THE AMERICANS AGAINST CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS, ha spent over a year investigating the massive Ponzi Scheme orchestrated by Wells Marvin, Shaun Murphy Esq, Slovak Baron Empy Esqs, using the Old-Town La Quinta Development as a “Carrot & Stick” scam of embezzlement, in violation of US Codes of Title 18, 10b-5 of the Code and RICO.

In 2015 Old Town was strained for cash. Marvin had fleeced his small-time tenants, and Clint Eastwood’s Hogs Breath InĀ  had had enough of Marvin’s shake-downs, free=meals and seeking cash payments so Hogs Breath told Marvin to “GO STICK IT and moved out of the 2 floors they occupied. It is still vacant.

Marvin was getting desperate, so he and Murphy concocted a scam. Marvin created a totally fraudulent supposed $40Million expansion of Old Town. They hired a Architect, created phony “pro-Forma” financials assuming the erection of 85 Lux. Condos of (according t Marvin) exceptiona quality. Also this bogus Expansion Prospectus presumed over 20,000 in commercial Space in addition to the existing space that Marvin could not rent to a First-Class Tenant, or any-one.

Then Marvin took a bogus Option from the City of La Quinta to buy 3.5 more acres from the City for $1,500,000.00, to accommodate the Proposed Fantasy “Expansion”.

The La Quinta City Counsel in Nov. 2015 Approved the Proposed Old-Town Ponzi Scheme Fraudulent “Expansion” and Approved the Option and Sale to Marvin-Old Town the 3.5 Acres belonging to the City for $1,500,000.00. THe fact is that neither Marvin or Old Town had the Investors or the Resources to fulfill the Fraudulent Scheme.

The phony OLD TOWN EXPANSION PROSPECTUS, was crdeated and written by Marvin, Murphy, Slovak, Baron and Empy, who knew or should have known that the Prospectus and the Schematics and Pro-Forma Financials were a Fraud.

Marvin-Old Town hired a Architect to create the Renderings that Marvin knew was a Fraud, as did Empy and Murphy, but they all proceeded in order to defraud investors.

When the Prospectus was completed, Marvin began to solicit it knowing that Old Town was financially desperate, a Expansion was a scam and without a large infusion of cash Marvin and Old Town were “dead-Meat”.

Marvin was rejected everywhere until he went to the Shady-Dealing Berger Foundation and he and Empy and Murphy wined and dined Fat-man Doug VanceĀ  of Berger at Hogs Breath for free-bee Steaks, Booze and kick backs.

Vance was lured by eats, promises and cash and agreed to turn over Berger Fiduciary Funds to Old Town in sums exceeding $11Million to finance “phase-One” of the Ponzi Scheme Marvin Oldt Town Fake Expansion.

No sooner the Berger Check “cleared” Marvin, Old Town, Murphy aborted the Fake Expansion.

When we learned of this financial charade, we communicated with Vance who did not even know after 5 months that the supposed Expansion was Aborted.

The Desert Sun Paper and Reporter Sherry Barkas published a Article on 2-2-16 Applauding the Marvin-Old Town Expansion and qupting Marvin that “Old Town is his Baby” and that he plans this major effort as Old Town is Doing so well” a major Marvin Fraud.

The Desert Sun Paper essentially aided Thief Wells Marvin and his corrup[t Lawyers Slovak Baron Empy and Murphy to engage in soliciting a fraudulent scheme. When this Paper learned of the Scam failed to Publish the Facts,.

WQhen Marvin and Murphy learned of our Investigation, they commenced a crusade of extortion, stalking, trespass, elder abuse and threats.

Then they Recruted the Palm Springs Corrupt Judge David Chapman to engage in Judicial Fraud, Judicial extortion, signing bogus Restraining Orders (not served) as a scam to Gag us from exposing and reporting this conspiracy and money laundering RICO scam where over $11Million inFoundation Fiduciary Funds have been Looted and Embezzled by Wells Marvin, Murphy, Empy and Slovak Esqs.

They also conned the La Quinta City Counsel to Approve this swindle in the City Counsel MInutes in Nov. 2015 and to Grant Old Towen a Bogus Option on the City 3,5 Acres that Marvin knew he had no use for except to con Investors and ultimately Berger Foundatioon and fat-man Doug Vance of Berger who made the deal to pay Marvin $11Million investment in a loosing Old Town that had no intention of financial abilities to engage in any EXPANSIONS, as Old Town is a loosing Development whih only “mama-papa” small time tenants who have been interviewed by our Agents and who have horror stories to tell as to Marvin and his Nazi Dr Mengele Auschwitz conduct of intimidations, abuses and tenant harassments.

We have proof that Marvin Murphy and Old Town are corrupt, and engaged in GRAND LARCENY and Mail, Wire Fraud, Brobery, Extortion and 10b-5 Fraud to STEAL over $11Million from Berger Fooundation and other attempts to con and lure others while using Judges and Law Enforcement to Gag and Extort, Intimidate to shroud this CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE gone wrong and exposed by us and others.