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19187764-mmmainIt is now clear that “Underhanded-Ken” has more than a “Screw Loose”.

This Kenneth V Gomez is a perverted and infected pimp has been doing the same thing for dozens of years: cheating, extorting, molesting, threatening, harassing and worse, anything to rob a buck.

Scams Inc therefore find it worthwhile to put out to the public the true and documented current-facts that will establish that Gomez knows that he, George Pavia Esq, Antonia Pavia, Joesph M Burke Esq, John Siebert, Jay Itkowitz and Michelle Itkowitz, are “DEAD MEN WALKING”.

Gomez has again been “recruited” by desperate Pavia  who is exposed as a tax cheat, embezzler, money launderer and thief, so we are presenting the facts that are all confirmed by documentary evidence. Gomez Ramblings will only enhance the claims and charges that are “Coming Soon” against all of these Rat-kateers.

1) Gomez has been exposed as a perjurer, fraud and cheat in a Federal Court Case where Gomez and his brother Robert are scheming to loot and rob Robert’s “grandchildren and minors out ov over $300,000.00 left to them by Roberts wife via proceeds of a Life Insurance Policy. A careful review of the Case Docket and pleadings reveal a underhanded scheme to loot the money by the same MO that Kenneth Gomez has played in many Cases where he has looted money by engaging in character assassination, perjury, suborning perjury, forgery, falsifying evidence, and fraud upon the court. Gomez has engaged in these criminal acts in courts to aid Pavia, Siebert and Burke in looting and embezzling for years. Gomez has bee called a perjurer, a cheat, a forger by Judges at various courts, he has ghostwritten Decisions for judges and referees that he, Pavia and Siebert have Fixed and Gomes has engaged in stalking and sexually molesting Victim Patients of Siebert and reported by them to prosecutors.

Gomez is so pathetic that he continues to engage in Wire Fraud by proffering fraud, dishonesty and subterfuge by his stale over 10 year old Blog, trying to extort Jim Couri, whis has not been successful and will soon be a exhibit in more Legal Reprisals for these Rat-keteers.

Gomez seems to gloat as to the charade, dishonesty, obstruction of justice and Judicial Racketeering ongoing in Supreme Court NY County. Gomez better tighten the Screws that are loose in is polluted Brain, and face the Facts,

2) Judge Paul Wooten, who was compromised, Fixed and Bribed by these Rat-kateers beginning in 2010 has ben Fired and terminated Permanently from Supreme Court NY County and Part 7, on Jan 24, 2016. Wooten was removed as a result of multiple charges and complaints by prominent Law Firms that Wooten was a incompeternt, Corrupt and engaged in judicial racketeering.

Wooten was permanently removed to Kings County on 1-24-16 and was supposedly in Part 97 in Kings. In or about August 10, 2016 Wooten was removed from ALL judicial Calendars and Listings as a Judge in the Unified Court System all together. Wooten was permanently discharged as a Judge as a result of further complaints of judicial corruption ghostwritten Decisions and Orders, Fraudulent Decisions and Orders, Forgery, collusion, falsifying Court Records and fraud.

Much of what Wooten has now been caught engaging in involves, not only many NY County and Kings County Targeted Victim Litigants looted and robbed by Wooten but involving George Pavia, Gomez, Burke, Siebert and others. Further to that Scams Inc’s Informants also reveal that Wooten is a Target of a Criminal Grand-Jury. Thus Gomez speaks in riddles and a “Forked-Tongue”.

Then ther is Judge Peter Moulton, the new Administrative Judge in NY County Supreme Court. Moulton has been caught and trapped purging Court Records, scheming to shroud Wooten’s fraud, forgery, fabrications and larceny bu engaging in documented Mail and Wire Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, suborning perjury, collusion with Burke, Gomez and Siebert and Grand Larceny.

These claims are all memoralized by Hard Proofs and Undenied. Scams Inc has proof of Gomez, Burke Pavia Siebert engaging in rampant and repeated extortion, bribery racketeering and embezzlement and fraudulent concealment.

Gomez lies again as to the $40Million California Default regarding George and Antonia Pavia.

Judicila racketeering and corruption is not relegated to the State Courts in New York. It is pervasive in California as well. Siebert and Burke along with Pavia hired Sulmeyer Kupetz Esqs and David Richardson Esq, who were caught engaging in fraud perjury and larceny in the Riverside CA Federal Courts while  filing perjured and falsified pleadings in 2014 with Siebert, Burke. In 2015 and 2016 Jim Couri with the aid of Law Enforcement secured a 3 year Restraining Order against Siebert, a convicted Sex Pervert Pedophile and removed from NY State as a unfit Doctor. This was after Vigorous Opposition on behalf of Siebert and Burke in the Superior Court Palm Springs Brance before Judges Borjk and Johnson. The Restraint is against Siebert and all in concert with him.

