cartoon1Scams Inc Investigations has been carefully assembling a plethora of proof of the ongoing bad acts, judicial fraud, and other dishonest acts engaged in by Judge David M  Chapman, a Superior Court Judge located in the Superior Court Palm Springs Branch, CA (PS2).

Scams Inc takes due care and pride in only reporting Facts that are verified by evidence that is clear and convincing. We have been engaged in Forensic Investigations for about 10 years, We expose, and report on it and often our Investigative Reports become a foundation for Law Enforcement action against the reported target and perpetrators.

We refer all of our Readers to the 4 prior Reports regarding the underhanded acts engaged in by Judge Chapman, that has adversely impacted literally thousands of California Citizens who have been cheated by the corruption, deprivation of due process, and other rip-offs engaged in by Chapman’s hyjacking of the Rules of law, violations of the Canons of Judicial Ethics, the US and California Constitutions, the California Penal Code, the CCP and his collusion and manipulation of California State Agencies such as the Dept of Consumer Affairs (DCA), the California Court Reporters Board (CRB), the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) and others.

All of the evidence submitted to the CJP was verified and revealed a litany of evidence materials proving that Chapman has engaged in documented dishonesty, collusion, forgery of Court Minutes,
perjury, suborning perjury, obstruction of justice, violations of the mandates per the CCP and the US Constitution Due-Process Clause and to Disqualification. Chapman has violated the rights and access to the courts by fraud and obstruction of justice and tampering with Court Transcripts to deprive Litigants access to discovery, and ability to establish valid claims.

Chapman has supessed evidence, ignored evidence, accepted fiction over fact and has colluded with favored lawyers to further willful and contumacious activities.  Chapman has no regard for the Rules of Law as we have produced absolute proof of his skirting the law to aid in the embezzlement of over $100Million in one Case alone, where the evidence of his favored litigant is overwhelming.

Then Chapman has proceeded to deprive access to the courts as a ruse to cover-up his own perverted and unethical acts. But the recent revelations and Chapman’s additional cheating and shady dealings are his “death-knell”.

From 2-29-16 through the day Chapman’s Court Reporter Quit on 7-29-16, Ms Terri Dickneider a supposed Licensed Court Stenographer was illegally Transcribing each and every Hearing, Trial etc in the Chapman Court (PSA2) Illegally and without a Valid License as mandated by the DCA and CRB License Requirements.

Dickneider’s DCA-CRB License Expired on 2-29-16 and was not renewed based on Information and proof Scams Inc obtained from the DCA and from 2 Licensed Reporting Agencies that up to Aug 12, 2016, Dickneider’s License was expired and Invalid.

Thus, bu Law, any Transcripts or other Court Reporting activities by a unlicensed individual are illegal and void per DCA RULES and California Statutes. See California Business & Prof. Codes 145-149. In Fact these unlicensed acts are crimes, and a Fraud upon the Court by a Court Officer, as definde by Law.

Fraud Upon the Court (the Court is not the Judge but the Court itself), mandates by Law, and the United States Supreme Court that all Judgments, Orders, Decisions and Rulings of such Judge are Vacated and null and void. Here Chapman was and is complicit in these acts.

Chapman knew or should have known that his Court Reporter was functioning for over 5 Months with a expired License #5031. In fact when a litigant made a motion to seek Hearings be also “audio recorded” Chapman Denied the request twice at a time he knew his Reporter Dickneider was a illegal Reporter.

Further Scams Inc uncovered repeated flaws in the Dickneider Transcripts vers the Court Minutes that constituted intentional, willful tampering and damage to a litigant.

Further each and every Transcript a Court Reporter Produces contains a Sworn Certification Signed by the Reporter under penalty of perjury that the Transcript is produced by a duly Licensed Court Reporter with a Current and Valid DCA-CRB License. During the relevant period here Scams Inc Extimates that about 1500 Transcripts were delivered by Dickneider to Litigants in the Chapman Court, collected anywhere from $50—$500 dollars for each Transcript all of which are illegal and containing a perjured Certification sworn by Dickneider. Meanwhile the Court, the DCA, the CRB and CJP in concert have engaged in a racketeering MO of collusion to hyjack the Law by Mail Wire and other acts of “corrupt shell games”.

When Scams Inc learned of all of this and the subsequent contravention and lies produced in DCA, CRB and CJP Letters, Emails and by phone, we and a Litigant requested simple proof that the DCA-CRB obtianed Payment timely from Dickneider of the required Renewal Fees on or before 2-29-16, the Expiration Date of Dickneider DCA-CRB License #5031.

