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THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT, were contacted by a client of the law firm of SLOVAK BARON EMPY ESQS (SBE) and Partner SHAUN MURPHY, ESQ  (Murphy) and it is not a pretty picture and not for the “Faint of Heart”

This individual also makes severe charges against Palm Springs Superior Court Judge David Latting and others in that Courthouse that reveal massive collusion, corruption, conspiracy, bribery and fraud.

The Client of Murphy accuses him of collusion with the Adversary, fraud, secretion of material evidence, “loosing” multiple “boxes” of Records, theft of this Client’s Fees without conducting the promised Legal Services, and other acts of law-office failures.

The Murphy client further claims that SBE and Murphy have “Forged” Documents, Failed to advise him of Hearings that took place befopre Latting where this Client was not present only due to Murphys failure to inform him of his required presence. He further claims that Murphy engaged in abusive and harassing conduct, lying about the “deep-sixing” of Records and the supposed bais of Latting in concert with Murphy and his supposed Adversary lawyers.

Murphy and SBE have according to this Client, mutilated the Clients Records so that a Appeal was impossible of Latting’s Orders, and Murphy also, according to the Clients representations, Murphy issued various Documents with Forged dates and contents.

This Client has now Fired Murphy and SBE, and has according to the Complaining Client, Reported SBE and Murphy to various branches of Law Enforcement.

According to the Client, Murphy has now threatened him, Filed a Motion to be Relieved, and has destroyed the Clients prior Demand that Murphy and SBE be FIRED.

Meanwhile, this Client’s Records have been stolen by SBE and Murphy, and thus can not prosecute his Claims without them.

He contacted THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS by email a few weeks ago explaining his plight and experiences with SBE and Murphy. He has presented some proofs ad we have eviodence of similar corrupt acts egaged in by SBE and Murphy with other Persons and victims of Murphy’s extortion, abuses, malpractice, stalking, threats, courthouse abuses, collusion with Palm Springs Judges, and ex-partie fraud with these Palm Springs Judges.

Murphy and SBE’s “MO” ar the same, over and over again. These persons are not “Lawyers” they are “cheats, liars, Fixers, dishonest and criminals”.

SBE and Murphy have used the Courts to defraud, extort and steal millions by engaging in bribery, suborning perjury, perjury, forgery, filing false documents, collusion with corrupt judges, and threats.

We have evidence of all of these spurious acts that Murphy and SBE have been engaged in for many years. Ye know of their “shady-dealings”, skulduggery,  pillage of their Clients money and rights, over-billings, tax evasion, profering Clients Frauds, Larceny and corruption and misusing Local Courts for their own unjust rewards.

All we can say now is that “THE DAY OF RECKONING WILL BE COMING SOON”


All of these :BAD-ACTORS” will not only be exposed in the public domain, but they all will be faceing Federal Charges for their Crimes.



moneyTHE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT have been investigating and reporting on JOHN SIEBERTMD for a number of years. We have also been Investigating Siebert’s co-conspirators in connection with his embezzling, larceny, tax evasion, fraud upon the Courts, RICO, mob affiliations and  extortion in concert with George Pavia Esq, Kenneth V Gomez Esq, Joseph M Burke Esq, Brian Pecker CPA, Russo Burke, Abrams Deemer and others.

Siebert started out in the Midwest and married his school lover Kimberly. They had 2 Kids, Ashley and Christopher. Siebert was caught by his MD father engaging sexual perverted acts early on and things got worse. John learned how to lie, con, cheat and swindle while fleecing many patient victims.

We have evidence of Siebert’s swindling over $2Million from Ms C. Zimmerman, and with that he “upgraded” to NYC buying the Practice of a prominent Surgeon V. Michael Hogan. Soon after Siebert began to con and swindle Ben Ossman for about $3Million in “Loans”. He swindled Richard Jacobs for $600,000.00, looted and embezzled millions from Kindervest Planning Corp, Jim Couri, Chase Bank, Fleet Bank, Bank Audi, US Trust Bank and then he double-pledged his Hogan-Office Co-Op on Park Ave resulting in his eviction.