When Mr Couri Brought a Case against Siebert and Biurke and Does 1-15, Judge David Chapman in Palm Springs Superior Court was assigned the Case. Sulemeyer and Richardson appears and Moves to “Strlke the Summons of the Complaint” on grounds of lack of jurisdiction. After Motions and Couri uncovering forgery of Court Minutes, phony Transcrips, Richardson Fraud in filing a forged and False Proposed Order trying to Dismiss the Complaint that Couri Caught, Chapman lying, violating the Judicial Canons and the CCP. Finally, Chapman Dismissed the Summons of the Complaint “Without Prejudice”, Further Chapman’s refusal to disqualify himself as mandated by CCP. engaging in Judicial Fraud by concocting phony Claims against Couri in order to Gag him from access to the Courts by Obstructing Justice, Charges were Filed against Chapman with the Commission on Judicial Performance with a plethora of evidence. Including  Chapman’s Racketeering, falsifications of Court Records, using a Court Reporter with a Expired License, which is Illegal Reporting punishable with a Fine of up to $2500.00 on Each Occation, and the Transcript illegal. Meanwhile Chapman has instigated Court Clerks to lie, to protect his dishonesty.  This Court Stenographer Terri Dickneider Quit in July 2016.

The other Judge in that Court has just recently engaged in odd-ball conduct by Evicting a 95 year old woman from her home in Palm Desert and putting her on the Street, if it were not for Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins who put-up $25,000.00 for the lady to preserve her home for her.

The Pavia Default for their Failure to Timely Move, Answer of otherwise Respond, was files as a Matter of Law as a “Default”. Thereafter the Default then causes a “Prove-up-Hearing” as to Damages which Couri scheduled with the Clerk then Vacated it as a rsult of impending Surgery.

Further to that Chapman’s misconduct and Hyjacking Justice and the Rules of Law reported to Law Enforcement, and the Commission will have grave consequences for Chapman, Siebert, Pavia, Burke, Sulmeyer and Richardson and all in concert in particular “Bag-Man” and ‘mule’ Kenneth V. Gomez Esq.

Accordingly, as can be seen these criminal Rats are desperate and Gomez is more than Desperate as his fraud upon the Federal Court in Albany Ny can result in the Judge’s Referral for Criminal Prosecution the despicable acts of a Uncle, Ken, and grandfather Robert Gomez trying to loot and embezzle over $300,000.00 of 2 Minors Blood-money.

This type of Larceny with Family is not new to these Rats and Racketeers. R

The Pavias were caught Stealing a $17Million home belonging to George pavia’s Mother in law Janna Pierce and failing to pay tax on the theft. Scams Inc Reported it and the Pavias were Caught and confessed, recently.

Siebert looted over $8Million and was caught by the IRS as well.

Gomez should have a bit more Patience as all of these Racketeers will soon be Paying the Consequences for their RICO Enterprises, and more ongoing for many years.

The only way these invidious perverts have functioned is by bribery, cheating, ghostwriting, forgery and other debased larceny. Before various Federa Judges in USDC they all have been Exposed as crooks, liars and cheats. None of these Rat-keteers would know the Truth eve if it was looking them in the Face.



wooten_judge2Scams Inc Investigations has just learned from a  Informant that Judge Paul Wooten, who was  on 1-24-16 kicked out Permanently from NY County Supreme Court for cause, was also recently Ousted from his supposed Relocation to Kings County again for cause.

Wooten has been Investigated by Scams Inc for a number of years, and we have published dozens of verified Reports carefully exposing the corrupt, depraved and racketeering acts engaged in by Wooten in and outside of his Courtroom in NY County Supreme Court.

Scams inc has exposed the illegal manner that Wooten became a Judge, by Fixes with Jailed Clarence Norman, a charade “run” for Brooklyn DA, collusion with recently convicted State Senator John Sampson, cheating and fooling Governor Patterson, circumventing the required judicial vetting process and engaging in mail and wire fraud and racketeering even before Wooten was appointed to the NY Bench.

Soon after Wooten was Appointed by Patterson,and after his unholy alliances with Norman and Sampson, Wooten was systematically “transferred” from Kings County to NY County in 2009. At that point Wooten set up hie own “Business”  in Part 7, NY County Supreme Court  at 60 Center Street NYC. The Business of Judicial Racketeering, Fixes, cheating, forgery, altering the Court Docket, mail and wire fraud, obstruction of justice, extortion, abuse of process, having Decisions and Orders Ghostwritten for him, cheating Victim litigants, granting unfounded Judgments by judicial fraud, violations of Federal and State Codes, depriving Due Process, violating the NY State and US Constitutions, altering and falsifying Litigation Records, steering illegal Inquests to JHO Gammerman, Money Laundering, Collusion, embezzlement, and rampant disregard for the Public Trust.

This Wooten depraved and documented dishonesty has been confirmed by documentary evidence in the possession of Scame Inc. Investigations.

Further to the above, dozens of prominent NY State Law Firms have Filed Charges-Complaints regarding Wooten’s larceny, corruption, incompetence and frauds. By Jan 2016 Wooten had gone far too far and another depraved  new appointed Administrative Judge Peter Moulton, who could not cover up any longer Wooten’s systematic acts of Judicial criminality, “Permanently Transfirred” Wooten out of NY County Supreme Court to Kings County Supreme Court.

This was done illegally and in violation of the NY Constitution which mandates that all Supreme Judges who are “Transferred” be announced as being “Temporary-Transferred”. If as Wooiten is Transferred “Permanently”, such must be Formally Reported by the Court and MUST be apprtved by the NY State Legislature according to the NY Constitution. None of these required Rules have been followed by the Unified Courts and in particular by baby-Face NY County Adm. Judge Peter Moulton.

