embezzlementTHE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT, has been investigating and exposing, over the past 11 years many corrupt lawyers and depraved and corrupt litigants who have been stealing money, rights, property and other assets from legitimate litigants.

We have seen it all, from forgery, bribery of judges, court referees, perjury, purging courthouse records, extortion, stalking, threats, extortion, money laundering, offshore banking to secrete stolen funds, lawyers who do and say anything to cover-up the criminality of their clients and eprive due process rights belonging to their adversaries in a court case.

Lying, cheating, fraud upon the courts is a usual scheme to rob you of your rights and money due to you. Then there is extortion, threats, bribery of judges, false charges, threats of murder and more if there are millions of dollars involved.

We have reported on many culprits and victims of these courthouse robberies, and we have caused many of these crook lawyers and their clients to be caught in major tax evasion scams, thefts, larceny, perjury and extortion. Over the past 12 years we have uncovered racketeering in the NY Courts, California Courts and Courts in other important cities in America. We have seen lawyers engage in falsifying evidence, covering up their clients sexual abuses of patients, larceny, threats of murdering adversaries, collusion with mob figures, collusion with offshore banks to hide millions stolen and then covered up by perjury, obstruction of justice, bribery of mallaible and incompetent judges, and extortion of many.

Here we have seen the worst of the worst involving the over 12 years of larceny, fraud, perjury, trickery, embezzling, extortion and larceny perpitrated over and over and over again by Joseph M Burke Esq, John Siebert and Kenneth V Gomez, Esq.

These swindlers  of courts, pillagers of the Laws of America, tax cheats, sociopaths and criminals have lied, cheated, stolen millions while attempting to cleanse themselves by fraud, perjury, smart-ass pleadings concocted to shroud grand larceny that they have orchestrated.

Joseph Burke has been evicted out of Russo Burke having been caught engaging in a criminal enterprise. Then Burke joins Abrams Deemer PLLC in Jan 2015. Abrams & deemer are two stooges who worked for William Russo and who were bamboozled by Burke and Gomez two proven crooks. Now we have learned that Burke was kicked out of Abrams Deemer offices and they are telling persions that Burke “HAS RETIRED”.

 We obtained this information from our Investigator on a RECORDED PHONE with Abrams Deemer Receptionist Tanyetta Thompson. Recorded as we know that Burke and Abrams Deemer are involved in a GRAND LARCENY Scheme in a plot to ROB over $60 Million, by cheating,n fraud upon the Coiurts, perjury, trickery, forgery and purging court records.

We have evidence that Burke is now trying to use Abrams Deemer as a Mail Drop, and further defraud the Courts and Adversaries.

Burke has lied, cheated and covered up Dr John Siebert’s sexual abuses of Patients, his Convictions as a sex pervert, a Pedophile and a Rapist of many including Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karras, Linda M, Ms Rachel, Ms Zimmerman and many others. Siebert has been Fired by 5 NY Hospitals as a sex pervert, Terminated as a Doctor in NY State and all the while Burke and Gomez have Sworn that Siebert is a fine Family Man who is being maligned by others.

These lies have been proffered in multiple Courts in NY and California and with the NY District Attorney, the US Attorney in NY and others. These are crimes alone engaged in by Burke, Gomez and Siebert not to mention the looting ald theft by all of them of money they have stolen that exceeds $60Million.

We have also uncovered a Siebert Tax evasion Scheme involving Million aided by Burke and Gomez that thanks to Scams inc Group was reported to the IRS and all of them were caught in a multimillion tax evasion schjeme in concert wit Siebert’s CPA Shine & Co and Brian Pecker CPA.

When you are confronted with the likes of a Siebert Burke, Gomez, Abrams, Deemer, what you should do is memoralize the acts by preserving court records, recording phone calls, reporting the crooks to the US Attorney and the DA, and emailing us at scamsinc@gmail.com. Web will help you navigate these polluted waters that these snakes swim and we will help you catch and expose these diabolic tricksters.

THE SCAMS INC GROUP are committed to exposing and putting Burke, Siebert, Gomez, Abrams Deemer and others allied with them in prison and causing them to disgorge every dollar that they have embezzled, plus all coste and interest.

We have found that Burke and Siebert have looted and robbed many with Gomez. Gomez even Launched a Blog financed by Siebert and George Pavia to use as a meands of EXTORTION and to malign adversaries by proffering fraud, deception and threats. They have harassed, threatened murder, called doctors, lied cheated, lied to law enforcement as part of their scheme to cover-up their Larceny and embezzeling over $60 Million and secreting it in various offshore accounts with the aid of Pavia Harcourt Esqs, George Pavia and Mule Gomez and Burke  both now desperate as they are on the run having been exposed by many and by Federal Judges, Appellate Judges and Prosecutors that they have attempted to fool and cheat and defraud.

Joseph M Burke Kenneth V Gomez and John Siebert are criminals, desperate and willing to do and say anything to continue their GRAND LARCENY, but it is now far to late.

Burke has been exposed again as a cheat, perjurer and corrupt lawyer who has stooped to threats and more mail and wire fraud. STAY AWAY FROM THESE DESPERATE SOCIOPATHS AND SEX PERVERTS.