constitution-burningMathiew Abrams Esq and David Deemer Esq spawn along with Joseph M Burke Esq & Kenneth V Gomez Esq from the now Defunct Russo Burke that was housed at 600 Third Ave. NYC on the 15th Floor.

Deemer and Abrams are two corrupt incompetents who have been engaged in racketeering, courthouse corruption, forgery and collusion for a number of years while at Russo Burke. Their “Teacher” none other than Joe Burke and Ken Gomez.

Burke has been for years engaged in racketeering, extortion, larceny, tax evasion, courthouse corruption, perjury embezzlement and bribery. Bothe Burke and Gomez have been caught engaging in stalking, extorting and filing forged Court Records in the NY Supreme Court, the NYC ECB Court, the NY Department of Buildings and at various Agencies.

Both Burke and Gomez have been engaged in creating fraudulent Blogs in order to shroud the Money Laundering, bribery, embezzling and racketeering og John Siebert and George, Antonia, Jullian, Phillippa Pavia and Pavia Harcourt. Burke has been caught filing perjured pleadings, violations of CPLR, violations of Court Uniform Rules, forgery, suborning Perjury of Sex Convict John Siebert.

Burke lied to the Department of Children and Families in Conn. during theit Investigation of verified Reports that John Siebert is a Pedophile and a sex pervert. Burke and Gomez harassed, stalked and extorted Siebert victim and whistelblowers Ms Rachel, Muriel Karass, Barbara Polucci and others .

These thieves have engaged in trying to cover-up the Pavias thefts of Rent Stabilization, forgery, cheating the Dept of Buildings, findings by the NYC ECB Court that the Pavias and Gomez are perkurers and Forgers, in the ECB Court Record.

Gomez and the Pavia’s engaged in rampant obstruction of Justice, fraud upon trhe Court, perjury and extortion in NY Supreme Court and in multiple Agencies.

These criminals have been caught in massive Tax Evasion Schemes involving Pavia, Siebert, Assessor Boys, Yvonne Rogers and others. These despicable crooks have been caught cheating the App. Div. the Courts in NY and even as far out as California Courts as well.

Siebert has been caught engaged in a Tax Evasion Scheme as have the Pavias, aided by Burke and Gomez. All the while Abrams Deemer have been involved in aiding and participating in these Criminal acts, money laundering, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Siebert’s sexual Confessions and rapes of patients emotionally, physically and financially.

Siebert has stolen millions in concert with Abrams Deemer Burke and Gomez as have the Pavias. George Pavia has been a Mob Front Lawyer for over 50 years. He and Pavia Harcourt have many Off-Shore Shell Companies in Panama, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Camen Islands and other Tax Havens. Pavias have been caught and cited for perjury, fraud, larceny, tax evasion, money laundering and extortion.

These persons have been aided by Burke, Gomez, Abrams Deemer in violation of Federal Criminal Statutes. Burke is a desperate thief now on the run as he has stolen millions along with Siebert Pavia and Gomez. Burke has been caught in his cheating and extortion as have Gomez and the Pavias.

Burke has been caught “red-handed” filing perjured and fabricated Records and Pleadings in NY Courts, Compromising Referee Jack Surer, ex-party meetings with Suter, Paul Wooten, Peter Moulton and others all memoralized and witnessed. When it was to “Hot” for Burke, Bag-Man Gomez would become the “Mule” and Do the “Dirty-Work” of bribery, Ghostwrition and collusion to Rob Millions for Siebert and the Pavias.

Burke and Gomez have engaged in Ghostwriting on multiple occasions in multiple Courts for Judges, Referees, JHO’s and have been caught in these schemes as well.

The Helmseley Building 230 Park Avenue Room 660 is a den of criminality, larceny, extortion and racketeering. What makes this even mor interesting is the fact that George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt have recently moved into the same Building where Abrams Deemer are housed. The Helmesely Building 230 Park Ave.

Now George Pavia has “hired” Gomez (Abrams Deemer) to “Represent” George who is being sued by Yvonne Rogers for $30Million of looting embezzeling, money laundering and tax evasion.

George is also now desperate as he has a Judgment against hin and his wife Antonia for $40Million in California arising out of a RICO Case, that will soon be affirmed and Filed in NYC.

These Criminals are going to be excoriated by the Rules of Law, evicted, indicted, Jailed and all of their “off-shore” Accounts cleaned out. CRIME DOES NOT PAY.