In Fact Moulton has acted in complicity with Wooten, Covering up Wooten Fixes, fraud upon the court, racketeering and obstruction of justice. Moulton has likewise engaged in documented deprivation of Due Process, Obstruction of Justice, racketeering, extortion, larceny, perjury fraud,etc, Targeting the Victims of Wooten. Moulton has covered-up Wooten’s thefts of Millions and other judicial chicanery.

From Jan. 24-2016 until about August 15, 2016, Wooten was “Hiding-Out” in Kings County Supreme Court and supposedly in Part 97. Scams Inc had  received emails from many Victims of Wooten’s NY County and Part 7 cheating, forgery, falsifications and fabrications of records, decisions and orders.

From about mid Feb 2016 more emails were received as to Wooten’s fraud, racketeering, cheating and larceny in Brooklyn as well. We wrote to Kings Administrative Judge Kneipel  repeatedly as to Wooten’s judicial fixes and crimes.

Scams Inc and others also have delivered to the US Attorney a plethora of evidence of Wooten and many other Judges, lawyers, clients and JHO’s racketeering, money laundering, embezzlement, mail and wire fraud and thefte of about $100Million by racketeering, judicial corruption and larceny.

Scams Inc has now been told by Informants in Brooklyn that Wooten has been Removed entirely as a Judge in King County Courts, For Cause, been Terminated as a Judge all together. Scams Inc Investigations has confirmed that Paul Wooten has been REMOVED from all Judicial Lists in Kings County, NY County and the entire Unified Court System throughout NY State.

Scams Inc has also been told that Wooten is the subject of Criminal Activities by Prosecutors. That is at this point all we know.

What we do know is that the Unified Court System has tried to hide and cover-up Wooten’s Permanent Removal from NY County (for cause) in violation of Citizens “Right to Know”. The Unified Court has again hidden Wooten’s Permanent Removal from Kings County (again for cause). This time from the NY State Judiciary IN TOTAL.

The Unified Courts, and Moulton, Kneipel and others have systematically schemed to shroud the well documented and depraved acts engaged in by Wooten as a Corrupted and Bribed Judge engaging in misuse of Public Trust and the Power of the NY State Judiciary, to embezzle Millions of Dollars from Victim Litigants by mail and wire fraud, collusion, forgery, falsification of evidence, Steering, judicial racketeering and larceny.

We have absolute evidence of all of these Wooten “Rip-Off” activities spanning years and condoned by Judge Sherry Klein Heitler and now Judge Peter Moulton, who has not only conoined Wooten’s racketeering, but who has covered them up, and perpetuated them by abuses of his Judicial Office and the Law and by suborning perjury and engaging in mail and wire fraud only recently.

We also have evidence of many Decisions and Orders generated by Wooten’s Chambers in NY County that were Ghostwritten by many corrupt-racketeering lawyers acting in concert with Wooten and his then law clerk Rachel Mandel Hervitz, who has “disappeared”.

Wooten has been engaged in massive amounts of Judicial Crimes, larceny, extortion, and embezzling of millions in concert with other “Mafia-Style” Judges, Referees, Lawyers and JHO’s

Scams Inc has Published many Expose Reports as to these crimes via the State Courthouses beginning in 2010. Please refer to Scams inc and Scamraiders, et-al Archives for much more of undenied Facts revealed of the Corruption Rampant in NY and California State Courts.



itkoScams Inc has been Investigating Jay  Itkowitz Esq, his wife and partner in crime, Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Esq (colectively “Itkowitz”) for about nine years. We have reviewed many of Itkowitz claimed “accomplishments” which in reality, and for the most part are the result of fraud upon the court, perjury, suborning perjury, harassment, extortion of tenants, perjury, suborning perjury, falsification of evidence, forgery, aiding in fraud upon the ECB Court, fraud upon the NY Department of Buildings, orchestrating Hearings where forged and false testimony is provided by Itkowitz “Plants”. Itkowitz, after retained by a landlord client, commences a program of causing the filing of fabricated claims against a victim tenant or tenants. Itkowitz encourages bogus claims of refusal to grant access, tenant harassment of landlords, forgery of legal documents, covering up illegal and hazardous conditions in a building, maligning a tenant to cover-up the fraud, perjury and corrupt acts of Itkowitz client-landlord.

Itkpwitz is a bullly, cheat and a fraudster. They have no morals, but to win at all costs. This includes fraud, extortion, bribery, mail and wire fraud, and imperiling tenants safety.

A match made in Heaven was when George Pavia Esq and his wife Antonia Pavia lost in a Rent Stabilization Litigation at the DHCR where the Agency determined that the two top floors of the Pavia owned Brownstone 18 East 73rd Street NYC was determined RENT STABILIZED. All the while the Pavia’s had intentionally failed and refused to Register the Building with the DHCR and refused to follow legal rent guidelines.