Siebert apparently escilated  his sexual abuses of hie NY Patients. He sexually, financially and emotionally “Raped” Diane Kleiman, Linda m, Ms Rachel, Barbara Pollucci, Muriel Karass, and many others. Many have submitted Affidavits swearing to Siebert’s attacks on them, his narcotics abuses, sexual devaint acts, his butchering of these women and his extorting and threatening them when they we going to Testify against Siebert at NYU Hospital Hearings and at NY State Department of Health Charges filed against Siebert.

Siebert was Convicted, confessed and removed and Fired by all Medical Institutions in NY State, as Suspended by NY State as well.

Siebert has been caught in various major Tax Evasion Schemes and has been coauht extorting and threatening Murder by email and is subject to a Nationwie Restraining Order against him and alkl in concert with him.

Siebert has been affiliared with a group of corrupt lawyers who we have evidence of their larceny, perjury, stalking, money laundering, tax evasion courthouse scams and swindles and other criminal acts. Burke, Gomez, and Pavia have all been involved in a Racketeering Enterprise for many years.

Pavia and his Firm Pavia Harcourt have been a front for criminality, money laundering and tax evasion for years.

Pavia and his wife recently were caught in a multimillion dollar tax scam and confessed. Pavia has been recently sued by the Rogers Estate by Pryor Cashman fot embezzling, tax evasion, conversion, offshore secret accounts, forgery and larceny (NY Supreme Case # 652006-16).

Siebert has been charged with engaging in extortion, perjury, money laundering and tax evasion. Siebert has targeted many with Burke and Gomez to set them up and cheat these Victims. They are now conning Diand Hedricks a Billionare Widow from Wisconson.

Siebert has lied and cheated his wife Kimberly. We have Affidavits of Siebert admitting that Kinberly in mentally deranged, he wants out and he cant because she knows too-much.

John Siebert as also conned, bamboozled and used his daughter Ashley for his illicit purposes. At KKR Ashley in NYC refused to allow Siebert’s victims to prove that her father is a thief ad a sex deviant. John Siebert has been accused as a Pedophile, charges were brought against him to the NY DA and to the Conn. Childrens and Families. Siebert and Burke lied, cheated and falsified Records they submitted to Courts and to the Childrens & Families Agency.

Siebert has engaged ig allowing Gomez a pimp-lawyer to estort Ms Rachel, Stalk her and threaten her.

Siebert is also allied with a UBS Career Gambler Phil Zuccaire, who has been involved in cheating gamblers for over 50 years with Bobby Riggs, Armand Serami and others and using his illicit gains, by Offshore accounts.

UBS has been caught in Offshore scams and Zuccaire has been caught evading taxes.

We all know how Hedge Funds function. Most are Honest and some have been caught in various scams. Some have been targeted and ruined when they did nothing wrong such as David Ganek and his “Level Global”, now the subject of a litigation against Preet Bharara US ATTY SDNY, brought by Barry Schect Esq. Yet Level Global was closed down by the bad publicity etc.

Here with the Siebert Crew of confirmed convictions, Tax evasion, civil RICO Charges brought agains thenm where Pavia and his wife have Defaulted for over $40Million. Where Siebert has been convicted as a Sex-pervert, a tax evader, a proven Perkurer and Courthouse cheat, a Money Launderer, looting Millions from Others, usinf racketeering methods to silence persons and bamboozling his family and malliable daughter ASHKEY SIEBERT OLSEN, who is now in a sensitive position at SILVER POINT CAPITAL, we ath the Scams Inc Group Investigations have more than ‘Reasonable Inferences” to deduct that Jonn Siebert, Gomez, Burke and Pavia can and would  “compromise” Ms Olsen, as she wants desperately to “believe-in” her father John Siebert who is a demented sociopath criminal and who has no conscience.

