b9317178628z-1_20150430142059_000_g4naleid5-1-0 Americans Against Corruption and its Affiliated Investigations have been spending a great deal of time and resources on the chicanery that is and has been ongoing in the Cochella Valley California.

The Desert Cities are beautiful. The climate is great. The air is pristine. The Citizens are generally wonderful, kind and fine persons from all parts of America, Canada, Mexico and beyond.

Many are retired, many are purveyors of various businesses, and many are Mexican who provide the Locals with gardening, fine fruits, groceries and many other services.

All pf these residents who support the economies of the Desert Cities, California State and the local businesses are entitled to learn and evaluate newsworthy information that does and can affect their lives, finances, homes and the local economy.

The only way this can be assured is by the Press, via radio, print, internet and television, reporting unbias activities of shady dealings, fraud, chicanery, and flim-flam within the Nation, the State and the Desert Cities. In fact many competent news publications have a Investigative Staff to look into competent leads of business, political and judicial rip-offs, cheating, swindles, perversions, incompetence, racketeering and violations of the public trust, etc.

We have studied the Desert Sun’s Articles, Editorials, News Reports and supposed “Local News”. We have reviewed the CV’s of most of The Suns Reporters. Without being specific or casting any aspersions, we as a Investigative News Organization, and who really research, dig, confirm and expose wrongdoing, criminality and fraud, find that the Desert Sun News Fails on all counts.

The Desert Sun News supposed Reporters consist of one being arrested for Drunk-Driving, another who has no real background or Investigative experience, and for the most part the National and International News are plagarized from other News Sources.

The Desert Sun are no better than a Copy Machine, picking up supposed News from Other Publications, the AP, the Desert Sheriff and Police Blotter, local restaurant openings, and other garden variety minutia. They are and have been unwilling and incompetent to provide the Citizens of the Judicial, Political underhanded and proved fallacious activities ongoing in the Desert Cities that have grave adverse effect on the residents and Valley Citizens.

The Desert Sun News in fact shrouds corruption, refuses to review Proof of Judicial Racketeering, Fraud, Fixes, and confirmed spurious activities.

The Citizens of the Desert are and have been victims of Judicial Hyjacking of litigants rights, claims, homes, money, children, homes, etc, by a incompetent and or a corrupt judge. Scams Inc Investigations and its Affiliates have assembled over a year, prima-facia evidence of judicial fraud, corruption, forgery, perjury, evidence purging and tampering and worse, yet the Desert Sun News advises that they are under-staffed to investigate or even review the Proofs.

Meanwhile each and every day citizens in Palm Springs Superior Court and Family Courts in Indio are dispensing “cork-screw injustice” and disfavored citizens and citizens without a local lawyer are getting “skinned and looted”. This does not mean that every judge is a crook. Many are not, but the many that are cause grave and severe unjustice that the Desert Sun Refuses to Investigate and Expose.

We have every reason to believe that the Desert Sun News wants to keep the unwitting citizens in the dark to allow this Corruption to blossom. After all for each crooked and corrupt judge there is a crooked and corrupt Law-office that bribes and Fixes these diabolic judicial cheaters. The law firms that play this “Round-Robin”, make a Kings Ransom with a corrupted Judge in their Pocket. We have sufficient evidence and after review of dozens of Decisions and Orders to Finger the Desrel Law offices that use these Judges as their Minions and Pawns to the detriment of adversary litigants, the Rules of Law, Federal Criminal Codes and California Penal Codes. These Firms know who they are and they also know that Scams Inc and Americans Against Corruption has opened the Can of worms.

The Desert Sun News seems to be on the “payroll” of this hyjacking just like Don Corelone dad the judges and Press in his pocket like pocket change. The Desert Sun News provides deceptive and shady reporting shrouding the corruption ongoing in the Backyard of the “SUN”.

Meanwhile, the Desert Sun seems also to fail to report on the clear and convincing inconsistent conduct of Congressman Ruiz. We will be shortly puublishing a full expose and evaluation of Ruiz vs Jeff Stone as to who we believe is the most worthy and competent to support the Needs of the Citizens within their jurisdiction.

In a Nutshell, we are trying to determine what Ruiz has done in DC for his citizens, and we a trying to find out if Ruiz ever Returned the Money, with interest that he “borrowed” from the Indio CA. Farmers who funded Ruiz College and Medical School Tuition. Coming soon.