When tenant, Jim Couri, on the 3rd Floor sought George Pavia’s position, George called the DHCR “morons”, ad refused to comply with the Laws. Couri beat the Pavias and not just his apartment was determined Stabilized but the entire 4 rental apartments were determined Stabilized. Except the other tenants were unaware that they simply had to “Request” a Stabilized Lease, bur “slippery George”  and cheater Itkowitz bamboozled them. As Pavia’s key witness to prove “substantial renovation was Mafia Contractor who was Jailed Ted Kohl. This crook and Pavia Pal was convicted for tax fraud, money laundering, perjury, extortion and more. This was Pavia’s witness plus forged and fabricated evidence that the DHCR saw through.

Enter Itkowitz who stated in the Press that “Pavias will do anything to get Couri out”.

They tried everything. Couri uncovered that a major portion of his apartment, a “greenhouse-atrium” listed in the Lease as a part of the dwelling of his apartment was illegally erected by Pavias, without filed plans, no permits and Hazardous and Unsafe.

Itkowitz, a resourceful thief, first caused Pavias to sue Couri and his wife for failure to give access for a leak (Pavia lived below Couri) and as a result Pavia suffered loss and damage of over $40,000.00. This was a fraud on the court and outright perjury, as Couri immediately Deposed George Pavia who admitted that he was a Facist, admitted he had no bills for the supposed damage, no photos of the damage and refused access. Ithowitz and Pavia became more Rabid.

Court Moved before Judge Joan Madden to Dismiss the Bogus Case which was brought in NY County Supreme Court, not Landlord Tenant Court (LT).  Madden oddly refused to dismiss. This was a bad omen that Madden was Fixed by Itkowitz and Pavia.

Then Couri had the Department of Buildings (DOB) Investigators Inspect the Atrium only to learn that it was Hazardous and illegal. Lnspectors issued and Filed over eight Violations against the Buliding and Pavias. At Hearings at the ECB Court, where all Building Violations are decided, George Pavia, Itkowitz, his expiditer all engaged in Perkury, forgery and fraud. All 8 Violations were Affirmed as Valid by the ECB Judges, 8 different Judges. They all also cited Pavia, Itkowitz and another Pavis corrupt lawyer Kenneth V Gomez as perjurers and for Filing false Documents.

The Pavias were ordered to properly rebuild the Atrium in the Couri apartment. A few months after with nothing done Couri found that the Pavias filed perjured “CERTIFICATES OF CORRECTIONS” with the DOB, SWEARING that all reconstruction was made as mandated on the Atrium, Blatant fraud, perjury and Mail Fraud by Both Pavias as 2 or more Fraudulent Correction Certificated were Filed by the Pavias, Itkowitz and Gomez.

Couri had all the Inspectors come to the Premesis who Inspected and found that the Pavias filed fraudulent Certificates of Corrections and in fact NOTHING WAS DONE, to Correct the Hazardous Greenhouse-atrium. More Violations were Issued and the  Pavias were and lawyers found at ECB to have engaged in perjury, fraud and deception and Fined severely again.

Undaunted, Pavias began to file forged plans with the DOB and Itkowitz conned Madden into a phony Hearing, precluding all evidence from the DOB, the ECB and only allowing a DOB employee (Fatima Amir) to testify who never was at premesis and who clearly was Fixed by Pavia and Itkowitz.

Then Pavias attempted to Appeal the ECB findings by filing more perjured evidence and the false statements of Amir. The EcB Denied Pavias Appeals and saw through Amir and Madden Preclusions. Then Itkowitz was caught having made Ex-Parte Phone Calls to Maddens Home, as a result of Couri’s resourceful conduct. Maddeen Vacated Couri’s Subpoena and threatened him. Meanwhile Couri was gravely ill with heart disease and cancer. In fact he was rushed to surgery after colapsing in Madden’s courtroom.

Itkowitz and Pavia lost Article 78 Proceedings, Appeal and became more Rabid. Pavia then filed a bogus criminal complaint against Couri for Nussuance.

Couri hired Ronald Kuby Esq and the Pavia Charge was Dismissed by the DA who called George Pavia “A NUT-CASE”.

Madden then allowed Itkowitz and Pavia the illegal right to amend the Phony Leak Complaint to Charge Couri with Nussuance for writing letters to Pavia’s Office mostly in response to Nut-Case George’s abusive Faxes to Couri. Except Nussuance claims by Statute MUST BE a tenants misconduct within the residential building.

Undaunted, Madden allowed this over Couris Motion to Disqualify Madden on two occationas and Denied by Madden. This Denial is a violation of the UDS Constitution “Due-Process Clause” which Mandates a Judge Disqualification eve with a miniscule appearance of Partiality, here Madden gave Pavia and Itkowitz “The Farm” at Couri’s expense. Madden became more livid.

Pavia was engaged in a pervasive scheme to rob Rent Stabilization so that he could get a windfall by selling 18E 73 St empty and engaged in massive collusion, racketeering, extortion, embezzlement to get what he wanted. Pavis paid ZERO for that Building as it was gifted to them by George’s Mother-in-law Janna Pierce.

The Pavias embarked on a racketeering enterprise rather than deal honestly with Rent Stabilization. As Retakliation, George Pavia engaged in RICO alliances with sex deviant Dr John Siebert who owed Couri admitted under Oath of over $50Million,. They along with Kenneth Gomez Esq, Joseph M Burke Esq, Russo Burke, Abrams Deemer, Sulmeyer Kupetz and others a massive scheme of mail and wire fraud, bribery, obstruction of justice embezzlement, extortion threats, racketeering. Pavia was wittnessed threatening CCouri and “MURDER” Siebert sent threatening Emails and now is subject to a 3year permanent Nationwide Restraining Order.

