AMERICANS AGAINST CORRUPTION AND THE SCAMS INC GROUP, forensic investigative organizations that investigate, prove, expose and report on all forms of white collar corruption in America and now Worldwide. We were Founded by Jim Couri in 2997 and Report only Facts, and we have never been sued by any Target as the TERMS OF USE, provide for a Target to oppose any expose with proof we are wrong. If correct, we will dlete all such errors and apologize on all of our Sites and publications. Our Organizations have relocated our Headquarters to the Provence of Monaco. We are inundated with propositions to uses our resources to Investigate international activities of corruption. We have implored our founder JIM COURI, (who is possibly one of the most conversant in the World in the methods, tactics and resources in all such investigations), to return to the SIG Group as CEO.

That said, we have been investigating the pollution. fixes, grand larceny, racketeering and corruption that has been ongoing in Riverside California for years. This includes California State Court Judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt Court Clerks, corrupt members of Law Enforcement and corrupt local Mayors, City Council members, City Development, corrupt promoters, money launderers, and more.

We have uncovered the pervasive corruption and criminal acts engaged in by Judge David Chapman in the Palm Springs Superior Court, his minion clerks: M.Martinez, L. Zuniga, Mr Carver, Ms Gloria, and others who lie, forge the Court Dockets, Minutes, destroy Court Records, Forge Record; all at the direction of Chapman and Judges Latting and Haynes all at the Palm Sorings cesspool Courthouse.

\IUt sadly does not end there by Fixed and falsified Rulings but the corruption is systemic and moves on to the Riverside Superior Court Appeals Department.

There the Clerks such as NatashaSeltzer, Ms Linn, and others “Deep-Six” Records, lie, collude to defraud a disfavored Appellant who is a target for a Fix.

The Judges there are all incestually involved with the Lower Court judicial Bandits, and a attempt to obtain Justice there is sadly futile.

we have evidence of judicial larceny, incompetence and fraud in Refusing to grant a STAY on a clear Fixed Case from Chapman Court, epriving Due-Process, rampant Judicial violations of the California CCP, clear Fraud re a falsified “Default”, concocted by Chapman and his Sponsor_Fixers Slovak Baron Empy—Shaun Murphy and prover perkury and rampant Fraud upon the Court.

With that Proof, Appeal Department Judges Marquez and 2 others DENIED a Stay on a 12th Hour Pertitin made by a SAr Citizen who suffers from Cancer, Heart Disease etc.

Thie En tire State Judicial System in Riverside Superior Court is a DISGRACE, to the Public Trust.

Then this Marquez Judge Denies, by herself a Petition  that established clear proofs of Murphy demanding Records only to create smoke screens for himself and the Chapman racketeering.

Ms Marquez is noy holding up Rulings thinking like a Ostrich that she is notb caught. She is and s9o are many others in the Mafia Style Becky Dugan State Coiyret Judicial FUNNY FARM. Except it aint so funny. This Corruption is costing legitimate Litigants their homes, money, businesses, kids, and even liberty as a result of State Court Judicial Racketeering.

Now we have the rampant corruption ww have uncoverd in La Quinta California. This charade is a massive Ponzi Scheme involving the looting, money laundering and embezzeling of well over $100Million under the “Leadership” of Mayor Linda Evans, a part-time Mayor who works for a medical insurance company.

We are convinced, after watching the conduct of the La Quinta City Council, Development Office and Frank Spivack, Steve Howlett, CarlosAlores, that either these persons are Morons or they are engaged in massive acts of corruption, costing the City of La Quinta Millions.

These Fiduciaries fail to conduct any “vetting” or “due-diligence” regarding any scheme presented to the City. They fail to conduct any “Pro-Forma”Financial Analysis to determine if any proposed Project has Economic viability before the City commits its Funds, staff, and time for proposals that have no chance for financial success.

Linda Evans hjas no experience in Business, she is a Clerk who likes a Fancy Life and to be wined and dined, a perfect target for bribery. You know, “IF IT WALKS LIKE A DUCK AND IT QUACKS, IT AINT A ELEPHANT”.

Over the past few years City of La Quinta has been involved in what appears to be two major PONZI SCAMS.

The first, we have writte extensively about with evidence of Fraud engaged in by Wells Marvin, Marvin Investments, Lawyer Shaun Murphy, Judge David Chapman and others and a farudulent proposed Old Town Expansion Program. The Facts reveal that neither Wells Marvin and Marvin Investments had no meaningful funds, and Old Town was loosing money.

Yet the City of La Quinta, like the Donkey and Marvin’s Carrot, went along with this without first Vetting Marvin’s Finances to Fund a proposed $50Million Expansion. THIS IS A MASSIVE BREACH OF FIDUCIARY DUTY BY LA QUINTA OFFICIALS, NEGLIGENCE AND WORSE.

Marvin who stiffed his Architect, simply concocted a scam to con the Berger Foundation for $11Million. No sooner the check cleared Marvin aborted the fraudulent EXPANSION.

This Fraud and Racketeering scheme also involved a $1.5Million Option from La Quinta City  fp 3.5 Acres for this Ponzi Scam.Yet the City sp[ent tax-payer time, money, staff and without any protection for the City if trhe Expansion was aborted.

Had Evans reviewed ang Pro-Formas she would, if she knew hwhat she was looking at kicked Marvin out as a faker and a phony. The whole exercise wqs a plot to embezzle a Dumb-Ass Investor or a Corrupt Fiduciary who sadly forked over Foundation Funds to allow Marvin to live hi on Other Peoples Money.

We have turned all of the forgoing to the DOJ in DC; the Criminal Div of the IRS and to the FBI.

