worlds_greatest_bullshit_artist_385_x_245_oval_wScams Inc and its various Internet News Divisions have for over 10 years, been investigating, researching and exposing the dishonest and underhanded activities engaged in by George Pavia Esq (Pavia), Pavia Harcourt Esqs (PH), Antonia Pavia (Wife), and the plethora of scum-bags who have been engaged in the Pavia Racketeering Enterprise. We have exposed, confirmed and  published the stench of depraved acts of extortion, embezzling, money laundering, tax evasion, threats, bribery, courthouse corruption, forgery, fraud upon the courts, and more BULLSHIT to sink the Titanic.

The acts of George Pavia have been carefully exposed by Scams Inc’s opening, not one, but about a dozen Pavia & Company Cans of Worms of Criminality beginning in the early 1940’s to the present. George has lied, cheated, extorted, conned and bullshitted his way from Genoa Italy to America. George was a Murderer at a young age. Yes, Murderer. This despicable rat became a informant for the Facists and Nazis ratting on Jewish Families (men, women and children) who as a result were “rounded-up” and shipped to Camps and death. George was born in about 1925 in Italy. He engaged in his Nazi evil as a Jew himself.

From the early 1940’s George got to America, allied himself with Organized Crime, became a Lawyer and front for Criminals. We have evidence of Pavia alliances with the Anastasia Brothers from Brooklyn who ran the NY Docks. Pavia’s alliances with Mob Contractor Ted Kohl who has been Jailed for perjury, money laundering, tax evasion and perjury. Pavia and wife used Kohl to submit false, undocumented and and fabricated Affidavits to try and help Pavia Falsify a Defense re Rent Stabilization at 18 E 73 St NYC. Pavia has close associations with a number of other Mafia persons but Scams inc can not reveal certain names now. Pavia has organized a RICO Enterprise involving many including Kenneth V Gomez Esq, the Extortionist, Mule, Embezzler, perjurer. Swindler Lawyer-perjurer Joseph MBurke Esq. Jay Itkowitz Esq, Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Esq Sex Pervert Dr John Siebert. Corrupted NY County Supreme Court Judges Madden, Wooten, Gammerman, Moulton and others allied with them. Referees Jack Suter, L. Lowenstein. And a medley of Clerks.

We have a truck load of Proof of the Pavia RICO Enterprise engaging in Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, bribery, Thefis of about $100Million out of Bribery and Collusion in the NY County Courts, Thefts by Pavia, wife, PH and adult children, Philippa and Jullian of property at 15 East 77th Street and Tax evasion related to the theft. Pavia sold the property for over $15Million  using Douglas Elliman and Key Ventures as Brokers. The rightful Owner, Janna Pierce Estate got Zero. Them Pavia Wife and kids filed fraudulent Tax Returns with the IRS and NY State. Scams Inc Found this swindle reported them and the IRS caught these Rotten Rats and Nailed them for Tax Evasion.

The Pavia’s then Robbed 18 East 73rd Street NYC from Rent Stabilized Tenants by engaging in well documented Perjury, fraud, Forgery, filing Fraudulent documents with The Courts, the Dept of Buildings, bribery doctoring evidence, extortion and collusion with Maddeen, and aided by Gomez, Itkowitz and a corrupted DOB employee.

Meanwhile, 9 DOB Inspectors who had active First-Hand knowledge of the Proved “Hazardous-Conditions” of the Pavia !8 E. 73St Rent Stabilized Building were precluded from Testifying as a result of Pavia’s bribery and cheating along with Gomez, Itkowitz and Madden.

There is no escape now fro the Full Exposure of the Pavia RICO scams. But George and his RICO group did not stop there. They Robbed by Racketeering an d Money Laundering using Siebert Wooten Gammerman over $50Million, by mail and wire fraud, extortion and Violations of 18 USC 1962.

Pavia Gomez and Burke took this RICO Machine to California using Fixers Law-Offices of Sulmeyer Kupitz, Multiple Courts, Perjury Bribery, fraud upon the Federal Riverside Court the Riverside Superior Court, forgery, falsifying Records, using the usual Gag Game ofr set-up Vexatious Litigant claim, collusion, judicial cheating and manipulations resulting in illegally thwarting another claim of over $200Million in RICO Claims. The Pavia Racketeers have corrupted cheated defrauded and extorted. The misuse of Statutes, the Constitution and judicial larceny has been clear and convincing.

Pavia PH and the Racketeers have done everything to thwart te exposing of their Criminal Enterprise including, stalking, Internet Fraud, perjury, threats, smear campaigns, phony Gomez blogs funded by Pavia, and worse. Scams Inc has ignored these threats and extortion. Mr Jim Couri has secured Restraining Orders, has witnesses of Pavia threat of murder, and now has more evidence of the Pavia Racketeering Enterprise, money laundering, extortion, conversion, self dealing, fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, tax evasion and filing forged tax returns and thefts of over $30 Million from the Rogers Estate, more than $15 Million from Maurizio Sacerdote  and more than $100Million from Jim Couri by RICO on “all Fours”.

Pavia and PH are and have been Defendants in Cases in USDC-SDNY before Hon Valerie Caproni (Case 13-Cv-8043-VEC). The same Judge that recently presided over the Sheldon Silver Criminal Trial. Pavi and PH are defendants in Case 652006-16 seeking over $30Million.

