crookWe at the SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT, and AMERICANS AGAINST CORRUPTION  have spent over 4 years of detailed Investigations into many Cases administered by Judge David Chapman (PS2) in the Palm Springs Superior Courthouse, in Palm Springs California. We have reviewed many Rulings, interviewed a number of Victim Litigants and lawyers on the “short-end” of the FIX.

WE have also reviewed the chicanery and ransacking perpetuated by the only two other judges in that Courthouse and well. Haines and Latting. Latting waas a lawyer working for Harnick at Roemer Harnik. Dick Roemer passed away about 12 years ago and Harnik and Gilstrap have transformed the Firm into a cesspool of larceny, bribery and fixes.

We do not make this gravely serious charge without evidence. We also make the same charge regarding Slovak Baron Empy Murphy Pinkery. We have first hand evidence of the Larceny, collusion, ghostwriting obstruction of justice either “set-up” by these Bag-Men lawyers for others and also for themselves and their corrupt Claims and Causes of Actions administered by Chapman.

Chapman was a incompetent Indeo Ca. lawyer in the business of representing accident victims in a 2 man law office. Chapman attended a law school that was not accredited by the Bar Association as it was sort of a mail order school. Chapman can not get a job at any real firm except he can work fot the State. The man is a inveterate liar, thief and sociopath who will take “the eyes out of his mother and say she was born blind”. He has no conscience, no integrity and was oddly appointed a judge by Gov. Brown.

CHapman has misused the Public Trust to unjustly enrich himself by orchestrating Fixes, cheating, forgery, obstructing justice, bullying court clerks to disobey the law, used court guards to harass, intimidate and extort his victims and has engaged in a pervasive scheme of judicial racketeering to cause the loss of his targets of millions in exchange for a bribe , a piece of the “action” and the extortion and embezzling of a victim’s millions.

So now it is time to be absolutely specific, naming names, supply facts and expose these invidious depraved criminals to the world. These acts we are going to outline here are in court pleadings in the Superior Court, outlined in detail to the Riverside Presiding Judge Becky Dugan; delivered to the DOJ in DC; the CID of the Dept of Treasury in DC, regarding the tax evasion of Briberty and extortion and larceny such as Chapman SBEMP-Murphy and Wells Marvin- Old Town La Quinta looting of the Berger Foundation for $11Million. Chapman has engaged in ordering stalking, trespass, assaults by Courthouse guards and demands that a 78 year old ill litigant these crooks have targeted and stolen millions from, appear in PS2 before Sociopath Chapman when the Sr. Citizen’s Doctors have sworn such will be “LIFE THREATENING” . Undaunted, this narcissist Chapman has blocked this man’s access to the Court by Court-Call, and now has extorted, looted and verbally attacked this man’s wife, as part of a courthouse “sting” to hijack this man’s property by Chapman’s fraud upon the court, forgery, larceny, fabrication of statements, violations of the CCP, the laws of the State of Califoria, obstructing justice and outright perjury by a supposed judge.

Here is a outline of the facts:

Jim Couri, who has had over 50 years of training and knowledge in state judicial and lawyer corruption was steered to Chapman and the Palm Springs Court by the Feds. Chapman and that cesspool and California State Judges have been a thorn in the side of the USA for years. the PS Superior Court was selected to get a handle on what the heck was going on there.

Jim Filed in 2-1-16, in the PS Superior Court-assigned to Chapman a RICO Case against a group of clear Racketeers operating in NY and California who as part of their RICO Enterprise and violations of Title 18 of the US Code engaged in bribery, obstructing justice, tax evasion, embezzlment, money laundering, bribery, extortion, perjury collusion and mail and wire fraud. These persons are George Pavia Esq, Antonia Pavia, John Siebert, Joseph M Burke Esq, Sulmeyer Kupetz, David Richardson Esq. The Case outlined clear RICO violations and proved Jurisdiction/venue against Siebert in California. Siebert was also bound by a Restraining Order from 2015 March Jim secured, Restraining Siebert and Burke who used the internet to threaten Murder. Thus regardless of anything else, Siebert was bound to the Jurisdiction of Riverside California as the Rest. Order was issued in PS3 in the PS Courthouse about 10 feet away from Chapman.

