THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS has devoted a tremendous amount to time and resources uncovering and Reporting by Exposes, the cesspool of corrosive corruption blossoming and polluting the pristine landscape of the California Desert.

We happened upon some of this by accident and some by Informants. We began a careful and detailed Investigation into the Judicial activities of David Chapman who was selected by Gov Brown in 2012 as a result of recommendations by some Palm Springs Lawyers. Chapman is a malliable incompetent, a lawyer who got his supposed Law Degree from a unapproved Law DSchool by the American Bar that was at best a “mail-order” scam. Chapman then got a ji=ob with a Indio Negligeence lawyer, chasing Ambulances until Mary Gilstrap and Brian Harnik and Slovak Baron Bought Chapmans Soul as their “Pimp-in-Black Robes”

We have assembled a Car-Load of proof that Chapman in a thief, a Judicial cheat, a man without ethics, a money-grubbing sociopath who will steal the eves from his mother and Swear she was born Blind.

Chapman has been engaged in Fixes, Brobery, and Embezzling from Litigants at the behest f these and other Law Firms, well Connected Desert-Rats and has the Moral of a Snake.

So that brings us to Wells Marvin and his Sinking Old Town. This Marvin is another of the Desert’s Lyich-Pins of fraud, corruption, Bribery and Grand Larceny. Marvin has the integrity of a Cobra and is a very Desperate person who has ‘FANCY TASTES WITH A BEER POCKETBOOK’.

Marvin somehow looted sufficient funding to construct OLD TOWN IN LA QUINTA. Marvin built this Old Town consisting of space for about 75 Shops, some ffice space and Restaurant Space. Like the Flash in the Pan  that Marvin is he came n with a BIG BANG, but the word got out that he is a con man and a elixer salesman.

True to form, Marvin formed a Unholy alliance with Shaun Murphy Esq and Slovak Baron Empy, the most corrupt group ogf Lawyers we have come across in years, and we see them all.

Marvin little by little became desperate as he was unable to Lease any Space to CLASS “A” TENANTS. His best was to One West Bank that Marvin uses for money laundering, an informant Reports.

Marvin then was able to lure Clint Eastwood’s HOGS BREATH INN,  a Restaraunt that took 2 floors.

Marvin quickly began to Shake them down for under the table cash payments to Marvin, Free Fod via Lunches and Dinners to Marvin, Murphy and all of their co-horts, even Judge Chapman we are told.

Then Came STUFT-PIZZA, and again Marvin swooped in for Freebees.

Finally HOGE BREATH had enough of Marv in’s and Murphy’s EXTORTION, and told them to go stick the Space up his Rear Endf and Hogs Breath Vacated the 2 Floors.

Now Stufft Pizza is being shaken down by Marvin as are many of the small Shops Marvin has leased to, Marvin has also included in his Old Town Leases Demands of Tenants that are against PUBLIC POLICY, where Marvin can KICK OUT A TENANT WITH OR WITHOU CAUSE AND THE TENANT CAN NOT ASSERT ANY DEFENSES.

Marvin has also Rented Space now to many unsavory Te3nants who have cheated many Customers, defrauded them and many have caused the Sheriff Office to be summoned so that Shopkeepers who were withholding a customers property illegally were forced to return it or be arrested.

Marvin we are told goes from shop to shop collecting cash just like Organized Criminals do.

Well Marvin about 2 years ago became desperate as his Old Town was Sinking and Marvin and Marvin Investments were about BROKE. So Wells went to Murphy and they hatched a Ponzi Scheme of a Fake EXPANSION of Old Town.

Murphy and Marvin created a Sham Prodpectus, with Fake Financials “Pro_FORMA”, with foolhardy projections . They went to the La Quinta City, Filed phony Pland from a unwitting Architect that they STUIFFED. They obtained a $1.5Million Option on City Land while Marvin and his Investment Company had possibly $50,000.00 Max, and the City, Frank Spivacheck, Mayor Linda Evans went along like Cows to the SlaughterHouse.

The City, true to form did not seek evidence of Financing, Money on Hand and the probability of success by reviewing the BLEEDING OLD-TOWN THAT WAS ALMOST BROKE.


Marvin took this Plot to many and he was rejected and laughed at by any Hedgie and Bank he went to.

Then he and SBE and Murphy Lured a fat pig from Berger Foundation who has a brain geared to Food as Harvey Weinstein has to Broads.

They wined, dined and promised Vance Nirvana and Vance went along and trurned over Berger Trust Funds of $11Million yo Old-Town, for a Racketeering phony Expansin that was to cost over $50Million where Marvin and Old Town didnt have the ability to raise 50cents.

Well no sooner the Berger $11Million check Cleared, the Epansion Plan EVAPORATED, the City Option aborted, the Architect was Stiffed and Marvin then announced that Berger advanced this $11Million as NEEDED WORKING CAPITAL FOR OLD TOWN.

Marvin forgot that his Old Town News Lerrer first announced the Expansion with Plans he conned the Architects to concoct and then when Berger and Vance was conned out of $11Million Marvin Published a new Story, except we have both and his Fake forged Filings with the La Quinta City Council.

So when we exposed this Racketeering Ponzi Scheme, Marvin and Murphy went Wild. They Recruted their Pimp Judge Chapman and in concert Chapman  misused his Black FRobes to cause our Founder to be Stalked, haeassed, menaced by the Sheriff Deputies, threatened, Extorted, menaced by Chapman and Murphy in concert, and used the Palm Springs Police to menace, threaten and extort. Much of these Judicial crimes, Murphy Crimes, harassment extortion, bribery and worse have been recorded, observed and memoralized.

Marvin and Murphy are now Rabid as is Chapman as they are all noyw trapped Rats on a sinking ship of Fools, along with the corrupt Officers of the City of La Quinta and another Scam —-SILVERROCK DEVELOPMENT that we have Reported on previously.

We are completing a fulle expose to the Federal Internal Revenue, and to the Whistelblower Department of the Department of the treasury.

We have a plethora of evidence of this Marvin-Old Town Scam, Tax evasion, cash receipts of extortion by Murphy and Marvin by bullying Tenants, Scamming Berger and lootionf $11Million in Fiduciary Trust Funds. The Berger Foundations other acts of Self-Dealing in Sham Companies that the Berger Trustees have been invested in and used Breger trust Funds to Bail them out and now the Companies are Defunct and the Berger Board and Vance unjustly enriched by self dealing and Fraud.

So all who a lucky enough to be a part of this Larceny, extortion embezzling, Judicial racketeering, threats, menacing, assaults by Deputies of Sheriff Office ordered by Pimp-Thief Chapman and his ass-wipe Murphy. All now on ite way to DC, the Cid and Whistelblower Depts of IRS.

Thank God for the 5 yerar Statute and here likely 10 years as a result or RICO based upon the conspiracy, graqnd Larceny, extortion obstruction of justice, bribery and mail and wire fraud engaged in by MURPHY, SBEMP, Chapman Wells Marvin, Linda Evans, Franjk Spivacheck, Robert Green, and his Cmpany, Montage Intl, Pendry, andFurstmen and his Son to name some.