We asked for the Dickneider cancelled check revealing the Date stamped by the Bank as to what date  the funds were debited from Dickneiders Bank Account; of a Credit Card Receipt from Dickneidre revealing what date the debit to her account was made. If these dates of debits were on or BEFORE the Dickneider License Expired on 2-29-16, the Matter would be moot, if not then ther are grave reprisals.

Over 10 days and many emails and letters have resulted in more “Stonewalling” and no proof has been produced. Meanwhile the evidence we have and delivered to the DCA, CRB and CJP has been ignored and we have received communications that are proved as Fraudulent Concealment, Fraud Upon the Court, Mail and Wire Fraud and Filing false statements by a State Agency.

All the while over 1000 Rulings, Orders, Judgments affecting litigants that have been the victims of Judicial Fraud Upon the Court by a Officer of the Court.

What makes this matter even more despicable are the facts that Scams Inc has delivered this and other Proofs of Judicial Fraud ongoing in the Palm Springs Courts to the Desert Sum Mews and to Congressman Ruiz,over the past number of weeks. We have been shocked to have been confronted with statements from the Desert Sun that they are to busy, short staffed and unable to review these illegal and depraved acts that have injured so many Citizens of the Desert and Cochella Valley.

The reception Scams Inc received  from Congressman Ruiz was even more depraved and tainted. Calls by our Investigators and our founder to Ruiz and his ADC Octavio Gonzalez were never returned and the many items of Proof of illegal acts onging in these Courts ignored.

We even offered to have a Agent appear at the Desert Sun News and at Ruiz Office at any time to show the proof of how Cochella Valley Litigants are victims of Judicial chicanery, fraud and deprivation of therir Rights virtually Daily and without Recourse, as the Pollution travels “up-stream”  to San Franco and Sacramento at the CJP ad to the DCA ad CJP and others.

The only Public Official that we contacted ad who took his time ad the time of his Executive Aid to listen and understand the gravity of this Horrible and ignored court of justice hyjacking is State Senator Jeff Stone and his Aid MS Dallas Tuff.

Mr Stone is a knowledgeable, intelligent and dedicated Public Official Interested in the well being of the Citizens of California and the California State Courts.

Scams Inc has been reviewing the “once-over-lightly” shenanigans of Mr Raul Ruiz. He appears to ba a “Pixie” Sort, with a nice smile but is we think a “Non-Doer”, a “Glad-Hander” and a man who is out of his league. He is a emergency room doctor who, by the way, got his Medical License  and College Degree, thanks to the very Citizens, many farmers, who “loaned” Ruiz the funds to get this education.

It appears that the only “pay-back” by Raul has been a few “Huckster Speeches” and glad handing”.

Of Course when the President arrives to Palm Springs Raul is there to show his Respect, but whe his Citizens appear to be Ripped-off by Judicial schemes where these decent pepole loose their homes, rights, money, families, liberty, Ruiz is “Out to Lunch”.

What is the supposed Public Official doing to protect the Rights of many fine Mexican workers in the Cochella Valley and their Families who may be subject to Natzi Style “Rounding-Up’ for harassment, interrogation and possible deportation. These persons work hard protect their families, provide Goods, Services, Fruits, Vegetables and Goodwill to California.

Ruiz is not qualified and lazy to do much more than ride around the Valley, eat at fine restaurants on someone else’s “Dime” and promise anything and deliver a Pittance.

Scams Inc finds that on the other hand State Senator Jeff Stone, although a Licensed Pharmacist s a Firm and highly qualified Public Official and a DOER. Mr Stone, in our opinion will accomplish in a week what Ruiz has not and can not accomplish in 2 years.

Scams Inc really recommends that Ruiz tries to re-apply for his position at Eisenhower Emergency Room if they will have him as the doctors we interviewed have little to say about Ruiz’s abilities as a doctor.But who knows he surely can become a Vetinarian Assistant.

One thig Scams Inc is sure of the fact that Ruiz and his ADC Octavio refused to respond to us, a 19 year old highly trafficked News Reporting Organization who has aided in the Removal of Doctors, Judges and other wrongdoers, and has never been sued, is a exhibition of a incompetent, pompous, carpetbagger, not a dedicated Public Servant.

Comments about the Desert Sun News are a waste of time as nobody can:

                       “MAKE A SILK PURSE OUT OF A SOWS EAR”