itkoScams Inc has been Investigating Jay  Itkowitz Esq, his wife and partner in crime, Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Esq (colectively “Itkowitz”) for about nine years. We have reviewed many of Itkowitz claimed “accomplishments” which in reality, and for the most part are the result of fraud upon the court, perjury, suborning perjury, harassment, extortion of tenants, perjury, suborning perjury, falsification of evidence, forgery, aiding in fraud upon the ECB Court, fraud upon the NY Department of Buildings, orchestrating Hearings where forged and false testimony is provided by Itkowitz “Plants”. Itkowitz, after retained by a landlord client, commences a program of causing the filing of fabricated claims against a victim tenant or tenants. Itkowitz encourages bogus claims of refusal to grant access, tenant harassment of landlords, forgery of legal documents, covering up illegal and hazardous conditions in a building, maligning a tenant to cover-up the fraud, perjury and corrupt acts of Itkowitz client-landlord.

Itkpwitz is a bullly, cheat and a fraudster. They have no morals, but to win at all costs. This includes fraud, extortion, bribery, mail and wire fraud, and imperiling tenants safety.

A match made in Heaven was when George Pavia Esq and his wife Antonia Pavia lost in a Rent Stabilization Litigation at the DHCR where the Agency determined that the two top floors of the Pavia owned Brownstone 18 East 73rd Street NYC was determined RENT STABILIZED. All the while the Pavia’s had intentionally failed and refused to Register the Building with the DHCR and refused to follow legal rent guidelines.

When tenant, Jim Couri, on the 3rd Floor sought George Pavia’s position, George called the DHCR “morons”, ad refused to comply with the Laws. Couri beat the Pavias and not just his apartment was determined Stabilized but the entire 4 rental apartments were determined Stabilized. Except the other tenants were unaware that they simply had to “Request” a Stabilized Lease, bur “slippery George”  and cheater Itkowitz bamboozled them. As Pavia’s key witness to prove “substantial renovation was Mafia Contractor who was Jailed Ted Kohl. This crook and Pavia Pal was convicted for tax fraud, money laundering, perjury, extortion and more. This was Pavia’s witness plus forged and fabricated evidence that the DHCR saw through.

Enter Itkowitz who stated in the Press that “Pavias will do anything to get Couri out”.

They tried everything. Couri uncovered that a major portion of his apartment, a “greenhouse-atrium” listed in the Lease as a part of the dwelling of his apartment was illegally erected by Pavias, without filed plans, no permits and Hazardous and Unsafe.

Itkowitz, a resourceful thief, first caused Pavias to sue Couri and his wife for failure to give access for a leak (Pavia lived below Couri) and as a result Pavia suffered loss and damage of over $40,000.00. This was a fraud on the court and outright perjury, as Couri immediately Deposed George Pavia who admitted that he was a Facist, admitted he had no bills for the supposed damage, no photos of the damage and refused access. Ithowitz and Pavia became more Rabid.

Court Moved before Judge Joan Madden to Dismiss the Bogus Case which was brought in NY County Supreme Court, not Landlord Tenant Court (LT).  Madden oddly refused to dismiss. This was a bad omen that Madden was Fixed by Itkowitz and Pavia.

Then Couri had the Department of Buildings (DOB) Investigators Inspect the Atrium only to learn that it was Hazardous and illegal. Lnspectors issued and Filed over eight Violations against the Buliding and Pavias. At Hearings at the ECB Court, where all Building Violations are decided, George Pavia, Itkowitz, his expiditer all engaged in Perkury, forgery and fraud. All 8 Violations were Affirmed as Valid by the ECB Judges, 8 different Judges. They all also cited Pavia, Itkowitz and another Pavis corrupt lawyer Kenneth V Gomez as perjurers and for Filing false Documents.

The Pavias were ordered to properly rebuild the Atrium in the Couri apartment. A few months after with nothing done Couri found that the Pavias filed perjured “CERTIFICATES OF CORRECTIONS” with the DOB, SWEARING that all reconstruction was made as mandated on the Atrium, Blatant fraud, perjury and Mail Fraud by Both Pavias as 2 or more Fraudulent Correction Certificated were Filed by the Pavias, Itkowitz and Gomez.

