19187764-mmmainIt is now clear that “Underhanded-Ken” has more than a “Screw Loose”.

This Kenneth V Gomez is a perverted and infected pimp has been doing the same thing for dozens of years: cheating, extorting, molesting, threatening, harassing and worse, anything to rob a buck.

Scams Inc therefore find it worthwhile to put out to the public the true and documented current-facts that will establish that Gomez knows that he, George Pavia Esq, Antonia Pavia, Joesph M Burke Esq, John Siebert, Jay Itkowitz and Michelle Itkowitz, are “DEAD MEN WALKING”.

Gomez has again been “recruited” by desperate Pavia  who is exposed as a tax cheat, embezzler, money launderer and thief, so we are presenting the facts that are all confirmed by documentary evidence. Gomez Ramblings will only enhance the claims and charges that are “Coming Soon” against all of these Rat-kateers.

1) Gomez has been exposed as a perjurer, fraud and cheat in a Federal Court Case where Gomez and his brother Robert are scheming to loot and rob Robert’s “grandchildren and minors out ov over $300,000.00 left to them by Roberts wife via proceeds of a Life Insurance Policy. A careful review of the Case Docket and pleadings reveal a underhanded scheme to loot the money by the same MO that Kenneth Gomez has played in many Cases where he has looted money by engaging in character assassination, perjury, suborning perjury, forgery, falsifying evidence, and fraud upon the court. Gomez has engaged in these criminal acts in courts to aid Pavia, Siebert and Burke in looting and embezzling for years. Gomez has bee called a perjurer, a cheat, a forger by Judges at various courts, he has ghostwritten Decisions for judges and referees that he, Pavia and Siebert have Fixed and Gomes has engaged in stalking and sexually molesting Victim Patients of Siebert and reported by them to prosecutors.

Gomez is so pathetic that he continues to engage in Wire Fraud by proffering fraud, dishonesty and subterfuge by his stale over 10 year old Blog, trying to extort Jim Couri, whis has not been successful and will soon be a exhibit in more Legal Reprisals for these Rat-keteers.

Gomez seems to gloat as to the charade, dishonesty, obstruction of justice and Judicial Racketeering ongoing in Supreme Court NY County. Gomez better tighten the Screws that are loose in is polluted Brain, and face the Facts,

2) Judge Paul Wooten, who was compromised, Fixed and Bribed by these Rat-kateers beginning in 2010 has ben Fired and terminated Permanently from Supreme Court NY County and Part 7, on Jan 24, 2016. Wooten was removed as a result of multiple charges and complaints by prominent Law Firms that Wooten was a incompeternt, Corrupt and engaged in judicial racketeering.

Wooten was permanently removed to Kings County on 1-24-16 and was supposedly in Part 97 in Kings. In or about August 10, 2016 Wooten was removed from ALL judicial Calendars and Listings as a Judge in the Unified Court System all together. Wooten was permanently discharged as a Judge as a result of further complaints of judicial corruption ghostwritten Decisions and Orders, Fraudulent Decisions and Orders, Forgery, collusion, falsifying Court Records and fraud.

Much of what Wooten has now been caught engaging in involves, not only many NY County and Kings County Targeted Victim Litigants looted and robbed by Wooten but involving George Pavia, Gomez, Burke, Siebert and others. Further to that Scams Inc’s Informants also reveal that Wooten is a Target of a Criminal Grand-Jury. Thus Gomez speaks in riddles and a “Forked-Tongue”.

Then ther is Judge Peter Moulton, the new Administrative Judge in NY County Supreme Court. Moulton has been caught and trapped purging Court Records, scheming to shroud Wooten’s fraud, forgery, fabrications and larceny bu engaging in documented Mail and Wire Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, suborning perjury, collusion with Burke, Gomez and Siebert and Grand Larceny.

These claims are all memoralized by Hard Proofs and Undenied. Scams Inc has proof of Gomez, Burke Pavia Siebert engaging in rampant and repeated extortion, bribery racketeering and embezzlement and fraudulent concealment.

