AMERICANS AGAINST CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS, has learned that UBS Financial Services has FIRED swindler and tax evader Philip Zuccaire after being exposed as the con-artist, schemer and crook.

Zuccaire has been engaged in all forms of larceny, emb ezzling, money laundering, tax fraud, off-shore evasions and aiding Swindlers in secreting Unjust gains by gambling, swindling and cheating.

We have assembled evidence that Zuccaire and his Partner John Dolan and Enrico Lomanaco used UBS Office Facilities to assist criminals  such as George Pavia a mob front lawyer aand convicted Tax Cheat to secrete stolen client Funds.

Pavia and Pavia Harcourt are Defendants in Case Rogers Estate v Pavia et-al, in NY State Supreme Court before Judge Raickower brought by Lawyers Pryor Cashman.;

The Claim is that Pavia has looted Rogers for over $30Million and secreted these sums in off-shore banks and also looted the IRS for over $10Million in the Rogers Case.

We have evidence that Pavia and his wife Antonia confessed to tax evasion stealing a senile relative’s $17Million Property on E. 77the St.NYC, and paying no tax on the stolen Income.

Pavia also swindled another person for millions and sued in USDC-SDNY (Judge Valerie Caprioni, USDJ) and Pavia & Pavia Harcourt caved and paid up on the Swindle.

Zuccaire has been “advising” these crooks how to scam this money and secrete it to evade tax aqnd the Feds.

Then there is Dr. John Siebert, the swindler, perjurer thief Doctor who has confessed to being “Morally Unfit and was suspended as a Doctor in NY State by the NY State Department of HJealth.

Then Siebert has swindled over $50Million from a Partner Siebert stole from a Investment in Freedom Wireless that Zuccaire has given the “road-map” to money launder this over $80Million and shroud it in off-shore tax havens.

Zuccaire, a swindler and gambler has misused the markets, by fakery and making Bond Markets to swindle clients, even the crooks as these bad-actors want a malliable money launderer to shorod the money in Shell Companies with bogus business disclosures.

Zuccaire has been cheating the Law3 and honest businesspersons for over 60 years by fixed Gambling, con scams, phony business deals, mob alliances and in concert with swindlers such as Bobby Riggs, Fat-Man Stanovitch; Armand Serami; Pete Smilie ( Fugitive from tax crimes holding out in Grand Bahama Island).

Zuccaire lured Heir Bob Pratt, from the Charles Pratt Family and partner with John D. Rockefeller and socony-Mobile.

Bob Pratt was a compulsive gambler and Zuccaire looted Bob with Peter Smilie and Ray Schafer for a Fortune and then shook-down Bob’s Family and Mother who paid Zuccaiure off to avoid a Scandal.

Zuccaire has conned his way for years sweet-talking, lying, cheating, engaging in extortion and manipulation of honest persons for Zuccaire’s unjust gains.

Zuccaire has looted friends, wives, business partners and associates, the IRS and the Organized Crime Strike Force when Zuccaire tried to intimidate Jacques Traubee to pay him gambling winnings that zZuccaire obtained from Traubee by cheating himand by engaging im manipulation of a Canadian Companies stock known as Chemalloy Mining Company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Apparently Zuccaire failed to disclose his unethical and unsavory background, his arrests, thax evasion convictions and cheating at cards, dice, golf and backgammon. Along with money laundering, tax evasion, and other dishonest acts of trickery.

Zuccaire wilol be having his havds full with fending off creditors, the IRS and others including the SEC.