Couri had all the Inspectors come to the Premesis who Inspected and found that the Pavias filed fraudulent Certificates of Corrections and in fact NOTHING WAS DONE, to Correct the Hazardous Greenhouse-atrium. More Violations were Issued and the  Pavias were and lawyers found at ECB to have engaged in perjury, fraud and deception and Fined severely again.

Undaunted, Pavias began to file forged plans with the DOB and Itkowitz conned Madden into a phony Hearing, precluding all evidence from the DOB, the ECB and only allowing a DOB employee (Fatima Amir) to testify who never was at premesis and who clearly was Fixed by Pavia and Itkowitz.

Then Pavias attempted to Appeal the ECB findings by filing more perjured evidence and the false statements of Amir. The EcB Denied Pavias Appeals and saw through Amir and Madden Preclusions. Then Itkowitz was caught having made Ex-Parte Phone Calls to Maddens Home, as a result of Couri’s resourceful conduct. Maddeen Vacated Couri’s Subpoena and threatened him. Meanwhile Couri was gravely ill with heart disease and cancer. In fact he was rushed to surgery after colapsing in Madden’s courtroom.

Itkowitz and Pavia lost Article 78 Proceedings, Appeal and became more Rabid. Pavia then filed a bogus criminal complaint against Couri for Nussuance.

Couri hired Ronald Kuby Esq and the Pavia Charge was Dismissed by the DA who called George Pavia “A NUT-CASE”.

Madden then allowed Itkowitz and Pavia the illegal right to amend the Phony Leak Complaint to Charge Couri with Nussuance for writing letters to Pavia’s Office mostly in response to Nut-Case George’s abusive Faxes to Couri. Except Nussuance claims by Statute MUST BE a tenants misconduct within the residential building.

Undaunted, Madden allowed this over Couris Motion to Disqualify Madden on two occationas and Denied by Madden. This Denial is a violation of the UDS Constitution “Due-Process Clause” which Mandates a Judge Disqualification eve with a miniscule appearance of Partiality, here Madden gave Pavia and Itkowitz “The Farm” at Couri’s expense. Madden became more livid.

Pavia was engaged in a pervasive scheme to rob Rent Stabilization so that he could get a windfall by selling 18E 73 St empty and engaged in massive collusion, racketeering, extortion, embezzlement to get what he wanted. Pavis paid ZERO for that Building as it was gifted to them by George’s Mother-in-law Janna Pierce.

The Pavias embarked on a racketeering enterprise rather than deal honestly with Rent Stabilization. As Retakliation, George Pavia engaged in RICO alliances with sex deviant Dr John Siebert who owed Couri admitted under Oath of over $50Million,. They along with Kenneth Gomez Esq, Joseph M Burke Esq, Russo Burke, Abrams Deemer, Sulmeyer Kupetz and others a massive scheme of mail and wire fraud, bribery, obstruction of justice embezzlement, extortion threats, racketeering. Pavia was wittnessed threatening CCouri and “MURDER” Siebert sent threatening Emails and now is subject to a 3year permanent Nationwide Restraining Order.

Pavias were caught by Coiuri converting Jana Pierce Residence at 15 East 77the Street NYC for themselves and adult children without a cent of consideration and Reported ton the IRS.

The Pavia were closed in by the IRS, Confessed to tax evasion and are now Payinf penalties fines and possible criminal charges.

Siebertwas caughe engaging in Money Laundering, fraud perjury Tax evasion and Millions in Bogus deductions. Siebert has been caught engaging im Mail and Wire  Fraud, collusion, and fraud. Pavia Siebert and Burke have engaged in interstate frauds, obstructing Justice in concert with Itkowitz who by fraud, perjury, suborning perjuri, collusion with Judge Madden by ex-partie Phone Calls, maligning Couri who has aided the Government in  uncovering corruption, Couri was and still is a Victim of a racketeering enterprise financed by Pavia from NY to California, orchestrating larceny, bribery, judicial corruption, and embezzlement.

George Pavia is not the legitimate Lawyer-Landlord, he is a thief, now charged by Pryor Cashman Esqs for Lootion the Yvonne Rogers Estate with Pavia Harcourt for $30Million, offshore Banking, perjury Tax evasion and larceny. Again George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt were charged by the sarcarco Estate before the Federal Court in NY for embezzlement, larceny Breech  of Fiduciary Duties and worse. Gomez has been found to attempt stealing with his brother over $300,000.00 from Minors in a Federal Case in Northern NY. Siebert has been evicted outo of NY State as a Doctor and Found and Confessed to the NY State Department of Health to being “MORALLY UNFIT”.