Whenn the Case was filed Burke called Murphy seeking help. Not representation as they have used Fixers from LA Sulkmeyer Kupetz. Burke wanted a FIX. Murphy steered Burke to Gilstrap and Harnick as his ADCs in these FIXES with Chapman and others in the 3 man Courthouse in Palm Springs.

After some bartering and then Calls from SulmeyerKupitz Fixer Howard Eherenberg Esq to Myrphy and to Gilstrap, ad with Burke o these calls, a Fix was set up to cause Chapma to use his Judicial power to uconstutionally loot Jim Couri’s claims, money and rights in this Case (PSC1600482).

Chapman’s skulduggery and dirty work began. First Chapman condoed Richardso Esq of Sulmeyer’s hearsay, perjury and fraud, all of which Mr Couri proved was Fraud. Then Chapman condoned Siebert’s perjury in direct contravention to the evidence of Siebert’s active Nexus to California. Then Chapman falsified the Minutes, the Docket, Ruled that the Motion to Quash the Summons due to supposed ‘lack of jurisdiction” should be granted. Yet belied by the evidence and the facts to the contrary. then Chapman Declared Mr Couri a “vexatious Litigant” out of spite and retaliation and his Ruling was based on judicial fraud as Mr Couri has received dozens of Accolades from Feseral Courts for his Litigation decorum.

Chapman simply misused his position to try and Gag Mr Couri who was on to Chapman’s judicial racketeering. Chapman then escelated his larceny making threats, demands against Jims Medical Orders> Chapman issued Rulings that were without basis in fact or law simply to harass ad diccredit Mr Couri. Chapma ignored fact ad chose to accept perjury resulting in deprivation of due process and obstructing justice.

Then Jim Issued a Default against George and Antonia Pavia for failure to Move or Answer. The Default wa for $40Millio. Jim demanded the Judgment and demanded that Chapmahn Disqualify himself as he has violated CCP170.3 et-seq in the RICO Case and refused to abide by the Laws of vthe State of California. Undaunted, Chapman Ruled on the Default Orsered a Prove-up Hearing before Hilm or his “prat-boy” the gay Judge Haines.

THen Chapman embarked on a crusade demanding that Jim personally appear in his Courtroom while Jimmwa convalessing from surgery at UCLA.

Chapman engaged in a vicious trail of threats and extortion all documented by us. Finally Jim decided to Dismiss the Claim Without Prejudice as it was clear that Chapman was a polluted Bribed Judge and to obtain Justice was impossible. That was in 2016.

In 2017 Jim’s Daughter Lydia (now 36) who is a substance abuser and “bipolar” had rented a condo in La Quinta Ca. The owners turn out to be members of organized Crime (Castiglione). Prior to that Chapman Murphy and Marvin tried to extort jum from reporting a Grand Lacceny involving the Looting of $11Million form the Berger Foundation. Chapman conspired wit Murphy, caused a illegal Restraining Order signed by Chapman, and these crooks trespased, menaced, vandalized and stalked the Property Leased by Lydia.

Then these Castigliones chose to retain Murophy to Extort Jim because he Paid for a Option to Buy the Property Rented by Lydia. Although the Lease is Signed by Lydia ONLY, Murphy, Castigliones and condoned by corrupted ad bribed Chapman, illegally chose to file a UD-Complaint naming Jim and his wife Marlene, neither of whom are named in the Lease as TENANTS or OCCUPANTS. The Lease is the controlling Document not Murphys’s lies fraud and hearsay.

Further to that these Mafia Castigliones (Theresa, Vincent and Maria) have engaged in Forgery of Jim’s Name on Documents that clearly are not his signature. They also kept ptoposed Agreements and returned them a few days later also Forging their own name after taking Cash from Jim in large anounts, Art work and fine jewelery.