Gomez lies again as to the $40Million California Default regarding George and Antonia Pavia.

Judicila racketeering and corruption is not relegated to the State Courts in New York. It is pervasive in California as well. Siebert and Burke along with Pavia hired Sulmeyer Kupetz Esqs and David Richardson Esq, who were caught engaging in fraud perjury and larceny in the Riverside CA Federal Courts while  filing perjured and falsified pleadings in 2014 with Siebert, Burke. In 2015 and 2016 Jim Couri with the aid of Law Enforcement secured a 3 year Restraining Order against Siebert, a convicted Sex Pervert Pedophile and removed from NY State as a unfit Doctor. This was after Vigorous Opposition on behalf of Siebert and Burke in the Superior Court Palm Springs Brance before Judges Borjk and Johnson. The Restraint is against Siebert and all in concert with him.

When Mr Couri Brought a Case against Siebert and Biurke and Does 1-15, Judge David Chapman in Palm Springs Superior Court was assigned the Case. Sulemeyer and Richardson appears and Moves to “Strlke the Summons of the Complaint” on grounds of lack of jurisdiction. After Motions and Couri uncovering forgery of Court Minutes, phony Transcrips, Richardson Fraud in filing a forged and False Proposed Order trying to Dismiss the Complaint that Couri Caught, Chapman lying, violating the Judicial Canons and the CCP. Finally, Chapman Dismissed the Summons of the Complaint “Without Prejudice”, Further Chapman’s refusal to disqualify himself as mandated by CCP. engaging in Judicial Fraud by concocting phony Claims against Couri in order to Gag him from access to the Courts by Obstructing Justice, Charges were Filed against Chapman with the Commission on Judicial Performance with a plethora of evidence. Including  Chapman’s Racketeering, falsifications of Court Records, using a Court Reporter with a Expired License, which is Illegal Reporting punishable with a Fine of up to $2500.00 on Each Occation, and the Transcript illegal. Meanwhile Chapman has instigated Court Clerks to lie, to protect his dishonesty.  This Court Stenographer Terri Dickneider Quit in July 2016.

The other Judge in that Court has just recently engaged in odd-ball conduct by Evicting a 95 year old woman from her home in Palm Desert and putting her on the Street, if it were not for Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins who put-up $25,000.00 for the lady to preserve her home for her.

The Pavia Default for their Failure to Timely Move, Answer of otherwise Respond, was files as a Matter of Law as a “Default”. Thereafter the Default then causes a “Prove-up-Hearing” as to Damages which Couri scheduled with the Clerk then Vacated it as a rsult of impending Surgery.

Further to that Chapman’s misconduct and Hyjacking Justice and the Rules of Law reported to Law Enforcement, and the Commission will have grave consequences for Chapman, Siebert, Pavia, Burke, Sulmeyer and Richardson and all in concert in particular “Bag-Man” and ‘mule’ Kenneth V. Gomez Esq.

Accordingly, as can be seen these criminal Rats are desperate and Gomez is more than Desperate as his fraud upon the Federal Court in Albany Ny can result in the Judge’s Referral for Criminal Prosecution the despicable acts of a Uncle, Ken, and grandfather Robert Gomez trying to loot and embezzle over $300,000.00 of 2 Minors Blood-money.

This type of Larceny with Family is not new to these Rats and Racketeers. R

The Pavias were caught Stealing a $17Million home belonging to George pavia’s Mother in law Janna Pierce and failing to pay tax on the theft. Scams Inc Reported it and the Pavias were Caught and confessed, recently.

Siebert looted over $8Million and was caught by the IRS as well.

Gomez should have a bit more Patience as all of these Racketeers will soon be Paying the Consequences for their RICO Enterprises, and more ongoing for many years.

The only way these invidious perverts have functioned is by bribery, cheating, ghostwriting, forgery and other debased larceny. Before various Federa Judges in USDC they all have been Exposed as crooks, liars and cheats. None of these Rat-keteers would know the Truth eve if it was looking them in the Face.