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George and Antonia Pavia

THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS and its Affiliates have been Investigating and Reporting  on the established crimes, bribery, racketeering and extortion engaged in by George Pavia allied by his larcenous affected wife and his Front Law-Office. All of them have been charged and convicted of money laundering, grand larceny, bribery of state court judges in NY and California, and worse.

Thus, we have decided to revisit and finally “put a lid’ on th Pavia’s crimes, Tax Evasion, Defrauding the USDC-SDNY, Bribery of NY State Court Judges Joan Madden, Paul Wooten, JHO Ira Gammerman, and others who are or were Appellate Court 1st Dept Judges in NYC. Here is the “beginning-of-the-end” for George Pavia who we are advised by informants is now wandering the Loby of 580 Park Ave, NYC where George and Antonia bought a Unit on the 2nd Floor with looted funds by stealing Rent Stabilization Rights from their Tenants at 18 E. 73  St NYC thanks to the dishonesty of NY County Judge Joan Madden who engaged in condoning perjury, witholding evidence and findings by the ECB-NY Court that the Pavias engaged in rampant perjury, fraud, forgery of Filings at the Department of Buildings in NYC, filing Forged DOB Certificate o9f Corrections, imperiling the safety of Tenants all ignored by Madden. We havde a carload of evidence of not only Madden’s Fraud Upon the Court, but Maddens scheme to pollute other Judges to serve her own Larceny in aiding the Pavias.

in Fact Madden and Pavia compromised Former Appellate Judge Louis Gonzalez who was caught also defrauding Rent Stabilization, Nepotism at the APp Dept and other suspect acts. Madden also aided Pavia and his Minion Kenneth Gomez in the Lootion of $230,000.00 in a Med-Mal case Settlement where Gomez engaged in fraud, perjury and money laundering before murdered Judge Shela-Abdus-Saalam at NY County Supreme Court.

Madden spoliated evidence surpressed evidence allowed perjury, deprived Inspectors of the DOB from testifying all to unjustly enrich Pavias at the expanse of Rent Stabilization Laws.

Madden was also caught engaging in ex-party conversations with her pal Jay Itkowitz who orchestrated the Pavia embezzling in concert with the Pavias, Kenneth V Gomez Esq and Others.

Then Pavias, in concert with Joseph M. Burke Esq and his supposed “client” John Siebert (who owed and owes over $50Million), and orchestrated by Madden, conspired from 2009 with Judge Paqul Wooten, whop is a Brooklyn con-man, allied with Jailed John Sampson and clarence Norman and who bought his Judgship as a result of a clandestine deal with Sampson to try a sham run for Brooklyn DA against Joe Hines. Wooten is a thief and a man without integrity, We have evidence of Wooten’s conspiring with Burke, Gomez, engageing in forgery, purging Court Files, bribery of Burke, Pavia and Siebert; falsifying the court Records; extortion, denying access to the Court, collusion with his Law Clerks arranging for Ghostwritten Decisions and other Wooten acts of Judicial corruption and Racketeering.

After a number of major law firms complained as to Wooten’s incompetence, scheming to be Bribed, Judicial Larceny, Wooten was Remobved from NY County Supreme Court (Part 7) and sent back to Brooklyn. Wooten Filed Forged Orders and Decisions lying that he was still in NY County Part 7 while unjustly enriching Siebert by about $85Million. Wooten Looted Agreements, Releases and Contracts where Siebert unconditionally confessed to these Obligations.

Then Wooten recruted JHO Ira Gammerman a well known Courthouse Bylly and Fixer. Gammerman conducted a Hearing in violation of Court Rules, permitted Siebert and Burke to engage in rampant perjury, then Gammerman lied as to the access of the Victim they were embezzling from who was in Hospital having Cancer Surgery.

Pavia and his Wife have been caught and charged with a massive tax evasion scheme.  They confessed in 2016 and were convicted of Tax Evasion. Sioebert was also Charges and Convicted of Tax Evasion as well.

Pavia, his wife and Pavia Harcourt have been recently charged with looting the Rogers Estate for $30Million, Money Laundering, tax evasion and secreted Bank Accounts.

In 2015 another Victim Sardoti Filed Suit in USDC-SDNY against the Pavias for looting, stealing, defrauding Mr Sardoti for millions. This was before USDJ V. Caprioni who figured out the Pavia larceny quickly thus causing Pavia’s to settle and “run-for-the -hills”.

