by Gomez and Pavia’s dishonesty, fraud and chicanery.

All of  this is undenied and carefully detailed in Court Pleadings, and in Scams Inc Exposes Scams Inc Exposes.

We have now uncovered a more despicable Gomez subterfuge of ganging up on his nephiews, who are minors along with their grandfather, Kenneth Gomez Esq’s brother to loot embezzle and cheat these kids out of over $300,000.00 in Life Insurance proceeds left to them by Gomez brother’s wife who has passed away. The Scheme, Gomez usual MO, is to file a dishonest litigation, lie, cheat, falsify, and extort so that the persons “Cave” and pay Gomez extortion. Gomez is a slick writer and he then usually compromises a State Court Judge under the aegis of Mafia Consiglerie-fixer George Pavia. The did thnis in NY Supreme Courts, and proved. One Judge was removed from NY County, Paul Wooten a documented thief.

Gomez does not realize that Writing is as telling as a signature, a painting, music and other intellectual properties. We have evidence of Gomez surface-slick “ghostwritings” for Wooten, Madden and  Suter in NY Supreme, and we have the emails, the admissions and recordings of Suter admitting that the “Couri Case is Fixed against Couri”.

Here in the Gomez Case involving his minor Relatives, he has a fine USDC Judge D’Agostino, who figured out the Gomez fraud upon the court, chicanery, perjury and attempted embezzling by Kenneth and his Brother of over $300,000.00 in Insurance money due to kids.

The scam was the same when Kenneth Gomez, George Pavia and others stole Jim Couri’s $230,000.00 med mal recovery for cancer malpractice. Gomez claimed that he purchaced a Judgment for $6000.00 secreted by Leona Helmsley against Jim with a FORGED VALUE of $220,000.00. Within 3 weeks, Gomez, by bribery, forgery and embezzling, converted his $6,000.00 “investment” INTO $230,000.00 of Jim Couri’s Blood Money. This was done by bribery, collusion and cutting up the $230,000.00 with his racketeers, and corrupted Judges. Jim was ill and in California and the victim of Gomez-Pavia Courthouse theft.

Scams Inc has the proof of these shenanigans in the NY County Supreme Court and evidence that Secured Creditors with proper UCC Filings were also robbed by Go9mez a inveterate thief and cheat.

The current scheme of Kenneth Gomez Esq and his brother, two desperate adulterated perverts to cheat a Insurance Company, Banks, a Federal District Court and a Fine Judge by fraud, perjury, falsfying records and other gimmicks should result in criminal prosecution for grand larceny, perjury, money laundering and mail and wire fraud.

So mif any target wishes to produce proof that any of the charges here are wrong, please do so, but Scams Inc and Mr Jim Couri are not interested in more of these racketeers fabricated character assassinations. This BULL will not work. AS THEY SAY MR PIMP KENNETH V GOMEZ ESQ, “PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

This is a small portion of the expose of the real Kenneth V Gomez and the Pavia Racketeering Enterprises.