Our Internet News Organizations have been investigating the Carpet Bagging activities of the “Elmer Gantry” of the Palm Springs supposed lawyer profession, Shaun Murphy of Slovak Baron Empy.

In order to appreciate what these “boys” are all about one has to carefully open the Cans of Worms of the “round-Robbin” of a group of corrupt lawyers who do not practice Lawyering, they practice Fixes, fraud, racketeering, mail and wire fraud, extortion, threats, money laundering, bribery, fixes and harassment.

Listen, this Palm Springs is still the “Wild West” and there is no honesty in these Hills.

Murphy, is a slime-ball of the first order who has the integrity of a cobra. He will do and say anything to make a buck and his MO is the “HERPES MAN”. He finds womenwho have a sexually transmitted Didease, then he recruts them to target a fat-cat that she swears gave her Herpies, or some other Sex problem. Then Murphy swoops in, Files a litigation and begins to Roast his target by extortion harassment and other abuses.

Our Investigators have been investigating Murphy and SBEMP for over 4 years. We have observed the nature of their Clients, we have clocked their activities in the Palm Springs Branch of the Riverside Courts. These Boys are preeminent “small-time” Fixers and Racketeers.

We call your attention to the numerous Expose Reports about David Chapman, a Judge in that Court in PS2. We have assembled mounds of evidence of Chapman’s judicial chicanery. These Charges have all been verified as unconditionally accurate. Chapman has been exposed as a highly unethical person who has been allied with SBEMP, Roemer Harnik, Mary Gilstrap, Brian Harnik and none other than shake-down pimp Shaun Murphy.

Murphy was written about by Scamraiders, Scams Inc and other News Reporting Organizations and his representing persons and companies who could not hide behind a corkscrew they are so corrupt. But in the well known poluted Superior Courts this is no problem. All you need is a Fixer, a Rabbi who has made his “Deal with the Devil” of Judicial corruption, looting, forgery, extortion and fallacious skulduggery.

If one analyzes the activities of these supposed Legal-Beagles one will find that the person in Black Robes is a person from the “Local Gentry” usually a small-time lawyer who went to a Mail-Order Law School and who has been corrupted by Murphy, and His crew of shake-down Pimps.

Of Course there is Harnick and Gillstrap, both of who have as much legal competency to fill a thimble, but here Competency and Integrity is not necessary, it is being a perverted thief, a fixer, a unethical invidious shake-down operation to satiate the whims of the shady and corrupt persons and Businesses that these evil warped cheaters “Represent” to beat honest litigants that have been taken-down by these infected phonies. It is a pure and simple Fix, with a corrupted Court and a corrupt group iof Lawyers.

We are not just “blowing Smoke, as we have spent years after a few Informant Tips and a Go-a-head from the Federal government, to spend the time establishing the rampanl larceny in the California State Court System. This is not just us, but thousands of American Citizens who aer Victoimized by the cheating and bribed judiciary in the California State Family Courts, the Juvenile Courts, the Superior Courts and the corrupt Lawyers who prefer to cheat, and steal by Bribery rather than follow the Rules of Law.

In Palm Springs there is another Judge who in fact was a partiner of Roemer Harnik. This is a small town, and the collusion is systemic, and pervasive. Our Investigators have developed Informants in these Courts, know some of the Clerks and the Courthouses are Rife with collusion, forgery of Court Minutes, rampant manipulation of Laws, Rampant Phony Ruleings, bullyism, cheating and extortion of litigants, especially ones that are In-Pro-Per ,(self represented).

Shaun Murphy is now trying to shroud the extortion of a phony who is carrying a phony front and who has conned many, bullied many and cheated his way to a supposed “Pillar” of the Desert, but has accomplished this on Other Peoples Money, and by phony promises, bullkying Tenants, abusing Citizens and outright fraudulent schemes that this Faker had no resources to fulfill.

What this guy has done is con the City of La Quinta, cheat the Berger Foundation out of over $11Million by a scheme that he knew that he could not perform, but spent a small fortune on a proposed expansion Scam of some $40Million so he could con others in his Ponzi Scheme.

When we began to Investigate this crook ie went wild and went running to his Pimp-Fixer-Extortonest Shaun Murphy for help out of his Jam.

So Murphy has begun a crusade to extort our Founder who has been extremely ill with Cancer and other medical disorders and his wife who is a artist and designer.

Murphy is a documented con-lawyer also allied to Mafia persons on the East Coast and in NYC where Pimp Murphy has recently Filed to practice his extiortion.

We have a plethora of evidence of Murphy’s Coutrthouse extortion, fraud, false Pleadings and corruption. Yet noe he is harassing a 77 year old Cancer victim who is in medical Treatment at Hospitals in Los Angeles.

Murphy has been witnessed engaging in slander, serial sending emails to the emails belonging to ourt Internet Sites, trying to misues the phones to harass and extort this 77 year old person.

