fatherly-advice-career-cartoonTHE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS, never publishes any Expose without Investigation and verifying all of the charges.

We have evidence of Chapman’s collusion with Lawyers Slovak Baron Empy (SBEMP), Shaun Murphy, Sulmeyer Kupetz, Roemer Harnik, Mary Gilstrap, Brian Harnik and others.

The Palm Springs Superior Courthouse consists of 3 Judges, Latting, Haines amd Chapman. Sadly they are all Corrupt and engaged in a “Round-Robin” of chicanery at the behest of the Lawyers who Bribe these disgraces to the Public Trust. Ofthe the Rulings these judicial incompetents Present are Ghostwritten for them by these corrupt lawyers, who with their Judge in their Pocket (like Don Corleone) will use the Bribe to embezzle and excoriate their adversaries.

You can not win against a Stacked Deck unless you know how to expose the Scam by giving these depraved enough Rope to hang themselves. These Corrupt Lawyers, as big-fish in a dime-store pond have cheated so many victims who sadly did not understand how or why they lost.

This larceny goes up the laddeer as well each sharing in the BOOTY. Like the Mafia you are Cut-up just like a Salami.

We have written many Exposes about the Corruption of Chapman, Haines and SBEMP–Murphy. We have exposed Harnik and Gilstrap. With NO DENIALS.

We have been threatened, harassed, our Founder, who is ill has been subject to bein Accosted by Chapman Guard Thugs in the Courthouse, deprived of Filing Motions, cheated, Stalked, property Vandalized and Chapman issuing Orders that the California Ctatutes Preclude.

Chapman is a proved Perjurer, cheat an violator of CCP170.3-c-1-5-6; CCP170.4-d; a violator of Mail and Wire Fraud, collusion with Murphy and Ponzi Con-Artist Wells Marvin in a scheme to impede the US Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech.

Chapman is either a moron or a thief or both as he Lies with impunity. He believes that if he says it —it is so—–Chapman has the temerity to falsify Rulings engaging in perjury as to Documents in the Record that proves Chapman is a perjurer.

Chapman lies as to California Statutes the for over 50 years preclude any Judge to Rule on his own DISQUALIFICATION.

Chapman fabricates the Statutes (CCP170.3, et-seq), Engages in Filing a serial perjured Declaration in direct contravention to the Statutes and the Evidence of Chapman’s retaliation, extortion, larceny, falsifying of Court Records, Tampering with the Docket falsfying Minutes and othe acts of Judicial Racketeering.

Latting has been involved in these acts of Chicanery as well using his court to deprive mandated Fee Wavers and other dishonest support of Chapman and Murphy.

We have presented to the Desert Sun a Carload of Evidence of this 21st Century Mafia Style Extortion—-with a Corrupted Judge instead of a Tommy-Gun.

Greg Burton a convicted DRUNK, who is likely Bribed not to Report on these confirmed acts of Corruption that has and is effecting the Lives of thousands of Cochella Valley Residents who are subject to thes acts of Judicial chicanery, and dishonesty.

We believe that the Desert Cities are inĀ  Time Warp subject to rampant State Judicial incompitence, larceny and fraud. Is Greg BurtonĀ  of the Desert Sunon the TAKE, from Murphy, SBEMP. Chapman and others to DEEP-SIX the verified Judicial and Lawyer Larceny exposed by us with evidence?

THere is no reason why Reporters do not Inquire as to the Federal and State Crimes ongoing in the Palm Springs Courthouse.

THe Clerks in that Court ate mandated to lie, cheat and forge the Dockets, harass, and Order Guards to accost Litigants.

Some of the verified Clerk-Culprits are:

Maggie Martinez
Gloria ‘Doe”
Letty Reyna
Mr Carver
and others.

As amatter of course thes Clerks give litigants phony advice to derail their rights. We have listened to this.

Martinez has forged the Docket, Filed False Documents and Back-Dated Proofs of Service at the Order oF Chapman and Haines.

How much longer do these criminals believe tis can go on without Full Federal Intervention?

Chapman has tampered with the Commission on Judicial Performance, colluded with Corrupt Director Victoria Henley, he has Instigated a Fraud involving Court Stenographer Terri Dickneider and her License, all of which we have evidence of, yet Chapman thinks that he is ABOVE THE LAW. He is not.

We have written about Chapman’s mental Condition and we are convinced that he suffers from grave Mental Disorders including MEGLOMANIA, NARCISSISM, DILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR. IS A SOCIOPATH. These have been affirmed by Mental Doctors as well.

We will Expose these Crimes engaged in by these Racketeers of the Cochella Valley until they are all Convicted and Jailed.