stooges-344George Pavia Esq, a confirmed and proved thief, perjurer, mafia front, embezzler and menace has been engaged in bribery, money laundering and larceny for over a half century.

George and his corrupt cheating wife Antonia have been engaged in cheating and extorting many by misuse of the NY Courts and George’s law practice Pavia Harcourt, a front for mob figures.

Well, George and his Antonia were caught robbing his Tenants and looting Rent Stabilization. So these Pavias chose to form alliances with Sex Predator Siebert who was convicted for engaging in sexual abuses of his patients until Siebert was removed from NY State as a doctor by the NY State Dept. of Health as “morally unfit” and a sex deviant. Siebert also has a long paper trail of perjury, tax evasion, extortion, stalking and interstate fraud and money laundering. Much of these dishonest acts of Siebert have been orchestrated by a swindler and dead-beat lawyer Joseph M. Burke.

Burke has been found to be a corrupt lawyer, a proven perjurer, a ghostwriter of falsified judicial Decisions and Orders for a lying, cheating and incompetent judge Paul Wooten. This perverted supposed judge bought into a set of black robes by a fraudulent scheme where Wooten “pimped” himself in a Brooklyn scam for Clarence Norman a now jailed seller of judgeships. Wooten is a thief, a incompitent and a judicial fraud. he was recently permanently removed for cause from the NY County Judiciary and shipped out to Brooklyn.

Wooten engaged in fraud, fabrication of Decisions, perjury, extortion and judicial larceny. Over 10 law firms filed complaints as to Wooten’s misconduct and his corruption. Wooten’s prime ally has been Joe Burke, Siebert and Pavia. Wooten was bought-off by giving him a part of the phony Judgment Wooten falsified for over $15Million for Siebert, grounded on fraud perjury and hijacking of the facts. These 3 Stooges forgot that many were on to the “STING” for a long while. Wooten has along with these Stooges, forged the Court Docket, Forged the Court Records, purged the Court Record Room, cheated, engaged in mail and wire fraud, collusion, denial of due process, unjust enrichment, unjust and unconstitutional taking of property and racketeering.

Wooten has engaged in a long trail of shady dealing, rip-offs, cheating, judicial gimmicks, forgery, and a laundry list of diabolic spurious skulduggery.

Burke has been caught engaging in clandestine meetings with Wooten, Ghostwriting of Wooten Decisions, Orders and Judgments. Burke has been caught engaging in Ghostwriting Decisions and Orders for Referee Jack Suter, and all of the emails were captured proving Burke’s Embezzling, money laundering and rip-offs. Much of this have been captured on Emails and other Recordings.

This group of 3 Stooges, Corrupt Judges, Referees and other crimes have been now well documented.

What we have here is a Joe Burke, a broken down and broke lawyer, evicted from his over 30 year Law Office with William Russo, now in a closet-office with the outcasts of Russo’s now defunct Firm, Abrams Deemer, PLLP. Burke is a tax cheat, on the run from Bill Collectors, Law Enforcement where he has lied and cheated in a desperate scheme to cover-up his Siebert and Paqvia’s crimes, bribery and larceny.

Siebert, a sex deviant and pervert, a perjurer, a tax cheat, a disgraced doctor having been fired from 5 Hospitals for Narcotics abuses, sex abuse of patients, thefts from Medicare and Medicaid and extortion in concert with Burke Wooten Pavia and others.

George and Antonia Pavia and Pavia Harcourt, being convicted by the ECB Court the Dept of Buildings to being perjurers, filing bogus documents and false Certificate of Corrections, Bribery, fraud, cheating, money laundering, tax evasion, thefts of relative’s Property, looting Millions from Clients, Tenants and the IRS, and extortion and worse. The Pavias have hired thugs, to engage in threats and extortion including Burke and his allies in crime.

As anyone can see these Stooges have corrupted the Courts, a incompetent and underhanded, dishonest and perverted judge Paul Wooten who was never Vetted and who belongs in Prison. We hear Wooten has been a Target for Feds for a while and evidence proves that Wooten has engaged in Judicial fraud and illegal alliances with these 3 Stooges who may well be in Prison all together.

Thsese matters outlined here are all well documented and irrefutable. Wooten is now pounding the pavement around Adams Street in Brooklyn, looking for another Victim Litigant to Fleece, as this pathetic example of a “judicial-hoax”, can only do what he has been brought-up doing, which is to lie, cheat, steal and extort victims. Wooten possibly can hide behind a “corkscrew” as he is at least as contorted. Much more to come on this Three Stooges Cavilcade of Larceny & Corruption.