Pavias were caught by Coiuri converting Jana Pierce Residence at 15 East 77the Street NYC for themselves and adult children without a cent of consideration and Reported ton the IRS.

The Pavia were closed in by the IRS, Confessed to tax evasion and are now Payinf penalties fines and possible criminal charges.

Siebertwas caughe engaging in Money Laundering, fraud perjury Tax evasion and Millions in Bogus deductions. Siebert has been caught engaging im Mail and Wire  Fraud, collusion, and fraud. Pavia Siebert and Burke have engaged in interstate frauds, obstructing Justice in concert with Itkowitz who by fraud, perjury, suborning perjuri, collusion with Judge Madden by ex-partie Phone Calls, maligning Couri who has aided the Government in  uncovering corruption, Couri was and still is a Victim of a racketeering enterprise financed by Pavia from NY to California, orchestrating larceny, bribery, judicial corruption, and embezzlement.

George Pavia is not the legitimate Lawyer-Landlord, he is a thief, now charged by Pryor Cashman Esqs for Lootion the Yvonne Rogers Estate with Pavia Harcourt for $30Million, offshore Banking, perjury Tax evasion and larceny. Again George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt were charged by the sarcarco Estate before the Federal Court in NY for embezzlement, larceny Breech  of Fiduciary Duties and worse. Gomez has been found to attempt stealing with his brother over $300,000.00 from Minors in a Federal Case in Northern NY. Siebert has been evicted outo of NY State as a Doctor and Found and Confessed to the NY State Department of Health to being “MORALLY UNFIT”.

Siebert is a proven tax cheat, a perjurer and a sex pervert. Joe Burke has been uncovered as a perjurer, a ghostwriter and compromising Referee Jack Suter bt Email Evidence of a embezzlement of $7Million from Couri by Mail and wire Fraud and bribery admitted to by Suter,

Burke has engaged in perjury, purging Courthouse Rercords, suborning Siebert’s Perkury, Perjury in Federal Bankruptcy Court in California in concert with Lawyers Sulmeyer Kupetz, David Richardson. There after again in California Superior Court in Riverside.

Meanwhile Itkowitz continues to profer Fraud and deception wit as Itkowitz calls “GAMESMANSHIP” stated otherwise perjury, fraud, filing fraudulent and forged evidence, suborning perjury, ghostwriting, precluding and secretion of evidence from the DOB, the DHCR, covering up Collateral Estoppel and Res-Judicata, permitting Pavia to File False Certificate of Corrections thus Imperiling the Safety in the Couri apartment.

In Fact the Atrium partially collapsed and Mrs Couri who is a Artist and used tha Atrium as a Studio-Den was injured. Undaunted Pavia engaged in more Perjury and fraud lying that the Atrium was a Legally Erected Structure and tha Mr and Mrs Couri are “Liars”. When in fact at the Time George engaged in this Blatant Fraud and Perjury the Pavias knew that the Atrium Structure was constructed by them without Permits, illegal, unsafe and not a dwelling area.

Yet these Criminals signed a fraudulent Lease, Lied, cheated engaged in forgery, Filed False Certificates of Corrections, looted the Building, stole Rent Stabilization Rights, Unjustly enriched themselves of over $20Million by Obstruction of Justice, extortion bribery collusion, FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT, RICO and larceny.

Then Pavias and Gomez, Burke Siebert engaged in fraud and embezzling of Couri’s $230,000.00 Medical Malpractice Settlement by perjury, fraud collusion and Gomez ‘FRONT-BAG-MAN LARCENY”.

As Can be seen Jay and Michelle Itkowitd will do and say anything for a few bucks, They are like the 42nd Street Whores, no conscience, no morals and diabolical warped cheaters. We at Scams Inc Investigations have evidence of each and every charge in this Expose involving this racketeering enterprise orchestrated by Pavia and his contumacious “Group”.

George Pavia has been cheating, extorting money laundering and defrauding for over 50 years. George Pavia has been engaged in larceny world wide. We have evidence of Pavial’s alliances with Jailed criminals including Ted Kohk, M. Assor and his son,Pavia’s offshore Banking scams and undeclared illegal Income, Tax Evasion, fakery, cheating and embezzlements and worse.

Jay Itkowitz and Michelle and Gmmez have Filed repeated fraudulent Motions before Madden as part of rge racketeering scheme to loot and rob a $20Million Score for the Pavias and themselves.Scams Inc have Jay Itkowitz fraud and Perjury regarding “Responses to Interogatories” served by Couri. Perjury regarding a fabricated Leak, fraudulent and barred Nussuance Charges, and covering up the Findings by the ECB,DOB that Pavias, Itkowitz and Gomez engaged in perjury and filing False Documents at these Courts. We have Audio Recordings from ECB under FOIL revealing these criminal acts,prepetuated by Pavia, and others in a scam of grand larceny and obstruction of justice to rob over $20Million at the expense of honesty and Justice.