Then Pavias engaged in bribery and conspiracy orchestrated by Joe Burke and Gomez to bribe Judge David Chapman in the CALIFORNIA STATE SUPERIOR COURT PALM SPRINGS.

The Result was Chapman engaging in Judicial fraud and literally Stealing a over $40Million Pavia Clear Default by extorting, harassing and violating CCP170.3 and CCP170.4 and contravening the Plaintiff’s Medical Orders evidenced by 3-4 Dr Affs, ignored by Chapman to steal for his FIXER CUSTOMER PAVIA”.

The Pavias have a long trail pof Larceny, fraud and extortion. George, a Jew, Ratted on Jews in Italy as a Espris De Corps Fachist.

Geprge and hios father exchanged human lives of Jews they Ratted on for a “pass” to get out of Italy.Then George came to NYC, finagled a law degree and allied himself with the Italian Mob, doing some legal work and bribery to get the low-line mafia thugs out of Jaqil in NYC and in Brooklyn.

Then George “married” Elana and robbed her until she kicked him out. The George met and Courted Antonia Pierce a vicious social climber and sociopath just like George.

When they were married the Pierce Faqmily GAVE 18 E. 73 St NYC brownstone to George and Antonia. They were so desperate they took in tenants and finally with the aid of Bribery of Judge Joan Madden looted Rent Stabilization from the rightful tenants.

Then these social climbing Pimps stole Mrs Pierce brownstone at 15 E, 77th St Nyc by a Novel theft orchestrated by George and Antonia and their theft of a $15Million Brownstone owned by a then Senile Mrs Pierce. No Tax was paid by the Pavias as a result ofv this $15Million widfall-theft, they wer Reported, audited and Charged with this intentional tax theft.

Now George Pavia is wandering the hallways and we are told is about Dead. We do not wish George Dead, we wish George to Face a Federal Judge who will disgorge George, Antonia his Mule adult kids Phillipa and Julian who have been used by George and Antonia to secrete their Thefts as well as Offshore Banks, Mule Kenneth Gomez, Shell Companies and other tax scams.

The Pavias have been Socially rejected for years. George was also allied with Nixon Psychiatrist Arnold Hutchneicker another Nazi Sympathizer.

George Pavia has been stealing for years either by looting Victims, tenants, clients, anyone George can embezzle and loot from. Finally he is on his last leg and one thing we do know is when George finally Croaks there will be dozens at his Wake with Hat-Pins, that they will stick into George’s Face, or Hand or his “Balls” to be sure this:



THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS, have assembled clear and convincing evidence of the fixes, bribery, fraud, mafia tactics, under color of law, money laundering, conspiracy involving slovak baron empy esqs, shaun Murphy Esq, Roemer Harnik and Mary Gilstrap Gsqs,  in concert with Judge David Chapman a incompetent sociop[ath who was selected by Gov Brown in 2012 as a Superior Court Judge on the “recommendation” of Gilstrap, Harnik and SBE. Then they recommended James Latting who worked for Roemer Harnik. Both of these “appointees” became the Judges in the Palm Springs Branch of the Riverside Superior Court System.

The perfect storm was spawned. Two corrupt and Fizxed low-line lawyers, given broad and sweeping power by a Governor who was conned, and then these Law-Offices, in Palm Springs formulate the Palm Springs Courthouse Civil Branch, severd it from Indio, and placed these two Fixed Judges in the Palm Springs Courthouse. Yes, just these two judicial whores who were and are owned by Murphy, Harnik, Gilstrap and Slovak Baron .

At the time all of this was being formulated thees Firms (Roemer Harnik and SBE) were little Firms in Palm Springs and Indian Wells Ca. Dick Roemer was still alive and a decent sort. But Brian Harnik from brooklyn Ny and Mary Gilstrap had higher aspirations, as did SBE and Shaun Murphy. The Aspiration to have a Courthouse and Judges thatb they Owned and where they can arrange FIXES, for Fees. Fixes for their own Cases and Fixes for the Firms that PAY TO PLAY.

The only 2 Judges at the Palm Springs Branch are Chapman and Latting. Once in a while a Roving Judge such as Haynes or Borjk show up and they better follow the Direction of the Ringleaders, and they Do. Haynes is  a Gay idiot who has abused many litigants by his fixed MO and or stupidity. Even harassing a 95 year old lady by Evicting her.