If any reader wants to see what Siebert Victims have Sworn-To about his Larceny, sex abuses, cheating, lies and extortion, PLEASE go to SCRIBD and download Affs from Diane Kleiman, a lawyer, Ms Rachel, Linda M, Muriel Karass and others or simply search SCAMSINC.COM for these Documents and other proof of Siebert’s criminal activities.

We are certain that Ashley Siebert Olsen could not have disclosed to SILVER POINT CAPITAL the background and activities of her Father John and her Mother Kimberly who also has been found to be a Tax Evader as well, BEFORE Ashley was hired.

The Scams Inc Group only presents Facts and we believe that Siebert and his “cohorts” are using Silver-Point to secrete looted and embezzled funds by Siebert, Pavia, Burke, Gomez and other of their RICO Enterprises.

John Siebert has no morals, no integrity and is a self-indulgent mentally deranged pervert. Siebert has been evicted from 5 medical offices in NYC for sexually abusing patients. He has been FIRED by NYU Langone Hospital, Lenox Hill, Manhattan Eye & Ear Hospital, NY Infirmary. Siebert was put on the Street by Dr Glen Jelks and Brown Haras Stevens fror being a undesirable at 875 Park Avenue, NYC and the same with Dr Dan Baker, and Dr Cheril Aston who threw Siebert out for molesting another Doctor in Aston’s Office Suiote on Park Ave as well.

The Scams Inc Group Investigations believer that the SEC should be informed about the Nexus between and among Silver Point Capital and Ashley Siebert Olsen on the one hand and Ashley’s dishonest, corrupt father and his RICO actors all with ha trail of fraud upon the courts, Mail and Wire Fraud violations of 18 USC 1962, 1964, 1341, 1343, various Penal Coded including Perjury in the 1st Degree, Grand Larceny in the 1st Degree, Money Laundering, Bribery, Obstruction of Justice etc.

The Proofs are clear and convincing as to the John Siebert cheating, lying, embezzling, extortion and threats of murder (resulting in a Court-Ordered Restraining Order until 2019).

It seem that Silver-Point Capital have also been “taken-in” and Bamboozled” by these hijackers of justice, the laws and million in looted and stolen moneys.


embezzlementTHE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT, has been investigating and exposing, over the past 11 years many corrupt lawyers and depraved and corrupt litigants who have been stealing money, rights, property and other assets from legitimate litigants.

We have seen it all, from forgery, bribery of judges, court referees, perjury, purging courthouse records, extortion, stalking, threats, extortion, money laundering, offshore banking to secrete stolen funds, lawyers who do and say anything to cover-up the criminality of their clients and eprive due process rights belonging to their adversaries in a court case.

Lying, cheating, fraud upon the courts is a usual scheme to rob you of your rights and money due to you. Then there is extortion, threats, bribery of judges, false charges, threats of murder and more if there are millions of dollars involved.

We have reported on many culprits and victims of these courthouse robberies, and we have caused many of these crook lawyers and their clients to be caught in major tax evasion scams, thefts, larceny, perjury and extortion. Over the past 12 years we have uncovered racketeering in the NY Courts, California Courts and Courts in other important cities in America. We have seen lawyers engage in falsifying evidence, covering up their clients sexual abuses of patients, larceny, threats of murdering adversaries, collusion with mob figures, collusion with offshore banks to hide millions stolen and then covered up by perjury, obstruction of justice, bribery of mallaible and incompetent judges, and extortion of many.

Here we have seen the worst of the worst involving the over 12 years of larceny, fraud, perjury, trickery, embezzling, extortion and larceny perpitrated over and over and over again by Joseph M Burke Esq, John Siebert and Kenneth V Gomez, Esq.

These swindlers  of courts, pillagers of the Laws of America, tax cheats, sociopaths and criminals have lied, cheated, stolen millions while attempting to cleanse themselves by fraud, perjury, smart-ass pleadings concocted to shroud grand larceny that they have orchestrated.

