Dr. John Siebert

Dr. John Siebert

Scams Inc has made a cottage industry on uncovering the dastardly and perverted activities by sociopath disgraced Dr John Siebert. This man has been engaged in sexual perversions since his father caught him in the garage in Baraboo Wisconsin molesting a young boy. John was, at the time about 16.

The Sieberts have tried to shroud the sickness of this man but, like every pedophile and pervert, no matter what you do they revert back to their sick ways.

We have interviewed Ms Rachel and others who have had the misfortune to hve ben sexually raped by This “Monster”. Siebert has raped Dianse Kleiman, Linda M. Muriel Karras and he eve has the mental deficiencies to molest a co-tenant in Dr Sherill Aston’s Office Suite after Siebert was evicted out of 5 medical offices in NYC. This was a Dr Lindas Weldon, who reported Siebert to Dr Astion and was kicked out. Siebert was fired by NYU Langone after his being convicted molesting and feeding Diane Kleiman with Narcotics.

Siebert has been kicked out of NYC admitting to being a pervert, morally unfit and worse.

Now Scams Inc has interviewed 3 women who Siebert conned into having these patients believe that he was in love with them and could not stand his wife Kimberly sexually. Siebert, these women’s doctor before he was suspended from medicine in NY, conned each of them, all married, hasd multiple times of sex with these women, who also had children and then he conned them into “loaning” Siebert money. a lot of money. After Siebert looted these women they could not get him on the phone.

One of these ladies was about to kill herself as she felt so unclean and could not face her kids or her husband. These women were simply ripped-off by this Pig Siebert, he robbed their money, their emotions lied and cheated them and they are now afraid to tak action against Siebert for fear the Husbands will get involved and may retaliate against Siebert and now UW Hospital.

Two of these women, we hear, were brought to Wisconsin and put up at hotels until Siebert stole their money. This has been Siebert’s MO for over 30 years, and we at Scams in will see to it that Siebert is Jailed. about 20 years ago Siebert stole about $2Million from Mrs Christopher Zimmerman while he was conning her. None of these women have ever been paid back, We believe tha all of these women’s husbands should be told about this poedophile, pervert, thief Siebert.

Possibly one of them will allert Siebert’s wife Kimberly about her sick deranged husband as this man must be taken off the streets.

His pal in these robberies is a corrupt, bust-out Lawyer Joseph M Burke Esq who has been engaged in extortion, threats, stalking and intimidating Siebert victims who  have testified against this slob.

We at Scams inc can not reveal the names of thes additiona Siebert victims until they decide what they will do to stop this menace. Siebert is a ruined and disgraced person and Scams in will be doing much more according to lay to expose this infected person in disquise as a Doctor.