kangaroo-court-judgeTHE SCAMS INC GROUP has spent a great amount of time and resources carefully peeling away the “shell-games”, unholy alliances, debased judicial plundering of clueless litigant’s rights, and outright fraud upon the court.

The first problem is that the Court has really only two judges on a permanent basis. David Chapman and Judge David Lattig. The one or two others that are in that courthouse from time-to-time are a “roving” few, that hear a few matters and move to other venues in California.

The Cases of any size and substance are cherry-picked by Chapman and Latting, depending on who the litigants are and who represents them. You see this ie where these Judges can accomplish the most “good’ for themselves and their “Round-Robin” of Desert-Lawyer-Boys” who pull the strings in the small Cochella Valley, AKA Volkenvania.

We have assembled a great amount of evidence of the chicanery, judicial monkey-shines, violations of California Canons of Judicial Ethics, suborning perjury, collusion with the Commission on Judicial Performance, tampering with Court Records, denial of Due Process, obstructing of justice, dishonesty and collusion to aid in embezzling of litigants rights, claim and property.

Chapman has engaged in threats towards litigants, interfered into the property rights, health, family of litigants. He has engaged in documented collusion with Shaun Murphy Esq of the Firm of Slovak Baron & Empy, in a plot to extort a victim’s of Murphy and a corrupt Client who has been a Z”sponsor” of Chapman.

We have evidence of Chapman engaging in ex-parte collusion with Lawyer David Richardson and Chapman’s issuing Rulings that violate the CCP of California, Facts, The US and California Constitutions and that were in violation of Evidence.

Chapman has engaged in bullying and cheating litigant’s access to the courts byfalsifying facts, misuse of Statutes and lying. Chapman has refused to follow the California and Federal Constitutional Laws that MANDATE Disqualification of a Judge who displays even a modest Bias towards a Litigant. Chapman rather chose to violate the Constitution and the California Mandates so that he can continue to harass, extort and cheat a litigant for Chapman’s personal spite, greed, mental disorders and Judicial fraud.

Chapman has done these acts of pillage and unethical robbery of litigant’s property, rights, ligerty,  and money on many occations to favor Slovak Firm, The Harnik-Gilstrap Firm of Roemer-Harnik, where Dick Roemer is turning i his Grave as a result of “BROOKLYN-BOY” Harnick’s Collusion and cheating. Harnick admitted to a Informant that he had Latting and Chapman “IN HIS POCKET’

Latting was a employee of Roemer Harnik before he was made a Superior Court Judge. We have a number of Litigants who have clear evidence of Judicial tainted, perverted, and diabolic misconduct using the Public Trust and manipulation of the Laws to smother litigants rights and loot their money and claims as a result of obvious “back-Room” Judicial racketeering in concert with corrupt lawyers who fues this Third-World Courthouse corruption.

The Ringleaders of this larceny, and we have assembled evidence, Rulings, admissions, Litigant’s testimony, survelance, standard of living records, chicanery with former court-stenographer Terry Dickneider and her Bank Records and Chapman;s Desperate cover-up.

Let us not forget the corrup law firm of Sulemeyer-Kupitz in los Angeles, Ca, and theit trail of Fixes for years and their interaction with Judge Chapman, withminion perjurer and fraudster lawyer David Richardson Howard Eherenberg and the Aid of Gilstrap and Harnick as well to stter Chapman like the ‘;Donkey and the Carrot” so Champan woulke follow the money into his pocket from another group of now well proven racketeers. Chapman’s antics with Richardson reveals clear looting of the law, obsrtucting justice and stifeling Due Process, while covering up that his Court Reporter was unlicensed as Terry Dickneider’s License had EXPIRED. Yet Chapman orchestrated a massive scheme to defraud the Courts, arrange forged Records rather than causing Dickneider to simply produce a original Canceled Check and her Bank Statement.

Why? because Chapman is a phony, a Fraud and a cheat as he knew that Dickneider without a valid License was not permitted to generate Transcripts of Hearings and could not work in Californai as a Court Reporter. So Chapman chose the Fraud avenue. But we have evidence that Dickneidre was without al license and Chapman is center stage in a Racketeering Scheme including Mail and Wire Fraud, Suborning Perjury, collusion Bribery and violations ofUS Federal Codes and Statutes including  18 USC 1964, 1964, 1341, 1343 and variovs California Penal Codes as well

Then we have evidence of Chapman ‘s involvment with Victoria B. Henley, the about 25 year supposed “Director” of the Commission on Judicial Performance, the joke of the Nation. Henley is a confirmed liar, cheat and yet slick enough to misuse the Courts to avoid full exposure of the CJP Finances, her Finances, the CJP improvident “WHITEWASHING” of proven Corrupt California Judges, all for a Menu of Bribe-prices for “Dyke” Henle.

We have assembled evidence that when the time comes Ms Henley will have to answer to before a FederalmTask-Force that will be Investigating Nationwide State Judicial Corruption, Attorneys who Bribe, Fix, Ghostwrite, Extort, Stalk, Harass, Threaten and worse their Adversaries and with the aid of these pathetic, malliable and warped judges whow bend the rules of law into a corkscrew to aid thes corrupt lawyers . All done for a”Piece of the action, in a “COURTROOM STICK-UP”

We have other Desert, Riverside and LA Law Offices who have Desert Judges on their “payroll” , some in the Med-Mal Field who by using the unethical antics of Chapman have made a fortune and Chapman has gotten his “pound-of-blood” in “brown-paper-bag”.

We also know how in the 21st Century, these Fixere make ‘pay-Offs” and it ios not like the ‘old-Dayd”. We know all the Tricks, off-shore Money Laundering, Banking Fraud, Gold, Diamonds, and other and more novel methods of Bribery and tax evasions.

Standarde of Living, expense use Visa, Amex, Dscover, Masrer-card and other in House Accounts added up belonging to Judges, their wives, sttoges and other family members, Mottagage payments, ecf will tell the story.

Chapman and Henley and others are noy under a microscope and  have been for a long while. The evidence reveals and uncovered will be grave fodder against the Target tax-payers for tax evasion and material understating of their income. The source of funds, well we will leave THAT TO ANOTHER EXPOSE.