66FBED0A-A81D-4008-A2D3-EEE8CDB68BC9-1668-0000015B9679D028THE SCAMS INC GROUP, has been for over 10 years been a Forensic Reporting Organization, Investigative Reporters, developing Exposes and Cases fopr the Federal Government, the CID of the Department of Treasury, and for International Law Enforcement.

We have been “Tipped-off” about three years ago that SBEMP, Shaun Murphy Roemer Harnick, Mary Gilstrap, Brian Harnik and other Palm Springs Law Offices have been engaged in corruption, fixes, and dishonesty of the Palm Springs Courthouse and collusion with certain Judges there.

We quickly learned that Judge Latting was a Partner of Roemer Harnik and Judge David Chapman was a “Ambulance chaser Lawyer” in Indeo, Ca, with a marginal Law education. Both Appointed by Jerry Brown Gov.

We have written extensively about SBEMP, Murphy, Chapman and the polluted Clerks at that Courthouse. We have exposed Chapman’s Chicanery with Terri Dickneider, Chapman’s then Court Reporter, who we uncovered was functioning with a Fxpired Court Reporters Board License.

The Result was Dickneider Quit, refused to produce any Payment for the supposed 2016 Renewal, and Evidence we have assembled establishes that the DOB, Cover-up was a fraud and the refusal to produce “first-hand” proof due to Chapman’s intervention proved the evidece we have is true.

Then Chapman colluded with Ms V.  Henley the over 20 year Director of the well established corrupt Commission on Judicial Performance, that Whitewashes as a matter of course Proven Charges of a Judges Fraud, larceny, incompetence and bribery. Victoria Henley has been Stonewalling for years her “Funny Farm” but soon it will be opened as a Can of Worms,

Now we have Latting and the evidence from Whistelblowers, that Judge Latting has conspired with SBEMP and Murphy to Rule in such a depraved and transparent manner that a idiot would have figured the scam and Murphy sell-out. Further, This Murphy Client was not only ripped-off by Murphy, SBEMP and with the aid of Latting (acordig to the Victim, but the Victim has audio Tape Recordings of Murphy threatening this Victim, refusing to turn over Victims Files and Murphy tellion this client who paid Murphy $25,000.00 to be embezzled and extorted.

Latting simply used his Power to excoriate this SBEMP Victim. We have a series of Files on Latting, Chapman’s, trickery, retaliation, aiding Murphy and a Wells Marvin, a Proven Ponzi schemer and thief and Tax cheat to Stalk, harass, vandalize, try and issue a bogus Restraining Order and deprive Victim Litigants Rights to Pursue Judgments, Loot rights, charge persons as a Vexatious Litigant who have wone accolades for his litigation activities by the Federal Courts for over 50 years.

Chapman has abused his power as a Judge with impunity out of spite Retaliation and worse.

Now we come to Judge Charles Haines, who has “Made his Bones” in Palm Springs as “One of the Boys”. We are fine with the Fact ahat Hines in Gay, that is his business. But when ourr Investigators uncover some of the unsavory places Haines goes that is a very different matter.

Haines has issued Rulings and Decisions that are devoid of Logic. He has issued recent Rulings depriving a Litigant to condupt a Hearing to prove that SBEMP Process-servers engaged in perjury and fraud in Proofs of Service and Suborned by Murphy and SBEMP that have grave consequences as the Flawed Service will prove that a Mafia owner of a Property trying to extort a tenant engaged in perjury and failure to serve as per Statute a perjured Unlawful Detainer and a Phony 3 Day Notice.

These Documents were prepared by Fixers SBEMP and Murphy, as part of a scheme to use the Palm Springs Court that consists of only 3 judges (Chapman, Latting and Haines)

The Posture of Haines by signing  for Murphy ex-party Orders to Serve-Process on Persons as Defendants with a perjured  UD Complaint who have and had ZERO landlord-Tenant Relationship with these Organized Crime Grifters (and their Daughter who runs a Money Laundering Vetinary Operation in Torrence Ca) is despicable, transparent and displas that Haines is either a Incompent, rabid to aid the Mafia and Murphy in looting Rights out of Spite and Retaliation for the benefit of Murphy, the Mafia, Chapman and Latting, not to mention the collusion with the Clerks such as Letty Reyna, Maggie Martinez, Mr Carver, Chris and others, who as a matter of course forge and doctor the Court Docket (we have evidence of this being done often in many cases).

These Clerks also render “Jail-House Legal Advice” to unsophisticated “in-pro-per” litigants that result in grave injury. Our Investigators have Audio and Video proof of this chicanery as well.

Clerks are not supposed to be rendering Legal Advice to anyone at any time.

Further Judge Haines has allowed Murphy to serve and File Response to Interrogatories that Murphy chooses not to answer as he claims are vague and will not lead to evidenciary material. But these very Interofatories are Pre-Printed and authorized by California Courts.

Murphy has boasted that SBEMP has these Judges in their Pockets in front of our Operatives and to Lawyers we know in NYC, who are as corrupt as Murphy.

 Judge Haines, acting in concert with Chapman also schemed to deraia a Prove-up Hearing involving over $40 Million that is the Subject of a imminent Federal Court SDNYLitigation.

Haines and proven to our Investigators and by his recent Rulings to be unjust, Bias, Compromised and who has already denied Due Process and Obstructed Justice by Depriving a Litigant the right to conduct a Traverse Hearing. These pieces of Evidence we have obtained from Informants and from the Court.

The further proof of the Chicanery is the Favoritism and Posting bt Reyna, Motions with immediate access to serve Murphy.

All ofv this Trickery is well known to us and will be Fodder fot the Federal Commission on Investigations into State Judicial, Attorney and Political Corruption that unjures Millions of Victim Litigants a year.

The unjust Chicanery in the Palm Springs and Riverside Courts, LA, and elsewhere and the Farce ongoing ath the CJP- and Henley will be the “Poster Child” of California and when the Federal Hearings are concluded  and testimony Taken,and Referrals are made we will see how Gov Jerry Brown feels about he Courts.

We are saddened by the rampant violations of the Public Trust by weak, malliable, corrupt and incompetent Judges misuse the Powers vested in them for unjust personal gain, spite, greed, retaliation and bribes that are untaxed and result in tax evasion as well.

Finally, we have done Standards of Living on Chapman and we and the CID is aware that his expenses seem to far exceed his net available Income. TIME WILL TELL IT ALL.

Screenshot 2017-05-09 11.51.24HAINES EVICTS 100 YR OLD WONAN