No sooner the Palm Springs Courthouse got going, so did SBE, Murphy and Harnik. Both got fancy Digs for Law Offices and Gilstrap and Murphy were the “Rabbis” for the setting-up of Fixes.

We have not only proved all of this but we have proved that each Clerk in the Palm Springs Court are part of the Scam.  Clerks such as Marty Allen, Maggi Martinez, Lety Reyna, L. Zuneiga, Gloria, Mr Carver, Chris and others alter and forge the Dockets, Spoliate Exhibits and Pleadings, forge courtroom Minutes, tamper and forge Transcrripts back Date Proofs of Service, Lie to Litigants over the phones, take Litigants Court Fees and letters and not record them in the Record.

This same activity spawns to the Riverside Superior Courts and the Riverside Superior Court Appeals Department. The Ckerks, Natasha Seltzer, L.Concepetione, L.Lopez and others forge the Docket, tamper with litigant Records and Spoliate them, lie, cheat and forge Records. This MO is all part of the Criminal Enterprise of the Riverside Court System where these Fixes and conspiracy make these Corrupt Lawyers, Fixed Judges and Clerk allies millions of dollars a year in Fixed Cases, manipulated by Ghostwriting of Rulings for these corrupt judges by Murphy, SBE, Harnik, Gilstrap and others; and by Rulings made that have no logic and that are transparent for persons who understand Court Larceny just as David Copperfield kows every Magic Trick.

The Riverside Superior Court Appeals Dept. have generated Rulings that are clear attempts to shroud the Corruption, larceny, fraud, depriving Due Process by proved acts engaged in by Chapman that any legitimate Judge would refer for Criminal prosecution.

The Appeal Department, Judge Marquez, and all of her cohorts, rather than be pleased that they have been put in a position of important Public Trust, and Honor it, they engage in cheating, lies, deception, depriving litigants homes rights and health for corruption. Marquez is Mexican and yet she abuses her position by acts of larceny, fraud and cheating. Colluding with Chapman, Murphy and Judge Dugan to cover-up the criminal enterprise they all, are a part of ——using the US and California Constitutions, the Penal Codes and CCP to loot, steal and extort honest litigants for unjust reward. If it were not for America, the ilk of Marquez would be picking lettuce in a Mexican farm field. So rather tahn savor her “good-fortune” she uses it to steal, loot and rob in concert with corrupt lawyers, other Judges who are incompetent crooks and now caught.

We have the evidence of Marquez acts of Larceny and eepriving the Rules of Law by Obsrtuction of Justice. This Criminal Enterprise in Riverside, Palm Springs and other Desert Cities has embraced the Police, Sheriff Office, other Law Enforcement, and as deep as embracing the Mainstreem Press and Television.

We have presented the Desert Sun Paper greg Burton and Sherry Barkas and others a carload of evidence of these criminal activities.We have delivered to KESQ Rich Tarpineg a plethora of evidence of these and other criminal activities involving Mayors, City Council and Lawyers involved in Ponzi scams, grand larceny and over $500Million in Scams, and these Mavens fail and refuse to inform yje Citizens of the Riverside, Palm Springs, La Quinta what thn hell is going on?

These idiots do not realize by their refusal to Report, such makes them Complicit in these established crimes.

The Desert Sun even refuses to retract outright fraud proffered by the Desert Sun Paper.

THE US CONSTITUTION demands that when a Judge or Public Official Abuses Power and violates Public Trust, such Judge must be IMPEACHED.

Here we have evidence of Chapman, Latting, Marquez and other Superior Court Judges engaging in a consistent pattern of Judicial Larceny, Racketeering and  Fraud.

We have proofs of Chapman in conspiracy with Murphy engaging in stalking, police-sheriff brutality, menacing, stalking,  intimidation by phone, at the Courthouse, at private property threats, trespass, breaking and entering grounded on Chapman-Murphy’s Fraudulent scheme in concert with the Riverside Sheriff Office, illegal eviction grounded on Chapman and Murphy’s fraud, forgery, doctoring of Records, threats, intimidation and racketeering with members of Organized Crime.

Chapman has been bribed and compromised by Murphy and his “Handlers”  since hie put on “Black-Robes” in 2012—–TO DETERMINE ANY LITIGATED ISSUE BASED ON THE ‘BRIBE” NOT THE LAW.


