castiglione-gcplsTHE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS has been contacted by a few Informants who  have been providing data about the Pacific Vet. Center (PVC) and iots supposed owner a MARIA CASTIGLIONE.

Our recearch appears to point to the facts that Maria Castiglione is a part of the Mob Family of “Castiglione”. Lefty was a enforcer for the Profaci, Colombo Families in Brooklyn, and Queens NY. Lefty then went to La and worked withMike “Rizzi” RRizzitallo, as a enforcer and a collector for the Mob, getting Gambelers to pay-up on their gambeling losses.

THese guys were also engaged in extortion, money laundering, Vegas Skimming and other Mob activities.

Maria’s Parents, from Brooklyn and Queens have told a informant that they are connected with Organized Crime, that they engage in transportation of cash from Vegas to California thet Mob guys Skim off of Small Casinos in Vegas, Reno and other parts of Nevada.

WE have been looking into PVC and have reason to believe that PVC is being used by the Castiglione Family and by Maria as a Frot and as a Money Laundering Organization.

We also have learned that Maria is a vicious, shake-down person, and who has control od shady lawyers that she uses to extort and intimidate anyone who comes close to uncovering the illicit activities of Maria, PVC and Maria’s Organization.

Lefty Castiglione was a Mob thug and a lesser capo than Joe Profaci, Joey Galo, and Frank Colombo but Castiglione and the present Family who reside in Queens, Palm Springs, Torrence and other parts of California are als gamblers themselves.

We also hve been looking at the Castiglione assets and Real Estate and seem to find properties owned with the use of mysterious cash and Rental income revenues that are taken in cash and thus undeclared income and apparently used for the Castiglione illicit activities.

We ar continuing to actively investigate these enterprises and base upon our findings will be reporting the Castiglione rackets to the Criminal Division of the Department of Treasury and to the Department of Justuice “Organized Crime Strike Force” for their further attention and investigation.

Some of our Informants have already been targeted by the Castiglione “Machine’ and have been abused, threatened, harassed and retaliated upon when Maria learned about tre uncovering of the PVC and other probable Money Laundering Fronts, Mule Transportation of cash from Nevada to California by Cars, and other dishonest activities.

Maria has used a corrupt extortonist lawyer from Torrence Ca to engage in threats, harassment, and extortion by phone and us mails. This Informant has reported this lawyer (who we will name in another Expose) to the US Postal Inspectors and to the Stare Bar of Ca, and to other law enforcement agencies, We are told that this lawyers threats were recorded on the belief that he is engaged in a criminal operation of Racketeering involving a old-line Mob Family “CASTIGLIONE”.