Joseph Burke has been evicted out of Russo Burke having been caught engaging in a criminal enterprise. Then Burke joins Abrams Deemer PLLC in Jan 2015. Abrams & deemer are two stooges who worked for William Russo and who were bamboozled by Burke and Gomez two proven crooks. Now we have learned that Burke was kicked out of Abrams Deemer offices and they are telling persions that Burke “HAS RETIRED”.

 We obtained this information from our Investigator on a RECORDED PHONE with Abrams Deemer Receptionist Tanyetta Thompson. Recorded as we know that Burke and Abrams Deemer are involved in a GRAND LARCENY Scheme in a plot to ROB over $60 Million, by cheating,n fraud upon the Coiurts, perjury, trickery, forgery and purging court records.

We have evidence that Burke is now trying to use Abrams Deemer as a Mail Drop, and further defraud the Courts and Adversaries.

Burke has lied, cheated and covered up Dr John Siebert’s sexual abuses of Patients, his Convictions as a sex pervert, a Pedophile and a Rapist of many including Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karras, Linda M, Ms Rachel, Ms Zimmerman and many others. Siebert has been Fired by 5 NY Hospitals as a sex pervert, Terminated as a Doctor in NY State and all the while Burke and Gomez have Sworn that Siebert is a fine Family Man who is being maligned by others.

These lies have been proffered in multiple Courts in NY and California and with the NY District Attorney, the US Attorney in NY and others. These are crimes alone engaged in by Burke, Gomez and Siebert not to mention the looting ald theft by all of them of money they have stolen that exceeds $60Million.

We have also uncovered a Siebert Tax evasion Scheme involving Million aided by Burke and Gomez that thanks to Scams inc Group was reported to the IRS and all of them were caught in a multimillion tax evasion schjeme in concert wit Siebert’s CPA Shine & Co and Brian Pecker CPA.

When you are confronted with the likes of a Siebert Burke, Gomez, Abrams, Deemer, what you should do is memoralize the acts by preserving court records, recording phone calls, reporting the crooks to the US Attorney and the DA, and emailing us at Web will help you navigate these polluted waters that these snakes swim and we will help you catch and expose these diabolic tricksters.

THE SCAMS INC GROUP are committed to exposing and putting Burke, Siebert, Gomez, Abrams Deemer and others allied with them in prison and causing them to disgorge every dollar that they have embezzled, plus all coste and interest.

We have found that Burke and Siebert have looted and robbed many with Gomez. Gomez even Launched a Blog financed by Siebert and George Pavia to use as a meands of EXTORTION and to malign adversaries by proffering fraud, deception and threats. They have harassed, threatened murder, called doctors, lied cheated, lied to law enforcement as part of their scheme to cover-up their Larceny and embezzeling over $60 Million and secreting it in various offshore accounts with the aid of Pavia Harcourt Esqs, George Pavia and Mule Gomez and Burke  both now desperate as they are on the run having been exposed by many and by Federal Judges, Appellate Judges and Prosecutors that they have attempted to fool and cheat and defraud.

Joseph M Burke Kenneth V Gomez and John Siebert are criminals, desperate and willing to do and say anything to continue their GRAND LARCENY, but it is now far to late.

Burke has been exposed again as a cheat, perjurer and corrupt lawyer who has stooped to threats and more mail and wire fraud. STAY AWAY FROM THESE DESPERATE SOCIOPATHS AND SEX PERVERTS.


murder_for_hire_hit_kill_hitmanJoseph M Burke Esq, has been exposed as a corrupt cheating lawyer who has been engaged in extortion, money laundering, embezzling, racketeering and courthouse fraud for many years.

Burke formed a unholy alliance with convicted sex deviant and suspended doctor John Siebert who has been charged with and convicted for molesting many patients, feeding them with narcotics, stealing from Medicare and Medicaid and other perverted acts. Siebert also was engaged in looting and embezzeling millions fom companis and persons while lying, cheating, and engaging in perjury and fraud upon the Courts along with Burke and Burke’s various law office associations.