The FBI has a Field office in Palm Springs, Ca. We have delivered a carload of evidence involving the Criminal Enterprises, Ponzi Schemes, Grand Larceny, RICO, Civil Rights Violations under Title 18 of USC. Mail and Wire Fraud, and a myriad of USC Title 18 Violations of Federal Laws, involving Judicial corruption,
and City of La Quinta Fraud, Grand Larceny, Mail and Wire Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duties, Collusion involving the Press, Extortion, Threats, Grand Larceny, and much more.

We Know what EVIDENCE is and have provided it to the FBI, in Palm Springs.

Sadly, and based upon the paper trail and acts and failure to act by the 2 Agents in that Office, we are now even more allarmed that this Riverside Criminal Enterprise, may have polluted these Agents and it hasd polluted the Sheriff Office to engage in stalking, intimidation, threats, harassment, bullying, trespass, unlawful theft  of a Senior Citizen’s Property who has cancer, heart disease, COPD and other medical disorders, and grounded on a Chapman Ruling that was outright fraud, fabrication and conspiracy with Murphy and SBEMP.

The Damages Sustained are astronomical  as these bthreats, abuses and stalking resulted in Quad-Bypass Surgery, and

now criminal threats and harassment eminating from Murphy and Chapman who are and have hired again, thugs, under the guise of law, to harass, stalk, threaten and misuse interstate instrumentalities to extort, alarm and shroud this now exposed Criminal Enterprise.

We believe that Chapman and Murphy are desperate and dangerous Rats. Both are sociopaths who see their Criminal Enterprise crumbeling and want to try and stop it by engaging if threats, stalking and Larceny. Murphy is a Irish-Mafia Thug who cant win a Case without a Fixed Courtroom.

Chapman is a thief, cheat, and who likes his unjust and TAX-FREE, BRIBE MONEY.


We have the  GOODS on Murphy, Chapman and Latting and every Clery,  Marquez, Dugan and others in Riverside. We have advised Christopher Wray, the new FBI Director with all Evidence. We are delivering a entire file on this to Senators Al Frankin, Joh Mc Cain, Scheumer and others. We are sending the Package to Trump, Hanity, Fareed Zacharia, Rush, Rachel Maddeow.

The Criminal Enterprise we have exposed in Riverside is no different than the Criminal Enterprise we exposed in the NY County Supreme Court, Nassau and Kings County. In the NY Expose we spent 10 years developing that systemic judicial  larceny involving not only the Lower Courts but the Appellate Division 1st Department and even to the Court of Appeals. We have evidence of NY Judicial Larceny,Fraud, Bribery and Conspiracy involving a long list of present and former Judges (now with NAM Arbitration).

John Gotti believed that he was the TEFLON DON, until SAMMY GRAVANO  ratted.

We have the Goods on all of the Judges and the Lawyers who compromised them for Millions in Black Robe Larceny.

There is no  more Teflon. The matter before us here in California and Riverside, not New Yourk, which is for another day.

The matters now at hand are gravely serious as now Chapman, Murphy and others are desperate to shroud this multi million Criminal Enterprise involving Judicial corruption, Wells Marvin Old town Mega million Pionzi Scam

And the La Quinta Silverrock $500Million Scam involving the Mayor, City  Counsel, Montage Intl, Robert green Company, the Desert Sun Paper, Kesq and the apparent complicity of the Press ion the scam to shroud the Riverside Criminal Operations all proved with evidence materials.

Ludges do not have any compunctions to murder, as in Nassau NY State Gudge Goella was named by the Victim Sunny Sheu who was Bludgoned to death after Exposing Goella, and stated so on YouTube 3 weks before Sheu was Murdered.

We have the evidence of the Riverside enterprise of Judicial Fixes and the use of the Sheriff Depuities like Nazi Germany to loot, scam,. intimidate and bully under color of Corrupt Law.

We hope that the FBI Agents in Palm Springs were not Compromised, but the evidence and conduct is very alarming.

We believe that this MUST be aired out in DC and that a GRAND JURY  immediately convined to Prove the Mega-Millions being Stolen by Judicial Corruption in concert with Murphy, Latting, Chapman Marquez, a medley of Corrupt Courthouse Clerks, the Desert Sun Paper, KESQ, La Quinta City Officers, Wells Marvin and SBEMP, Harnik, Gilstrap, Murphy and others in concert with this Organized Criminal Enterprise.

