maxresdefault-300x169Scams Inc Group, of which Americans Against Corruption is a Affiliate, has been assembling evidence of the rampant cheating, dishonesty, obstruction of justice and collusion ongoing in California State Courts in concert with many lawyers and firms who form “unholy alliances” with cheating, incompetent and depraved burglars disguised as “Honorable” Judges.

We are a group of unbias forensic news reporting organizations. We investigate and assemble evidence and move wherever the proofs take us. We do not create evidence, it is created by the fingerprint by the perverted and dishonest acts of the corrupt and warped judges, lawyers and court officers that we investigate. We have been engaged in these important activities for 10 years and some of our control persons and affiliates have been involved in exposing corruption and violations of the Public Trust for over half a century.

Our Country is in grave trouble. It is divided as never before. Corruption is rampant as persons in even marginal positions of power are only interested in themselves and ripping-off ill-gotten gains so that they can have a better “something”. Lying, cheating, extortion, bribery and shady dealing is blossoming like weeds. As these self indulgent crooks continue their stings, they are killing the great America that our Founding Fathers labored to create.

We have been involved in assembling evidence of State Court and legal corruption for over 5 years at the behest of Federal Authorities. We have established ourselves, by the background and reputation of our founder, to have the talent, ability, time and resources to ferret and get the facts and evidence of massive amounts of State Court Judicial racketeering, fraud, collusion with lawyers who bribe them, and obstruction of justice. We have been able to learn from informants and our own investigations, without FBI involvement, evidence of political corruption within State governments, agencies, legislatures, as well as in the State Courthouses.

These areas of Judicial corruption, bribery and underhanded activities, depriving litigants of a honest court, via judicial forgery, tampering, cheating, extortion and racketeering has gone far too far and the Federal Government will soon be stepping into this. Without a honest state judiciary, without honest lawyers and without honest public officials, our great Country will continue to sink into anarchy and the courts of Third World Countries. Then what will happen is that greedy and thieves have “eaten” the golden goose that has provided Americans with “eggs” of freedom to pursue with dignity our desired endeavors. We, as Americans, cannot be subjected to criminals shrouding themselves and their skulduggery in a $20.00 set of  black-robes.

These corrupt thieves of the Public Trust, cheaters of the Rules of Law, bullies of the Courthouse and the contaminated lawyers (who bribe these rip-off underhanded state judicial greedy incompetents), will be exposed, “rounded-“up, indicted and convicted. Our 10 year old Organization has assembled volumes of evidence of State Judicial, political and lawyer racketeering, forgery, theft, bribery and collusion from New York to California.

When the new Administration is in place and the Justice Department and the Department of Treasury are up to speed, we have provided a carload of evidence of criminality, tax evasion, offshore banking, money laundering, etc., as we were called to accomplish.

We have gone where the proof has taken us and we have, (as a result of our diligent research, finding of evidence of judicial larceny, mail and wire fraud, obstructing justice, collusion with corrupt lawyers, trickery, artifice, forgery of the Court Minutes, backdating, racketeering, depriving due process collusion and extortion), assembled a plethora of evidence regarding Superior Court Judge David M. Chapman, presently assigned to the Palm Springs Branch of the Riverside CA, Superior Court, in Courtroom PS2.

Judge David Chapman has mutilated the Rules of Law. He has misused his Courtroom to engage in Fraud Upon the Court, lying, cheating, Obstructing Justice, collusion with corrupt lawyers, refusing to disqualify himself, issuing Decisions in contravention to the Facts and Laws, self-dealing, Depriving Due Process, engaging in retaliation, harassment, violations of Mail and Wire Fraud Statutes, underhanded attempts to aid criminals in the unconstitutional taking of money and property, money laundering and other illegal acts.

The systemic State Court Corruption is so pervasive that the “toothless-tiger” of the State Judicial Performance Board, is a “Rubber-Stamp” of condoning corruption and chicanery, and well known as such.