Burke and Siebert were caught engaging in forgery, perjury, larceny and various forms of corruption, in and outside the Courts. Burke was active in advising Siebert in a major Tax Evasion Scam where they were caught by the IRS and Charged with Evasio.Burke was caught forging Documents, money laundering, representing Siebert at NYU Hospital where Siebert was convicted of sexually Molesting Patients and Fired. Burke then engaged in perjury, lying to the Courts and stating Siebert was a fine “family man” when all the while Burke knew Siebert was a Convicted Sex Pervert and a confessed Pedophile as well.

Soo after Burke waqs fired from his Firm RUSSO BURKE, and kicked out of Russo’s Office at 600 Third Ave, NYC. Then Burke went with Matthew Abrams and David Deemer in a new Firm ABRAMS DEEMER in 230 Park Ave NYC in a SUB< SUB< SUB< SUB leased room 660 with Burke stooge Mule Kenneth V Gomez Esq. They began extorting adversaries along with tax cheat and mob front George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt Esqs. The Pavia’s were caught in another Tax swindle involving millions as well. As the walls began closing in on these crooks and their thefts of over $80 Million or more, Burke Siebert, Pavia & Gomez became more desperate. They were on the Feds Radar, they were all under Investigation and their Larceny, fraud and perjury were being exposed in NY and in California. Siebert was caught in other acts of fraud, larceny and racketeering with Burke Gomez and Pavia,

Burke and Siebert were conspiring in emails on the internet to hire a Hit-Man-Bounty-Hunter to “Take-Out” a sdversary who Siebert owes over $40 Million and Pavia owes more to. They were caught, and the emails were captured.

Charges were filed with law enforcement, and permanent Restraining Orders were granted in favor of the Person who they were plotting to “take-out” . The Restraining Order is against Siebert-Burke and all in concert with them and they are at it again.

Bukke has been removed from Abrams Deemer and The Scams In Group has been advised that Burke is supposedly “Retired” and We have been advised by a Abrams Deemer employee that Burke is no longer at the Abrams Deemer Office. It is clear that they also want to femove themselves from Burke and Siebert and their orchestrated crimes and threats and extortion.

We have also learned that Burke, Siebert and Gomez have engaged in stalking, extorting and threatening Muriel Karass, Ms Rachel, Linda M, Ms C. Zimmerman and others who Siebert has molested , cheated, and looted. In fact Siebert stole over $2Million from MS Zimmerman and threatened her if she tried to sue him, and tell her husband about the “sexcapades” Siebert engaged in with her.

Now The  Scams inc Group has recently learned that Siebert who has bee run out of NY State as a UNFIT DOCTOR, has been pursuing Widow Billionaire Diane Hendricks, lying to her that he is a researcher and with Burke and Gomez conning Hendricks not telling her that Siebert has been convicted as a Sex pervert and kicked out of all NY Hospitals and NY State as a Sex Pervert and a Morally Unfit Doctor. Burke is a cheat and a desperate man as is this entire group of racketeers.

Pavia is a mob front and also Desperate so they are now scheming to try and put a “HIT” on the persons who are on to their criminal enterprise and who they are being closed in on. They are so desperate they do not realize that the Feds and their supposed Targets are also on to them. They should realize that Jail is better than “the Gallows” and they should realize that they are all Finished, Disgraced and will soon be Disgorging every cent that they have stolen embezzled and “Laundered”

They have violated the Restraning Order and Burke and Siebert  are being watched 24-7 as are their phones, emails and movements. Siebert is at UW Hospital in Wisconsin and his Stolen Money is held by FREEDOM WIRELESS HOLDINGS, UBS SECURITIES AND IN VARIONS OFFSHOTE SHELL CORPORATIONS UNDER THE AEGIS OF BURKE, GEORGE PAVIA, PAVIA HARCOURT AND BOMEZ, THE MULE.