Jay Itkowitz and his wife Michelle are “two-peas-in-a-pod” of prostituting the Rules of Law for a unjust fee.

The revealing Case that Itkowitz recently Filed and was kicked out of court was a Complaint against Signature Bank. Itkowitz sued the Bank for Bouncing Itkowitz checks although there as insufficient Momey in the Itkowitz Accounts. Aslo Itkowitz sought Damages from the Bank for charging a Overdraft-Bounced Check Fees.

As anyone can see that ITKOWITZ is no less a “NUT CASE and THIEF” as GEORGE PAVIA WAS AND IS.

Scams Inc welcomes any denials from any of these RICO ACTORS exposed here as we have all of the Proofs to verify the Charges herein.


health_fraudUW Hospital in Madison Wisconsin is the only Hospital in the World that would keep Dr John Siebert on the Surgical Staff.

Siebert is a convicted sex pervert, a pedophile according to his patient victims, a butcher, a sociopath and a criminal tax cheat.
Siebert was thrown out of every Hospital in NY, he was terminated by the NY State Department of Health as a NY State Doctior after Hearings and Siebert Admissions that he is Unfit and that he SEXUALLY ABUSED PATIENTS.


Siebert is the subject of a Nationwide RESTRAINING ORDER, for his threats of bodily harm and extortion. Siebert has fleeced many including lying to DIANE HENDRICKS, the Widow who inherited about $3Billion.

Siebert who is a perverted thief and con-man along with R. Slwinski President of UW Hospital filed a fraudulent Press Release claiming that Siebert is a Researcher and Scientist.

Siebert is a swindler and a money launderer, yet he and UW conned Diane Hendricks to forking over a few Million and hiring Siebert as a “Researcher”.

The only thing that Siebert has “Researched” is someones Bank Accounts so that he and his swindlers at UW can fleece it.

Why would UW hire and keep Siebert a known Sex pervert, convict, kicked outo 6 Hospitals for narcotics abuse, thefts of Medicare funds, thefts from Blue Cross, Sex abuse, all documented, keep this charlatan on as a Surgeon.

Also Siebert is a cherat and liar as to Parry Romberg Syndrome. He has conned and cheated many, stolen their money on contra-indicated Surgery on a progressive Disease for which Surgery only exassibates the condition.

Further this Siebert warped sociopath engages in this expensive Butchering on Children, giving the Parents and the victims “False-Hopes” and Looting them in the process.

Siebert and UW are “two-peas-in-a-pod”. There can be no legitimate reason for a legitimate hospital keeping a known thief, butcher, sex-pervert  on the UW Staff.

John Siebert has fleeced over 10 or more Patients and other victims for well over $50million. Siebert has cheated the IRS, the State Tax Departments and has been charged with Tax Evasion. He is a known perjurer, Racketeer, embezzler, extortonist and money launderer-perjurer.

We have been Investigating Siebert and his wife Kimberly for a number of years, We have been investigating the Perverted and Polluted antics of UW Hospital and Ron Slwinski, and we believe that UW and Siebert act in concert to loot, cheat, defraud and con Patients, acts a legitimate Doctor would not do. So UW, and Siebert have formed a ‘unholy alliance” to cheat patients and lure them inot a slaughter house of the UW Operating Rooms and then fleece Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and the Patients themselves.

Siebert is a menace to Society and sadly so is UW Hospital and Ron Slwinski its President-Director, apparently a negligent either idiot or crook. There can be no other reason to keep such a Morally Unfit Thief such as Jon Siebert on Staff of UW Funny Farm Hospital in Madison Wisconsin.


bounty_645x400Scams Inc and all of its Affiliated Organizations, all Internet News Organizations are pleased to announce a $20,000.00 Reward for evidence and all forms of Information that leads to the Indictments and Convictions of New Yourk and California Politicians, State Court Judges, Attorneys and all Officers of the Courts who engage in and continue to engage in violations of the Public Trust, Obstruction of Justice, deprivation of Due Process, Fraud upon the Court, forms of Judicial and Political Extortion, falsification of court records, minutes and pleadings, chicanery, Bribery, Racketeering, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, suborning perjury and Collusion.

This Reward also embraces any and all information that leads to the indictment and conviction of all Officers of the Courts. “officer of the court” is defined as any and all judges, lawyers, court-clerks, court stenographers, mediators, referees, judicial secretaries,  law-clerks, etc.

Scams Inc Investigators have learned a great deal of information over the years from Courthouse clerks in the NY County Supreme Court as to the Judicial larceny and forgery that has been uncovered by corrupt judges.

Scams Inc will, over the next number of weeks, be Reporting on not only more and more State Court judicial corruption and incompetence ongoing in California and New York, but the blind eye taken by local California politicians, publications, incompetent reporting, all gravely impacting the citizens who are daily being excoriated by courthouse embezzlement of their money, family, rights, liberty and homes.

Scams Inc has assembled carloads of proof of these Racketeers, but believe that this Reward will give many who have First-Hand Information to come Forward and Report it to us.

