crimesceneScams Inc Investigations has uncovered evidence of a clear and convincing scheme orchestrated by disgraced and permanently removed Judge Paul Wooten from NY County Supreme Court and Part 7 in concert with proven perjurer Lawyer Joseph M Burke.

Wooten was “assigned” to the “Couri v Siebert Cases in Supreme NY County. Wooten was a known shady L & T Lawyer from Brooklyn who as a result of a “back-room” plot was “awarded’ a Judgeship thanks to Jailed king-pin Clarence Norman.

Wooten wa and is a incompetent and a thief. He was never properly or at all Screened or Vetted and he was quickly compromised by George Pavia, the organized-criminal front and embezzler-tax cheat and John Siebert the sex-pervert-pedophile doctor suspended by NY State for admissions of sex abuse of patients and being “morally-unfit”.

Wooten embarked on a pattern of obstructing justice, filing fraudulent Decisions, falsifying the Court Docket, forgery, illegal Steering, collusion, ghostwriting of his Decisions by Burke and Kenneth V Gomez Esq, and larceny.

They were desperate to disenfranchise Jim Couri out of the Unconditional Contractually sworn to $40Million Plus that Siebert Owes to Couri. Wooten condoned Siebert and Burke’s Perjury, forgery, frauds, deprived Couri the right to Depose Siebert and engaged in acts of Larceny imperiling Couri’s Rights and Health.

Then Wooten, Conspiring with thes racketeers and Pavia the Ring-leader, concocted a scheme claiming that Couri failed to produce HIPAA Forms and his Medical Records to Burke and to Wooten. Wooten and Burke engaged in a set-up Phone Conference that Couri Demanded be Transcribed by a Courthouse Reporter, which it was. Over Claims of res-judicata, and prior Compliance and Dismissals of the Claim Wooten allowed Burke to again Move to strike Couri’s Answer.

Couri provided 100% proof by Sworn Affs of Process Server  and signed Proofs of Service to Burke’s Office and Wooten Court Clerk Rubio, that HIPAA Forms and Medical Records were Served on Burke and Wooten 4 times, by Hand, and by Fed-Ex. In fact Rubio personally Signed for them as well. All of this before that Sham Burke Motion where it was proved by documentary evidence that Burke committed perjury, trickery and fraud upon the court repeatedly in the Motion.

Couri included this proof in his Answer to Burke’s Motion. After these Motion Papers were “Fully Submitted” to the Motion Part at the Courthouse, and months passed without a Decision from Wooten, Couri Sent Paralegal Stanley Wilson to the Courthouse Record Room to review the Motion Folder. Chief Clerk Mr Washington told Wilson that the Files on that Case and the Subject Motion Folder was in Wooten’s Chambers for over 3 months. A letter was written to Wooten hand his then Law Clerk Rachel Mandell Hervotz as to the Files being Rermoved.

Soon after Mr Washington advised that the Files were returned, except that the DSubject Motion File re HIPAA –Burke Motion File was a unsual and replaced Folder. Wilson  went back to the Record Room and reviewed and copied the entire contents of the Burke Motion Re HIPAA.

The Result of careful review was shocking. RThe Notice of Motion and Burk’s supporting Affidavit and all other Documents and Exhibits including Couri’s Answer and Exhibits were “Purged” “Forged’ Tampered”.  The evidence of this was the fact that the Court Clerk Stamps affixed to the Instant Notice of Motion and Motion were all incorrect. The Stamps used on the Forged and planted fake pleadings were not the “Motion Support “approved” stamp, Not the County Clerk “Paid” Stamp and the Mothin Part Stamp re “accepted” was also not there. The Dates were all wrong as to the Date of the Filing of the Motion and thereafter on the Answer and Reply.

All of this fraud was produced to Wooten and Ignored, although the Evidence of Couri Compliance re HIPAA was intentionally Purged in soe but not all of the Forged Replacements. Fortunately, Couri and Wilson maintained Duplicates with the Proper Court and Motion Support Stamps attached to them.

It was evident that Wooten’s Chambers had possession and motive to tamper and Forge this File and replace the Forgery in the Courthouse Record Room. MR Raphiel, Asst to Washington, Chief Record Room Clerk advised that the Folder was not correct and not the Foder that went to Wooten.

It became Clear that this was a racketeering scheme to obstruct justice and loot and embezzle Couri.

Then Wooten and Burke conspired to Steer the Sham Matter to Gammerman a Corrupted JHO, after Wooten violated Uniform Rules, CPLR and his permitting this Charade with a Ghostwritten Decision of 12-24-13 written for Wooten by Burke and Gomez to steal over $40Million from Couri.

Then after Wooten was Fired from NY County, He Signed 6-7 Decisions replete with Fraud, and fabrications, on a Forged NY County Form AFTER Wooten was Fired and gave Siebert the $40MILLION and another $15Million grounded on fabrications and in contravention to the facts, evidence, Releases in favor of Couri from Siebert and in contravention to Covenant not to Sue.

It is clear yet astounding that in the 21st Century this form of larceny from a Court can occur, but it does and covered up by other Corrupt Judges such as here Administrative Judge Peter Moulton who has tried to shroud the Crimes of Moulton, Siebert, Burke Pavia and Gomez.

Scams Inc has produced all of this Evidence material to Federal Law Enforcement, and now we learn that Wooten’s name has been removed as a Judge in all Unified Court Venues, including Kings County where he was supposedly Assigned after being Permanently Fired from NY County Supreme Court.

Wooten is a documented thief as is Moulton who in concert have engaged in Obstruction of Justice, Mail and Wire Fraud, perjury, Deprivation of Due Process, Racketeering and Judicial Larceny, and worse, including Forgery bullying Clerks to commit crimes and cover-up Judicial frauds.

Scams Inc has all of the Evidence to support these Lawyer, Client and Judicial Racketeering activities, embezzlement and more.All of these acts are gravely serious Federal and State Crimes, and have deprived Citizens from obtaining fair and unfettered Justice. Seems that these Faker-Judges that have violated the Public Trust should be Charged, Convicted and Jailed.