THe interesting and Finger-Print of the Pavia RICO Enterprise are the Charges in each of these Cases reveal repeat acts of larceny, forgery, mail and wire fraud, embezzling money laundering, bribery, self dealing and the looting of millions in concert with others as a RICO Enterprise with PH fronting a the suppose Law office the Front money launderer under the aegis of Pavia. Filing false and forged tax returns, cheating the Estate, forgery, theft conversion and larceny. Likewise the Sacerdote Federal Complaint Charges Pavia and PH with theft, conversionfraud in inducement, misuse of Powers of Attorney by Pavia, looting, refusal to account for the thefts by Pavia, diversion of Estate funds by Pavia, illegal conversion of Estate property, and looting iot. Paying illegal supposed Fees to Pavia and PH by forgery from Estate Funds, payments to Pavia Mules and shells for no legitimate purposes. Illegal payments of Estate fumds exceeding $200,000.00 to Pavia and PH without any evidence of valid services with Estate Checks signed by Pavia illegally. Pavia and PH charged with disloyalty, concealment, conversion, fraud, leasing, selling Estate Propertyfar below Market, theft and breach of fiduciary duties.

Based upon the Docket, Judge Caproni was clearly onto Pavia and PH as the criminals that they are.

Kenneth V. Gomez Esq, another active Racketeer in the RICO enterprise has been engaged in Courthouse swindles, Ghostwriting, bribery fraud, forgery andperjury for years. Scams inc has audio Recordings of Pavia and Gomez engaging in rampant perjury and fraud at ECB Court Hearings in NY regarding the Hazardous conditions at 18 E 73 St. The Orders of the DOB and ECB Court confirm the Pavia Gomez forgery frauds and Perjury 4 times and at the Appeals Court.

Pavia filed fraudulent criminal charges to thwart Mr Couri which the NY DA threw out on his own Motion and called Pavia “a nutcase”. Pavia has been caught engaging in perjury ath the NYC DHCR re Rent Stabilization, Cited as a liar by Ludge Lebedeff in NY County Supreme Court. The only ally to Pavia’s Racketeering was Judge Madden that Pavia, Gomez and Itkowitz Fixed and bribed.

Gomez has now after looting Mr Jim Couri is in a scheme to loot and rob his nephiews in concert with his brother Robert Gomez in a USDC Case before USDJ M. D’Agostino. Ken Gomez usual MO in hiis courthouse RICO is to engage in bullyism, perjury, falsifications of facts, forgery, tampering with evidence and lying to a honorable judge of brobery to get his way by cheating.

Scams Inc has reviewed Gomez Pleadings and here again are schemes to embezzle and cheat kids, a Insurance Company a Federal Judge and loot and mutilate the memory of Robert’s wife whose wishes were to leave the over $300,00.00 to these Children. Undaunted as the crook Kenneth Gomez MO does is to create enough BS by lying, cheating and fraud upon the Court that adversaries, often Insurers “cave” and pay Gomez his extortion by his corrupt Racketeering at the courthouse. Gomez belongs in jail along with his co-racketeers. He is a cheat and a desperado whow will loot and rob anyone foa a Fix.

George Pavia like the Mafia Don, has his hands in every deal that hie Racketeers Rip-Off. George Pavia and PH are listed as either Owners and of Regisrered Agents for well over 100 Off-Shore Companies involved in from nothing to Gambeling Importing, entertainment and olive oil. These supposed corporations have been used by Pavia and PH for theft of Rogers Estates $30Million, Thefts from others, Texd Kohl Money Laundering, other criminal enterprises, sale of Narcotics, particularly by Siebert out of his previous NY Offices, according to Victims Affidavits Kleiman and Ms Rachel. Pavia has for years maintained a Inventory of Offshore Shells for tax evasion for himself, wife, kids, PH, mob persons and other criminals. Scams Inc has the Names and locations of many of these Shells and have turned them over to the CID of the Dept of Treasury. Siebert another RICO Actor has been caught thanks to Scams Inc. engaging in multiple phony Returns engaging in fraud, collusion bribery and larceny. Siebert has secreted illgotten gains he ows Mr Couri of Millions in concert with Pavia PH, Freedom Wireless Holdings Larry Day, Doug Fougnes and others who have secreted and conspired with Siebert to engage in mail and wire fraud and money laundering.

The Pavia RICO Operation is now on the run. The Judges, Referees, lawyers and others are exposed and will be further peeled away as the “tide is out” and their asses are glistening in the sunset.

Pavia and wife have also defrauded Brown Harris Stevens and 580 Park Avenue Board of Directors by securing a Co-op Apartment 2C with a false Application, a false Financial Statement, failing to disclose that the funds used to buy 2C was embezzled from others and that the Pavias have looted and robbed the IRS as well. Pavia is a very deranged person. His psyciatristDr Arnold Hutchneicker, the same psyciatrist that Nixon was treated by has revealed before he died that George Pavia was a narcissit suffering from dilusions of grandeur,and ha mentally imbalanced person. George ca exhibit lucid moments as a pure sociopath but then turn into a sadist. George Pavia according to the Doctor has alow esteme for himself as a result of his carnival freak appearance. A contorted socially inept faker and phony who concocts that he is a Italian elitest but in reality a Italian thief, racketeer, and perverted evil BULLSHIT ARTIST.