Chapman has intervened in his Court Reporter’s failure to Renew her License. We have assembled competent Proof of this non Renewal of Terri Dickneider’s License # 5031. Yet the matter has exploded to the CRB and the DCA in Sacramento, Forged Renewal Certificates, phony evidence and failure to produce actual Proof of such Renewal by Dickneider’s un-tampered check and relevant bank statement. Our informants have established that the Dickneider License was not Renewed before its lapse of 2-29-16, and that Chapman has caused this string of a fraudulent scheme of mail and wire fraud. Why? Because an unlicensed Court Reporter is a crime and all of her Chapman Transcripts are a Fraud Upon the Court as Dickneider was a officer of the Court, before she quit on July 29, 2016.

Chapman has no conscience. He is not only a incompetent crook, but a desperate and unethical judge.

Lawyer Shaun Murphy is a well known crook, as we have been scrutinizing Murphy and Slovak Baron Empy for 5 years. They are liars, cheats and have misused the Palm Springs Court as their own private fiefdom corrupting court cases with the “round-robbin” of fixes ongoing in this polluted Courthouse with two main judges as crooked as a corkscrew.

James Latting is out of the bowels of Romer-Harnik. Now Dick Romer was a fine person and a dedicated lawyer, but after he passed away about 10 years ago the Firm was ripped-off by Brooklyn fixer Brian Harnik and his ADC Mary Gilstrap. These two make up another group of corrupt lawyers who call the shots at the Palm Springs Courthouse. We have charged tis about 10 minths ago and asked for “Denials”, no denials have been made and we believe we have the proof of this “musical chairs” in this cheating arena.

Recently, our founder uncovered a series of frauds, extortion, threats, money laundering, racketeering and larceny engaged in by a Wells Marvin, his “Old-Town La Quinta”, looting of a charitable foundation known as Berger Foundation for $11Million, filing a dishonest and illegal contract demanding Vendors sign and extortion by phone, wire and mail. Marvin, a trapped rat, went running to his lawyers Murphy and SBE, who created the scam agreements to loot the Foundation by fraud.

So Murphy, an inveterate fixer and thief, went running to Judge David Chapman, caused a fraudulent and perjured Restraining Order  to be issued out of the Palm Springs infected Court, and proceeded to have a group of thugs appeat at this man’s daughter’s home over 7 times. This was after the security persons at the complex repeatedly advised that their recipient did not reside there.

Yet Murphy orchestrated these thugs to trespass, vandalize, bang on walls, yell and scream and then stalk, follow and harass an uninvolved victim of the Murphy, Marvin and Judge Chapman’s scheme. The License Plate from California (6WWH307 on a Toyota Scion) was taken as the person who stalked the car and blocked its egress from the house and the gated complex. These thugs lied, conned and trespassed onto private property by fraud and driving through as at the time new front Gates were being installed.

This stalking, harasment, trespass continued for over 10 days while the supposed “respondent” was hundreds of miles away from an uninvolved yet targeted property and persons. All the while, Judge Chapman knew and should have known that these crimes were being engaged in by thie issuance of this “BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE”  fraud by Marvin and Murphy, concocted to Gag the exposing of a major Fraud, Tax evasion and crime of racketeering.

As any informed person can see, the activities engaged in by Judge Chapman, SBE, Murphy, Marvin and others in concert are a disgrace and a perversion to California Law, the Canons of the Judiciary, the Rules of Professional Responsibilities, the Federal and State of California Codes and Laws, the US Constitution and the California Constitution.

The Scams Inc Group are and have been dedicated to expose, report and aid Law Enforcement in the sanitation of State Court Judicial dishonesty and racketeering. Resulting in the public exposure, removal and jailing of the cheating, corrupt swindlers with a law certificate (some obtained via some “mail-order” law school).

These warped thieves will soon see and feel the sting of Justice in living color. It has been long in waiting but it is around the corner, including the Criminal Division of the IRS for Bribery of Public Officials , undeclared income, standards of living and much more.  STAY TUNED.