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worlds_greatest_bullshit_artist_385_x_245_oval_wScams Inc and its various Internet News Divisions have for over 10 years, been investigating, researching and exposing the dishonest and underhanded activities engaged in by George Pavia Esq (Pavia), Pavia Harcourt Esqs (PH), Antonia Pavia (Wife), and the plethora of scum-bags who have been engaged in the Pavia Racketeering Enterprise. We have exposed, confirmed and  published the stench of depraved acts of extortion, embezzling, money laundering, tax evasion, threats, bribery, courthouse corruption, forgery, fraud upon the courts, and more BULLSHIT to sink the Titanic.

The acts of George Pavia have been carefully exposed by Scams Inc’s opening, not one, but about a dozen Pavia & Company Cans of Worms of Criminality beginning in the early 1940’s to the present. George has lied, cheated, extorted, conned and bullshitted his way from Genoa Italy to America. George was a Murderer at a young age. Yes, Murderer. This despicable rat became a informant for the Facists and Nazis ratting on Jewish Families (men, women and children) who as a result were “rounded-up” and shipped to Camps and death. George was born in about 1925 in Italy. He engaged in his Nazi evil as a Jew himself.

From the early 1940’s George got to America, allied himself with Organized Crime, became a Lawyer and front for Criminals. We have evidence of Pavia alliances with the Anastasia Brothers from Brooklyn who ran the NY Docks. Pavia’s alliances with Mob Contractor Ted Kohl who has been Jailed for perjury, money laundering, tax evasion and perjury. Pavia and wife used Kohl to submit false, undocumented and and fabricated Affidavits to try and help Pavia Falsify a Defense re Rent Stabilization at 18 E 73 St NYC. Pavia has close associations with a number of other Mafia persons but Scams inc can not reveal certain names now. Pavia has organized a RICO Enterprise involving many including Kenneth V Gomez Esq, the Extortionist, Mule, Embezzler, perjurer. Swindler Lawyer-perjurer Joseph MBurke Esq. Jay Itkowitz Esq, Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Esq Sex Pervert Dr John Siebert. Corrupted NY County Supreme Court Judges Madden, Wooten, Gammerman, Moulton and others allied with them. Referees Jack Suter, L. Lowenstein. And a medley of Clerks.

We have a truck load of Proof of the Pavia RICO Enterprise engaging in Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, bribery, Thefis of about $100Million out of Bribery and Collusion in the NY County Courts, Thefts by Pavia, wife, PH and adult children, Philippa and Jullian of property at 15 East 77th Street and Tax evasion related to the theft. Pavia sold the property for over $15Million  using Douglas Elliman and Key Ventures as Brokers. The rightful Owner, Janna Pierce Estate got Zero. Them Pavia Wife and kids filed fraudulent Tax Returns with the IRS and NY State. Scams Inc Found this swindle reported them and the IRS caught these Rotten Rats and Nailed them for Tax Evasion.

The Pavia’s then Robbed 18 East 73rd Street NYC from Rent Stabilized Tenants by engaging in well documented Perjury, fraud, Forgery, filing Fraudulent documents with The Courts, the Dept of Buildings, bribery doctoring evidence, extortion and collusion with Maddeen, and aided by Gomez, Itkowitz and a corrupted DOB employee.

Meanwhile, 9 DOB Inspectors who had active First-Hand knowledge of the Proved “Hazardous-Conditions” of the Pavia !8 E. 73St Rent Stabilized Building were precluded from Testifying as a result of Pavia’s bribery and cheating along with Gomez, Itkowitz and Madden.

There is no escape now fro the Full Exposure of the Pavia RICO scams. But George and his RICO group did not stop there. They Robbed by Racketeering an d Money Laundering using Siebert Wooten Gammerman over $50Million, by mail and wire fraud, extortion and Violations of 18 USC 1962.

Pavia Gomez and Burke took this RICO Machine to California using Fixers Law-Offices of Sulmeyer Kupitz, Multiple Courts, Perjury Bribery, fraud upon the Federal Riverside Court the Riverside Superior Court, forgery, falsifying Records, using the usual Gag Game ofr set-up Vexatious Litigant claim, collusion, judicial cheating and manipulations resulting in illegally thwarting another claim of over $200Million in RICO Claims. The Pavia Racketeers have corrupted cheated defrauded and extorted. The misuse of Statutes, the Constitution and judicial larceny has been clear and convincing.

Pavia PH and the Racketeers have done everything to thwart te exposing of their Criminal Enterprise including, stalking, Internet Fraud, perjury, threats, smear campaigns, phony Gomez blogs funded by Pavia, and worse. Scams Inc has ignored these threats and extortion. Mr Jim Couri has secured Restraining Orders, has witnesses of Pavia threat of murder, and now has more evidence of the Pavia Racketeering Enterprise, money laundering, extortion, conversion, self dealing, fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, tax evasion and filing forged tax returns and thefts of over $30 Million from the Rogers Estate, more than $15 Million from Maurizio Sacerdote  and more than $100Million from Jim Couri by RICO on “all Fours”.

Pavia and PH are and have been Defendants in Cases in USDC-SDNY before Hon Valerie Caproni (Case 13-Cv-8043-VEC). The same Judge that recently presided over the Sheldon Silver Criminal Trial. Pavi and PH are defendants in Case 652006-16 seeking over $30Million.

