imagesWe all know by now that Dr John Siebert is a sex-pervert, a depraved doctor who has been terminated by NY State as a doctor for being found to be “MORALLY UNFIT”, ans confessed to by Siebert as well.

Siebert has been convicted as a Sex addict and pervert by NYU Langone Hospital Hearings and Fired by NYU and 5 other NY Hospitals for sexually molesting patients, dispensing contra-indicated narcotics, stealing from Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross. Siebert is a Accused and witnessed PEDOPHILE, who has been witnessed by a patient victim MS Rahel. Siebert has raped a Linda M both physically and financially. Siebert has been involved in selling Narcotics to patients and others and has been charged with tax evasion, perjuruy, fraud, bribery and extortion along with his disgraced perjurer lawuer, Joseph M. Burke Eaq.

Siebert has reaped and molested and robbed many of his patient victims who have Filed criminal charges agfainst him, who have obtained RESTRAINING ORDERS against him and who have testified against him at Hearings conducted by the NY State Department of Health who ultimately Suspended Siebert and kicked him out of NY State all together.

Siebert is a sociopath and a perverted warped pimp.

It seems that the writer of “SATIN DOLL” KAREN QUINONES MILLER, learned about Siebert’s perverted and criminal activities from a few of Siebert patient victims as the incidents as outlined in “Satin Doll” regarding Siebert’s abuses of the key character in the novel are almost “Carbon Copies” of the documented charges made against Siebert by Diane Kleiman, Ms Rachel, Linda M, and Muriel Karass, all Siebert Victims who submitted Affidavits and Stacements that were given to THE SCAMS INC GROUP by these Victims and now posted on the Internet, Scams Inc Sites and on SCRIBD, for all to read.

In the Satin Doll, Siebert is referred to as “DR FUCKING SIEBERT, a ” super patronizing” liar and a customer of a Harlem Drug Dealer.

Siebert enters the Hospital room of the main female character and tries to con her into taking drugs and “giving Siebert a blow-job” in the Hospital room and from her hospital bed. Sieber claimed that he was “watching out for her”. This was and is the Pervert Siebert MO to lure his victims into sex acts when they are most vulnerable and ill. Siebert has beenĀ  charged with this same criminal conduct in Affidavits from Ms. Kleiman, Rachel, Linda M and Karass to name some. The same charges that resulted in Siebert’s CONVICTION & TERMINATION at NYU-LANGONE HOSPITAL.

TO Novel then goes on to explain that when Siebert was rejected, he threatened the Key character, called her “A FUCKING WHORE”, and said “ALL I WANT IS A 5 MIN BLOWJOB BECAUSE I AM A LITTLE LONELY”

Again, almost the exact same remarks revealed in the Ms Rachel, Kleiman and Linda M Exposes from their own independent experiences with thios Pedophile, pervert and extortionist Dr John Siebert.

In fact evidence now confirms that Siebert has stalked, threatened and harassed these Victim Patients and also recruted his corrupt and desperate lawyers Kenneth V Gomez and Joseph m Burke to stalk, extort, threaten and attempt to bribe these and other women who ultimately Testified against Siebert that resulted in his Termination at multiple Hospitals and Siebert Eviction from NY State as a Medical Doctor.

This Novel, SATIN DOLL, gives the readers a truthful and explosive expose as to how a sex-pervert sociopath, demented Doctor has intimidated patients by extortion to engage in perverted sex acts with Siebert a confessed pedophile.

In fact Ms Rachel swears that Siebert made her wear “little girls clothes” for sex. Siebert confessed to Rachel that he wanted and had sex with minor boys. Rachel reported Siebert to the DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES IN CONN. where Siebert resided until he and his drug-abusing wife Kimberly were Evicted to Baraboo Wisconsin where Siebert is in the Clinnic of UW Hospital, run by anorger pervert Ron Slwinski who continues to allow Siebert to work at UW after the World of Medical Institutions would not touch Siebert with a “10foot pole”.

We urge all of our readers to obtain a copy of SATIN DOLL, an explosive Novel by a extraordinary fine writer Karen E. Quinones Miller, and published by SIMON SHUSTER.