THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS has been engaged in using its resources, talents and experience to research, investigate, uncover, verify and expose State Court Judicial bribery, incompetence,conspiracy, racketeering and larceny.

JUDGE DAVID CHAPMAN is a example of the pervasive and systemic conduct of many Syate Court Judges in America today. The System of selection and appointing of a State Judge is a Farce. The process is that the Governor of a State, relying on political hacks and corrupt lawyers, and without any meaningful vetting simply OK;s and appoints “JOE-SHMOE” a State Judge.

usually a State Judge is supposed to be a lawyer, but in the 20th qn 21 Century, such is meaningless as most lawyers are pretty pathetic.

We have spent over 11 years researching the State Court Judges in NY State and in California, and researching many lawyers that pollute the Courts.

The Federal Judges who ate appointed by the Prsient are vetted by the FBI, and then by the Congress and the Senate before Affirmed or Rejected.

In NY the deal was and is Make nice to the ilk of Fixer Clarence Norman froom Brooklyn, who then told the Governor to Sign the Judicial State Court Appointment. NYCity Judge are appointed by the Mayor. Most of these appointments are marginal, malliable and who effectively join in the Menue of Corruption of Fixes. They are all incest, and all protect the other as Business of Bribery is good, really good.

Then there are the lawyers who fuel the Fixes, another group of crooks. In California, like NY, it is the same deal. So we were tipped to Palm Springs Ca, the Superior Court, Riverside and the pathetic cheating, larceny, collusion and racketeering engaged in a Courthouse in Palm Springs that has 2 corrupted Judges (J. Latting and D Chapman) and now Judge Haynes.

Chapman in the ringleader and a documented thief, liar and a fraud. We followed a few Cases. And the comes  our Founder Jim Couri with a RICO Case PSC 1600482. Naming the same cheats who were caught engaging in fraud, collusion, bribery, ex-parte Conspiracy and triclery in NY Supreme Court.

These confirmed perjurers, forgers, cheats and embezzlers 9ie JOHN SIEBERT, GEORGE PAVIA, ANTONIA PAVIA, KEN GOMEZ, JOS M BURKE, JUDGE JOAN MADDEEN, JUDGE PAUL WOOTEN, JUDGE PETER MOULTON, AND A MEDLY OF APPELLATE COURT CROOKS). This is not to mention JHO Ira Gammerman a well known judicial cheat and fraudster.

We were given audio Recordings by Court Referee Jack Suter who confessed that these Cases (Couri v Siebert, et al were FIXED). We have evience of Burke conspiring with Suter and engaging in Larceny, perjury and fraud.T perfect storm for a RICO Case, and the Proven and found Larceny of the Pavias filing Forged Records with the Dept of Buildings, Imperiling the Safety and Life of Tenants, and the Pavia’s and Gomez accused of Perjury at the ECB Court, where the Violations against NYC Properties are Tried.

Pavia and Gomez with Burke, Siebert and Jay Itkowitz bribed and compromised Maden to Cheat, deprive due process, to pollute the Courts against Mr Couri who proved Madden was compromised by Pavia.

Madeen refused to remove herself although by law required to do so. The Fraud upon the NY State Courts have Statute of Limitations and thus the Collusion, farce Decisions made b y Wooten who was Expelled, for Cause, from NY County Courts, and who lied, Forged, was bribed, refused Couri Access to thge Court to loot Millions.

So Jim Couri saw the same “Stacked Deck in California and in the PS Court PS2 Chapman.

Chapman did not know that Jim Couri was and is a Expert on Court Corruption, cheating and Racketeering.

Chapman had been bought and paid for by Sulemeyer Kupetz the front Lawyers for Siebert, Pavia, Burke all defendants in the RICO Case Jim Brought before Chapman.

Chapman knew as much about RICO as Jim does about mining for Coal—-ZERO—–.

Chapman appeared to be a irratic and unstable person. Chapman was a Indio Ca Negligence lawyer after he went to a “mail-order” law college.

Chapman could not get a job at any law Firm as the law school was not approved by the Bar Association.

Chapman was recommended by Fixre-law crooks Mary Gilstrap and Brian Harnik and Gov Brown BIT. Soon after the same slime balls Recommended Latting who worked for Harnik. He was also OKd by Gov Brown.