Chapman has refused to Disqualify himlself thus violation California Laws and Statutes in particulatr CCP170.3-c-1-5-6 and CCP170.4-d . Chapman is mandated to cease all involvment in a Case per Statute until his Disqualification is Determined by a Independent Judge and after Hearings where Chapman must Answer for his misconduct the Jim carefully outlined in his Verified Statement and earlier Motion .

Chapman is engaged, yet again. in a pervasive schenme to loot and embezzle Jims property Rights by collusion, forgery, perjury, larceny and extortion.

Chapman has caused Jim to be accosted by Court Guards on 5-11-17 inn the Courthouse Clerks Office resulting in Jim being hospitalized as he has 8 Seents ands a chronic cardiac condition in addition to Stage 4 Cancer. Chapman is a very mentally deranged sociopath, narcissist and a diabolic evil judicial swindler.

He has engaged in collusion with Murphy, cauded the Docket in this Case to be falsified, deprived access to the Docket, caused Clerks Maggie Martinez, Letty Reyna, Gloria and others to forge POS and mail Documents to the wrong addresses. Cause the Docket to be falsified, act in collusion with Murphy to scheme with the Mafia Castigliones to allow claims filed against Jim Couri and his wife (she never had any nexus to the property), and such cliams belied by the Lease.

On May 1, 2017 Murphy and Castigliones Dismissed against Lydia as part of a bribeery scam. Murphy’s scam was a fatal error as Lydia was the only Tenantand Occupant to the Property as revealed in the Lease. Murphy in his UD Complaint (that is illegal and UNVERIFIED BY CASTIGLIONES), picks names out of his phone book to extort, malign and harass mr  and Mrs Jim Couri. NOWHERE ARE MR AND MRS JIM COURI NAMED IN THE LEASE AS TENANTS, OCCUPANTS OR GUARANTORS OF THE LYSIA LEASE WITH CASTIGLIONES.

Murphy also belatedly wishes to rely on a supposed 9-12 Assignment of lease to Jim Couri that is Forged and is not even recited in the UD Colplaint by Murphy. Yet all the while Chapman, a Infected Idiot who is RABID to collect his bribes, Ignores all of Murphy’s perjury, suborning perjury, fraud, obstruction of justice and Grand Larceny and continues to use his “Black-Robes” to Loot Mr Couri and his Rights.

Mr Couri has set the Stage with us to File in Federal Court SDNY RICO and Constitutional violations as this pattern of Larceny that we were introduced to by the Feds in 2012, has blossomed into a major expose of Judicial Larceny and Racketeering. We have proof of Chapman colluding with Victoria Henley of vthe Commission on Judicial Operformance to “whitewash” Chapmans racketeering. We have evidence of Chpman knowing his Court Reporter Terri Dickneider was functioning in his PS2 without a Renewed Court-stenographers License having expired on 2-29-16.

Chapman demanded that she not produce any evidence yetb the DCA revealed that the License expired and not renewed. Soon after the DCA Files were Forged, a Dickneider Appjication Forged ans a Doctored rdacted Dickneider check was presented. This waas mail and wire fraud instigated by Chapman as we have evidence of Phone admissions from the DCA and the CRB that the Dickneider License WAS NOT renewed until after she Quit the Courts in Aug 2016.

We haveseen proof from Dickneider’s bank Account and Statement the PROVES that as of 2-29-16 she did not renew her license, otherwise why would a honest Reporter not simply present her FIRST HAND PROOF of timely Renewal?

Here again this fraud was instigated and orchestrated by Chapman. And all of this chicanery and much more will be exposed in Federal Court and Dickneider will be Forced to appear and tell the truth, not only in a Civil Case but at a Grand Jury.

 We will be presenting more Facts of the Larceny, racketeering and collusion involving these corrupt Actors, and we welcome any Denials as to these Charges as we have all of the Proofs.