We believe that Murphy, Chapman and their Thugs are mentally deranged and thus dangerous.


THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS has devoted a tremendous amount to time and resources uncovering and Reporting by Exposes, the cesspool of corrosive corruption blossoming and polluting the pristine landscape of the California Desert.

We happened upon some of this by accident and some by Informants. We began a careful and detailed Investigation into the Judicial activities of David Chapman who was selected by Gov Brown in 2012 as a result of recommendations by some Palm Springs Lawyers. Chapman is a malliable incompetent, a lawyer who got his supposed Law Degree from a unapproved Law DSchool by the American Bar that was at best a “mail-order” scam. Chapman then got a ji=ob with a Indio Negligeence lawyer, chasing Ambulances until Mary Gilstrap and Brian Harnik and Slovak Baron Bought Chapmans Soul as their “Pimp-in-Black Robes”

We have assembled a Car-Load of proof that Chapman in a thief, a Judicial cheat, a man without ethics, a money-grubbing sociopath who will steal the eves from his mother and Swear she was born Blind.

Chapman has been engaged in Fixes, Brobery, and Embezzling from Litigants at the behest f these and other Law Firms, well Connected Desert-Rats and has the Moral of a Snake.

So that brings us to Wells Marvin and his Sinking Old Town. This Marvin is another of the Desert’s Lyich-Pins of fraud, corruption, Bribery and Grand Larceny. Marvin has the integrity of a Cobra and is a very Desperate person who has ‘FANCY TASTES WITH A BEER POCKETBOOK’.

Marvin somehow looted sufficient funding to construct OLD TOWN IN LA QUINTA. Marvin built this Old Town consisting of space for about 75 Shops, some ffice space and Restaurant Space. Like the Flash in the Pan  that Marvin is he came n with a BIG BANG, but the word got out that he is a con man and a elixer salesman.

True to form, Marvin formed a Unholy alliance with Shaun Murphy Esq and Slovak Baron Empy, the most corrupt group ogf Lawyers we have come across in years, and we see them all.

Marvin little by little became desperate as he was unable to Lease any Space to CLASS “A” TENANTS. His best was to One West Bank that Marvin uses for money laundering, an informant Reports.

Marvin then was able to lure Clint Eastwood’s HOGS BREATH INN,  a Restaraunt that took 2 floors.

Marvin quickly began to Shake them down for under the table cash payments to Marvin, Free Fod via Lunches and Dinners to Marvin, Murphy and all of their co-horts, even Judge Chapman we are told.

Then Came STUFT-PIZZA, and again Marvin swooped in for Freebees.

Finally HOGE BREATH had enough of Marv in’s and Murphy’s EXTORTION, and told them to go stick the Space up his Rear Endf and Hogs Breath Vacated the 2 Floors.

Now Stufft Pizza is being shaken down by Marvin as are many of the small Shops Marvin has leased to, Marvin has also included in his Old Town Leases Demands of Tenants that are against PUBLIC POLICY, where Marvin can KICK OUT A TENANT WITH OR WITHOU CAUSE AND THE TENANT CAN NOT ASSERT ANY DEFENSES.

Marvin has also Rented Space now to many unsavory Te3nants who have cheated many Customers, defrauded them and many have caused the Sheriff Office to be summoned so that Shopkeepers who were withholding a customers property illegally were forced to return it or be arrested.

Marvin we are told goes from shop to shop collecting cash just like Organized Criminals do.

Well Marvin about 2 years ago became desperate as his Old Town was Sinking and Marvin and Marvin Investments were about BROKE. So Wells went to Murphy and they hatched a Ponzi Scheme of a Fake EXPANSION of Old Town.

Murphy and Marvin created a Sham Prodpectus, with Fake Financials “Pro_FORMA”, with foolhardy projections . They went to the La Quinta City, Filed phony Pland from a unwitting Architect that they STUIFFED. They obtained a $1.5Million Option on City Land while Marvin and his Investment Company had possibly $50,000.00 Max, and the City, Frank Spivacheck, Mayor Linda Evans went along like Cows to the SlaughterHouse.

The City, true to form did not seek evidence of Financing, Money on Hand and the probability of success by reviewing the BLEEDING OLD-TOWN THAT WAS ALMOST BROKE.