So Harnik, Gilstrap, and their allies in Courthouse Fraud, corruption and larceny, Slovak Baron Empy and Herpes thief Shaun Murphy began a campaign of Courthouse Fixes and Larceny using Chapman and Latting.

So between Burke, Siebert, Pavia, Howarsd eherenberg and David Richardson of Sulemeyer Kupetz, the Fix with Chapman was etched in Stone. But Jim Couri was onto these crooks.

Phone records, boasting, emails where Siebert and Burke were caught trying to hire a HIT MAN to Get Couri. In March 2015 Couri obtained a Restraining Order against Burke and Siebert in the same Court where Chapman Sits. Chapman in PS2 and Couri’s Order obtained in PS# in the next Room.

Couri got it Extended for 3 more years in Feb 2016 until 2019.

Well Chapman b egan hi documented campaign ot destroy Jim Couri’s Valid case and charges.

Chapman who is a Judicial idiot Ruled on Defendant’s Motion to Strike the Summons ofv the Couri RICO Complaint due to “supposed lack of jurisdiction”. Chapman condoned Richardson, the sulmeyer lawyer, Burke and Siebert’s perjury, fraud and hearsay versus evidence that Siebert was active in California.

The Chapman death-knell proving that he is a thief, cheat and incompitent is the very Fact that Siebert and Burke were and are bound to California by virtue of the Restraining Order and thus Venue and Jurisdiction is mandated. But not for Criminal Chapman.

Then Chapman forged the Minutes 3 times, the Docket, conspired with Richardson to Gag Couri. Couri Filed a Statement as per CCP170.3 and CCP170.4 demanding the Disqualification of Chapman. Such a Statement REQUIRES by Ca Law that the Judge Stand-Do9wn and refrain fom acting any further in the Case until his Disqualification is determined by another and Impartial Judge.

The Judge being Disqualified CAN-NOT Rule on his own Disqualification as per California Law. This is not to menttion the Mandates of the california Canpns of Judicial Ethics and the US and Ca Constitutions “Due-Process Clauses”.

Chapman not only lied, cheated and by Fraud Ruled on his own Disqualification throwing out Mr Couri’s Valid Statement, Then Chapman conspired with Sulmeyer Kupetz esqs, Richardson, Burke and Siebert to concoct a charge that Couri was a Vexatious Litigant using Fraud, deception and extortion. Then Chapman Directed Couri to Post $45,000.00 to continue the Litigatiin based on the phony Vexatious claim that was not even remotely within the CCP.

Then Chapman began to harass Mr Couri, blocking his access to the Court via Court-Call althoubh Mr Couri was scheduled for Cancer Surgerieas and could no appear. All verified by 3 Doctor Affs. and all ignored by Chapman.

The Pavias defaulted and Couri Filed a $$)Million Default and Chapman went wild, causing the Docket to be Forged by Clerks Letty Reyna and then Demanded that a Prove-up Hearing be held before Chapman in violation of the Mandates of CCP170.3 and CCP170.4 that Chapman by fraud, collusion and larceny ignored to Obstruct Justice ].

On 5 occations Chapman Blocked Mr Couri access to the Court viua Court Call. Couri was Forced to withdraw his Default, that Chapoman caused to be illegally Docketed by Clerk Reyna, and the Result became that Mr Couri spent about 15 Months to end up as a result of Chapman’s pervasive fraud wit  a GOOSE EGG, Dismissals Withiout Prejudice against Defendants in the RICO Case that should have been litigated and Couri had the Proofs.

This is not to mention that Chapman colluded with Terri Dickneider to cover-up her  no-renewal of her CRB License.

Then Chapman interfered with the Judges in Riverside re the Vexatious LitiganT Sham. Chapman had no authority to Rule on the Motonn, even if ir were Valid and under CCP170.3 he was mandated to cease and desist until his Disqualification was determined by anotrher Ciourt, not Chapman himself.

Then The 3 Judges in th Appeal Court, all Pals with Corruption and Chapman Refused to Hear and decide the Phony Vexatious Litigant sham.

We have all ofvthe evidence ofv this Judicial Chicanery. This Corruption in these Ciourts will be stopped. This Great Country must not allow this Pollution to proliferate.

We have assembled a Group to put before the Press and the Senate-Congress to lying, cheating and embezzling Citizens by State Court Racketeering, cover-ups, bullyism, and Mafia Style antics. Be sure all of the Culprits will be exposed.