Siebert is a proven tax cheat, a perjurer and a sex pervert. Joe Burke has been uncovered as a perjurer, a ghostwriter and compromising Referee Jack Suter bt Email Evidence of a embezzlement of $7Million from Couri by Mail and wire Fraud and bribery admitted to by Suter,

Burke has engaged in perjury, purging Courthouse Rercords, suborning Siebert’s Perkury, Perjury in Federal Bankruptcy Court in California in concert with Lawyers Sulmeyer Kupetz, David Richardson. There after again in California Superior Court in Riverside.

Meanwhile Itkowitz continues to profer Fraud and deception wit as Itkowitz calls “GAMESMANSHIP” stated otherwise perjury, fraud, filing fraudulent and forged evidence, suborning perjury, ghostwriting, precluding and secretion of evidence from the DOB, the DHCR, covering up Collateral Estoppel and Res-Judicata, permitting Pavia to File False Certificate of Corrections thus Imperiling the Safety in the Couri apartment.

In Fact the Atrium partially collapsed and Mrs Couri who is a Artist and used tha Atrium as a Studio-Den was injured. Undaunted Pavia engaged in more Perjury and fraud lying that the Atrium was a Legally Erected Structure and tha Mr and Mrs Couri are “Liars”. When in fact at the Time George engaged in this Blatant Fraud and Perjury the Pavias knew that the Atrium Structure was constructed by them without Permits, illegal, unsafe and not a dwelling area.

Yet these Criminals signed a fraudulent Lease, Lied, cheated engaged in forgery, Filed False Certificates of Corrections, looted the Building, stole Rent Stabilization Rights, Unjustly enriched themselves of over $20Million by Obstruction of Justice, extortion bribery collusion, FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT, RICO and larceny.

Then Pavias and Gomez, Burke Siebert engaged in fraud and embezzling of Couri’s $230,000.00 Medical Malpractice Settlement by perjury, fraud collusion and Gomez ‘FRONT-BAG-MAN LARCENY”.

As Can be seen Jay and Michelle Itkowitd will do and say anything for a few bucks, They are like the 42nd Street Whores, no conscience, no morals and diabolical warped cheaters. We at Scams Inc Investigations have evidence of each and every charge in this Expose involving this racketeering enterprise orchestrated by Pavia and his contumacious “Group”.

George Pavia has been cheating, extorting money laundering and defrauding for over 50 years. George Pavia has been engaged in larceny world wide. We have evidence of Pavial’s alliances with Jailed criminals including Ted Kohk, M. Assor and his son,Pavia’s offshore Banking scams and undeclared illegal Income, Tax Evasion, fakery, cheating and embezzlements and worse.

Jay Itkowitz and Michelle and Gmmez have Filed repeated fraudulent Motions before Madden as part of rge racketeering scheme to loot and rob a $20Million Score for the Pavias and themselves.Scams Inc have Jay Itkowitz fraud and Perjury regarding “Responses to Interogatories” served by Couri. Perjury regarding a fabricated Leak, fraudulent and barred Nussuance Charges, and covering up the Findings by the ECB,DOB that Pavias, Itkowitz and Gomez engaged in perjury and filing False Documents at these Courts. We have Audio Recordings from ECB under FOIL revealing these criminal acts,prepetuated by Pavia, and others in a scam of grand larceny and obstruction of justice to rob over $20Million at the expense of honesty and Justice.

Jay Itkowitz and his wife Michelle are “two-peas-in-a-pod” of prostituting the Rules of Law for a unjust fee.

The revealing Case that Itkowitz recently Filed and was kicked out of court was a Complaint against Signature Bank. Itkowitz sued the Bank for Bouncing Itkowitz checks although there as insufficient Momey in the Itkowitz Accounts. Aslo Itkowitz sought Damages from the Bank for charging a Overdraft-Bounced Check Fees.

As anyone can see that ITKOWITZ is no less a “NUT CASE and THIEF” as GEORGE PAVIA WAS AND IS.

Scams Inc welcomes any denials from any of these RICO ACTORS exposed here as we have all of the Proofs to verify the Charges herein.