THe interesting and Finger-Print of the Pavia RICO Enterprise are the Charges in each of these Cases reveal repeat acts of larceny, forgery, mail and wire fraud, embezzling money laundering, bribery, self dealing and the looting of millions in concert with others as a RICO Enterprise with PH fronting a the suppose Law office the Front money launderer under the aegis of Pavia. Filing false and forged tax returns, cheating the Estate, forgery, theft conversion and larceny. Likewise the Sacerdote Federal Complaint Charges Pavia and PH with theft, conversionfraud in inducement, misuse of Powers of Attorney by Pavia, looting, refusal to account for the thefts by Pavia, diversion of Estate funds by Pavia, illegal conversion of Estate property, and looting iot. Paying illegal supposed Fees to Pavia and PH by forgery from Estate Funds, payments to Pavia Mules and shells for no legitimate purposes. Illegal payments of Estate fumds exceeding $200,000.00 to Pavia and PH without any evidence of valid services with Estate Checks signed by Pavia illegally. Pavia and PH charged with disloyalty, concealment, conversion, fraud, leasing, selling Estate Propertyfar below Market, theft and breach of fiduciary duties.

Based upon the Docket, Judge Caproni was clearly onto Pavia and PH as the criminals that they are.

Kenneth V. Gomez Esq, another active Racketeer in the RICO enterprise has been engaged in Courthouse swindles, Ghostwriting, bribery fraud, forgery andperjury for years. Scams inc has audio Recordings of Pavia and Gomez engaging in rampant perjury and fraud at ECB Court Hearings in NY regarding the Hazardous conditions at 18 E 73 St. The Orders of the DOB and ECB Court confirm the Pavia Gomez forgery frauds and Perjury 4 times and at the Appeals Court.

Pavia filed fraudulent criminal charges to thwart Mr Couri which the NY DA threw out on his own Motion and called Pavia “a nutcase”. Pavia has been caught engaging in perjury ath the NYC DHCR re Rent Stabilization, Cited as a liar by Ludge Lebedeff in NY County Supreme Court. The only ally to Pavia’s Racketeering was Judge Madden that Pavia, Gomez and Itkowitz Fixed and bribed.

Gomez has now after looting Mr Jim Couri is in a scheme to loot and rob his nephiews in concert with his brother Robert Gomez in a USDC Case before USDJ M. D’Agostino. Ken Gomez usual MO in hiis courthouse RICO is to engage in bullyism, perjury, falsifications of facts, forgery, tampering with evidence and lying to a honorable judge of brobery to get his way by cheating.

Scams Inc has reviewed Gomez Pleadings and here again are schemes to embezzle and cheat kids, a Insurance Company a Federal Judge and loot and mutilate the memory of Robert’s wife whose wishes were to leave the over $300,00.00 to these Children. Undaunted as the crook Kenneth Gomez MO does is to create enough BS by lying, cheating and fraud upon the Court that adversaries, often Insurers “cave” and pay Gomez his extortion by his corrupt Racketeering at the courthouse. Gomez belongs in jail along with his co-racketeers. He is a cheat and a desperado whow will loot and rob anyone foa a Fix.

George Pavia like the Mafia Don, has his hands in every deal that hie Racketeers Rip-Off. George Pavia and PH are listed as either Owners and of Regisrered Agents for well over 100 Off-Shore Companies involved in from nothing to Gambeling Importing, entertainment and olive oil. These supposed corporations have been used by Pavia and PH for theft of Rogers Estates $30Million, Thefts from others, Texd Kohl Money Laundering, other criminal enterprises, sale of Narcotics, particularly by Siebert out of his previous NY Offices, according to Victims Affidavits Kleiman and Ms Rachel. Pavia has for years maintained a Inventory of Offshore Shells for tax evasion for himself, wife, kids, PH, mob persons and other criminals. Scams Inc has the Names and locations of many of these Shells and have turned them over to the CID of the Dept of Treasury. Siebert another RICO Actor has been caught thanks to Scams Inc. engaging in multiple phony Returns engaging in fraud, collusion bribery and larceny. Siebert has secreted illgotten gains he ows Mr Couri of Millions in concert with Pavia PH, Freedom Wireless Holdings Larry Day, Doug Fougnes and others who have secreted and conspired with Siebert to engage in mail and wire fraud and money laundering.

The Pavia RICO Operation is now on the run. The Judges, Referees, lawyers and others are exposed and will be further peeled away as the “tide is out” and their asses are glistening in the sunset.

Pavia and wife have also defrauded Brown Harris Stevens and 580 Park Avenue Board of Directors by securing a Co-op Apartment 2C with a false Application, a false Financial Statement, failing to disclose that the funds used to buy 2C was embezzled from others and that the Pavias have looted and robbed the IRS as well. Pavia is a very deranged person. His psyciatristDr Arnold Hutchneicker, the same psyciatrist that Nixon was treated by has revealed before he died that George Pavia was a narcissit suffering from dilusions of grandeur,and ha mentally imbalanced person. George ca exhibit lucid moments as a pure sociopath but then turn into a sadist. George Pavia according to the Doctor has alow esteme for himself as a result of his carnival freak appearance. A contorted socially inept faker and phony who concocts that he is a Italian elitest but in reality a Italian thief, racketeer, and perverted evil BULLSHIT ARTIST.