We have provided some of our evidence, sufficient to charge Wells Marvin, Shaun Murphy, and others for Racketeering, money laundering, bribery, mailm and wire fraud.

Now we come to Silver-Rock Development, Robert Green, Robert Green Companies, the Desert Sun News Papers, Mirage International and its Division Pedry, La Quinta City, Linda Evans, Frank Spivack, Steve Howlett, CarlosAlores and others.

To establish ihe rampant incompetence and worse engaged in by the City of La Quinta, starts with the purchase of this SilverRock property for about $50Million, without first establishing if the land was sound and fully viable for construction and not a “FLOOD-ZONE” . UNDAUNTED $50MILLION CITY FUNDS WAS FORKED-OVER FOR THIS SUSPECT LAND NOW KNOWN AS SILVER-ROCK.

Enter CARPETBAGGER ROBERT GREEN. and his Company a penny-ante shop in Encinitas Ca.

Linda Evans, Mayor became Hypotnized or Compromised. Green sold the City Council a Bill of Goods, and clamed that Colony Capital was ready to Finance a $450Million SilverRock Development of Hotels, Condos, Golf etc.

The City did build a golf Course in this Flood Zone, and about a dozen a day Golfers pay about $25.00 a round to play on this WHITE ELEPHANT, that cost taxpayers about $75Million ($50million for land and abuut $20million for a golf course.

To be sure after a fortune in City Time and the sale for ONE DOLLAR to Green of this $50Million Tract of land(now a golf course, IE A $75MILLION CITY INVESTMENT). Green had big WIND BAG PLANS, all a fraudulent scam, as Colony Capital never heard of Green and never heard of SilverRock. Green simply engaged in mail and wire fraud to cause a stupid or corrupted Mayor Evans, Spivack and City Counsel to unjustly enrich CARPET BAGGER GREEN .

When Green was exposed and Colony, a Public Company advised us that Green is a phony, Green then came up with ah new plot.

Now he has somehow lured Montage, but has he?

We have interviewed some at Montage Intl and have learned that SilverRock, at best, is on a BACK-BURNER.

The reading of Montage Intl. Releases of recent vintage one finds that in the DEVELOPMENT SECTION, Montage lists two Projects being considered or commencing shortly.They both are in MEXICO—SAN LOUIS AND LOS CALBOS. No mention at all about SILVERROCK.

Further, with a proposed over $400Million Development cost for Montage-Pendry to build what Green promotes, there is no way the project can make anything but LOSSES.

This is not to mention that the Land is not properly buildable; it is a Flood Zoine, a wildlife preserve and the golf course is a joke.

Now we have what appears to be another willful FRAUD. Although in the Aug 2017 Development Prospectus of Pendry and Montage Intl, there is no mention of Silverrock at all much less a Development in construction, in May 2017, Green and Mayor Linda Evans conducted a GROUNDBREAKING EVENT AT SILVERROCK. SWe believe that A. Fuerstman of Montage was there as well.

Montage and Green are “old-pals” so this Ground Breaking was a Event  in May 2017.

Since that time, our Investigators have been at the SilverRock land and golf Course about 14 times, taking photos and interviewing golfers and a course worker.

From May 2017 until August 31, 2017, there has been no construction commenced or ongoing on trhe SilverRock property. Interviws with Golfers reveal that the whole matter is a fraudulent scheme and nothing has been or will be done to develop the Land as it is not commercially viable to do so.

Any Idiot can learn that who wants to hire a CPA for about $10,000 to do a Pro-Forma, a Job the City should have done a number of years ago unlss there is bribery and or negligence in this over $100Million Scam.

We have a few “moles” who have revealed that Montage has not submitted and meaningful Plans, No Premits Issued that we can find, no Construction is ongoing (except a slipshod attempt to relocate a golf hole).

The employees ar SilverRock laugh about the ongoing scam of Fancy Condos and Hotels as they state when it rains much of the land goes UNDERWATER.

Robert Green seems to be getting more desperate as our research and talks with various Montage persons, that bthis SilverRock project is not even on their RADAR.

Montage is not really considering it as by now they must have learned what we learned over two years ago by calculation that the SilverRock Development is a PIE-IN-THE-SKY, is not viable as a viable development at over $400Million, and the land is precarious as a Development for Residential and Hotels. IN SUM IT IS A FRAUDULENT SCHEME BEING USED TO UNJUSTLY ENRICT CARPETBAGGER ROBERT GREEN AND OTHERS AT THE CITY WHO HAVE “TURNED A BLIND EYE” TO THIS FRAUDULENT SCHEME LOOGTING TAXPAYERS OUT OF $100MILLION IN RACKETEERING, MONEY-LAUNDERING, MAIL AND WIRE FRAUD THAT CAUSED LA QUINTA TO BE FORCED TO RAISE THE SALES TAX DUE TO THERE REPEATED FRAUDULENT SCAMS AND THE EMBEZZLING THE CITY TREASURY.

We have been turning our evidence in this Larceny over to the FBI, IRS and the DOJ as this is a Criminal RICO Enterprise.

Finally, making matters worse, THE DESERT SUN PAPER, has refused to publish the Corruption, Larceny, RICO, and Crimes ongoing in the Cochella Valley.

Greg Burton, a Drunk and inn the pockets of corrupt Lawyers, City Officials along with Sherry Barkas, are complicit in refusing to inform the Public as to the Criminal Enterprises ongoing in their News Arena. Burton in our book is a pimp who is more interested in a Gin Fizz rather than Publishing the Truth.THE DESERT SUN IS A PIMP FOR THIS CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE AND HAS IGNORED THE EVIDENCE————-FOR NOW.