bonn1Scams Inc Investigations are very careful and diligent in the detail of it’s investigations into the unethical, tainted and unprincipled activities of any Targets of our Investigations. Scams Inc is sad to Report that as a result of the research into the court corruption pervasive and ongoing in the Chapman Court, Scams inc has opened a number of other “Cans of Worms” resulting in what appears to be a systemic underhanded scheme to shroud and derail evidence of racketeering involving California State Agencies in acts to implement fraud, forgery, perjury, etc. to cover-up courthouse fraud upon the court by judges, and officers of the court to the detriment of the citizens of California.

American Against Corruption and Scams Inc has previously Reported that Terri Dickneider a long time Court Reporter working with Judge David Chapman in the Palm Springs Superior Court, Defaulted on the Renewal of her Reporter’s License mandated to be renewed every year. If not Renewed as mandated, there is no “grace period” and one is engaging in criminal acts if they function as a Court Stenographer with a “Expired License”.

Scams Inc uncovered that the Dickneider License Expired on 2-29-16, and not renewed up to the time she quit the Chapman Court on July 30, 2016, and in fact not renewed up to Aug. 12, 2016 when we made Inquiries with the Court Reporters Board (CRB) and 3 Licensed Reporting Agencies all who confirmed that the Dickneider License expired on it anniversary of 2-29-16 and not renewed.

This Information was provided in writing and by Ms Kim Kale, of the Enforcement Department at the CRB.

Subsiquent to this Judge Chapman was written to as was the DCA (California Department of Consumer Affairs, of which CRB is a part of).

Soon after, we have requested that Dickneider present her Negotiated Check revealing that, as subsequently claimesd by the CRB,the Dickneider License was Renewed Timely. This representation was in direct contravention to the forgoing evidence and statements to the contrary.

Dickneider has refused to deliver this “First-Hand” proof. We learned that Dickneider maintains a Bank account with JP Morgan Chase, who advises that all account holders checks issued and all deposits are scanned and a 7 year Record is maintained by all Banks of these Instruments.

Dickneider refuses to produce this supposed check for such Phantom renewal.

Then we received by email from CRB Officer Yvonne Fenner a copy of a CRB Renewal Form making it appear that Dickneider Renewed her License on 1-5-16.  We verified, via USPS Authorities, that based upon the License Renewal Forms Mailings from DCA to Licensees delivery and return times (Dickneiders during the 2015 New Year Season), such turn around was impossible.

Further to that we demanded that the DCA produce the Scanned Deposit revealing the Dickneider Check payment of the License Fee on 1-5-16. A Microfiche, if it exists, that would take about 15 Mins. to access by the DCA.

Instead of producing this First-Hand Proof of the Dickneider License Fee Payment, the DCA has cajoled, lied, harassed, name called, made abusive accusations and over 4 weeks have stalled and refused to produce evidence that will either clear the matter up or prove a major fraud has been attempted by a California State Agency (The DCA and CRB), a corrupt Judge Chapman, and proved corrupt even before this License Swindle herein; a corrupt Court Stenographer Dickneider (issuing Transcripts with a perjured Certification that she was a Licensed Reporter while knowing that she was not), and by many Officers and Enforcement persons at the DCA and CRb who have engaged in supressing of evidence and or fabrication of evidence, mail fraud, wire fraud and forgery of California State Records to try and shroud and insulate Judicial Corruption.

In Fact Scams Inc has been the target and victim of DCA email harassment and fraud in a scheme to derail our Investigation into this major California Fraud.

State Senator Jeff Stone has also Demanded the Production of the evidence of the Dickneider Check to prove or disprove her supposed Timely Payment, or otherwise of the CRB-DCA Dickneider Renewal Fee. This also on Deaf Ears.

Any reasonable Observer watching this series of charlatan chicanery can only deduct that NO SUCH DICKNEIDER CHECK PAYMENT EXISTS EVIDENCING HER TIMELY RENEWAL OF DCA-CRB 2016 LICENSE FEE FOR LICENSE # 5031.

Accordingly, these persons and the Agencies have trapped themselves in a major “Cobweb” of Racketeering, Fraud and criminality. As after 5 weeks, the failure and refusal to produce this credible and certified Bank evidence reveals Rampant Corruption of a polluted Chapman Court, a lying cheating Dickneider and the “Domino Effect” of a scheme to shroud the Chapman felonious activities in his PS2 Court.

We have further evidence of Chapman’s “Back-Room” Skulduggery of the musical chairs of Fixes for the favored Firms who “take care” of Chapman’s violations of the California Judicial Canons, that serve a Fixed Court Ruling. What we have learned are diabolic tactics to victomize a unsuspecting litigant who is the Target of a Fixed PS 2 Court. We will be soon reporting on this as well and naming the deprasved invidious Firms who fuel this dishonesty and violations of the US Constitution, the  California Constitupton, California Penal Codes, the CCP and California Lawyers  Rules of Professional Resp.