Then Murphy desperate corrupt client who is now reported by out Investigators to the California State AG for whaat appears to be a multimillion dollar fraud upon the Berger Foundation. This con man has also been reported to the Criminal Division of the Department of Treasury for what our Investigators believe is rampant tax evasion by skimming from his Tenants, allowing Cash sub-leasing of space, and now a 20% skim from unsuspecting artists who engage in Art Fairs on thgis charlatans supposed land, that in fact is really owned by Berger Foundation who we believe have been conned.

Then this wind-bag conned the City of la Quinta took a Option on Land for $1Million (00Thousand, Lured i a few suckers and then Defaulted after hiring a Architect to create Plans for a Fantasy $40Million Expansion that this “Sheow-Man” had little or no prospects of completing. We have been told that the Architects are not yer fully paidad well.

We have also learnde that this flim-flam man was Represented in this Ponzi Scheme by none other than SBEMP and Elmer Gantry-the Herpes Man Shaun Pimp Murphy Esq and his “band of renowned slickster-scheister supposed Lawyers-Lyers, SBEMP who can protect Murder in these evil and warped Courtrooms.

We have turned over to the Justice Department in DC all of the Proofs that we have asswembled regarding the racketeering of David Chapman and others in that Court. We have Recently delivered to the Justice Department and the CID ofv the Department of Treasury the corruption bribery and frauds engaged in by SBENP, Murphy, Harnik, Gilstrap and others. We have delivered the parade of corruption and Forgery of Court Reporters Board Records, Court Stenographer License Records, Fraud by a Chapman Stenographer in his PS2 Courtroom, false Swearing, DCA Involvment and resultant mail and wire fraud involvin a cover-up of Fraud Upon the Court reklating to this gravely serious matter.

We are Forensic Investigators, and we do not take sides. We Investigate expose and Report what appears to be Crimes and we deliver our Findings to Federal Law Enforcement either at their request or based upon our Reports.

These Acts by this Land owner and supposed Builder, Murphy’s threats, extortion and attacks upon a Victim of SBEMP and this crook as well as ihs wife will have serious consequences, as the man who is being extorted was asked by La Quinta Officials to please Forbear and allow them to intervine and resolve this matter. As a expression of Good faith we were asked tob remove a Expose about this cheat to give the City a chanse to rectify the wrongful threats and illegal acts bt this charlatan.

We as a “Reward” have been harassed, threatened and extorted  by thug Murphy within 12 hours of the “Stand-Still Request by City Officials. Murphy is acting at the behest of  This Ponzi Schemer who is desperate that either the Berger Foundation will Call this Bogus Loan; or the State or Federal Law Enforcement will do so. Thus this crook’s Theory, The Best Defense is a Good Offense, and Murphy, SBEMP are on the Case, and they have Judge david Chapman to uses his corrupt Brain to Deprive Due Process, Extort, Retaliate and cheat for a underhanded Pay-Day. This is why we have advised the Department of treasury as to the Rampant undeclared Income derived by Bribery and Fixes. So soon a Groupof these Crooks will be called to task as to “standards of Living” paper trails of money, credit cardsand allthis other “good-stuff”

The corruption is pervasive, documented and delivered to DC. The Feds have been informed of the threats, extortion and potential Violence as coinfirmed by Murphy’s Emails, Threats and fraud. The Riverside Sheriff was Interviewed about this extortion, threats, assault and battery on the Property of this Ponzi artist. We have not used his name here as a Courtesy to the City Officila who inplored that the Victim stall any Litigation of Appearance to the City Council next week about this underhanded matter and legal extortion and embezzlement of legal rights and resultant and significant damages attached to this Shake-Down by Murphy and his rip-off Client who has used the phones to extort and the US mails as well.

We have allerted this weak 77 year old Founder of ourt Businesses and his Fine wife. They will remain in their home in Los Angeles as the property they uses in the Desert belongs to one of their Daughters. Should Murphy, SBEMP or this Ponzi thief attempt to harass these persons they have been provided Protection that will result in grave consequences if Murphy or his stooges trespass into a Private Complex that has no nexus to pimp Murphy this Ponzi Thief and their criminal schemes.

We will so advise the City Officials of this criminal development of harassment, extortion and atempted thefts of Rights by a known corrupt Lawyer and Elmer gantry Wind Bag Cheat Murphy and SBRMP with Harnik and Gilstrap in the Peanut Gallery. We have all of this evidence bur if the Targets find Fault, refer to the TERMS OF USE of ourr Sites and Exposes and follow the manner to objevt. Please realize that we deal in only Facts and for over 10 years we never had to delete a Expose.

We know hiow desperate Murphy and his Mafia Pals want to Gag Due Process so that these Pimps Crimes can Blossom. As Trupm says ‘PUT THEM IN JAIL’,and we plan to have that occur as a Violation of the Public Trust is Despicable.