John Siebert MD has been a menace to Society, the Medical Profession and to his many victim patients for many years.

Siebert has been caught, charged and convicted by numerous Hospitals in NYC engaging in lewd and lacivious conduct with patients, hospital staff and minor children spanning over 20 years. Siebert was caught by NYU Langone Hospital in NYC where he was on the Faculty.

Siebert was caught engaging in sex acts with Diane Kleiman at the Hospital, in the examining rooms, offices, and in the bathrooms. Siebert was Reported by Kleiman after he Butchered her with about 6 contra-indicated supposed plastic surgeries, lipo-suction and breast augumentations—-all botched.

Siebert then began to give Kleiman Narcotice, threaten her and sexually assault her. Finally, she Filed charges against Siebert at NYU, he was tried and convicted. Siebert was Fired outright. Then Siebert molested Muriel Karass, Linda M, Ms Rachel, Barbara Polucci, othersĀ  and a medley of minors.

Siebert was charged by these women and reported to the NY State Department of Health. Siebert was investigated by the Department of Children & Families. Siebert is now in the Pedpohile Data-Base and he was Fired by Lenox Hill, MEET, MY Infirmary and all other Hospital affiliations that Siebert had in NY State and all over the USA, where now Siebert can not engage in any medical practice or Operations.

Siebert was tried and confessed in NY State to being Morally-Unfit and has been kicked out of NY State for the Practice of Medicine.

Siebert then traveled to Wisconsin where his father practiced at UW Hospital. Siebert was also charged with Narcotcics Abuse, cheating Medicaid, Blue Cross, and Medicare. He was Evicted from his Medical Office for Forgery of Loan Agreements and Fraud upon Banks. Siebert was convicted for Tax evasion, Filing Phony Tax Returns taking illegal and miscast deductions. Siebert was caught.

Siebert has been found to have engaged in perjury, Money Laundering, embezzlement, extortion of his victims Stalking and larceny.

Siebert has extorted, stolen from and stalked Muriel Karass, Ms. Rachel, Linda M. He has looted and robbed Ms. C. Zimmerman, Karass, Polucci, he has stolen and embezzled from Richard Jacobs, the IRS, the NY State Tax Commission, the Conn State Tax Department and the Wisconsin State Tax Departments and others.

Siebert has conned, lied and cheated widow Diane Hendricks. He has in concert with UW Hospital commed Hendricks into believing that Siebert is a researcher and has a pristine reputation, when in fact Siebert is a Convicted Sex Offender, a thief, a tax evader, perjurer and a embezzler.

We now hear that the Trustees of UW are finally taking seriously their “EXPOSURE” keeping this sex pervert and thief on Staff. Siebert has we believe, compromised UW President Ron Slwinski, who has covered-up Siebert’s Crimes and Larceny for a number of years.

Siebert is such a charlatan, he has defrauded many families and their children with Parry Romberg Syndrome, conning these kids into contra-indicated and expensive surgeries to unjustly enrich Siebert and UW Hospital.

Siebert has forced these desperate Parents to beg, borrow and “steal” on the Internet, at Street Fairs, etc, to raise money for Siebert and his botched Procedures that only harm these kids.

Siebert is a pimp and a sociopath. If he was a legit Dr. he would provide his services FREE. But he is a thief and a man who will ROB his own family, lie, cheat steal in order to fulfill his criminal activities and sexual deviant perversions.

Siebert has lied, conned and cheated on his wife Kimberly, used his adult children as Criminal “mules” to launder his stolen money, and used his wife as a financial “stooge’ in the process.

When UW Hospital kicks Siebert out he will have no Hospital in the World that will employ this Pervert, even as a Janitor.

Siebert is a Outcast, a Pervert, a Carnival-Pervert and a Criminal who must be convicted and jailed.

We at The Scams Inc Group believe that Siebert should be “castrated” so that he will not and then can-not sexually threaten or menace anyone any longer. This diabolic-warped-pervert has ruined many homes ans lives of innocent children, women and other victims who have been cheated by Siebert , his thieving lawyer Joseph M. Burke Esq. Mafia Front Thief George Pavia, Esq. and others who comprise a racketeering criminal enterprise that has now bee caught and exposed.

Dr John Siebert’s Medical Life is destroyed by him and ruined forever. Siebert is a exposed, depraved and adulterated medical and social outcast and pedophile. A poster-example of a invidious spectacle of a contaminated male whore. Our Group has all of the proof and evidence of all of these charges, victims, Affidavits, Convictions, Police and Court Proof and tax evasion evidence as well.