flint0AMERICANS AGAINST CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS, have been investigating the extortion, larceny, mail and wire fraud, collusion, bribery, threats and money laundering ongoing at SNEMP, with Murphy, Shuttelworth Pinkery Baron Empy and other minions desperate for a score.

We have carefully been monitoring the embezzling, threats and fraud engaged in by Murphy in the polluted Palm Springs Courthouse where SBEMP make their Bones. Pimps in a Small Pond and theit looting extorting their victim Clients and Adversaries. We and THE SCAMS INC GROUP plan to place on our Sites Murphy extorting a SBEMP Victim Client threatening him and stealing the clients Files, Recoprds and money, and according to the Client in concert with Judge Latting also at the Palm Springs “FUNNY-FARM COURTHOUSE”.

You see that cesspool has 3 Judges. CHAPMAN, LATTING AND HAINES, all buddy-buddy with SBEMP, Roemer Harnik and a few others that we will not name here. In Fact Mary Gilstrap and Brian Harnik made the FIX with Chapman for SulmeyerKupitz to loot a Vivtim out of well over $40Million by Chapman Judicial racketeering. We have the evidence of Gilstrap speaking with Howard Eherenberg, David Richardson and Joe Burke to set the FIX in motion for Chapman.

All of them also spoke to Murphy and SBEMP to solidify the Bribery. Chapman did engage in Judicial extortion, forgery, collusion, cheating and issuing a plethora of Rulings that were outright Fraud.

NOw Chapman and this time the Gay Judge Haines who recently evicted a 100 year old woman without a minute in deliberation. We have seen Haines Rulings, deprivation of Due Process, condoning Fraud, perjury and Larceny engaged in by Murphy.

He denied a Traverse Hearing so proof of Process Server Perjury can be exposed and the UD Complaint SVtricken and Dismissed. Rather Haines, either a incompetent or a thief chose to deprive Due Process, Obstruct Justice so Murphy and his Mafia Clients can Loot and Rob a Defendants Rights. Haines is a Shadow of Chapman, and when Haines was Disqualified, He turned the Murphy and  Mafia Plaintiff Case to Murphy’s Fixer Chapman a proven corrupted Judge without a shred of Morals, integrity and from a Mail-Order Law School. Chapman is a sociopath, a meglomanic and a mentally deranged judicial thief.

We have spoken to many litigants who have been looted by Chapman and his sarcastic and perverted Orders. This supposed Judge believes that he is above the Law, the Constitution, Penal Laws and he CCP. Chapman is a money grubbing violator of the Public Trust as is Haines and apparently Latting (who worked for Harnik & Gilstrap, Part of the “Round Robin” in the Ransacking of the Law in Palm Springs Court

Now what about Murphy and Shuttelweorth at ALL WORLD RESORT?

At this RESORT, then Male Aged Gays meet, cavort Naked and perform SEX ACTS in the open splendor of the Palm Springs Breezes.

Murphy is along with Shuttelworth we have learned, frequent patrons of This Resort, CCBC, THE CANYON CLUB and other Gay Book Stores in Palm Springs and on Perez Road in Cat. City.

Our Investigators has observed Murphy engaging in Homosexual acts in public at All World and at CCBC, as has Shuttelworth and a unnamed Judge. Murphy is a pervert who uses the Gay Equipment such as “slings, Bondage, Leather and othar gay “Equipment” in the public spaces at All World CCBC and Canyon.

This is why Murphy fashions himse\lf a Irish Thug as he is a sexual bully with malliable male sex Toys that “Shaun” can use hios SEX-TOYS on . We have had our operatives at these places and they have observed Shaun and Mark there. Their AKA we are told is “SHAUN BIG MAN” AND “MARK LOVE-IT”.


Murphy’s Wife will be very shocked when she receives photos of Shaun Big Man at All World engaging in public sex acts, sodomy and oral sex where pics can be taken.

Sex to some people is like a Narcotic particularly Gay Sex and Murphy’s use of POPPERS to enhance his extasy.

We will be publishing these pics. Soon and we will; be mailing them to the Press, and to Shaun’s wife and his Kids Schools.

Murphy thinks that he can extort, harass, cheat and bribe to loot others without reprisal but he is wrong as persons in glass houses should not extort and threaten othres.