Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

djsScams Inc has been assembling years of research, investigations, interviews, tax schemes and evasion, perjury, bribery, embezzling and racketeering. Both of these depraved sociopaths have been exposed in the public domain as cheats, sex perverts and depraved menaces to the legal and medical profession.

Siebert has been fired by 5 NY Hospitals for malpractice, sex abiuse of patients, narcotics abuse and fraud, theft from medical insurers including Blue Cross, Medicaid and Medicare. Siebert was convicted as a sex molestor of patients at NYU -Langone Hospital an Fired. Siebert was found and CONFESSED to being MORALLY UNFIT by action brought against Siebert by the NY State Department og Health, and Suspended as a Practicing Doctor in NY State.

Siebert was EVICTED out of 5 NY Medical Offices and his NYC Apartment.

Siebert was caught filing serial Fraudulent Federal and State Tax Returns, and Fined and possible criminal prosecution. Siebert has engaged in extortion, threats and abuses against Victim wittnesses against him in his sex-deviant Trials where he was found GUILTY.

Siebert Victims have accused him to be a Pedophilke, pervert, stalker, “Phone-sex masturbator”, and worse. On SCEIBD you can see about 7 of his Victims Affidavits where Siebert is accused as a sex deviant, a extortonist and a stalker along with Burke and Kenneth V Gomez.

Scams Inc has interviewed Victims Diane Kleiman, Ms Rachel Barbara Pollucci, Muriek Karras and Linda M.

The main theme of the charges, all now proven are that Sienert is a very mentally deranged pervert and a danger and menace to the medical profession. Siebert they report is a sex deviant, a pedophile, a stalker, a narcotics abuser, a evil warped person, a self indulgent thief, a man without morals, a wife abuser, and thief.

Siebert his disgraced himself and has exposed himself as a unethical doctor and a cheat. Scams Inc Investigations has exposed Siebert as a invidious twisted scum-bag and we intend to continue to investigate and report on his corrupt acts.

Sienert is now only allowed access to one Hospital inb America, U W Hospital in Madison Wisconsin only because the President Ron Slwinski is a Idiot and a unethical cheat himself. UW has tried to shroud the Facts as to Siebert’s sex perversions and thus imperiling UW Patients.

Joseph M Burke Esq is a patheric disgrace. He has been exposed as a Perkurer, hid 30 year Firm of ERusso Burke has gone DEFUNCT. Russo kicked Burke Out of 600 Third Ave.

Burke is a LEPPRE og the Law Profession. He has been exposed as a cheat, thief, a perjurer, a cover-up of Siebert’s Perjury, a Ghost writer for NY Supreme Court Referee Jack Suter, Kicked-out Judge Paul Wooten, a person Guilty of rampant Mail and Wire Fraud and Tax Evasion.

Burke will never make a honest Fee again as he has made hil living on cheating bribery fraud extortion embezzling and racketeering.

Burke is a disgrace and has disgraced himself in the practice of law. He is now down to one client, John  Siebert, who Burke has also ripped-off for about $600,000.00 fo his perverted advice.

Both have been exposed and Scams Inc Investigations will continue to expose for years to come. Neithe will be able to try and cover-up their crimes, cheating extortion and larceny. They have been at this since 2002 and they have only buried themselves under a mountain of lies, cheating, expense, and millions of sheets of paper, signifying only one thing——-THE PROOF THAT SIEBERT AND BURKE ARE CRIMINALS AND PERVERTS AND DIABOLIC DEPRAVED DISGRACED MENACES.¬†