AMERICANS AGAINST CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS, has been conducting a broad and sweeping investigation into PHILIP ZUCCAIRE, and JOHN DOLAN, aUBS SECURITIES, liocate at the IBM BUILDING on Madison Ave and 57th Street NYC.

As we all know, UBS confessed to secreting billions of dollars in off-shore moneys that evaded Millions in undeclared income tax of US Citizens. UBS has a penchant for employing dishonest, corrupt supposed Reps, who have clients who are interested in shrouding undeclared income.

Plilip Zuccaire is a uneducated incompetent criminal who has been cheating his victims since he was aboput 16 years of age and now he is 80.

Zuccaire was frors as a teen, kicked out of Dwight School for cheating, stealing and engaging in homosexual activities in the shower-rooms.

Then Zuccaire was arrested and confessed in Harrison NY to “reckless endangerment” of a Bruce Pettijohn. Zuccaire avoided jail because he was only 17 years of age.

Then Zuccaire began to cheat at card games (gin-rummy and poker) after forming a unholy alliance with Bobby Riggs. Soon after they were caught at the Town tennis Club in NYC giving each other “signals” at Gin rummy games and Riggs was suspended and Zuccaire banned from the Club.

Then Zuccaire was caught wit Mr Stass Reed with a Fixed Backgammon Board with magnets that they bought at ACE Sport-works in NYC a shop that engaged in Fixed-Cheating gambling equipment.

Zuccaire all the while was engaged in cheating at golf, with Riggs and others conning many at the Westchester Country Club including Bill Fugazy, Ken MacLeenan, Tommy Goodwin, wan many others.

Later Zuccaire formed alliances with Organized Criminals, cheating his victims with rigged Dice Games. Zuccaire swindled Jack Fernandez, Walter Cooke, Bob Pratt, Jim Couri, and many others for millions in undeclared gambling “winnings”.

Zuccaire swindled Mr Jacques Traubee for millions in fixed card games, he swindled Irwin Robbins for a fortune, lured Martin Revson for a fortune, engaged in con games with Tom Corbally, cheating many in fixed poker, Gin Rummy and other games of chance.

Then Zuccaire was reported to the ORGANIZED CRIME STRIKE FORCE by Mr Traubee, for threatening Traubee to pay up Gambling debts.

Then Zuccaire was found guilty by the IRS for Tax evasion buying Tappan Stock for Cash using Money Orders.

Tis was the prelude to Zuccaire using his Criminal Past to become a corrupt Bond and Stock Broker with Dolan and UBS.

The con is to show supposed ‘clients” how to engage in Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Off-shore Banking in Panama, and other Tax Havens.

Zuccaire has many corrupt and dishonest supposed clients who, in concert with Zuccaire engage in tax cheating, money laundering and secretion of undeclared income derived from gambeling and other illicit activities.

Zuccaire hs allied with Mob Front George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt LLP who are defendants and targets of tax evasion money laundering, off-shore havens, Larceny, perjury, bribery and Racketeering RICO.

Zuccaire is also allied with sex-pervert and money launderer John Siebert, who has been convicted f tax evasion and kicked out of NY for confessed to “MORALLY UNFIT CONDUCT” BY THE NY STATE DEPT. OF HEALTH.

George and antonoa Pavia are als convicts of massive tax evasion and stealing Pavia’s relatives $18Million home without a cent in consideration.

Zuccaire and the Dolan-Zuccaire Group appear to be a cesspool of shrouding these swindles by evasive money laundering and Zuccaire Larceny.

Zuccaire has also been charged by 2 wives (Lauri and Mary Lou) of being a physical abuser of each of them, a tax cheat, an thief from them of assets and cash and a “impotent scumbag”.

Zuccaire also cheated Rhoda Gilbert (the 1st wife of Jailed financier Eddy Gilbert).

Rhoda put it to Zuccaire and was going to Report him so Zuccaire took Rhoda in and bribed her to ‘Shut-UP’

Then there was the Cole Sisters who Zuccaire cheated, harassed and engaged in sex acts with them and young Twink boys. When Zuccaire failed to pay for his soirees they reported him for harassment and again Zuccaire was arrested and then paid off the Cole;s.

Zuccaire is a cheat, a liar, a criminal and a very deranged person, who engages in larceny, embezzling and tax evasion as a matter of course. He has no conscience and is a pathetic PIMP who will do anything for a Buck.

We have decided to expose Zuccaire, Dolan and we will be reporting these criminals Tax evasion activities tio the Whistelblower IRS Agencies and the CID as well.

Thus Zuccaire, Dolan and each and every supposed Client will be subject to CRIMINAL TAX AUDITS, for intentional and systematic tax evasion, etc.