Marvin took this Plot to many and he was rejected and laughed at by any Hedgie and Bank he went to.

Then he and SBE and Murphy Lured a fat pig from Berger Foundation who has a brain geared to Food as Harvey Weinstein has to Broads.

They wined, dined and promised Vance Nirvana and Vance went along and trurned over Berger Trust Funds of $11Million yo Old-Town, for a Racketeering phony Expansin that was to cost over $50Million where Marvin and Old Town didnt have the ability to raise 50cents.

Well no sooner the Berger $11Million check Cleared, the Epansion Plan EVAPORATED, the City Option aborted, the Architect was Stiffed and Marvin then announced that Berger advanced this $11Million as NEEDED WORKING CAPITAL FOR OLD TOWN.

Marvin forgot that his Old Town News Lerrer first announced the Expansion with Plans he conned the Architects to concoct and then when Berger and Vance was conned out of $11Million Marvin Published a new Story, except we have both and his Fake forged Filings with the La Quinta City Council.

So when we exposed this Racketeering Ponzi Scheme, Marvin and Murphy went Wild. They Recruted their Pimp Judge Chapman and in concert Chapman  misused his Black FRobes to cause our Founder to be Stalked, haeassed, menaced by the Sheriff Deputies, threatened, Extorted, menaced by Chapman and Murphy in concert, and used the Palm Springs Police to menace, threaten and extort. Much of these Judicial crimes, Murphy Crimes, harassment extortion, bribery and worse have been recorded, observed and memoralized.

Marvin and Murphy are now Rabid as is Chapman as they are all noyw trapped Rats on a sinking ship of Fools, along with the corrupt Officers of the City of La Quinta and another Scam —-SILVERROCK DEVELOPMENT that we have Reported on previously.

We are completing a fulle expose to the Federal Internal Revenue, and to the Whistelblower Department of the Department of the treasury.

We have a plethora of evidence of this Marvin-Old Town Scam, Tax evasion, cash receipts of extortion by Murphy and Marvin by bullying Tenants, Scamming Berger and lootionf $11Million in Fiduciary Trust Funds. The Berger Foundations other acts of Self-Dealing in Sham Companies that the Berger Trustees have been invested in and used Breger trust Funds to Bail them out and now the Companies are Defunct and the Berger Board and Vance unjustly enriched by self dealing and Fraud.

So all who a lucky enough to be a part of this Larceny, extortion embezzling, Judicial racketeering, threats, menacing, assaults by Deputies of Sheriff Office ordered by Pimp-Thief Chapman and his ass-wipe Murphy. All now on ite way to DC, the Cid and Whistelblower Depts of IRS.

Thank God for the 5 yerar Statute and here likely 10 years as a result or RICO based upon the conspiracy, graqnd Larceny, extortion obstruction of justice, bribery and mail and wire fraud engaged in by MURPHY, SBEMP, Chapman Wells Marvin, Linda Evans, Franjk Spivacheck, Robert Green, and his Cmpany, Montage Intl, Pendry, andFurstmen and his Son to name some.




THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS takes very seriously all of its investigations into potential criminal activities, fraud, tax evasion, racketeering, money laundering, etc. We only dollow Facts and only Facts. We have no personal anumus against any Target of a Investigation and we go where the evidence and Proofs take us. Our Organization comprises of highly trained persons, some formerly with Government Agencies in USA and other Countries, and know how to assemble the “Puzzle”in order to develop a criminal case or prove tax crimes, evasion and other frauds.

That said THE SILVERROCK PROJECT (SR)  in La Quinta CA (LQ)came to our attention about a year ago when we were told that the Desert Sun Paper published a Article stating that the supposed developer of SR (Robert Green), had secured financing of over $450Million from COLONY CAPITAL CORP, a Public Company traded on the NYSE. Since we know that Company, they were called to inquire as to tee Colony involvements. The result wa that Colony and its Attorneys confirmed by letter that Colony never heard of Silverrock Development or Robert Green.

We transmitted the Letter by email to LQ Mayor Linda Evans, to sherry Barkas and Greg Burton of the Desert Sun and t Rutan Tucker and William H. Ihrke Esq, City of LQ lawyer. We received no response from anyone. We demanded that the desert Sun print a “Correction” and again our requests were ignored. We found this very corious and began a full investigation into what at first blush appeared to be yet another of the acts of City Officials and others negligence, fraud, RICO, and conspiracy to loot City Treasuries by racketeering.

