judge-cartoonScams Inc is saddened to see the riots, unrest, bullyism, and self dealing exploding all around us in America. Threats from very serious adversaries who are motivated by hate, greed and diabolic motivation to destroy what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to create and we have committed millions of lives to preserve, including:

Dignity, Honesty, Freedom, Justice, Due Process, Rules of Law and the eradication of evil, terrorism and corruption.

Sadly, our great Country is being smothered by the rampant larceny, corruption and cheating that continues to blossom throughout America from corruption in the Political, Judicial, Corporate, Investment, Banking and many other venues that adversely affect the Citizens of America.

There is no way we can defeat the outside evil without first dismembering the inside self dealing, violations of the public trust, judicial and political chicanery, bribery and cheating. Without a honest State Court Judiciary, terrorism will proliferate even faster.

The grave problem are the State Courts where Judges are not properly or at all vetted, screened and investigated as are the Judges in Federal Courts. Many State Court Judges are Appointed by a Governor because of a friend of a friend, a contributor or a politician who has the ear of a ear.

Many of these State Court judicial appointees are either incompetent, stupid, corrupt, lazy and many did not even have a qualifies education. Sure, eventually they are “elected” but such “election” is a sham and they are on the ballot without an opponent.

The result is that these Judicial Depraved, misuse their power and position to destroy lives, dismember families, loot homes, money, claims and even liberty as a result of a Fix from one of the few “inner-circle” of the favored local lawyers in “town”.

This is rampant in California Superior Courts, Family Courts and there is no oversight whatsoever and no recourse for uncovering State Court Judicial Racketeering, cheating and Obstruction of Justice.

Scams Inc has been investigating Judge David M Chapman who is located in the Riverside California Superior Court, Palm Springs Branch.

We have assembled prima-facia evidence of Chapman engaging in a myriad of violations of the Canons of Judicial Responsibilities. Chapman has engaged in acts of Minute Tampering, condoning perjury, hearsay, fraud, supression of evidence, fraud upon the court and a myriad of other warped acts as revealed in the court record and in numerous Exposes published on Scams Inc Sites and undenied. The result of this reveals how systemic this pollution is as charges were files wit evidence sufficient to Indict and a Intake person at the Com. on Jud. Perf. Ignored the Charges. The girl who supposedly Reviewed this evidence would not take any Calls and ckearly was incompetent and or told to ignore the evidence. In fact the CJP Agency has been under Fire by the Citizens of California for Corruption and incompetence for a number of years.

Chapman has we believe, is running his own Fifedom in his Courtroom PS2. He has his marching Orders from the favored few who “talke care” of Chapman so long as he does their perverted fixes.

We know who these fixer are and will soon reveal names an evidence.

Recently it was revealed that Chapman’s long-time Court Reporter Terri Dickneider’s License had Expired and that Dickneider, as a Court Reporter and with a expired License was engaging in fraud upon the court in concert with Chapman and was swearing in Certified Transcripts that she was a Licensed REporter # 5031.

We have assembled evidence that this was in fact true, and Dickneider has refused to produce evidence of her cancelled check to the CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs that her Licence was Renewed without Lapse.

Rather Chapman, we believe, has instigated the California Reporters Board to falsify material evidence, and to issue false letters alleging that the Dickneider License was timely Renewed, but refuse to prtesent the Microfiche of the Dickneider Check as deposited into the DCA Bank Account, that will either prove or dis prove Scams Inc’s evidence of this Mail, Wire Fraud and larceny to try and insulate the Cases before Chapman that would all be Vacated as a result of this Fraud upon the Court by a Judge and a officer ofv the Court (a Court Reporter).

This Situation is a example as to just how far a State Court will go to schene to shroud Judicial Racketeering. The temerity here is obvious and Scams Inc has evidence of Officers of the CRB, Ie Yvonne Fenner, Connie Conkel, Kim Kale, Davina Hurt and others engaged in a scheme to defraud, if our evidence is correct.

Thus, under these conditions, it is jaundiced that neither Dickneider, The DCA or the CJP do not Produce what is readily available—-the Microfiche from the Banks revealing the Dickneider Check and Timely PAID STAMP, on th face of the Instrument. Barring this first had proof, we have a major criminal conspiracy and Racketeering Enterprise, to cover-up Dickneider and Chapman’s crimes.

This is a example of how this great Country is being Strangled and its Citizens are being Excoriated by the Rape of Public Trust.

We in America, nust have a completer sanitizing of the State Judiciary and examples made of these evil Black-Robed Hyjackers of Justice.

Here in California and Palm Springs we have another example of Collusion and swtupidity.

Scams Inc Investigations has submitted evidence of thse Judicial Frauds ane Larceny to the Desert Sun News. They have responded saying that they are understaffed and unable to review the evidence, yet this supposed News Paper has Thousands of Readers who are and have been Victims of these Judicial frauds, stupidity and Fixes that have looted many. What kind of News Paper Ignores this form of Rip-Off and Dishonesty?

So on ti Goes. While Corruption and trtckery Grows, “Rome is Burning” and our great Nation’s State Court Judicial and Political System is becoming as bad and even worse than the Judiciary ongoing in Third-World Nations, and a disgrace to the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights.