can-stock-photo_csp25883709Scams Inc has assembled and catalogued literally a car-load of evidence establishing these two underhanded, cheating and dishonest supposed “Honorable Judges”.

In reality these two warped persons are swindlers who misuse the platform of the NY State Court Judiciary to engage in fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice, fixes, “rip-offs” of legitimate litigants, depriveing Due Process and judicial racketeering.

Both have a penchant for hi-living, fancy duds, and spending other peoples money. Moulton and Wooten are 2 peas in a pod. Both can hide behind a Corkscrew, both have engaged in judicial larceny, preyed upon the innocent for their own self enrichment and have sold-out the Rules of Law for unjust reward for themselves and their corrupt “client-litigants” who Fix these infected pervert’s courtrooms.

When the NY County got too HOT for Wooten as he had gone into “deep-water” with his Judicial Chicanery, Moulton with the ald of circumventing the NY Constitution and the mandates of Removal permanently of a supposed judge, got Wooten out of NY County and sent Wooten across the Bridge to Greener-Pastures of Brooklyn, NY the second most Corrupt County in New York. Of Course NY County wins the “Gold Star” on State Court Judicial Corruption.

So Scams Inc has made a determination that since some of our best Informants have come from State Court Clerks and other Court Employees, Former Judge Law Clerks, Courtroom Clerks and even relatives, landlords, disgruntled and cheated litigants, Law offices who have bribed these spurious and cheating judges.

Thus we have decided to offer $50,000.00 Reward for the Arrest, Indictment and Conviction of these two  despicable, lying, cheating and warped excuses for Judges.

Scams Inc presently has evidence of these Judges Wooten and Moulton  engaging in Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, supression and distruction of Evidence, Forgery, Tampering with the Court Docket, perjury, suborning perjury, Obstructing Justice, purging Court Files, depriving access to the Court, extortion, bribery, undeclared Income, Judicial Racketeering and repeated violations og the Court Uniform Rules, Filing of False Notes of Issue, collusion with corrupt Lawyers to perform skulduggery, Fixes and looting of adverse Litigants and a massive amount of judicial chicanery and fraud upon the court.

Scams Inc requests that all Informants simply communicate with us at SCAMSINC@GMAIL.COM, 24-7 with a outline of your information and how we can contact you by phone or email. Within hours, one of our Investigators will communicate with you. Please be assured that all information you provide will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Once the process begins, we will aid you in assembling your proofs and information and until all of your information is compiled and verified you will be in constant communication with our Investigative Staff Member. None of your Information will be shared with anyone or any Law Enforcement Agency unless and until we agree that the Proofs you have Produced will be sufficient for Federal and or  City or State Prosecutors to become involved.

Remember, PROOF AND EVIDENCE IS POWER, and Scams Inc wants to sanatize and rid the State Court System one Judicial Racketeer at a time. Wooten and Moulton are at present the most adulterated, distorted and underhanded criminals shrouded in a $25.00 set of Dime-Store Black Robes to match their BLACK-JACK SWINDLES AND COURTHOUSE LARCENY.