What we uncovered has been Published in a number of Exposes regarding this money-launderig scam so we will not rehash it here again. it is sufficient t say that the Silverrock project is a fraudulent scheme that any Forensic CPA can determine that any such Project as proposed bty Green, Evans, La Quita can surviv e the “SMELL-TEST”.

A analysis of P & L will determine that to service a debt of over $450Million, construction costs and operational expenses a hotel Condo Complex has no chance of survival. This is not a Casino, it is a Hotel and some condos and a Meeting Center. The whole exercise is a joke, structured by croks and incompetents who have no idea what they are doing except wasting City Trust Funds, by lies, fraud and deceptive conduct. We have facts and analysis that confirm that the City of La QQuinta and its Citizens have been cheated, conned, defrauded and victims of Breach of Fiduciary duties by its Officials acting in concert with a Carpet-Bagger Green Cos, who ahe so desperate that they now have implicated Montage and it Pandry, who have ZERO plans for this project, now r ever. The Ground breaking was a Sham to allow Green more tine to try and convert a ‘SOWS-EAR INTO A SILK PURSE”. I will never happen.

The negligence of the City is so perevasive it disgusts us but we will outline here the verified criminal acts, tax evasion, looting, breach of fiduciary duties, gross and wanton negligence engaged in by the Mayor on down. There persons all must be held PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE for all money squandered as a result of the fraud, racketeering and incompetence.


 1) Former LQ Adolph instigates and causes LQ to buy the SR Land for about $50Million. He claims for a Golf Course.We have not been provided under FOIA any Appraisals of this Land at the time LQ forked over a Kings Ransom in Public Funds for a non-revenue generating “Investment” for a small City. This alone is a Breach of Fiduciary Duty. Where are the Appraisals and other documents outling Intent by a City Council swho are Fiduciaries? There are none to be found.Adolph still lives in LQ and seems clueliss as to his and thae city Councils incompetence by the squandering of LQ’s Coffers.
A forensic Examination of this alone is mandated and will reveal Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

2) Enter Evans, a Hospital worker and way out of her league, with aspirations of bigger things.
Evans has no idea what she is doing and her Mo is transparent. But she did ‘inherit” a “WHITE ELEPHANT” SILVERROCK. SO EVANS FORMS A UNHOLY ALLIANCE WITH GREEN AND HIS COMPANY AND FRANK SPAVICHECK. Rather than “Come-Clean” with the Facts, thede idiots in coincert wit Rutan Lawyers and Ihrke ESq, chose to defraud the public with Good-Fairy Dreams of METROPOLIS in the LQ Desert called SILVERROCK. Again, no proforma anaysis as to the feasibilities f this ponzi scheme, how it will be financed and paid back, nothing but “jawboning, fraud, lies and phony records”. This Green saga has been ongoing now for about 4 years of fraud, deception racketeering, lacl of funding and blind promises.

3) Green has not submitted one careful Analysis as tyo the Pro-Forma Profit and Loss Starement of such a project and the LQ City Council and Evans, incest with the RICO fails to demand evidence of the Financing and the feasibilities of such a grand undertaking. Next thing the Citizens of LQ will learn is that ROBER GREEN has purchaced the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE for LQ. Thie whole scheme is so absurd that a 5 year old could figure it out. Meanwhile the City is the Vicitm and its Citizens are kept in the Dark by a Corrupt Desert Sun Paper.

4) We  have assembled evidence of fraud by City Officials, RICO, Breach of Fiduciary Duties, negligence, conspiracy to defraud Taxpayers in concert with Green; who has been caught defrauding the City and Residents by claiming that Colony capital was Financing $450Million of a Project that Colony never heard of. That alone is a frew Federal Felonies under Title 18 of the USC, amd Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud.

5)  Making matters worse for City Officials and breach of fiduciary duties is the Transfer-Sale to Green & Co for $100.00 the “SR Land” and Course, that cost Taxpayers over $60Million (Land plus Course cost). This has been done in or about 2014 by the City Council, Mayor Evans, Lawyers Rutan Tucker and others without a shred of evidence that Green has secured Financing, without Green producing his and his Companies Financial Statements, Preoforma Plans, CPA Forcasts as to Profit Potential ZERO. Either Mr Robert green is a good Hypotnist or a con artist of the first order who has lured City officials into this Ponzi scam while defrauding the Taxpayers. When Evans learned that Colony was not involved in this Scam, the City Council and Evans did nothing to Remove Green and recapture its #60Million in Land. Rather the City Council went along with Green to further defraud by bringing in Montage as a Front, conduct a bogus “ground-Breaking in April 2017.

6) By Oct 2017, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE . Montage has admitted that Silverrock is not even on their “Radar” and they have two potential projects in Mexico where Montage is trying to raise money. So Green has DONE IT AGAIN. Lied, Cheated, and the City Council Mayor Evans and Frank Spavicheck, have turned a “BLIND-EYE” to this Fraudulent scheme and the City and its Citizens are the Victims of this massive exhibition of Incompetence, Fraud and self Dealing to name some of the charges to be lodged against the Mayor, City Council, Rutan and others. BUT THERE IS MORE.

7) We as Forensic Investigators and Tax Investigators as to evasion, fraud, Money Laundering, Racketeering, etc. have engaged in extensive Research and meetings with IRS Agents and Officials as to this supposed Sale-Transfer of over $60Million in Property at the Cost of LQ City to Green & Company for $100.00. Papering smething to say so, is not binding on the DOJ, IRS, and Other Agencies.

8) We have seen the “Hocus-pocus” Rutan-Mr Ihrke Esq Analysis of the supposed non existant Tax consequences of this “FRAUDULENT CONVEYENCE'”. They are profering Fraud to Citizens as here are the Facts. In or about 2014 the City Transferred to Green $60Million in Cost of Property to Green for $100.00. Green accepted this Property without a shred of ability to Finance the supposed Project. Green had ad has no money, had no Financing in place, failed to submit Actual Plans, Proforma Financial Statements and no proof that Green had any ability at all to construct a “DOG0HOUSE”, yer City of LQ, its Mayoy Evans, and Coty Councll all like a “BLIND-MANS CANE”, went over the cliff relying on a MIRAGE. a con a Ponzi Scam.

9) From 2014 to Oct 2017, Green has only lied, cheated, defrauded, conspired with Evans Spavacheck and engaged in Bribery according to others involved. The IRS after seeing this Scam with a careful presentation will be taking the position asfollows, generally, as well as probable Referral for the CID Review and DOJ Proisecutions.

10) Green,is the BENEFICIAL OWNER of this Property with a imputable value of $60Million Cost. Since Green and his Company paid only $100.00 there will be a Tax Consequence to Green for the difference between his $100.00 and the Appraised Value of the Property at present, a significant tax consequence, plus interest and penalties. There will be no condoning of trying to unscramble the conveyence as far to much time has elapsed from the Transfer to Present. If the Sale and Recission were all done in the same year Possibly the IRS would look at it in a different manner but here 3 years proves that Green was unsustly enriched and is the Beneficial Owner and a Tax Consequence on the value of the Property vs the purchce price to Green of $100.00 will be demanded. You can ot sell a Picasso Painting for $100.00 that has a value of a Million without imputable tax consequences.

11) So Green will be unable to pay the IRS and they will Lien the Property and eventually sell it at a Government IRS Auction, The City will be screwed, the Citizens Screwed and all may well be looking a tax fraud, RICO and criminal Prosecutions. You can not con the IRS when they are Forewarned  by Forensic Investigators with evidence and who they know are 100% credible.

12) We have so informed the IRS of this entire scam. We have informed the DOJ as well. We have many projects we are involved but the City of LQ Citizens can do something NOW. That is to File a Derivative Action in Federal Court outside the California Courts, seekjing “claw-backs” from all involved, including Green Mirage and negligent City Officials who have Breached their Fiduciary Duties by allowing this massive loss to blossom. The should as part of vthe Litigation retain highly competent Forensic Accountants to prove what we already know of fraud, self dealing, and racketeering. Either way, Tie IRS will soon have the Whistelblower Presentation and have the full Disclosures from the Scams inc Group Investigations.

This entire matter is a horrible situation for La Quinta and its Citizens who are impacted by a raise in Sales Tax due to the cover-up of this Grand Larceny. We are not the DOJ and can only submit credible evidence of Crimes. The IRS is a different matter as it involves Evasion of Millions that is clear as Crystal and they agree that the Green matter is a clear scam and a intentional abusze of the tax code by racketeering.