Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.

THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT, have caught this pathetic dead-beat who has bee evicted along with his partiner in crime, JOSEPH M BURKE ESQ,from 3 seperate aLaw offices for illegal conduct, extortion and mail and wire fraud.

Gomez and his brother Robert have attempted to embezzle over $400,000.00 from minors, by Appearing in the USDC Northern District NY, Case #1:15-cv-00439MAD-CFH.

Judge Mae DaGastino caught on to Gomez early on, and was convinced that he and his brother were engaged in a con-game of Courthouse Chicanery, Fraud, Perjury and extortion.

Gomez was excoriated by the Court and now all are on to him and his brothers attempted thefts from Minors and relatives as well. But this is a sample of a long paper trail of Gomez and his Racketeers courthouse Thefts, perjury, suborning Perjury, Ghostwriting, ffraud with George Pavia at the NY Department of Buildings, The Enviromental Control Board, Thefts of Recoveries basesd on forgery, fraud and bribery.

Gomez has been charged with Stalking Dr John Siebert’s Victims who caused Siebert to be Terminated as a NYS Doctor.

Gomez has threatened many, engaged in extortion, threats Filig bogus statements on his pathetic Blog, created 8 years ago the Extort and harass others.

We have evidence of Gomez, Burke Siebert Filing Forged Records with the Court claiming that a Litigant forgedd his own Name with a Notary that was Paid for her Services.

Then Gomez has been caught Ghostwriting Decisions for NY Referees and a few NY Judges.

Gomez has been engaged in Filing false Records before Judge Abdus Salaam to steal Med Mal Settlement and cheat Secured Creditors in the Process.

Gomez was Cited by the ECB Court along with George Pavia as a Perjurer and a Forger.

The NY DOB, and ECB Court found that George Pavia and Antonia Pavia Filed FORGED and FALSE CERTIFICATES OF CORRECTION, related to a illegally constructed Atrium in the Pavia Brownstone that was Hazardous to Rent Stabilized Tenants that Pavia and Gomez Looted, CVheated and Stole From.

Then Gomez and Pavia engaged in the outright theft of a $15Million Brownstone belonging to a Jana Pierce located at 15 East 77the Street NYC.

This was a pre-ploted scheme of embezzeling the Deed of the Property a few Points at a Time.

In the end Pavia, his wife, adult Children and Gomez illegally converted the property by Forgery, fraud, conversion and larceny from a senile old woman to themselves.

This is almost the same scam that Pavia, his Firm and Gomez acting as Lawyer did in a NY County Supreme Court Case Filed by Pryor Cashman Lawyers representing Yvonne Rogers and her Trust.

The Charge is that she was Looted by Pavias for over $30Million, and the IRS was swindled for $10Million and the Money was scereted in Offshore accounts.

We know that Gomez, a broke lawyer, who thinks because he carries around a Thesauris and usese Fancy words that we do not know trhat he is a cheat, a slime-ball, a pimp and a criminal. Gomez is Pavia’s Mule, and he has done Pavia’s cheating, Bribery and EXTORTION. But we have Gomes where he belongs, and his collusion Larceny and intersrstate Frauds have caught up with him.

We have known for yeare Gomez, Burke, Siebert and Pavia’s Collusion with Palm Springs Fixer-cheat Lawyer Shaun Murphy and Slovak Baron Empy, who we have caught engageing in threats extortion and larceny

Birds of a Feather Flock together.

This is the Reason The Scams Inc Group has Grown so rapidly. The pervasive Corruption in the State Court System and the dishonest, perverted and Desperate Lawyers who extort Victim Litigants, Steal their Property and Bribe desperate Judges.

Gomez other Pal, Dr John Siebert has been convicted for sex abuses of his Patients,. He has been Fired by every Hospital he was associated in NY as a Sex Predator. Siebert was also Convicted by the NY State Dep. of Health for being a sex pervert, pedophile and then Siebert Confessed and was Removed as a NY State Doctor.

Siebert has lied, cheated and extorted Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karass, Barbara Polucci, Richard Jacobs, Linda M, Ms Rachel, Chase Bank, Fleet Bank, Bank Audi, US Trust Bank, Ben Ossman , and Siebert was evicted from 4 Medical Offices in NYC.

All of these Victims of Siebert have named Gomez and Siebert’s thug who extorted, threatened and stalked them. Much of this evidence is on SCRiBD, and on Scams Inc Sites.

Gomez is now even more desperate as he and his con-man pal Joseph Burke have been ousted from Abrams-Deemer Offices they sub-sub-sub let from a 88 year old lawyer.

Gomez is now undre investigation for engaging in fraud and perjury before a Federal Court. We have Evidence of Gomez larceny, perjury in multiple Courts including the NY County Supreme Court, the NT Department of Buildings; The ENVIROMENTAL CONTROL BOARD, the NY Court that Hears and decides all Cases involving Property, Violations and Hazards in NYC.

Gomez engaged in Forgery, perjury and trickery in these Courts and Agencies and we by FOIA have the Tape Recordings of Hearings where Pavia and Gomez engaged in Rampant PerJury. We have similar proofs of Gomez and Pavia Perjury and fraud before Judge Joan Madden in Ny Supreme,. Before Judge Shela Abdus Salaam in the Theft of over $230,000.00 in Settlemet Recoveries belonging to a Cancer Victim by Gomez Filing Forged Documents, lying, baatant Perjury, Fixed Records and larceny before the Court. Thus resulting in the embezzeling of $230,000.00 by Gomez as a Front for Pavia Burke Siebert and Others. Gomez Bank Accout Proves the Withdrawls in Cash to his racketeer associates while compromising the Court to help-out the swindle.

Finally as a result of The Scams Inc Group Dilligence and putting the Pieces together we Reported Pavia and his wife and Gomez to the CID of the IRS.

After the IRS Criminal Audits, The Pavia’s Confessed and Paid just Recently large Fines and Penalities, Back taxes they evaded. Now Gomez and Pavia and Pavia Harcourt ate being Investigated again fot tax evasion and soon for Courthouse Larceny and collusion.

Joseph M Burke is now “Missing” he   hes failed to report his change of location and email NY Atty Registration and does not respond to calls.

We do know that Gomez is now conspiring with Shaun Murphy and is Filing Phony forged Blog data that this perverted pimp and cheat has been doing for years as well as filing phony claims and allegations against others to take the HEAT of Gomez, Pavia, Burke and Pervert Siebert.

No they are Loothing Diane Hendricks  a Widow in Wisconsin where Siebert now lives whon inherited a Fortune froimher husband who died in a accident a few years ago.

Another prospect for these swindlers who have been extorting embezzeling, and bribe ing for years.

George Pavia is a known Mafia Lawyer and has been since he ratted on Jews in Nazi Germany and Italy to get out and land in NYC. Since then George has been swindeling many, now with the Aid of Thief Gomez. We will be allerting USDJ D’Agostino as to our new Findings as nto Gomez interstate chicanery with Thug Lawyer Shaun Murphy.