Scams Inc Investigations were contacted about six weeks ago regarding the reported and verified underhanded activities of a Wells Marvin, the supposed Owner of Old Town La Quinta, CA.and others in concert with him.

Before these informant reports, Scams Inc had never heard of Wells Marvin or Old Town La Quinta, CA..

We decided to take a look. What we have uncovered in a relatively short period of time are not for the “faint-of-heart”.

We have uncovered a series of illicit, incompetent and fraudulent acts engaged in by Marvin, Old Town, a Desert Foundation known as Berger Foundation, a lawyer known as Shaun Herpes-Man Murphy, a law firm Slovak Baron Empy Murphy Pinkery (SBEMP), and a Rogues Gallery of Stooges, ADC’s and others.

It appears that this Marvin Guy a promoter Carpet-Bagger, with con, smoke, mirrors, bribery and other illicit acts, constructed this Old-Town Complex on what we refer to as OPM, (other-peoples-money). Marvin put up a good front, wine-and-dine, glad handing, taking from Peter to pay Paul, and using his FLAB to become a supposed “Pillar of Old Town”. Except this pillar was composed of Manure. Marvin a inveterate Con-Artist tried to lure into his Old Town hi-profile tenants. He Failed except he conned a Bank and Hog’s Breath Inn Restaurant.

After a few years of Marvin’s looting Hog’s Breath and free-loading lunches and dinners the restaurant became weary of Marvin’s chicanery and Vacated leaving Old Town & Marvin with 2 floors vacant.

You see Marvin is such a thief and Bully he has all of his “Small-Fry” Tenants intimidated, as if Old Town was Auschwitz and Marvin Dr Mengele.

Scams Inc has learned of Marvin’s financial desperation and his Ponzi Scheme of a bogus $40Million Expansion on Hot Air. Marvin’s original Phase 1 Old Town was loosing money and so he tried to get a larger Loan against the property. He was Rejected by all Lending Institutions, Banks and even Hedge Funds. So, undaunted, Marvin met Berger Foundation in Palm Desert, a Tax Exempt Foundation, known for their foolhardy and “risky” supposed “investments”.

Marvin wined and dined Doug Vance, a Official at Berger and promoted these neophytes with a “pie-in-the-sky” Scheme of a $40 Million Phase 2 Expansion of Old Town when Phase 1 was crumbling before Marvin’s Polluted eyes.

We can only assume that Marvin believed that Two Frauds and Failures will equate into one Success. But a “Success”, not for Old Town but for the Embezzlement and Money Laundering by Ponzi Schemer Wells Marvin.

To make this Ponzi Scheme look more Legit. Marvin secured a Option on Land ( a parking Lot) owned by the City of La Quinta for $1,900.000.00 and hired Architects to make Plans and Schematics that he presented to the Berger People and to the City and Unvsetors from Coast to Coast, thus triggering RICO and Mail and Wire Fraud and more.

All of this was with the aid and complicity of SBEMP, Marc Empy and Shaun Herpes Murphy.

These Lawyers Knew or should have known that Marvin is a phony and was engaged in a Ponzi Scheme and a Racketeering Enterprise, but these “Whores of the Courthouse”, SBEMP, will do anything for money.

We have been investigating Murphy for over 3 years and have established by proof that Murphy is a bully, a extortonist, a person who proffers fraud, false evidence, extortion, threats and worse.

When Murphy and Marvin learned of Scams Inc and Ite Affiliates Intervention here and the launching of our investigations, they have commenced a series of retaliatory and criminal acts of trespass, extortion, vandalizing, harassing our Ill Founder and his Family.

Murphy, who is rabid to try and Gag Freedom of Press and Speech has engaged in Slander, Libel, Extortion, Fraud, Perjury, Criminal Trespass, Disturbance of the Peace, Vandalization, Larceny and Bribery, to name some.

Marvin has engaged in Extortion, condoning and attempting to shroud Assault & Battery by his Agents, Embezzlement, Money Laundering, Tax Fraud and Evasion, looting a Tax Exempt Foundation, Surpression of Material Facts, Defrauding a Tax Exempt Foundation for over $11Million without the requesite prospects or Assets to pay even the Interest Charges.

Marvin’s depraved acts are a classic example of violations of 18 USC 1962; 18 USC 1964; 18 USC 1341; 18 USC 1343; ie RICO Racketeering, Mail and Wire Fraud, extortion Embezzeling, Money Laundering, Bribery, from New York to California.

Wells Marvin has lied, and cheated many, and we have also uncovered his fraud upon Vendors Contracts including Wavers of Due Process to serve Marvin’s Illicit Activities defrauding Vendors in ART ON MAIN. Here Marvin has conned the City of La Quinta to give him $20,000.00 for Fleecing the Artists and Vendors of Art on Main, and on top of that an additional 20% from each Vendor of their “Gross Receipts” as well. All in th corrupt Pocket of Marvin.

Making matters worse, Marvin then Marvin Extorted the La Quinta Art Foundation, demanded money, as a “SHAKE-DOWN” from this Foundation for use of the “parking-lot” that he had under Option and defaulted on.

Scams Inc has assembled sufficient evidence of the illegal and criminal acts of these Racketeers.

They have Stalked Our Founders Daughters, Trespassed, Harassed by Phone and Wire (Internet), all of which has been memoralized on Recordings, Email Proof and Witnesses.

We have Reported some of our preliminary findings to Federal Law Enforcement, The Department of Treasury based on Fraud of a Tax Exempt Foundation, and Tax Evasion by Marvin , Marvin Investments a CA Corp and a Colorado Corp. and Other Marvin “Shell Corps, LLC’s etc. As wellas the complicity and criminal extortion of Marvin’s Thug Lawyers SBEMP, Murphy and Empy in complicity with Bribed Judges.

Marvin has Looted the Berger Foundation for $11Million by a Ponzi Scheme, and Loored many others by his involvement in Cash money laundering of Restaurant receipts at Stuffed Pizza as part of Marvin’s Bounty of Fraud.

All of this is why these depraved, diabolic, racketeer law firm of SBEMP and Irish-Mob Thug Murphy are up to. This is not a new game for these warped unethical perverts, this is how they make “their-bones” as Mob -Hit-Men” using malliable California State Judges that they pollute with Graft.

None of this is denied and we have sufficient evidence to support these charges by the conduct of SBEMP, Murphy, Roemer-Harnik and a medley of Superior Court Judges.

Please keep a eye out for the continuation of the explosive Expose of this CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE EXPOSED AND GONE WRONG.